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Found 149 results

  1. For all here who are over 30 and who have started a retirement program at your current job, or for those who have saved money without having had anticipated a move, are you afraid of discontinuing it to move to a different country? Do you wonder if it's worth discontinuing your retirement plan for a spontaneous move that you had not planned earlier? I know it's too early for some people to think about this, but with the way the economy is going in Europe, the UK and USA, do you guys think it's wise?
  2. Hi all, So here is my story I hope someone can help and advise. I have recently accepted a job and signed a contract with a gold mining company as an Exploration Geologist in WA, however at the last minute this fell through due to insufficient funding on the part of the company. Ultimately I am left in a position where I am looking to find another suitable position in the mining industry in WA. I and my wife both have 457 visas to work in Australia as part of the previous application. I am the main visa holder and my wife as the de facto. Please can someone advise on the process of finding another sponsor to transfer the paperwork etc. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Gufti
  3. Hi guys, My wife has slightly higher level of SGPT (ALT) and SGOT(AST) (both of these are liver tests) but she doesn't have any of TB, HIV, Hep B and Hep C. All of these are negative. I am worried about whether SGPT/SGOT are gonna pose any threat to our application OR these are not that significant to affect it, provided that there are no major problems? Anybody who knows about these tests or have any idea about them?? Thanks Kind Regards
  4. spudmonkey32

    175 Visa & Defacto Issues

    Hi All, Wonder if anyone could shed any light on the following, and offer some advice. My partner and I are in Australia on a 457 visa (I’m on her visa as defacto). We want to apply for Permanent Residency but independently not through her work as we want the flexibility to work and live elsewhere in the country. We’ve been advised by immigration that we can apply for visa 175 whilst we’re in Australia. The main issue is that there may be a problem regarding proof of us being together more than 12 months – we were together for a short while (one month), then she went to Australia, then I joined her after 3 months of being apart. We were in constant contact throughout our time apart, and I couldn’t move to Australia any sooner due to work commitments. When I applied as a secondary applicant on her 457 visa there was no question over the length of our relationship – we just submitted joint bank statements for 6 months and several statements from friends and family. So are they more lenient with a 457 visa, or by already obtaining that visa would that be an indication that they are satisfied that we meet the relationship criteria? If we have to wait until August to show 12 months of us living together is it worth applying now then by the time it gets processed August would have passed? Or do you have to fully meet all criteria at the time you submit the application? What about if my partner starts the application and then adds me on it later? We just don’t want to submit the application then get rejected due to them not agreeing with our relationship timeline and losing $2500. Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated, as we’ve had conflicting information from people we’ve spoken to at immigration. Many thanks Ian
  5. Guest

    457 issues

    Hi all, I'm in Australia at the moment on my 2nd working holiday visa, which expires on 8 August this year. I've been employed by a company here, and we have submitted an application for sponsorship via visa 457. Unfortunately... we received an email from DIAC late on Friday afternoon saying that the company needs to display a commitment to spend 1% of their annual salary expense on the training of their Australian employees. Alas, none of us realised this was a requirement, and the company isn't in a financial position to be able to fulfil this requirement. Does anyone know if there's any way around this requirement? Over the weekend (in my panic at the thought I might have less than 3 months left here) I have begun the process to apply for PR (175). I have all of the documentation I need, except for the IELTS exam - I've applied for the next exam which is on 11 June. I'm a Chartered Accountant so the skills assessment can only take 3/4 weeks. Does anyone know what is the average length of time waiting for the 175 to be granted/dismissed after application? Any suggestions on how I could legally stay after 8 August and work, considering 175 won't come through by then? HELP!!
  6. Guest

    money issues

    Hi A few weeks ago I arrived in OZ on a visitors visa with intentions of sourcing a PMV in the near future. My house in the UK which has been up for sale for a year, sold within the first week I was in OZ. I have ascertained that I can have this money transferred into a bank account in OZ and will be charged 10% on any interest earned. However, I have tried to find out if there will be any financial implications in the UK if I transfer the money to an OZ account. This house was my primary residence and had never been rented. I also want to put this money towards the purchase of a property in OZ with my fiance and need to know if this is possible without implications. I am concerned that i may be liable for taxes that I am not aware of. BTW Loving OZ. Thanks Chris
  7. Harpersgirl

    DIAC Server Issues...

    Is anyone else having problems accessing the website? I know there were problems earlier this week but I've been trying for hours and can't get on tonight :confused: I'm also trying to email our CO and not too sure if thats getting through either. We deal with the Perth COE. Can anyone shed any light please? Please?
  8. As per the title, just wondered if anyone had used this company recently? My wife is trying to sort out a Skype interview for her AQF iii qualification with them, and they took our money in December yet we are still being told they are assessing our information! Call me inpatient, but isn't 4 months a bit too long to be waiting for a Skype interview date?
  9. OK Our daughter is in Aus . This is the reason we are going ourselves. She has been there 18months on a working holl visa (runs out in sept) Our perm res visa is weeks away (he says hopefully) and the plan is to sponsor her in on last remaining rellie visa so we can all stay. Issues !!!! The biological Father is still alive , he is named on the birth cert but shortly after conception he disapeared never to be seen again. He has never had any contact or paid any kind of maintainace ! She has no other brothers or sisters or anyone else and complies to the conditions of the visa (i beleive) Is this a problem and if so can it be overcome !!! Not sure if anyone can help but all thoughts welcomed !! Further more do we have to be onshore before we can commence the application ?? Cheers guys. :biggrin:
  10. Hi i'm new :-) I have applied for a 175 visa and recently been asked to do medicals, my partner was sectioned twice 11 years ago due to "drug induced psycosis" anyway he spent a few weeks/months in hospital. He was diagnosed as scizophenic at the time too! He is fine now and hasn't had any mental illness since then- or done any drugs! Should we declare his medical history or not? Do the panel drs or the DIAC have access to our medical records? Is this something that would cause refusal of visa? Thanks for any advice
  11. The Health Operations Centre (HOC) assesses and processes offshore Immigration health examinations. Permanent visa applicants: All applicants for permanent visas, including the main applicant, partner and any dependants, must be assessed against the health requirement. Even if the applicant's partner and dependants are not included in the visa application, they must still be assessed against the health requirement. Applicants for a permanent visa will be asked to undergo a medical examination, an x-ray if 11 years of age or older and an HIV/AIDS test if 15 years of age or older, as well as any additional tests requested by the Medical Officer of the Commonwealth (MOC). From the Check the progress of an application website, typical Application Status are: 1) "Further medical results received" HOC received your envelope. [process takes 2 days after received] 2) "Health requirements outstaning" HOC decides if the applicant has local clearance capability. Here should be checked if applicants belong to class A (no significant history or abnormal findings) or class B (Significant history or abnormal findings present) according to assessed by the Panel Doctor in the FORM 26 (point "24 Recommendation"). For example: If applicant is Class A and lives in gazetted countries, the process is faster than B. This step involves checking of: envelope arrives sealed, applicant identity, doctor identity, all reports certified and translated to English (if required) and correct tests done. Today many "overseas medical test" for permanent VISA go to LCU (Local Clearance Unit) regardless of class A or B (I'm not sure why: Efficient, HOC collapsed?). Nevertheless, DIAC do not require a MOC assessment on all applications for permanent entry visas, and is therefore largely reliant on overseas panel doctrors and COs to ensure that health examinations and tests are conducted in line with DIAC requirements. [delivery process takes from 2 days to 1 week after 1 - don't frustrate if status doesn't change, sometimes online status are not updated but the process continues] 3) "Further medical results referred" If not tuberculosis(TB), medicals (X-ray, hepatitis, VIH/AIDS, TB/blood tests or relevant considerations) are received by LCU. Key Functions from LCU are: Processing and local clearance of medical results sent from panel doctors, Process 'A' cases, referral of health assessment 'B' cases to HAS (compulsory for permanent VISA). In addition, medicals will be referred from LCU to a MOC (HAS) if any criteria for 'A' not met, problems with identity, panel doctor not found,medical results not legible or high risk country. [this process takes 3 weeks to 2 month after 2 depending on your health condition (or a family member) and whether new assessments are required]. (Category 2 is currently taking 3 weeks -approximately -) From here you may go to 4 or 5, depending on a MOC opinion from HAS. 4) "Further medicals required" If necessary, MOC may also ask any applicant to undergo extra medical reports: full medical history, medical reports from specialists, reports from school, others. You or your Agent will receive an e-mail from HOC (see below). Contact to DIAC if you have not yet received notification about these requirements, after your status has changed. New tests/medical reports should be sent to Global Health (same building of HOC in Sydney) [same day you receive a letter asking you extra meds, the status will change to 4.] 4.1) "Further medical results referred" If 4, extra medicals received by Global Health are sent to a HAS again for further review. [2-4 days after meds are received the status will change to 4.1] [process and final decision/advice takes 3 weeks to 2 months, depending on many factors] (Category 2 is currently taking 3 weeks -approximately -) 5) "Health requirements finalised" Finalised is a status that means each documents fulfills requirement to be analyzed by a MOC. MOC takes from 1 to 4 days for a decision. Outcomes are entered in HATS (Health Assessment Tracking System), overseas post/case officer is notified of this outcome. Nevertheless, MOC can ask you to undergo new tests again. You will go to 4. If not extra test are required, Case Officer deciding visa applications is notified and must accept the opinion from MOCs. After that CO will update the document checklist. It seems in this exactly time you will see "met" or "not met" in the website. [you will see this status 2-4 days after a MOC from HAS decides over your health criteria] If all meds are "met" and the rest of the VISA requirements too, congratulations! DIAC will inform you VISA is granted. Else, if "not met", you can think in a re-view by means of a lawyer, a "Health Waiver" possibility (very difficult but possible) or even to think in another country. This is typical letter from HOC to Panel Doctors, if 4 ("Further medicals required"): =============================================================== Dear Panel Doctor, The bearer of this letter, Person X, DOB: /date/, F is required to provide further medical information (details given below). Please include the following information: A current further assessment from "list of specialist here". Please forward a further report addressing "list of requirements here" The report must be sealed by you, the Doctor, stamped and signed, then sent from your clinic to the Global Health (GH) at the following address: Global Health Department of Immigration and Citizenship Level 3, 26 Lee Street SYDNEY NSW AUSTRALIA 2000 Please include a copy of this letter when sending any further documents to the Global Health. Please do not hesitate to contact GH with the details provided below, should you require further clarification or information. Global Health, Level 3, 26 Lee Street Sydney NSW Australia 2000 GPO Box 9984 SYDNEY NSW 2001 Facsimile 61 2 8666 5901 Email: Health.Operations.Centre@immi.gov.au Website: www.immi.gov.au =============================================================== This is only a guide for understanding the process. Hope this is useful for you.
  12. Nick UK

    VISA issues please help!

    Hi, I am 33 and interested in emigrating to South Australia in the future. I have been an estate agent for last 8 years currently holding a senior position at a major company. However, I do not have a degree or diploma so a number of VISAs are simply not an option. 457 doesn't have Real Estate Representative (REP) so that's out. ENSOL doesn't have REP listed so no luck there. I fail the points test for the points based ones although when the new points test comes (expected pass mark 65) I do actually pass as long as I score 8 in IELTS but VETASSESS will fail me on not having a Diploma. I believe I can find an employer to sponsor me so the Regional Sponsored might work BUT VETASSESS will fail me as I don't hold a Diploma. So, 176 and 475 are a problem due to VETASSESS. I hoped the RSMS might be an option as you can apply for an exemption under the 'skills' element which is perfect for me EXCEPT 'sales' jobs don't qualify for any exceptional circumstances!! I find it bizarre that if I had a Diploma in beekeeping I'd be fine! But that's the way it is so end of. Therefore, I looked at perhaps the Business Owner categories and after watching one of the Wanted Down Under or similiar program where a couple who had never run a business before were contemplating buying an established business. However, the 'Business Owner' VISAs on DOIC website state one needs to have had experience running a business already with a certain annual turnover over the last X years? This has left me a little confused. Is it possible to purchase an established business in South Australia when one has never run a business before and have a pathway to residency? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you. Nick
  13. Guest

    sp47 issues

    Hi there ppl, hope you can help me with a few questions please.My partner and i are currently filling out an sp47 partner visa form.We are doing this on our own with no help.Im a bit worried as a few websites of migration agents weve visited have said its not a good idea and that the success rate would improve if you paid for there help.Is this just them scare mongering in order to fleece you of your cash or do they have a point? Also is there a minimal amount and maximum amount of cash you can write down on the sp47 form that you intend to bring to Aus? we are saving like crazy but we need an idea of an amount that will be agreeable to the ppl that will process our visa.obviously we will take what we put down. Another final question, We live with my parents in order to save money for our move to Aus.We have been here for a year.Will this cause problems with relationship evidence as we have no rent proof , no councill tax and utility bills and no joint account to give them.All we have is marriage certifacate,photos,cards and those sort of things. Thanks guys:biggrin: ginge
  14. This one is for the migration agents and anyone who has gone through 457 sponsorship. What could be the potential issues with 457 sponsorship for an employer who has never sponsored anyone before? What are the things to give special attention to during the sponsorship and nomination phases? Can you please share your experience.:smile:
  15. The Pom Queen

    PIO Network Issues

    Apologises for the website being unavailable but the data centre where the site is hosted are experiencing problems.
  16. Guest

    Social issues??

    Now I'm not naive enough to think that moving over to Australia is going to be like moving onto the set of neighbours, but I read a few posts especially on which suburbs to move to in Perth saying don't move to maddington, Gosnells, Thornlie etc I'm just interested to know what social problems there are in Aus particularly WA is it drugs alcohol do you is get as there is in England families living off the state not willing to contribute to the society they live in, what are the main social issues?? Just after honest opinions of expats already living the dream we have.
  17. Hi all, I am in a bit of a situation and i'm looking for advise, experience and new friendships too I live in Manchester UK, i've been to Australia 3 times, 2 was holidays and one was working. I have a 5 year old daughter to a previous relationship and know I have to go to court in order to stand a chance of living in Australia. First payment will be made this month, no mediation required as he's not going to change his mind. What am I to expect? I know everything I need to do i'e school, work, housing situations etc I'd just like some advise and experience from people in similar situation/s. My husband is Australian ( I didnt meet him on my travel's - he was my reason for travel as we met on facebook lol ) we have a child together been married 2 years - together for almost 3. Answered questions like how long to expect it to take, the cost, emotional side of it i.e does it get messy etc would all be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance. Sam
  18. lavender776

    Technical issues with medicals

    Has anyone had any technical issues with panel doctors uploading medicals? Mine are all uploaded and met, but apparently, they're having problems uploading some of my partners. They have uploaded some of his, so it must have been ok at some point. The medical centre say that they have contacted the ehealth support centre nearly a week ago, but have had no reply as yet. It's frustrating as that's all the CO is waiting for.
  19. Hiya! I've been living with my English boyfriend in England (I'm Australian) Since April. I know I have to live with him for a year before I can apply and as my Visa is valid until April 2012, this is fine. However, we both want to move home and I want to start preparing everything to make sure my application has a good chance of being approved. I've written a guide for my boyfriend and I of info to find. Some things we don't have but we have months to get them.. This is it. NEED ONE JOINT BILL THING FOR EVERY MONTH WE'VE LIVED TOGETHER Tenancy Agreement (Rent) or Stat Dec from landlord saying both lived at the house for the duration Council Tax Bill in both names Utility Bills in both names Plane tickets to England. Holiday receipts Photos! Lots of photos at events with other people Joint Bank account and evidence of money put into account. PayPal money receipt for money I put into account. Present gift receipt on eBay Engagement ring receipt Stat Dec from both you and I Joint statement on how we live - housework etc Stat Dec from friends Your passport, Birth certificate My passport, Birth certificate My Tax Notice for 2010 Four recent passport photos of you Phone Bill stating my contract is in your name Phone bills showing we call text eachother. MSN Logs, eMails for time before we met up. Letters sent to same address Cards and invites addressed to us both Joint membership of groups? Wills Bank statements to same address Bank statements highlighting we both pay for different things in the house Any documents listing the other as Next of Kin (Doctors, Dentist, GAME) Payslips showing addresses NHS letters/ Tax letters Birthday/Valentines Cards to eachother Official Stuff Police Check Health Exam Offical forms filled out. Including form 80 Is there anything I am missing? Obviously I haven't hunted for that stuff yet but I know we have a lot of it. Also.. I've been reading that I need a certain amount in my bank account in Australia and have a job there so I can sponsor him? I've been living in England and we are just getting by.. So I don't have that, nor will I have a job yet in Australia. Until I go home and look. We are going to be living with my parents in our own half of the house though. Until we can sort ourselves out. Is this a problem?
  20. Guest

    migration issues!!

    Hi we are emigrating to melbourne in jan / feb i have a 457 visa (sponsored as podiatrist) and am applying for skilled migration at the same time ! My partner however can't be included in the dependants as he has not lived in a defacto relationship with myself for long enough!! The plan is for him to come over on a holiday visa(12 month tourist visa) then once i get residency i will sponsor him!! How easy will it be for him to get a bit of cash in hand work whilst over there ? I know this is not ideal but it is a way around us all coming over together!! Lou and Nick :biggrin::Randy-git:
  21. Guest

    ENS issues, and cap and cease?

    This is mostly onshore 457s going to PR via ENS, but several offshore ENS as well. NB 1: 5 months supply on hand, indicates likely processing times unless they prioritise on industry??? NB 2: 51,000 annual rate of applications, with a program size of 44,000, so processing times will get longer. Recommendation: Best way forward appears to be 457 to get here faster, while parallel ENS is still in processing. This is still 2 years supply. Expect the Minster will continue to decrease Skilled Independent and assess his options for queud applications. I'm not sure if Bowen's ethics are as, um, able to be set aside as were Minister Evans', so cap and cease might still be on the table. However with the balanced Parliament I expect less arrogance from Labour, and I think Bowen might be able to argue for a fairer refund ie go now voluntarily and get say $5000 back, all others who we still need to cap and cease will get $2000.
  22. Guest

    Migration Issues

    :wink: Hi Every One We Got News To Go for Medicals For Skilled Independent, Applied Aug 2008, Any One Any Input on Timeline for visa grant after all meds are done Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Guest

    457 employer reference issues

    Hi All My proposed employer in Australia is using a migration agent called Fragomen, I have 20 years banking and operational restructuring experience but the new company in a small company with a sales and operational division. I dont have a degree but have provided references from my last 4 employers spaning 13 years. These references state that I was an employee in a specific position for a length of time, as most do. For some reason Fragomen are requesting that th references state the tasks I performed while I was employed. There is no way my past employers are going to do this, one of them was australian and had 9000 emloyees. Has anyone else experienced this or do you have any advice. Is this because I am not going back to a bank. I have had a 457 before and never had tis issue. Thanks Rob
  24. Guest

    General Issues. Please Help

    Hi guys, I am new to this so please bear with me. Basically my husband has been offered a job in western sydney with his current employer. The company is going to sort the visa for us all (2 adults and 2 children), Car, temporary accomodation until we find something, superannuation will be paid on top of basic salary.... Is this to good to be true? My questions are: - Visas how long will they take they are talking in the next 5 months and can i work on my husbands visa, or is it my husbands visa or is mine completly separate? Healthcare can this be expensive Schools is there guareented places at state schools or will we have to pay private. If so how much does that cost? I have noticed that it is very expensive in Sydney and am worried that we wont be able to afford to live there. We would like to enjoy australia and not just sit in doors becuase we cant afford to do anything. The salary offered is in the region of 75 - 85K is this enough or should we push for more? Is there any cost of living information that i can get for living in Australia? We would live in western sydney but would like to rent a modern home, nothing to big or posh. Please help we dont know what to do and the company needs an answer in the next couple of days.:confused: Thank you in advance x
  25. Can we get an employee sponsers even with govement issues?? I have a possible job offer but people have told me you cant go ahead until the govement allow it?? :arghh: