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Found 117 results

  1. hi there, please could any one tell me if a Heating engineer (installing solid fuel burning stoves, not Gas or CORGI) would come under General plumber on the SOL list????? does anyone know????????
  2. Guest

    nurseing issue

    hi all just want 2 no if anyone can help please we are planning 2 emmigrate to oz hopefully we can apply at the end of aug when have completed 12 month as nurse and just wanted to no if u have 2 send ur reg of to the ANMC first before filling in form for skilled migration 175 hope someone can answer as it getting close now thank you
  3. Guest

    passport issue

    Hi all, I'm almost ready sending my TRA application form to Canberra. Could anybody be kind enough for giving me advice on the payment. I have been told I can pay it by cheque in Barclay's bank, for oversea's. After doing so, would I be quoted a reference or something with proof for payment before sending my application off. Also is a photocopy of the inside of my passport accepted providing it has been certyfied. Thanks all, Doug...:jiggy:
  4. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone can help me with this... I am looking to apply for the Skilled Migration program and the first stage is getting a skills assessment carried out. However, I did my degree in IT, completing back in 2003, but since then I have never actually worked in IT (but in other occupations on the SOL list). I basically have a very varied career path. 2003 - Graduated with 1st Class Degree in IT 2003 - 2006 - Working as full-time national print journalist / copywriter (on SOL list) Jan 2006 - June 2006 - Customer Service role (not on SOL) June 2006 - June 2007 - Worked as Marketing Specialist (on SOL list) June 2007 - Nov 2007 - Worked as Campaign Manager (not on SOL list) So basically, I have an IT degree, 3 years experience as a journalist, plus one year as a Marketing Specialist (which fits within the 12 months within 24 requirement). My question is... how do I get my skill assessment? Do I have to do it for IT or Marketing? I looked on the Australian Computing Society site (assessors for IT) and they seem to want years of IT experience, as well as a qualification, whereas Vetasses (who do the marketing) don't assess experience at all, just qualifications (which I don't have). Please can anyone shed any light on what I should be concentrating on? :spinny: Thanks a lot, Adam
  5. Hi I wonder if anyone can help me. I've checked the forum and noticed there may be a way for me to do this... My girlfriend currently lives in Australia and we decided to live together. I was initially going to apply for the subclass 175 (Skilled – Independent visa) and wait for that to complete but I decided to come here on a tourist visa first. My intention was to apply for the 175 before leaving the UK but the ACS took longer than I expected so I have come here on my subclass 676 (Tourist Visa). Unfortunately, as my tourist visa is a 12 month one it has the 8503 condition on it which prevents me from applying for the 175 onshore. However, the visa is multiple entry allowing me to leave and enter Australia on more than 1 occasion. Would anyone know if I could go to New Zealand for a week, submit the 175 application online and return to Australia on my current 676? Has anyone done this? Is this acceptable? Thanks =)
  6. Guest

    Visa issue

    My oh of 15yrs & our son of 12 wanting sponsorship to perth. He is a mgmnt accountant with 10 yrs experience & is a CIMA finalist (ie not completed all of the final strategic level exams). On the pts scoring system, he believes he has 90pts (using branch a/c - financial institution 3211-11). Being a CIMA finalist this is deemed as an advance diploma in the uk, therefore for a positive skills assessment I would need to go through the 3211-11 route. However, if I get sponsorship through STNI, this would yield a further 10pts totalling 100pts. I'm not really sure if our understaning is correct, or what's the best option going forward is. Our thoughts are to apply for the skills assessment through VETASSESS for 3211-11, once it rtns positive, then apply directly to WA for sponsorship (although 3211-11 doesn't appear on their skills shortage list). Any thoughts/ideas you could give would be greatly appreciated. By the way, we are getting married this Dec in Perth, WA (probably at Kings part or Matilda bay). So whilst we are over in Perth, you could always arrange an interview or two:biglaugh: Thanks, Hel & Jay
  7. Guest

    Health Issue

    HI all still making my mind as to apply or not . one thing playing on my mind is my health, i was diagnosed with arthritis two years ago and know in the future this will affect my work . how does our health service compare to theres .
  8. Guest

    Medical Issue

    My Wife (36) is a type 1 diabetic. We are investigating the possibility of emigrating but various rumour mongers :wacko: indicate that this could seriously affect our application. I cant seem to find much information with reference to medical conditions affecting application. Any advice greatly recieved. Also not sure what is the best way to proceed on an application. Wife is a Mortgage Consultant (holds FPC's and CMAP quals) i am ex Royal Navy (13 years Communications Submarines) and for the last 8 years have been a field technician, Installation Team leader and now a Service and Repair manager (managing 20 technicians) for a well known Cable company here in the UK. What would be the best type of visa to apply for. Thanking you in advance.
  9. Guest

    visa issue seem very slow

    Is it me or does it seem that the issue of visas has been very slow since xmas i check on here every day but it does appear that there are not many being issued at the mo or is it just me
  10. Guest

    Furniture issue

    Hi guys, As most people are aware it seems very hard to find furnished property so we were looking at many threads regarding places to go in order to buy household items such as a sofa etc etc. www.fantasticfurniture.com.au looks like a good place to start as they do packages etc but has anyone actually purchased anything from them before and if so ,is the stuff any good bearing in mind it is fairly budget oriented? It seems like a very good place in order to get you started considering we are going out with just are suitcases and the clothes on are back ahhhhhhhh:wacko: Bye for now and thanks for all your support peeps Colin and Amy
  11. Hi All, I'm applying for SIV 175 and have just been told by an agent that my work experience of 5 years is unlikely to tie in with my Occupation as a Mechanical Engineer. I'm currently self employed in the multi media sector. I was really relying on this because on top of the basic 1 year work experience requirement I would have got 15 MODL points + 10 for the work experience. Now i'm totally gutted. I can only really think of one option: Get a job in Mechanical Eng for at least 12 months and take an IELTS exam to boost up my points. I would have thought my work experience is in a 'closely related occupation' to Mechanical Engineering - which if being the case, should be acceptable. But it's apparently not. If anyone has any other ideas, I'm all ears?
  12. Guest

    wages issue

    I have just been having a look on british expacts (very rarely go on there) and on one thread someone was complaining that $3,400 a week is a c--p wage and they can not live on it . I am starting to get a bit confussed as i have cheaked through what wage my oh would be on a week and it is no were near that amount . were planning on moving to queensland and i think that is were these people were from . please could some one let me know if that wage is rubbish getting quite worried .. thanks karen
  13. TheBrammies

    New Magazine first issue Free

    I had this email today and it's for a new magazine for people wanting to move down under (can't think of anybody that might be interested can you) the first issue is free your just download it and view it through acrobat hope this is helpful http://www.southboundmag.com
  14. Guest

    ACS Skills Issue

    Hi Everyone We recently tried to get the ball rolling, and have 6 years in IT work experience. However to apply for the skilled visa it requires 8 years. Therefore for now I was told that I could apply to the ACS having over 6 years and submit my qualifications, submitting a fee of A$300. I hold several qualifications in IT Security, primarily Checkpoint (firewall/Networking) and Nokia over 6 years. I was told that this has been done before and was successful, however the applying candidate had an MSCE. My question is has anyone done this with the similar qualification that I have and were they successful? Also has anyone applied like this and have been successful without an MSCE. Thanks to all for your help.:notworthy: Magic
  15. Guest

    Immigration Diabetic issue

    Hello, new to all this so bear with me. considering moving to Australia my wife has a skill on the occupation list. I have been a diabetic on insulin for over 12 years and have heard that this may exclude me from entry. Does anyone know of succesfull applicants with this conditon or would i be wasting time and money applying.
  16. Guest

    Medical Issue

    Hi Can anyone help me. We are in the very early stages of emigrating to oz but am a little concerned about the medical report. My husband is diabetic and was wondering if this would go against us in any way. Thanks