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Found 117 results

  1. Hello could anyone help us please!!! my husband has divorced me before a couple of years and got married to another woman for his parents wish, now he wants to call me and our son back with him to australia. He is planning to sponsor our son on child visa and then apply for contributory parent visa for me via my son's child visa now the problem is i cant wait here in uk for 2 years with out my son until i can get the parent visa applied, my son is too young he is 3.5 years old and he never been with anyone except me. more over in the past years only thing that kept me goign and alive was my son, seeing him and being with him get me out off the hurts i was in since the divorce, now if my son has to leave me i dont know how i am going to survey here that too for 2 years long. now the question is, is it possible for us to apply for child visa for my son and apply for parent visa same time by requesting tat my son cant stay there alone as his father works 2 jobs day and night shift a day, i gotta be with my son, he cant leave me as he hasnt been with anyone else than me. can anyone help please, do i really have to wait for 2 years since the date my son leaves to aus or could i go there to my husband along with my son on tourist visa 676 and get the parent visa applied after the 2 years or should i apply for the parent visa same time when we apply for child visa and get there on tourist visa, am really confused please help. thankyou Claudya
  2. Guest

    457 issue

    Hi all, I have an issue with my 457 visa. When I lodged the application we nominated an occupation. Since then I have changed twice my positions(promotions and role changes) within the same organisation and within same department. The question is, given that my current position is not the same as the one nominated at the time of application, do I have to lodge a new 457 application? if this is the case there is a chance that my company would not sponsor me again (probably to avoid application costs) therefore i would lose my job... any help is appreciated. thanks Filippo
  3. Sorry, some might find this a personal question but just wondered if anyone might answer it for me! I am moving to Melbourne in January and am unsure what to do about contraception, is it free over there like here or will I be expected to pay and if so what sort of price will I be looking at paying?! Thanks any info would be much appreciated!
  4. Guest

    457 issue

    Hi, my name is Michelle We are hopefully going to Sydney on 457 around October and bringing with us our 22 Year old daughter, who qualifies on our visa as she is in full time education. My worry is what will happen when we apply for permanent residency as she will be working then and not in full time ed.! Will she be included because she was on the original 457 or would she have to leave after the 457 visa is up? Any advice?
  5. Guest

    Issue visa in another country?

    Hi Does anybody know if its possible to be issued your visa from an austrailian embassy in a different country to where you applied from? My partner is South African (and the main applicant) although we applied from the UK and currently reside here, we were thinking of visiting his family for a month or so - and if we were granted the visa whilst we were there, would prefer to head straight to Oz from there... Is it possible to get the visa stamp in south africa? Im British if that makes a difference? And we are using a UK agent. Also would we then have to send further police checks? My partner has already submitted a police check for South Africa.
  6. I've applied for Skill Migration as a "Anlayst Programmer" (SOL) under SubClass 136, in Aug 2007. Due to the delay from police department in Malaysia I wasted my last 6 months but before the final decision can take place with my application the immigration law got changed due to the current recession. Basically I'm a .Net developer and I've not assessed my application under this. I'd a chat with IMMI for changing my ASCO code so that my application will come under CSL (Critical Skill list) but they said that it is not possible to change now. They have suggested to get the employer sponsorship or else, you can get ACS approval for .net skill and fill up the new application under Subclass - 175 (new class of 136). I'm on 457 VISA and my VISA is expiring Dec 2009.I'd talked with the Immi and they don't believe that I've got bridging VISA as an option. If my PR visa is not granted then I would have to go back and wait for the VISA. Please suggest me the best way to solve this problem. Thank you, Rick:arghh:
  7. Hi All, We have completed our meds now for the whole family and found that our son has a urinary tract infection. We have taken the necessary steps to get this cleared up and he has finished his antibiotics now. Our local GP says that we should get him scanned as UTI's in young boys are not overly common and we have got the ball rolling on that too. What we dont know is at what point would we expect to send the meds/xrays off to Sydney. Do we wait until all the tests have completed in probably six weeks or can we send the stuff off after he has rested clear (hopefully) in the next week or so. The difference in timeline just feels big. Do we need to wait until everything is resolved? The rest of the meds were fine. Has anyone been in this or a similar position? Many thanks Steve
  8. Haven't posted a lot for a while but A BIG THANKS to everyone who has supported us over the past two years! (Yes two years!) We were one of the August 2007 applicants who got stuck in the Capital Investment Fraud scandal in December 2007. Most of you 175/176's won't even know what we're talking about! Anyway, after being "on hold" since Dec 07, we finally got our visa -first last Wednesday (but a clerical error on the validation date took away any sense of excitement - leaving only panic) but now officially re-issued today with a November entry. We will be arriving exactly 1 year after we thought - we've lost thousands on our house and certainly won't be mortgage free - BUT we are ready for another adventure - (we come from a cross-cultural marriage and look forward to notching up another country on to the family tree!) Now - the fun starts....You would have thought with two years to sort everything out we would have (HAAA!) Bank holiday car boot - here we come!:jiggy: Liz, Andrew, Charis 12, Josiah 10 and Daniel 5
  9. Guest

    Divorce issue!

    This is my first post guys so a big hello! Does anyone have an answer for me on this one? I'm about to lodge my visa application (hopefully) but was wondering if the fact that my partner isnt divorced going to cause a problem. His ex wont sign the papers! Anyone have any advice? Ta!:cry:
  10. Hi We are new to the forum and have been seriously thinking about moving to Perth. We have been doing loads of research but one major question I have is how bad is the mosquito problem in and around Perth? The bites make me really ill so this is a serious issue for us. Is there anywhere in and around Perth that doesn't have any at all? Thanks in advance, Julia :unsure:
  11. Guest

    Boob job issue

    Please help.... We are approaching medical stages and I am worried about the fact I have had a breast enlargement. Will it effect or delay my medical. I know it is a personal issue so public or private message is fine. Thanks Anna
  12. Guest

    advice please on family issue

    can anyone help?? My family and i are planning to emigrate on a visa 175 - we also want to take our niece with full permission from her parents - does anyone know how or if this is possible and if so what documents would be required etc....... Also my children are my step children after much research my wife and i have found that although the biological father has no parental responsibility because of the date they were born and the fact he is not registered on their birth certificates nor do they have his surname, it still appears that we may need to obtain his consent which he is never going to agree to, doe anyone have any advice on the best way to approach this without the enourmous cost of court??? My wife and i have found that it may be an option for her to jointly give me parental reponibilty although we are not sure if this removes the need for him to give consent. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as on speaking to many migration agents and attending many expo's, not once was this mentioned although i have always said the child are "step"!!!
  13. Hi everyone I have searched the internet for forums where i can get advise about my defacto spouse visa and i was hoping you may be able to help, I am in the process of completing all the forms which i have got together and my partner is just completing the one for him to sponsor me, it cost him 2500 pounds and he went through an agent and they have said it will not be a problem for me and my daughter to go on his permanent residency visa but at a cost of 2100 pounds to them, so we are trying to see if we can do it ourselves to save money... we have come to a stop as it is asking where his residential address is in Australia and to show he has been working there fore two years, however he has just been granted this and we are going in april to activate his visa but we are planning to go out there together next year so he does not have an address or a job until we get out there is this going to affect me going on his visa and what do we put? I look forward to some feedback of what to do Thank you Jo
  14. Guest

    Is Treated Cancer an Issue

    I've been treated (radiation) for prostate cancer, which in total remission. Is this a medical condition that will necessarily prevent me from passing a medical for immigration purposes?
  15. Guest

    Speedy 457 Visa Issue

    Any ideas for speeding up the 457 visa process? e.g. is it possible to get medicals and police checks done before applying? We have had approval from immigration for the company sponsorship part but we still need to do our part. Currently waiting for WA nurses registration before we can apply and just want to be able to submit everything together to try and hurry up the process as we need to be there ASAP for job start date. :biggrinxmas:
  16. Hello, My husband and I are in our mid 30s with a 3 year old daughter. We are coming over in February as my husband has some interviews lined up and should he be offered a job we will be moving over which is great. However, we are very very close to his parents and I am desperate to know if they will be able to come with us but unsure of the rules etc. They will have so much money to invest if this is required but ideally we would like them to be able to come with us and retire. We would care for them financially. Also, what are the rules regarding bringing money back in to the UK? Sorry for all these questions but I can barely sleep at night worrying about everything and anything! I am Karen by the way and pleased to meet you all :coolxmas:
  17. According to a bulletin to MIA members this afternoon the government will acquiesce in a solution to the statutory deposit issue (A$100,000 migration bonds not being available from state treasuries since last November) where a complying bond can be sourced from a state treasury. We will be able to advise applicants about this after 10am tomorrow. Phone number in Australia is +61-2-97990085. Cheers, George Lombard
  18. Guest

    Birth Certificate Issue

    I'm applying for a 457 visa, I have all the other documents but am missing the birth certificate. Can I get it without the certificate? Will a passport be enough? Please help!!
  19. paddy

    Licience Issue

    Hi all , New to this so hope works ok . I'm cnc metal machinist with nvq level 3, btec 1st & btec national diploma, TRA has been approved and visa applied for by Go matilda (great company) 02/09/08 was told may need licience when in Oz (hopefully adelaide) any info if I do or not. Cheers Paddy,Michelle,Molly&Poppy
  20. Guest

    is money a major issue

    Hi again, just wondering what other peoples opinions are on this, whether people plan their migration solely around their money situation Apart from the obvious like needing to cover visa, medicals, flights etc what is the general feeling about having enough money to live on I suppose i'm asking this as we're going on a student visa and we've covered enough to pay for the 2 yrs college fees, 2 yrs school fees, flights, medicals, visa etc , 3 mths rent and a small amount of furniture and very cheap 2nd hand car the rest of living expenses will have to be covered by jobs we won't be able to get whilst there and both of us are only able to work 20 hrs a week but i'm not too worried as like the saying goes "where there's a will there's a way" i know till we get PR (if we get it) it will be a bit tough but my thinking is that it will all be worth it in the end what do you think ?????????:smile:
  21. Hello, The everyday of waiting to here from the DIAC has prompted me with another question.:arghh: Do any of you know is there a minimum time given from the DIAC between issue of a visa and validation. e.g. Our skills were approved in Sept 07 and our meds and pc's were approved in March 08. Therefore giving us until March 09 to validate the visa. However do you know if we could still be waiting in Feb 09 for the visa approval therefore only giving us one month to exit England? I do hope this makes sense. Lee
  22. Guest

    visa issue

    hi everyone hope you can help, i have a perm resident visa and moved to melbourne in may this year... my daughter is 19 and in the uk and at uni, she is living with my ex wife and was concidered not dependant when my visa was issued last nov... my ex wife is moving to spain in sept and leaving my daughter homeless, well she can stay with my mum if she wishes, she has asked me if she can move over to live with me and continue her studies here in melbourne which i said yes, which would be my best course of action the student visa but has restrictions or is it possible to some how get her in via my visa....will be giving go matilda a ring next week sometime to see what the pro's have to offer me but i thought id post here to get some thoughts...
  23. Hi Just wanted anyones opinion really, especially those who have immigrated with older children. We are hoping to migrate in 2 years by that time my sons will be 9, 14 and my daughter will be 2 and a half. My question is will this be a difficult time to move for my eldest son due to exams ect at school? In the UK he would be choosing his options at this age and I am worried that us travelling when he is 14 will ruin his education. he will be in year 12/13 when we move over Can anyone give me any advice please Many thanks Diane xxxxxx
  24. My wife has an under active thyroid problem and has to take medication every day. I've been informed I have to pay for the first $900 each year on all medication precripted, which isn't an issue, but I was wondering if there are any exemptions for medical issue like in UK.
  25. hi all can u tell me the average time it will take to issue a visa for 175 online in the trade Hair dresser... i have applied in june 2008. Will the timings be different from trade to trade?? regards, Jackson