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Found 117 results

  1. Hi, I applied for an off shore de facto visa with my girlfriend 2 weeks ago at the London embassey and today we heard back from our case officer. She is Australian (28) and I am Irish (34) . We have been together for 2 years and living together for 1 year. All is fine with the application accept for this: A request was made for: Change of name certificate or any ID issued by the government or court under <MY GIRLFRIENDS NAME>. Her parents were divorced when she was 3 and she took her step-fathers surname. She was issued a new passport with her step fathers name back in the 90's which she received by supplying the passport office with a stat dec stating that she has been known under he step-fathers surname since she was 3 years old. So she has had a passport in his name most of her life. We included a certified copy of this stat dec with the application. However, she never had her surname officially changed by a court. As a result her birth certificate has her biological fathers surname but her passport has her step fathers surname which she has be known as most of her life. But the embassey are now looking for evidence of her name change. So now we don't know what to do. She cant give evidence of a name change as it was never officially changed by a court of law. So if we explain this to the case officer should it be OK? Or will she have to get her name offically changed to her step-father surname and then provide evidence of the name change for our visa application? Obviously this would be bad news as it would take a long time to get that all done. Can we ask our case officer this question or would they not give us advice? Any help greatly appreciated as it would be terrible for our application to be denied because of this, Thanks for your time JK
  2. User Name

    Issue with IELTS Score

    Hi guys, for those of us who didnt meet the IELTS 7, do you guys reckon its worth redoing it? I applied 886 and got 6.5 in the writing part. Though this meets the 886 requirements, would it be better idea to redo the IELTS and submit one with all 7s? From the look of it, Government is going down hard on people who don't score 7s. Last thing I want is for my application to get culled because I was 0.5 less in writing.
  3. Hello, My partner and I are after some much needed advice :biggrin: We are hoping to apply for the 309(spousal) visa class asap. My Australian partner and I have been together in the UK for 2 years and have lived together for over a year, all this is straight forward enough. However I have 2 daughters from my previous marriage and both have a genetic hearing impairment from their dad. The eldest daughter has a moderate loss, she will be 10 in May , recieves no additional help at school, no DLA and is 'inline' and above her hearing peers at school. The youngest who is 8 in February is servely deaf has 10 hours 1:1 support in class for numeracy and literacy, this is being reduced as she is also 'inline' with her hearing peers. She also has 60 mins speech therapy a week to keep her speech production skills inline with her hearing peers as her communication level is also the same as any 'normal' child of her age, which is some feat for a child with a serve loss !!! ( Proud mum alert) The girls have no other medical conditions and they only have a yearly hearing test and new ear moulds as and when they out grow the ones they have. They will attend a normal school as they currently do in the UK and we are hoping this should not cause any issues. We have talked to an agent who is willing to take on our case saying that we will need to sign a health waiver form for the girls hearing needs which is not an issue. Do you think that my daughters hearing loss will impact on our visa application as the agent was hinting at about an 80% chance of success? Many thanks Tracey :jiggy:
  4. Guest

    Issue with 457 processing

    Hi, I received the following from my case officer for 457 visa "Thank-you for the documents. I have received all the documents I require. A referral was made for further processing to an external agency. I am currently waiting on the outcome. The agency will advise me when they have made a decision and if cleared I can then finalise your application. I have no control over how long the referral will take, but I will advise you if anything more is needed. I am sorry to provide you with limited information about the referral, but I am not at liberty to discuss. Regards," Can someone please tell me what this further processing might entail? Thanks Svenka
  5. Hi there, I am turning to anyone as I am completely desperate. I have been living in Sydney for the past three and a half years. I originally came on a working holiday visa but was lucky enough to get sponsored by my company on a 457 Visa, or so I thought. At the time the laws deemed that my company was too small to sponsor me directly so they had a recruitment agency sponsor me on their behalf. Once the two years on a 457 was up I applied straight away (a year ago) for my PR Visa however, the PR agency ended up getting sanctioned during my application and my nomination was rejected. As a result I had to withdraw my application. The agency have agreed to put my application through under another company they own after much dispute as I ended up losing the fees, plus a lot of money on other outlays. However, the lawyers which I have to use at the recruitment agencies request have not resubmitted my application, two months after I put in the request. I ring them and email them every week but they tell my I am low priority and they will get to it when they get more important jobs completed(nice way to talk to a client). I have not had a payrise in over too years (am underpaid by at least $10- 15k) and there is no room for career development in my current job. I know I am good at what I do as my clients give me constant praise and say my employers are lucky to have me. My employers are totally exploiting me as they know they know I am powerless to do anything about it. I can't leave as it's too hard to get another sponsored job at the moment and my partner ( who is South American) is defacto on my visa. Due to this terrible situation I have been going through I have ended up getting diagnosed with depression (although I am unable to get help as I can't afford treatment and my medical insurance doesn't cover it). Does anyone know is their a support network for Expats or of a good but not too expensive immigration lawyer in Sydney that may be able to help my case?
  6. Guest

    medical issue

    I am still waiting on my TRa, But i am worried that i will go through all the tra and visa and may fail the medical. i have had colitis but it is under control, before i was diagnosed i went into hospital with blood loss, and had another stay about 6 years ago. as it was awkward for them getting my drugs right for me. I have been on the meds ever since but it is all under control and with the meds i have a healthy stomach. Does anyone know if this will be a problem with me passing the medical?
  7. Guest

    Medical issue

    Hi folks, Just a query regarding the medicals got them booked for april the 5th and recieved information letter off medical people today and it say's that a examination of women's breasts and men's groin for hernias and testicular lumps is required :oops: as anyone had medicals recently and is this info correct,and we booked the medicals in trethomas south wales and has anyone had them done there and what are they like. THANKS FANCYFELLA AND THE TRIBE :lol: (VICTORIA BOUND SEPTEMBER GOD WILLING) P.S. YOULL NEVER WALK ALONE :twisted:
  8. nilesh

    Medical Issue

    Hi, We went for medicals in first week of april. Doctor found systolic heart murmer in my wife's heart and ask us to submit cardiologist report. Cardiologist check my wife and done eco-cardiography and found that her one out of four heart valve is small in diameter and makes murmer. He said is by born. Does this report stops us to migrate to australia as we are on last steps of migration jurney. Regds Nilesh
  9. Hi everyone. wondering if someone can help me. On Friday (April 9th) I successfuly lodged an application from within Australia for a student visa for a 12 month course startring on the 28th July 2010 (3 1/2 months from now) and got my bridging visa. I received an E-mail today saying that the start of my course is too far in advance for an onshore visa application and that I should provide a CoE with an earlier start date or my application is likely to be rejected and I'm very confused. I thought student applications took betwen 6-8 weeks to process and were activated up to 2 months before the course start date which gives me enough time. Stressing out massively right now. I really don't want to lose the $540 application fee....nor do I want to have to leave Australia....
  10. Guest

    475 SIR visa issue

    Hi Gill, First of all thanks to you for helping lots of people who are seeking some help regarding migration issues. I have applied for SIR visa (SA) but it's been one and a half year nothing has happened no CO appointed and no mail received. Last year 2009 my agent asked for my PCC and medical checks and i submitted both of my reports. Please find my details: SB 475 SIR VISA state sponsorship -SA Sales representative (Information and communication products) Assessing Authority: VETASSESS ASCO Code: 2222-13 Application Status: 04-12-2008 Application Received Processing Commenced. Application Fee Received: 04-12-2008 Health requirements Finalized: 10-02-2009 When we check in documents check list all shows REQUIRED - MESSAGE Kindly help me to find the status of my file and will they process my file this year or i have to wait till 2012. Hope you will reply soon. Thanks.. HarryVirdi
  11. Guest

    ACS Skill Assessment Issue

    Hi Guys, It is almost 3 months of my application for ACS Skill Assessment but still status has not been updated. Can anybody suggest me the next step please ? Given Name Parag Date Received 04-January-2010 Event Type PASA Status In process Managed By Phillip Kolesnikoff Registered Post No
  12. Guest

    absent parent issue

    my daughter is 8 and her biological father has never had any contact does not pay any child support. He is not a british citizen and she was born here in uk. He is on her birth certificate. So my question is - on a 175 with my husband /Her step father/ what are the chances that i will not have to get her birth father permission. We have a solicitor letter supporting my claim of his lack of interest. Finally, i have changed her surname by deed poll to my married name. What do u think?
  13. Guest

    Skills assessment issue!

    Hi Guys - hope there's some enlightened souls out there who can help - Im in the process of a waiting for a skills assessment - my current student visa expires on 15th March so my assessment NEEDS to arrive this week ( its will be the 8th week since I submitted it) - Im planning on doing an onshore GSM application (Sponsored subclass 886). In the event that the skills assessment doesnt arrive in time (im panicing) can I get an extension visa to allow me to remain in the country until my assessment arrives?? (I spoke to someone at immigration and she said no - but she was wrong about a couple of other queries so Im not sure she knew her onions). Also, the online application reqires the attachment of documents - do they have to go straight away with the e visa application or do we get a few week to send the docs in??? Cheers Bazza
  14. Guest

    GSM issue , pls help me

    Dear all, I would like to apply for the GSM, but I got 115 points (from=My QS degree 60 points, age 30 points, work experience 10 points, IELTS 15 points) and I need total 120 points in order to apply for GSM. However, in their point’s sheet published by the Australian citizenship department indicate several ways to get the points but I have found the following two options such as “Met two year study requirement in regional Australia” for 5 points. Then “Visa applicant nominated by state or territory government” for 10 points. Please advice me whether can I get one of this points or not? And How can i get those points? My advance thanks, Thas
  15. Hey guys, I have read other balance of family issues but just wanted to raise issue and hope for a way out. We are 3 siblings, one in each country - AUS, CANADA and USA. therefore I do not pass the BOF test to help my mom to move here to Australia even though is is completely dependant on me. Is there any way out in this situation? Thanks SS
  16. Guest

    de facto application issue

    Hi My partner and i are handing in our de facto visa next but my tourist visa which im on at the mo runs out in three weeks. can any one tell tell me what will happen????
  17. Guest

    Health issue and Spousal visas

    Hi All, My husband and I are looking to make the move to Australia. This would be done under the Spousal visa scheme (I think) as my husband is from New Zealand. Have read that he needs to be an "eligible" New Zealand citizen but I am not sure how he would qualify for that given that we have been living in the UK for the last 12 years or so. Has anybody got any knowledge of this? In addition, I do fear the Medical exam. 7 years ago I had some neurological problems for a couple of weeks and the consultant I saw back then, advised that my problems could be down to MS. Since then, I have never had any problems and never needed any medication or time off from work as the symptoms I had have never returned. I know the medical requirements for Australia are strict so I am really worried about this. I would be very grateful if someone could shed some light on this situation. Many thanks, Mad

    Health Issue advise please.

    Hi, Not sure where or even if there was a health section as I can't find it, but I have a pacemaker i'm 30 any ideas if this would be an issue? It needs changing every 5-10 yrs and a check up every 1yr.
  19. Guest

    IELTS issue, please help!

    Halo 2 all As I am not Briton, I would necessary have to pass IELTS. Most of you don't have to worry about this. As I know if I was working in OZ at least 12 months, I don't need to pass IELTS test. But, will I get any points then? If yes, how much, 15 or 25? Thanks for all replies.
  20. Guest

    visa issue

    Hi PIO, im looking for a bit of advise,just got email of case worker telling me that my eldest daughter who is 18 has been refused her visa due to lack of evidence of dependency on me and her dad, we've sent all her wage slips over the last 8 months and a run down of what she earns in relation to what she would need to earn living on her own i.e. rent,council tax, food, clothes ect, if she still gets refused can anyone tell me what would be her visa options and again if she gets refused doe's this meen me my OH and my other daughter gets refused,im going to Brisbane on a 457 visa, any advise would be brill. Thanks. Mary.
  21. Guest

    ACS assessment result / issue

    Hi, Finally, I received my ACS assessment result today, not happy though. Initally, I had applied for ACS assessment during June 2008 and received assessment results on October 2008 as Group A and along with a ACSO unlisted MODL, without any specialization information mentioned. So later, I decided to apply for an appeal , along with additional documentation and stat declarations. Then later during, October 2008 i reapplied for an appeal and today, i received the outcome which states as follows: ======================================================= ACS Letter states as follows: "I refer to your appeal ....... " "Your Skills has been accessed suitable for migration under 2231-79 (C/C++) of the ASCO code being the skilled occupation indicated that you intend to nominated under General Skilled Immigration" "Based on the provided certified documentation it is the opinion of the ACS that the applicant has 12 months expirence in C/C++/C#." "You have appealed to change the ASCO code for which we accessed your skills and to be considered for MODL" ========================================================== Based on the above, I have am concerned and have the following questions: 1. Is it ok that ACS has mentioned about the appeal information? 2. I am planning to apply or state nomination for Victoria and its mention as "intend to nominated under General Skilled Immigration" IS this ok ? 3. I have more that 5 years of work experience but its stated that "12 months experience in C/C++/C#." Is this ok? note: I letter clearly details out the companies i have worked with though along with the correct dates, but why is it mentioned as 12 months only should it not be something close to 4+ years? Should I contact ACS asking them to correct the 12 months of expirence? 4. has ACS provided the results in the same format/content to others, aswell? Please provide me your valuable inputs / guidance / suggestion. Really appriciate any help. Thanks in advance.
  22. Guest

    Accomodation Issue

    Hi, I need some help. I am currently living in melbourne and my Aunty is coming to stay however there was some miss communication and she wants to stay in melbourne and thought she could move in for a while. There is actually no room in my house. Does anyone know where I can find good short term accomodation that is not backpackers or good websites to look at, my housemates will kill me if they think she is moving in Thanks Jaime.
  23. pratheepa

    TRA issue

    Hi, I plan to migrate Australia last year December. Firstly,i started TRA process with agent on January-2009 unfortunately I got unsuccessful result on February(Reason:Your all job related documents are not directly aligning with Electronic instrument tradesperson or other occupations). Second time I decided to apply independently & i applied on March-2009 again bad luck got unsuccessful result ( Reason: The evidence fails to demonstrate completion of a 4 year period directly related &relevant employment ). Finally, Again I applied TRA with MARA Agent on August-2009 still i didn't get acknowledgment really i'm so sad regarding my TRA. Could you please help me anyone should i continue the process or discontinue? If i continue this could i get positive result?Is there any limitations to apply TRA? inaddition, I lost so much of money till now. Pleeeeease advice me what i want to do?:err::unsure:
  24. Guest

    migration issue

    i have trade qualification and i have already applied for subclass 485. do i need job ready test when i am going to apply permanent residency after 1 January 2010 ? if yes than can u please explain me the job ready test, what is it whats the process ? thanks hiren7279
  25. Hi folks, First post so thanks for reading. So to cut a long long story very short.......if it's possible, bear with me. Mum is british, brother is british, both living in uk and father is british with australian citizenship. Not sure where he is right now. (Father and I not on speaking terms since 2005) Father remarried after divorce in 1983 to my mum, has 5 children, all australian with 2nd wife.. I've always known about them but have been told that they wanted no part of our lives. After argument with my father whilst on last visit to Perth in 2005 I decided to try to get into contact with the eldest 'half' brothers and sisters. Eventually found the two eldest via internet, thankfully........... To my absolute astonishment and horror, they had no idea who I was or that they had two elder brothers in Europe!!! They we're as astonished as I was. More of a shock to them. So when eventually I get to speak with their mother it turns out that my father had always maintained that WE never wanted contact with THEM!!! Go figure! I was sooo angry. They have no contact with my father and nor do they wish to, not since their mothers divorce from him 12 years ago, which seems funny as he suddenly got into contact with me at that time after a long time........ you see a pattern developing? Anyway, my wife and I went to visit them in Perth to meet them for the first time in February just gone, it was so emotional, a wonderful yet surreal experience and we so wish to emmigrate there now to be with them and forge some sort of relationship. My question is, does anybody know if this is possible? I have scoured the family stream for a relevant visa but have found nothing.........Is there a special circumstances route? secondly, if I were to have to study or work to begin with,.......Is an NVQ level 2 in Warehousing management and distribution enough, followed by 6 years Royal Airforce experience in the same field? I truly am stumped, (like the aussies right now, watching the cricket, 117-7 ) any advice would be greatly appreciated ......... thanks for reading........ Nick