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Found 85 results

  1. Hi all Just wondering is there anyone else on here heading to Perth for the first time in the next couple of months from Northern Ireland or the Republic? Just wondering who is in the same boat as us lol
  2. wanderinred

    AMVL Kildare Ireland

    AMVL Kildare Ireland (Australian Migration and Visa Lawyers) Hello, Just wondering if anyone has ever used or heard of this company in County Kildare, Ireland to help with a residenct application? They seem pretty helpful to me, but wouldnt mind knowing if anyone has any positive or negative experience to share? Many thanks in advance! Cheers
  3. Guest

    Moving to Mornington

    Hi :biggrin: Myself, my wife and our two boys 12 and 10 will hopefully be immigrating to Australia in a couple of months and will be located in Mornington. We have the option of being in Mount Eliza but we thought for the kids it would be better to start in a busier area and when we buy in 12 months or so then we can look at the options. I have been on some of the school websites but really have no idea what any of them are like. we wont be sending them private and from what I have read the public school system is fairly good. Does anyone have any thoughts on which would be the best primary and secondary school to send them to. This is very important. Thanks
  4. grainne73

    Anyone from Northern Ireland??

    HI Just wondering if anybody on from NI? OH is Carpenter but not doing practical with Vetassess until 26th October. Hoping to go to Perth!
  5. Hi everyone, I'm trying to find places to "advertise myself" - see below ad. Any suggestions? Most jobseeker websites don't have any facility to allow you to upload a "job wanted", or even a public notice. Have thought about posting it up in the Irish clubs etc - any other thoughts or suggestions? Ta --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Australia - Ireland 29 year old trustworthy Australian fellow, with strong ties to Ireland (can work in either country without restriction). Experience in financial software, financial/accounting reporting and business analysis, but looking to expand horizons. Keen, professional sense of customer service. Excellent written and verbal communication skills (phone and face-to-face). Advanced level of computer skills. Four years overseas experience, working for a variety of companies in London and Dublin. Project management skills gained over career and personal life. Practical, positive, pro-active attitude to work and life. Reasonable salary expectations. Interested in being a part of: Setting up/expanding a product/franchise/store to Australia from Ireland or the UK (or vice versa) Sourcing wholesale goods from Europe for shipping/wholesale/sale to Australia. Managing "something" in Australia for an Irish person/company, or in Ireland for an Australian, whether it be property management, running a store, a hotel, or anything in between. What-have-you!? PM me if you have any leads! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Hi there we have made the decision and now its time to get organised as baby no.2 is due in October. Does anyone know of any good cheap shipping companies that ship to Ireland? We will be shipping in late January or early February next year and don't plan on taking any furniture this time just 15 or so boxes. If anyone has space in their container we are heading back to Kenmare, County Kerry and currently live in Brunswick Heads near Byron Bay in NSW. any help greatly appreciated
  7. Our background-: I'm Irish and my OH is Australian. We have three kids,aged 7,9 and 10.This is my 5th visit to Oz and we spent 18mths here when the kids were younger.We left Oz to return to Ireland for a business opportunity[good decision] in '03 with the intention of giving life in Australia another go in 5yrs time.It took us a wee bit longer than that to get here but we have now spent 18mths here and have had a blast. We have had a lot of ups and downs since arriving but on the whole these have balanced each other out. The ups-: ~Our kids have dealt with the move amazingly well and it has made them more outgoing and confidant. ~Going back to working normal hours has given us more time together as a family. ~We have all been blessed with making some great friends and living amongst great neighbours. ~We have all realised that we love travelling and glad we took the opportunity to have three stopovers on the way. ~I have a tan for the first time in my life and I also took the chance to make some positive changes to my life by exercising more and giving up the dreaded smokes. The downs-: ~Our finances have taken a huge nosedive. ~We live within minutes of family here but rarely see them,they have no interest. ~Lots of opportunities here if you have the money to avail of them[we don't] ~The education system has not been as good as we had hoped. ~Australia seems to have become very americanised which we don't see as being a good thing. And the ridiculous-: ~Hubby went to a job interview and when the prospective employer looked through his CV and saw the name of the pub we ran in Ireland he said "I was there last year and ate there every day during my week long visit to the area"....Hubby got the job without having to say a word!!! All in all we have had a great time in Oz and it has been an amazing learning experience for the whole family.But...........we are missing some important ingredients for a happy life here so are returning home next year. Now all we have to do is enjoy every last minute of our time here...and decide which countries to visit on our way back.Can't wait. Life is a great adventure if you make it so.:yes:
  8. Guest

    Hi from Ireland

    Hi everyone, Can across this website via the pomsinadelaide one. As the title says Hi from Ireland. We are hoping to move to Adelaide and have just begun the whole Visa process. I'm 39 & a Tax Consulant and my hubby is 40 & a panel beater. We have two kids, a little girl age 5 and a little boy age 1. As I'm the principal applicant I have the lovely job and taking the IELTS!!! I'm due to take the test on the 17th July and only discovered this week that I have to take the academic version and not the general training. studying is not going well so far and I keep failing the test papers. I can't seem to get the method right. Once thats done & hopefully passed, its on to getting my skills recognised by one of the accountants bodies, as yet undecided whether I apply to the chartered accountants or CPA. looking forward to talking to everyone throughout this whole process. Regards, Lynda
  9. k9pjuice

    Police checks for Ireland

    Well we have got to the stage where we have a case officer who has asked for meds and police checks. The thing is we have been asked for police checks from ireland as we lived there in 2001 has anyone any idea how to get these from the UK? Thanks for any help:smile:
  10. Hi All, Just a quick query??? Has anyone flown from Ireland and received the double baggage allowance? Also how do u go about getting the extra allowance?? Sorry for all the questions!!! Louise
  11. Hi All, Just doing some research and found this. 135 Euro for a 20KG parcel from Dublin to Oz with the old reliable An Post national service. Very reasonable i thought. Maybe the UK postal service have similar rates. Just FYI in case people were always thinking shipping companies. Kind Regards You have selected a Parcel with a weight of 20 Kgs from Dublin to Main centres, Australia. </SPAN>Rate €135.00 Vat n/a Total €135.00 Transit Times: 7/8 Working Days Service Features:Premium Secure Delivery Service Track & Trace Some service elements destination dependent Inclusive Insurance up to €35.00 Parcel Insurance up to €100.00 </SPAN>Rate €322.75 Vat n/a Total €322.75 Transit Times: 6 Working Days Service Features:Guaranteed Day Certain Courier Service Track & Trace Some service elements destination dependent Minimum size: large envelope Inclusive Insurance up to €350.00
  12. Hey everyone, Something just clicked with me today and I remember seeing it somewhere on here before about there being a certain amount of time to being in or transfer money over from the sale of our family home in Ireland, at the time I didn't pay much heed thinking our house would be sold before we came but unfortunetly that is not the case we are here 5 months and house still has not sold. Anyway all of you PIO'S may or may not be able to shed some light on this for me. Thanks Hazel
  13. I am just at the beginning of looking into applying for a skilled migration visa. My DH is a fully qualified carpenter. Im a bit confused as I heard the TRA do not do carpentry any more and therefore we would need to apply to Vetassess for the skill assessement. However if there is a practical exam where would my husband go for this? Would it be to the UK? Sorry its prob a really stupid question so please bare with me. Thanks!
  14. Hi guys, I'm curious to see if any one has flown from Ireland and received the extra baggage allowance??? Also does any1 know if it is possible to actually get the allowance when flying from Ireland? and does it apply to specific airlines?:confused: Apologies for all the questions!!!:chatterbox: Thanks in advance, Louise
  15. Guest

    hi from ireland

    just a little about myself, and my gang.my wife is a nurse, and i run a a oyster farm ,we have 3 kids 2 boys 8 and 7 and a 3 yr old girl,you thinks she the boss.and like make up.We have been thinking of coming down under for yrs ,we just did not have the balls to do it, but now we are going for it .and can i say what a great forum.
  16. julie and gary

    Ireland to oz

    Hi Im woundering if there are any Dubliners moving to oz who fancy meeting up. I am moving to Dublin with my Partner from Liverpool as he is from Dublin as he would like to spend some time back home before we move to Oz. I currently dont know anyone in dublin and thought it would be nice to meet up and have a chat with other People looking into moving to oz and maybe be able to show me a few family friendly places there is to go with my 2 yr old daughter. look forward to any replys :wink:
  17. My husband is an un-employed roofer. The prospects for work in ireland are getting worse each day. Is it better to apply for a visa, etc on your own or through an agency? Agencies seem to be costly. Would you recommend having a job offer in place? We have a young family, 4 and 1.5 yrs. We would love to move to Sydney but are willing to go where there is work. The whole process seems daunting, leaving family, our mortgage here, renting in oz, schools etc. Any advice welcome.:biggrin:
  18. Hi Just wondering if anyone have moved over form Northern Ireland recently? I have been here about 6 months and living in Lilydale. Cheers David
  19. The Associated Press: 2 British soldiers killed in NIreland gun ambush
  20. Guest

    greetings from ireland!

    hi everyone! we are from cork in ireland and have just been granted our visa, woooohooo! we are hoping to move to melbourne in the next few months with our 2 boys (6&4). really looking forward to the big move but i guess like so many of u, we dont know where to start? where to move to in melbourne, best way of finding jobs, finding schools etc. we are looking forward to chatting to u all talk soon joy & paul:wink:
  21. Guest


    just wondering,anyone in ireland at the moment and any views on the situation there. We live in limerick and with the news about dell this week we cannot wait to bail out of here. any other lads around hoping to head to perth would be interested to talk about things. me a sparks and herself a nurse. look forward to your replies.
  22. i informed them via letter and email of my change of address, but i haven't given them anything signed, stamped, sealed or delivered from the powers that be to say i'm no longer in oz. will they look for this?? Regards
  23. Guest

    Hello from Northern Ireland

    My wife and i attended a workforce soultions expo and are interested in moving to OZ - we're hoping to arrange a holiday in feb/march to oz to check it out. Thinking of driving from syd to ald and checking mel on the way along. Anyway just wanted to say helloooo jj....
  24. Hi all, Due to move in four weeks and I don't really want to move much stuff probably an additional bag (mainly of clothes) and probably a small box of books and maybe a further box. I am wondering what are the best means of transporting this at the most reasonable price, reliable and won't take months! Has anybody just shipped a few things and if so what companies did you use and/or check out? Thanks and a Happy New Year to all. A
  25. Just wondering if anyone from Northern Ireland is out there ? We are living in Burbank at the moment with hopes of moving further down the Gold Coast and would like to catch up with anyone interested in a beer or 6 and good old chin wag !