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Found 85 results

  1. we have reduced the price by £40k for quick sale. http://www.propertypal.com/126-kilnahusogue-road-fintona/154116
  2. Hi all trying to gain a 457 employer sponsorship as a plumber pipefitter. My CV is loaded with experience but as yet finding it really hard to get a sponsor. Can any one advise on the best way to gain an employers trust. Or does any one know a good employment agent as I am trying for the mining industry Perth location. Thanks
  3. Has anyone shipped their furniture from Ireland to Australia -- Perth to be precise? I don't know who is best and what I could expect to pay -- having to weigh up the cost of shipping to the cost of replacing some items. Thanks
  4. Hi everyone!! Came across this forum whilst researching moving to Oz so thot id drop a line!! My husband to be and i are moving to perth, leaving belfast on 16th october this year! We have both been granted working holiday visas for 1 year and hav intentions of applying for permanent skilled migration if the grass is greener! I am 24 and work in marketing and recruitment, my fiance is 27 and is a bricklayer with site management experience! we are hopng to have jobs more or less lined up by sending off our CVs 4-5 weeks before headin out. If anyone has any advice on obtaining jobs or any contacts in our industries they would be much appreciated! Also any general hints and tips on the move are very welcome! 11 weeks and counting!!!!! :D
  5. Hi Everyone My hubby has been offered a job in Brisbane (He is a spark) and the company has offered sponsorship - what does this mean and what would the approx cost be to move out, we have 2 children. Thanks for any replies as im totally lost:arghh:
  6. jimmyk

    Irelands call

    I am an Irish guy looking to move to Australia ASAP. 1- Does anyone know if there is a database of the different companies that sponsor overseas workers? 2- If I get the 176 visa myself, how long after I actually receive it do i actually have to move to austraila before the visa becomes invalid? (ie if the visa is granted today do i have a few months or a year etc because I've a few loose ends to tie up at home before moving) 3- From experience which company would you use to get the visa? I have shopped around a bit already and there seems to be big price differences but i'm afraid using a lower priced agent might mean less chance of securing the visa and cannot afford to lose the money. Thanks
  7. Hi, I’m planning on emigrating to Australia in June/July 2012 I am a Computer Engineer (Diploma in Computer Science) + 6 Years’ work experience in the field of System Administration -- (ANZSCO Code 262113 - Systems Administrator) I'm researching at the moment and can’t find the information I'm looking for, I am married to a Non EU National and have 2 kids both Irish Nationals. My wife is in the process of applying for Irish Citizenship but that can take up-to 3 years. What are my best options for permanently moving my Family to Perth WA? Do I need to go first for 1 year on a WHV then apply for residency? Thanks in advance. Joe
  8. Guest

    Newbie from Northern Ireland

    Hi all im wanting to head to oz at the start of the new year . i was planning to head to brisbane i am a fully qualified overhead linesman but i am not looking for this type of work when im there unless it comes up. im taking a year away to go mad have fun. i am going to apply for a working visa i have a friend who is an immigration manager in oz so i dont need any help there . i was looking some information on what to do when i get there how do i go about finding a job, bar work farm work etc. the best and cheapest places to live the best party spots etc. any help would be appreciated Cheers Ethan
  9. Hi All, This is such a great site with loads of information and I am sure over the next while myself and OH will be posting so many questions as the task ahead is quite daunting. We have our PR visa, myself, husband and 2 kids age 12 adn 10. TBH it's the kids I am worried about. Just don't want to make the wrong decision. The plan is to head to Brisbane at the end of October and maybe do a bit of exploration from there. We stayed in Subshine Coast before but we are thinking of going south of Brisbane....like I said daunting. OH is heavy vehicle mechanic by trade but I'm not sure I can see him getting a job from this side of the world so anyone with any contacts would be great. Also if there is anyone here or UK travelling around the same time and to the same area send me a pm and we can compare stories. I am sure I will have many sad days before we leave. Looking forward to getting to know you all on the forum. D:biggrin:
  10. Hi everyone, We are heading off to Sydney from Dublin the 13th August. Tickets are booked. Just trying to find a company to insure you when emmigrating. Multi trip dont do emigrating insururance, and go walk about are only for UK residents? anyone any ideas or who you have used? thanks...
  11. Hi, Just wanted to say to anybody looking for shipping from Ireland that we used McGimpseys in the North today and they were brilliant. We had booked 500 cubic feet and ended up with 750!! They spent 8 hours here packing everything and making sure we were happy. Even called in a back up team to help. Would highly recommend them so far unless our extra space proves extortionate or things get broken! Sian x
  12. Hi everyone Could anyone advise on reasonable priced shipping companies from Ireland looking at sending few large boxes and childs motorbike. Also what do i need to import childs motorbike? thanks!
  13. Here goes..am new to PIO. Is there anyone else considering a move back to Ireland. Have been here nearly 8 years (Brissie) and am homesick:mask:No family here..certainly don't miss the Irish weather but miss the people..family and friends.. Have been back to Ireland many times and there are also personal reasons why I am considering the move back. Seems like everyone else is going the other way:wacko: Any one else thinking about moving back to Ireland for whatever reason? We are Citizens here. 2 kids. Would love to hear any thoughts or advice... Its a huge decision but one I need to make...soon.
  14. Guest

    Greetings from N. Ireland!

    Hi everyone! Been looking on the forum for a few weeks now, just registered to ask some questions about moving to WA (and hopefully helping others in time too!) Looking forward to chatting with you in the forums! Robin
  15. Just had aachener's crew around packing and loading. Just about squeezed everything into a 20ft container. Crew of 4 worked hard all day and will sleep well tonight. All went smoothly- heres hoping that it will remain that way. So far so good
  16. Ausenco is hosting a meet and greet with food and refreshments May 12 6:00pm Engineers Ireland office 22 Clyde Street, Dublin We are hiring int to sr engineers that are interested in working abroad. This may be of interest to Engineers based in Ireland who are trying to get sponsorship to Australia. This has nothing to do with me in any manner and I am only posting it for information 1. Where do you send a CV? • Apply through the careers page. All c.v ‘s are being reviewed and people are being called for interview • http://www.ausenco.com/
  17. we are ready to book our medicals for our visa now, BUT we live in N.Ireland and have UK passports, do we have to go to UK to complete our meds, or can we just drive down to Dublin and do them in South of Ireland ???? it will be great if anyone knows this 100% so we can book our meds, Dublin would be great as we can just drive there, if not we will have to pay for flights etc etc to get to UK.(scotland), (wales), (England).
  18. Hi all, this is my first post and I've really enjoyed reading all the threads on PIO. I have decided to dip my toe with a first post. Basically, I am very seriously considering moving to OZ. My situation is that, since graduating from university 13 years ago, I have worked as a production / general manager in a manufacturing company. I am married and have a big family. My wife, a graduate In design, has devoted her adult life to looking after our kids. We yearn for a better life, and have decided that it is now or never. I suppose the biggest question I have is if there are any people out there who have similar work situation to mine, who have made a successful, happy life for themselves in OZ? Are jobs hard to come by? Could I make it happen on one wage for my family? We are used to counting the pennies, but do have a decent life for ourselves here in northern Ireland. However, this itch doesn't seem to be going away and I need some of you guys to give me a gentle push to start, seriously start the process. Thank you so much in advance.
  19. Hi all, I am moving from ireland to melbourne in may with my wife and three kids all girls age 10,4and three months, we are thinking of going to berwick as it seemes a nice area for kids and public schools can anyone give me any advice on this area,regarding schools,rent,public transport (some friends saying its to far out of city)
  20. Guest

    New English Bull-terrier in Sidney

    Hi all! We are bringing Max (registration certificate no. X30718), born on 03 Oct 05 to Sidney in a few months time. Most of his relatives were from Ireland and England and many were champions. We are interested in studding him out on arrival. Could you please let me know of any web sites where people are interested in this type of service? And what is the average price for studding out an English Bull-terrier in Australia? Looking forward to hear from you soon, Kind regards
  21. Hi! I have 1 dog that I would love to bring with me to Oz. Is there any legal issues with english bull-terriers? and does anyone know agents in ireland who organize paperwork, flights and quarantine? Cheers
  22. Hi, I just found this forum when I started investigating the possibility of Migrating to Australia from Northern Ireland with my partner. I'm 41, she is a couple of years younger and so far have found the forum to be full of usefull info. We haven't even started the paperwork yet as regards the actual application process, so any advice would be welcome. I have a couple of questions (to start with anyway):cool: 1) Is being in Northern Ireland going to make it more difficult as opposed to being on the UK Mainland? 2) Am I/We too old to only be starting this process now? 3) Any advice on the best part of Australia to try for? (I realise this probably depends on our jobskills) Thanks in advance Geoff
  23. Hi Everyone, I am new to this site and hope some of you will be able to give me advice. We are only considering applying for a visa to live in Australia, we have spoken to an agent and they are pushing for Perth, however I'm not convinced this is the place suitable for us. We live in Dublin and are very close to everything, good schools, social scene, amenities (parks, shopping centres) etc. so we ideally would want the same in Australia. My husband is a carpenter and builder and apparently Perth is booming at the moment and would have the most prospects for work etc. but surely there is work in other cities like Melbourne and Sydney! We have a 3 1/2 year old and a 2 year old so obviously I need the best choice of schools for them. My main reason for moving is so that I could give up work and spend time with the children and maybe have another baby! The reasons for not moving are that we have a really good quality of life here I only work 3 days, we have a great family who help us out all the time, my OH doesn't have to work long hours, we have a beautiful house. My OH is saying that the construction industry here in Ireland is getting really bad and it is going to be hard to keep getting work, so we may have to move! So what I'm trying to ask is can you recommend a suitable city (and area) for us, with a good Irish community and job prospects??? Many thanks, Jxx
  24. Just wondering if all the major companies mentioned on here do removals from NI or are different ones used? Has anyone shipped from Co Antrim lately? any suggestions welcome! thanks
  25. just wondering if there were any irish in here ,were hoping to make the big move asap would like to see if anyone from this neck of the woods is doing the same right now??:smile: