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Found 55 results

  1. Hi Guys I was having a look at the possibility of buying in Oz. We arent there yet - we dont even have our visa :biglaugh: but we are on our way, I just like to get in there and do loads of research. We are looking at the affordability of houses and it seems do-able but I noticed that the mortgage interest rates are around 6% !!!!! Does anybody know if this has always been the case in Oz - I know in Ireland at the moment my mortgage interest rate is 3.1% but thats probably due to the country being in a right state at the moment. 2 years ago i was paying nearly 5% interest rate so Im just wondering if there is a property boom over in Oz at the moment. I know we can get alot more for our money in Oz but because the interest rates being so high and the exchange rate being absolutely crap its made me wonder! Any comments would be much appreciated Suzanne
  2. Guest

    interest offset

    does anyone know that if paying of a debt in uk from oz you can claim the interest back on your tax return?I know you can if you are paying a mortgage off and just wondered about loans from uk banks? any advice appreciated
  3. Guest

    Interest rates rise again

    Fortunately we fixed our mortgage before these last 5 rate rises but for those on variable rates it could be another $50 a month. It could have been worse as .5 was being talked about so lucky it was just .25.
  4. Andrew from Vista Financial

    RBA raises Interest Rates again = 3.75%!!

    Interest rates have risen again as expected by 0.25% taking the rate to 3.75%. This is the third rise now in as many months and the Banks are expected to follow very closely behind. This would take the Standard Variable rate now for most Banks to around 6.5% - 6.6% and increase the repayments on a mortgage of $300,000 over 25 years by around $46 a month. Here is the press release by Governor Glenn Stevens RBA: Media Release-Statement by Glenn Stevens, Monetary Policy
  5. Guest

    Australian interest rate

    Australian Dollar Australia raised its benchmark interest rate by a 0.25 % for the second straight month, Australia is now the only nation to increase borrowing costs twice this year.
  6. Hi All Sharon of Baldivis was organising this but has gone interstate for work so asked me to post a notice on PIO to see if there was any interest in the following Option 1 Christmas in July Function - Buffet style Saturday 18th July 2009 from 7pm Peel Manor Estate (see website Peel Manor House Baldivis WA) Cost would be $75pp and would need to be paid upfront as they require this for any booking. Option 2 - Christmas in July - sit down all inclusive meal Saturday 25th July From 7.30pm to 11.30pm Munja gardens - website http://www.munjagardens.com/coming_events.html Cost is $85pp - payment due 1 week before. Register your interest now! If there is sufficient interest I will get more info and post it on the PIO calendar for RSVPing. Cheers Julia
  7. Guest

    RPL - May be of interest

    This may be of interest to those who came as dependents and didn't apply for RPL before arriving. If you are a permanent resident, it is a free service. As you may know, Yvonne (of andy&yvonned) came over as a dependent and in view of that, she had no RPL. We have spent hours searching for a job for her but most of those that she fancied, required a Certificate III in Learning Support. This morning, we grabbed her City & Guilds Certificate for learning support and popped up to our local Tafe to enquire as to how we find out what it's Australian equivalent was. The receptionist took us directly to the Principal's secretary who couldn't have been more helpful, showing us where to apply: http://www.training.qld.gov.au/resources/skills_recognition/pdf/app.pdf A downloadable form with all the info needed to process (free) your application for Australian recognition of your UK certification/skill. Needless to say, the forms were downloaded, printed, filled in, and certified copies of other documents required were all in the post within a couple of hours, to hopefully arrive at the Gov't dep't Monday. We will let you know the outcome, and how long it takes. kev
  8. Guest

    Banks Raisinf Interest Rates

    Three out of Australias 4 big banks are raising their fixed rate home loan interest rates. It seems things may well be on the the turn for those looking at fixing their homeloans.
  9. markntracey

    Expression of Interest Queensland S S

    We've now applied for a Queensland State Sponsorship. On the website there is a link for Expression of Interest. Does anyone know if this has to be filled in and submitted as part of the application or is it optional for those who want to find employment before they go? Many Thanks no worries hubby just phoned queensland and it's optional Tracey
  10. just out of interest does anyone believe in life after death , i would like to think so having experienced communiation with relatives and friends that have passed away ,through a spirtualist. what are your views ?
  11. It seems that not all businesses having been doing the right thing. From: Rebuke from PM over interest charges | smh.com.au THE Commonwealth Bank was forced to declare yesterday that it would waive home loan interest charges for all customers affected by the bushfires for three months, after complaints from a fire victim drew a rebuke for the bank from the Federal Government. A Kinglake resident, Matt Falla, told ABC Radio yesterday that while he had not lost his home, he would struggle to meet his loan repayment obligations because the devastation wrought by the fires meant he was no longer able to earn an income as a self-employed carpenter.
  12. Hi there every one, We have agreed to rent our house to "Jennynails" from the end of March 09. So thanks so much for all your inquiries. I will however be in touch with all the people I hear of that rental's so they can post them on this site and deal directly with you. As I am based here on the Sunshine Coast, if you need any specific questions answered, then I am happy to help if I can. All the best with your move over, and I am sure you will LOVE it as much as we do. This is the HAPPY SUN land! :-):hug: Take care, Rebekah.
  13. For thos folk who will be buying a house when they come to oz some good news.. RBA cuts rates by 100 basis points to 4.25% The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has cut the official cash rate by 100 basis points to 4.25 per cent, in its last rate decision for the year, in another aggressive move to stoke confidence and boost the economy in the face of a global slowdown. The RBA, which will not meet again until February, has cut interest rates by 200 basis points in the last three months. In an immediate response in parliament, Treasurer Wayne Swan said the cut represented "very substantial relief" to families and businesses and he said the Commonwealth Bank of Australia had decided to pass on the rate cut in full. Mr Swan called on other retail banks to pass on as much of the lower rates as possible to consumers. RBA governor Glenn Stevens said sentiment in financial markets remained fragile, even though action taken by government and central banks around the world to stabilise their financial systems had begun to take effect. "There has now been a major easing in monetary policy over the past few months," Mr Stevens said in a statement. "Together with the spending measures announced by the government, and a large fall in the Australian dollar exchange rate, significant policy stimulus will be supporting demand over the year ahead. "The board will continue to monitor developments and make adjustments as needed to promote sustainable growth consistent with achieving the 2–3 per cent inflation target over time." Yesterday, an unofficial inflation measure, the TD-Securities-Melbourne Institute inflation gauge, showed a fall of 0.6 per cent in the month of November, the biggest monthly drop since the series began in August 2002. The inflation gauge recorded an annual growth pace of three per cent in November, down from October's 3.9 per cent level. However, monthly retail sales figures released today showed a bigger than expected rise of 0.2 per cent in October, against market expectations of a 0.1 per cent increase. Overnight, US Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke presented a grim assessment of the US economy, the National Bureau of Economic Research said the US economy had been in recession since December 2007, and new data showed the US manufacturing sector was in the worst shape since the early 1980s. Gross domestic product (GDP) data due out on Wednesday is expected to show the Australian economy grew about 0.2 per cent in the September quarter, and by 1.9 per cent, annually.
  14. Does anybody know how much tax you pay on your investment bank interest in WA Many thanks in advance Gary
  15. Rather than trying to imagine what the areas you are interested in look like, a lot of Australia is mapped on Google maps down to the street view level. I really recommend this - it will enable you to see and "tour" the areas you are interested in. A picture can be worth 1000 words....:-) Type in the suburb and city you are interested in, and select in google maps. If you then click on the small figure on the left hand side of the map, it will take you to the street scape level. Clicking on the street arrows takes you along the street as if you were driving. Whenever you pause, the picture will come into focus. Just above the small figure is a circle with an N on it. If you rotate this N around the circle, it will give you a 360 degrees view of the area wherever you have stopped. This will work for all the big cities, and some streets in the smaller cities like Cairns or Albury. If you want to look up a specific house, e.g. if you see one you like the look of on www.realestate.com.au and want to check out the area, just type in the whole address. With house numbers though, it's sometimes not quite accurate, so if it says that the street number is approximate, maybe check the places next door if the map doesn't take you to the specific house.
  16. thought some of you might find this useful a bbc web page with a list of major lenders and if they are passing on the interest rate cut BBC NEWS | Business | UK's mortgage market in graphics
  17. The Pom Queen

    Interest Rate Cut by 1%

    At long last, let's hope the banks pass on the full benefit although I doubt it. Westpac have agreed to 80bp.:jiggy:
  18. Guest

    Interest in our house

    Woot.. 2 days ago I removed the 'For Sale' sign and yesterday the old real estate agent called that he had a buyer. Had the viewing today and told my real estate agent that if I didn't have a signed contract by next week I'd put renters in there. The people seemed serious about buying the house ( and I'm serious about putting renters in ). Monday we'll hear something from em. Wouldn't be surprised if the answer is "wow, great home but the banks won't lend us the money". Bleh...
  19. SBREW

    Banks -Highest Interest

    I wonder if anyone can give any advice on the best bank account for Melbourne area, where it is easy to access and also easy to apply and highest interest rate for investing the money from the home sale. Any Advice would be really helpful Thanks
  20. I am confused :wacko: which form I need to fill in to get my UK interest without tax taken off is it a R85 or R105. We have moved over to Aus on a permenant residence visa in Feb 2008, hoping to get our interest paid without tax and leave it in the UK - do I need to declare this on a tax return in Aus?
  21. With the exchange rate so low, we're thinking about leaving some sterling in a UK deposit fund to earn some interest while we wait for the exchange rate to improve (maybe that's wishful thinking). Does anyone know whether we would be liable to UK tax on the interest earned once we've become non-residents of the UK? I know that Australia taxes its residents on all earnings world-wide but we would place the cash in my spouse's name who will have 0% marginal tax rate in Australia. I guess if we had to pay UK basic rate tax, we could get a credit via the double taxation agreement, but it's a bit messy. Anyone come across this specific situation?
  22. Is it me but theses compaines are getting so Noses asking why my O/H didnt move to UK and why i came here. It nice to hear Congrualtions and welcome to the country but it like they want to know your life history it like meeting the in laws but worse.(im a private person who like to keep stuff to my self but it like they want to find a skelton in your cupboard) It seems they are more interested in your personal life and not hiring you. Dam it like 20 questions :mask::realmad:
  23. Guest

    interest rates UP AGAIN

    Just been on the news here that interest rates are set to go up by a further 1/4% when the banks meet tomorrow that will take % rate up to 7.25 %,or more depending if you get a fixed rate or variable rate with more rises expected next month as well so for a 300,000 mortgage you will pay another 52 per month taking payments to approx 2250 per month when we arrived in august the same mortgage would have cost 1770 monthly
  24. Guest

    High Interest Rates And Debts

    Just thought I would share a few things I picked up from my brief trip to Oz recently. I’d like to add a bit of a comment to assure everyone I’m totally PRO Australia and not looking to be negative or against anything there at all. Determined to move there, settle and make a success of it. I love the Country and approach our migration with open eyes and an open mind and heart to everything. BUT ?? :wub: When we were there 2 weeks ago, I lost count of the amount of TV programmes on the various Channels, 7, 9, 10 etc., concentrating on the anticipated housing market crash expected this year. They, (NOT ME) are forecasting over 300,000 house repossessions alone this year. They say this is due to the increasing interest rates there. When we were there they increased interest rates to 7%, with more to follow so they say, projecting bigger credit card debt, car loan headaches and as above, house repossessions. Now I know for sure there are hundreds of you guys on here who will laugh and say to me "Chill out Em" "Get a life Em" yea I know that. I’m thinking of the young families with children who make the massive move and come up against these problems. Or families who have worked hard, built some equity and invest in their future there. :cry: I was startled by the TV coverage of this frightening problem. OK their TV lacks a lot of variety and they are looking to fill in slots. But they even have adverts on TV warning about this and giving guidance. One clip showed a man with a fast food sort of cafe, who was broke and couldn’t pay his mortgage or business loan, actually in tears. It really was intense coverage, on news, TV chat shows and other documentaries. Furthermore, the nightly news there showed the house price boom. Apparently last year they claim house prices in Perth rose by just 1%. In Brisbane 21% and in Adelaide 20%, so that was interesting to know. Maybe the Perth market has already burst. I’m one of the lucky ones who won’t have a mortgage or any business or car loans, so I’m not writing this for myself, I’m genuinely concerned for others who may not be aware of this or do not want to know about it. After all the aim of this site is to try and help each other. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad tidings, and am a positive person at heart, but sometimes I feel we should all know more about the problems that can be encountered. Everyone needs a home, a roof over their head, and it is probably the most precious item and biggest item we ever buy in our life’s. Anyone have any thoughts on this? :err: EMMY
  25. Hi Everyone Are the interest rates expected to rise much over the next year?? Also does anyone know if property prices will continue to rise in Perth or are they settling out?? Thanks Arlene