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Found 588 results

  1. Troy&Kim

    Motorcycle insurance in Aus

    Hi PIO, Could anyone tell me about bike insurance in aus. I've tried to do it online in the UK and it won't let me do a quote. Is it expensive. I have a VFR V-tec honda 800. Any info welcome Cheers, Troy
  2. Hi Did anyone have a high value on their container of goods? My husband is a musician and has a lot of expensive equipment we need to send. I've just tallied up the replacement costs and it seems the high value items total almost 50% of the insured amount. We are not going to use the insurance from John Masn and are in the process fo speaking to Letton Percival and insure your move but wanted to know if anyone else had a similar situation and what they did? I think they said insurers want to see that the high value goods are no more than 20% of the total value so it looks like we are a little teeny way off! Help!!!!
  3. lynn22

    pet insurance

    suddenly thought in bed last night about pet insurance in oz. Currently here in UK my cat & dog are ins with pet plan insurance which covers everything minus the excess (and routine maintenence stuff like vaccs, dentals i guess etc) Is there decent pet ins over there ? I think I pay around 25 quid a month for my greyhound & 14 ish quid a month for my pedigree cat here in UK. How do folks find vet care compared to uk ? (esp interesting for me as I'm a qualified vet nurse who has stayed at home with the kids for past 10 years but "might" have considered getting back into it)
  4. chris2011

    Emigration Insurance

    Hi, We're due to fly out next week (one way ticket) on a 176 visa. I'd like to arrange travel insurance. However, as i understand most 'norma'l travel insurance would not be valid for one way travel and we'd have to return to the Uk to make a claim! Anyone know/recommend a company who specialise in this type of insurance? Thanks for reading!
  5. can anyone help? :confused: which company and which insurance should i get for my 457 visa? i need one for a family of 5 also when should the insurance start when i buy it or when i would like the visa to start?
  6. Abzlovell

    457 visa and health insurance

    Me and my family are immigrating to Australia in the coming months and are currently going through the visa process (457 employee sponsored visa). Our case officer has asked us to provide evidence of insurance cover in the interim period before we register for medicare through the reciprocal agreement. firstly we wondered what sort of insurance cover we needed (would travel insurance besufficient or do we have to have australian prive health care plan?). Also we wondered how long the process took to enroll with medicare, so that we can arrange the appropriate period of interim insurance? Can the registration for medicare be arranged once our visa is approved, before we arrive in Australia, or do we need to be in the country? Any help/advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!:confused:
  7. Guest

    Health insurance

    There are a lot of queries on POI regarding the need for health insurance when applying for a visa and also how the reciprocal Medicare agreement fits in. I too am a bit confused. Can all those already in Australia let us waiting to get there know how it works. Under the Medicare scheme you are entitled to limited subsidised health services for medically necessary treatment while in Australia you are entitled to the following for any ill-health or injury requiring treatment while in Australia: free treatment as a public in-patient or outpatient in a public hospital subsidised medicines under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Medicare benefits for out-of-hospital medical treatment provided by doctors through private surgeries and community health centres. Medicare will not cover: medicines not subsidised under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme dental work and allied health services treatment arranged before your visit to Australia accommodation and medical treatment in a private hospital accommodation and medical treatment as a private patient in a public hospital. Ancillary services not covered Medicare does not cover such things as: private patient hospital costs (for example, theatre fees or accommodation) dental examinations and treatment (except specified items introduced for allied health services as part of the Chronic Disease Management (CDM) program ambulance services home nursing physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, eye therapy, chiropractic services, podiatry or psychology (except specified items introduced for allied health services as part of the Chronic Disease Management (CDM) program acupuncture (unless part of a doctor's consultation) glasses and contact lenses hearing aids and other appliances the cost of prostheses medical costs for which someone else is responsible (for example a compensation insurer, an employer, a government or government authority) medical services which are not clinically necessary surgery solely for cosmetic reasons examinations for life insurance, superannuation or membership of a friendly society eye therapy Clarity would be great! :confused:
  8. runslikeafish

    Home and car insurance

    Hi all, I am trying to do a fake monthly budget and have been able to estimate most costs but am struggling with house and car insurance. It is proving difficult for me to get an online quote for just a random ficticious house/car. Are these costs broadly similar to the UK? We're planning on living somewhere around Hobart and will buy a cheap and cheerful car to start off with. I appreciate that this will vary wildly but for full (UK) no claims bonus and a cheap (say $2000) smallish car and a $450,000 modern house in Kingston say just as an example how much can I roughly expect to pay a month/year? Is it $50 a year or $500 or $5000? Much appreciated!!
  9. Guest

    Travel Insurance question

    Hi to support the 457 visa application we are being advised to obtain travel insurance before the trip prior to being able to apply for medicare, really confused having read all about the reciprocal agreement and would appreciate some thoughts on insurance providers and recommended duration? many thanks Deb
  10. Does anyone know at what point the shipping insurance begins? Is it when the packers are packing up your house or, is it when the container is on the boat? If it is on the boat does your normal house insurance cover the bit in between? We are going with Letton Percival for our insurance. Thanks Claire
  11. Hi Guys , We are a family of 4 ( 2 adults 2 children ) and have been checking out the private health insurance online for australia . Anyone suggest any that they are with ? Basically we want as much cover as we can possibly get Thanks Brides x
  12. Guest

    Car insurance

    So, what's the score out in Aus with regard to car insurance. Is it generally more expensive than UK, less expensive, 'bout the same ? What about No Claims? Do they use a similar system to the UK. If so, can you carry NCB from a UK insurer to an Aussie one ? All help gratefully received.
  13. G’Day All! Hope you are enjoying the lovely weather, fingers crossed I will be there to enjoy it with you soon!! I am currently about to launch my 457 Visa Application Online. On the very last page of the application they request that you attach a letter from your health insurer to confirm appropriate health insurance has been taken out. This is my conundrum... I am a UK British Citizen, was born in London etc. Now, I was under the impression that UK and Oz had a reciprocal health care arrangement which meant that the requirement for health insurance was void for British Citizens? Is this the case? If so then what do I tick when it asks... "I understand that I must attach a letter from my insurer confirming that I and any other applicants included in the application have made adequate arrangements for health insurance during the period of my/our intended stay in Australia. For more information and a copy of the certification letter click here" Do I click the "I agree?" option or the "I do not agree" option? It's a little question but I want the visa to go through as quickly as possible without any hickups! Thanks for your time guy's! Fingers crossed :biggrin: Gaz
  14. Hi guys, Can anyone help... I currently live in Australia on a 457 visa. I just booked flights back to the UK/Europe for a holiday on my credit card, which also has complimentary travel insurance. However, I've just checked and as I am not a permanent resident in Australia I am apparantly not eligible for travel insurance and it looks like all the other banks/providers are saying the same thing - so am not covered for my trip. I can't get travel insurance in the UK, as I am no longer resident there and I can't seem to get it in Australia, so I find myself in a black hole where I cannot got travel insurance anywhere in the world! Anyone had a similar experience / knows how a Brit can get travel insurance in Australia on a temporary 457 visa? Cheers!!
  15. Hi All, Just thought I would ask to see if any of you know how insurance works in Oz for younger drivers. My 17 yr old just had a quote for £4500 on a car costing £500, is it the same in Oz or do they have a better system than basically you are a male your going to crash (seems this way), girls insurance seems to be lot cheaper. Any help may sway my son to join us. Thank for reading this, hope it is in the correct place. S
  16. Hi, my mum and dad aren't in the best of shape (structurally!) and getting holiday insurance has been an issue in the past. Would they be able to visit Oz without travel insurance, and us all just have to foot the bill if, god forbid, they ran into any problems? Cheers

    Car Insurance

    Hope someone can help, or point me in the right direction!!! How doe car insurance work? I Have contacted my insurance company & I am not covered from the moment I leave the UK. I am renting a car the moment we touch down, how do I get insurance for the rental car, will this be covered by the rental company??? Or do I need to arrange cover with an Australian company before we leave? Thanks for any help/experience
  18. Dear all, I have been recently offered a job in Australia and we are thinking of moving down under. My wife is expecting so she will not travel with me immediately. Now as per 457 visa requirements, I need to have private health insurance cover. When I was researching for insurance companies, I found that almost none of the policies mentioned about baby care and costs involved in vaccinations , routine check ups for baby etc. I do not know whether any of the policies would cover that. As of now, I will be moving alone and my wife will join me later. But I would like to go for health fund that can easily add dependants when my wife and baby arrives. It would be a great help if I get some info about policies suited for child care. Regards, SumVar
  19. Guest

    Separate insurance

    So have finally sold the house and moving back to the UK after nearly 6 years :jiggy: Had one quote for a 20ft container but the insurance quote is through the roof. Has anyone used a separate company for insurance and if so would you mind giving me the details. I am organising other shipping companies to come and give me quotes but am pretty sure theirs will be just as high. Thanks Loz
  20. Troy&Kim

    UK National insurance

    HI PIO, Don't know if anyone can help me with this. were moving to Aus in October this year on a permenant visa and have no intention of coming back. The thing is you can never say never and has were moving out on a tight budget, I just want to know about your national insurance etc. Can you carry on paying it while your in Aus just in case you do come back home. Don't know what happens if you leave for 2/3 years and don't pay it, and then come home to the UK and you not entitled to anything. Will will be still entitled to the same things as if we had never left. Hope this makes sense. Have a good weekend, Kim
  21. Hi Everyone, Does anyone know of Insurance Companies in Irealnd that do Migration Travel Insurance? Found a few companies on line but you have to be a UK resident to get it. Any suggestions?
  22. Guest

    motorhome insurance

    Sorry too old to emigrate but need inf re motorhome insurance for next trip. Hire firms are very expensive so considering buying and getting own insurance. Any information or insurance companies dealing with brits would be appreciated. Tried googling this end but not very good at it!!
  23. Guest

    health insurance

    Hi, i'm jsut getting my docs together for a 457 visa - and they're telling me I need ot have health insurance already paid up for the time I'm in Oz. I worked in sydney in 1999 to 2001 and dont remember this - I seem to remember there is a recipricol agreement between NHS and medicare. did anyone else do this? and if it does have to be done - any tips? best way to do this? thanks in advance.
  24. Hi, My partner and I are heading over to Australia in a couple of months time for a year, to work and travel. Can anybody recommend a good travel insurance company to get the policy through? We are looking at the annual backpacker packages. Looking online they all look/cost pretty much the same so i was just wondering if anybody can recommend one? Thank you
  25. Guest

    medical insurance

    Hi, I need medical insurance for my 457 visa, can anyone suggest a good insurer?