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Found 588 results

  1. I think that the Pet shippers insurance will cover my dogs for any problems during in transit, but is there any sort of pet insurance for when they are in quarantine and generally in Oz, like the Uk thanks Cal
  2. mwgster

    Holiday Insurance

    Hi Could anybody recommend a decent holiday insurer / package for a family of 4. Some I have seen do not cover things like laptops & other electrical goods. Thanks Martin
  3. woody465

    Landlords insurance - UK

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a company to use for landlord insurance for UK property rental please? All the ones I have looked at say you must be a 'permanent UK resident' in the terms and conditions. Thanks
  4. Sherbetdip23

    Which Travel Insurance?

    Hi What type of insurance do we need to get when booking a one way ticket to Australia? I'm guessing it's different to when booking a holiday as if you needed to make a claim you would be doing so from Oz. :biggrin: Thanks Carla
  5. :GEEK: Hey All, we are finally off to the Sunny Coast QLD on Monday and are just tying up loose ends, one of which is to arrange TRAVEL INSURANCE that will cover us for the journey and for a month in OZ while we sort out a permanent address and get Aussie health cover. We have looked at " duinsure.com " who have an EMIGRATION POLICY which will cost us £56.00 each ( this seems very reasonable covering 5 days travel and 1 month in OZ ). Has anyone used this company or recommend similar cover ? Excited & Apprehensive. Russ
  6. Hi , Wondering if anyone has got Quotes From Insurance Company's in Ireland or Know Who Quotes? Shipper's Looking for 3% Thank you In Advance:err:Perth 6th Jan:biggrin:
  7. Just been looking at car insurance, prices seem good, but motorcycle insurance seems ridiculous. I pay about £200 in the uk for two bikes. Over here for one bike it's $1200. How has everyone else found it ?
  8. richselina

    One Way Insurance - Personal Items

    Hi, I'm trying to find an insurance company that would cover our high value personal items that we will be carrying with us when we move from the UK to Australia. I've talked to the leading insurance companies, but coming up blank. I'd appreciate any guidance on what companies offer this. Thanks, Richard
  9. Guest

    Health insurance on 457 visa

    Hi - we have our 457 visas and we had to obtain medical insurance for the visa. Do we need to keep this when we arrive in Melbourne? I'm sure that I have read that once you have registered with Medicare that it is no longer required. I don't want to cancel it if it will cause problems with visa. Thanks
  10. Guest

    Life Insurance help!!!

    Hi mates Today I was told that I will to have secured private medical insurance for my family (partner and 7 years old child )to formally lodge the Visa (which is likely to be within the next week). I will be in Oz with a 457 VISA, and people has recommended me these funds to start looking at a) Bupa b) Medibank Private c) NIB d) HCF e) Australian Unity. Could you please help me on these questions? What is normally the plan (coverages etc..) people with a similar situation use to include in the insurance? what is aprox the annual cost? I guess you have to pay in advance... Can i do the plan online quickly? Many thanks for your help!
  11. Guest

    best insurance

    need to get my insurance for my whv, anyone reccomend the best?
  12. The Pom Queen

    Do you take out travel insurance?

    When you travel abroad do you take out travel insurance? I know the stats say that 20% of holiday makers travel without insurance but is it really that important?
  13. Hi Any info on Insurance Companies we could use instead of locking ourselves into the company moving our stuff to WA. Or have you found the deals given by the removal companies OK. Thanks
  14. Move of Bucks center Andrew Bogut to Australian league in insurance limbo http://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/wizards/move-of-bucks-center-andrew-bogut-to-australian-league-in-insurance-limbo/2011/10/04/gIQAs7EzJL_story.html

    Life insurance on temp/prov visa

    can anyone point me in the right direction, I would like to arrange life ins for myself & OH, however we are on a 475 visa (provisional regional) are there any companies out there that anyone can recommend???? Thanks
  16. Guest

    Travel Insurance for Older folk

    Don't know if anyone can help but my parents would like to come to Oz to visit us ... They are both in their 70s and my Dad has had serious heart issues in the past - consequently they are struggling to find travel / health insurance either at all or for an affordable price .... Is anyone able to recommend any companies or any alternative - eg could we cover them on our health insurance policy - we are PR but they are visitors. Any advice welcome! Thank you!
  17. Guest

    Health Insurance

    I know this question isn't specific to canberra but we are living in the ACT and so posted the thread here - not sure where it should go ... I was wondering if anyone can recommend a company to buy private health insurance from? and if so - why that company? Thank you for any tips in advance!!
  18. fairystar32

    Travel insurance UK visit

    Hi all Does anyone know if I need to get travel insurance for my family for a UK visit? I am hoping I will not need it as we are staying with family and scraped funds for the visit as it is, with a sick mother. Not worried about lost clothes as taking Winter ones and are still British citizens. Does anyone know if this is correct? thanks
  19. Guest

    Travel insurance

    Hi guys We leave today and are going to hong kong for 3 nights before landing in Perth. What sort of travel insurance do I need? Can only see single trip, but we are going to 2 destinations. I want the cover to cover us in oz for a couple of weeks until we get sorted.... Thanks!
  20. hi there, i am hoping there is someone out there who can give us a name of an insurer who is willing to insure 2 imported UK cars. I am stumbling across insurers who do not insure imports :mad: help plsssssssssssssssssssss
  21. Just wondering if there are any UK insurance companies that would accept my Australian no claims bonus. I had read a thread on here sometime ago with a few companies listed on it but I cannot find it now. Thanks guys.
  22. Hi all...My partner is British and we are in the UK frequently and are finding hiring cars to be expensive. Does anyone have any suggestions on insurance companies who would allow me (an Australian) to insure/drive a car that we would buy to keep in the UK at my partners fathers house. My partner would be the main driver and I would be a named driver. Any advise would be greatly apreciated, thanks heaps :biggrin:
  23. Guest

    Car Insurance

    Hi, We are now in Perth two weeks and trying to organise ourselves. We bought a car yesterday, and are wondering can anyone suggest the best place to get car insurance? Do they take into account the years you have your licence in the UK or is it like starting over again with your new ozzie one? Also looking at living in the Kinross area. Has anyone got any advise? Thanks
  24. Hi all, hope someone can help, we have just been granted our 457 visas with health insurance in-place of course. I have previously read from other people that they have cancelled their health insurance on arrival in Oz as the reciprocal agreement with the UK is pretty good and all emergency health care is covered with their medi care system etc..Query is if in 12 months time we are wanting to sit TRA and go for PR employer sponsored visa, is their any requirement to show proof of ongoing health insurance cover during life of the 457 for this PR employer sponsored visa? Would we be disadvantaged in applying for the PR Employer sponsored visa if could not show ongoing health insurance, as it is apparently condition 8501 stated on visa that we have the Insurance? Any advice appreciated folks, and thanks in advance....
  25. newjez

    Life Insurance in Oz

    Do super funds or companies offer life insurance in Oz without doing a medical or checking for pre existing conditions? My company in the UK did this, which I was greatful for because I have a pre existing condition which would have otherwise prevented me from getting cover. If they don't - can you get life insurance in Oz with exclusions?