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Found 588 results

  1. Hi all, We're heading back to the UK for Xmas, and have been keeping our little Corolla at a friend's place rather than sell it and rent when we return. However - it's not that easy. Most insurance companies and comparison sites expect Permanent UK Residence, and we now have Au PR. There are some temp insurance sites, but again these are more geared around residents temporarily using another car, rather than returning residents using their own car from storage. Since ours is SORN, they don't accept SORN cars for insurance. And we can't tax it, since.. We can't show existing insurance :-). And we don't yet have an MOT, and we can't drive it to the MOT centre when we get back as we don't have insurance! It's a minefield. I'll share whatever solution we find. Anyone else tried this?? Thanks! Damian
  2. Hi PIO, Cound anyone give me some good insurance companies for a car, also a motorbike. also, can anyone tell me what you have to do before your motorbike arrives. registration etc, i'm a bit unsure of what to do. I've got the import sorted, but where to go from here i'm not sure. I need 3rd party insurance to get back to our house, but I went to the RACQ the other day and they were not very helpful. any information would be appriciated. cheers, Troy
  3. Our dog leaves the UK next Tuesday and we are trying to arrange insurance. Anyone any suggestions? We have looked at Petmigration.co.uk but are ideally looking for cover that includes the costs we have just paid to get her over here. I know if something happened to her the money wouldn't even come close to compensating but 4k is a lot of money!
  4. Can anyone please recommend the best place to buy car insurance online? :wideeyed:
  5. Emma2

    Travel Insurance for UK Trip

    I was just wondering what type of travel insurance people use when they return for a visit to the UK? I was looking up some prices and it seems really expensive for comprehensive insurance especially as we don't need medical cover for the uk as we are still uk citizens. I just really want to cover our possessions for when we're travelling. Any Ideas? Emma :unsure:
  6. Hi everyone, I need proof of medical insurance before my 457 visa app is processed. My immigration agent says that we should get holiday insurance for 2 months but how do i do this? cant get holiday insurance unless i'm coming back to the uk!!!! My head is somewhere else at the moment and cant think about it!!! help!!! Thanks Jo
  7. Guest

    Car insurance

    Hi, we are currently in the UK, my 18 year old son has just passed his driving test. To insure a car/van in the UK for a young person is in the region of £5,000 for the year, more if you want to insure fully comprehensive. Could anyone give me an idea of how much insurance for him would be in Oz. I think this would be an interesting topic and not sure if its been covered before. Thanks everyone. :-) Lee
  8. Guest

    Insurance for 9 year old Dog

    Can anyone advise on insurance companies that will insure a dog that is over 9. We have found a few companies who will insure him for accidents but not for illness because of his age. Any suggestions please.
  9. Guest

    Do we need health insurance?

    I'm hoping someone can shed some light on whether we need health insurance in Oz. We have come across on a 457 visa and arrived 6 weeks ago. We have paid for health insurance for a family of 4 for 2 months now (over $400 each time) and I get conflicting information. As we are from the UK I believe that we are eligible under the "reciprocal arrangement" between the UK and Oz (so if an Australian fell ill in the UK they would receive treatment under the NHS). A guy at work is on a 457 visa, his wife is pregnant and they only have ambulance cover. My wife, me and our daughter all wear glasses (not sure if optical care would be included in any reciprocal arrangement) but I am concerned that I may be paying out a substantial sum when it may not be necessary. I understand that ambulance cover is necessary (particularly as our kids are 8 and 11) but would this reciprocal arrangement provide us with enough cover should we need to visit a Dr or, worse still, go to hospital?
  10. Hi We have just booked our one way flights with Singapore airlines for a family of 5. Can anyone advise me on travel insurance. I have not been on holiday for such a long time. As we live in France our holidays are always back to the UK and we never take out insurance. We will be flying out from the UK but I have not got a clue who to ask and if a special insurance is needed due to the extra luggage taken, and it being one way etc! Any suggestions would be great, Thanks Tasha:wubclub:
  11. Hi guys, Sorry if this has already been talked about lots of times but I got contacted by the company that is sponsoring my Visa asking for my health insurance certificate etc! I havent got any yet and wondered is it a quick process? Where is best to get it? Anything else I need to know?! thanks! :arghh:
  12. hello, Where do Irish citizens working on 457 visa buy health insurance? Or do they not need one as they are already eligible for Medicare?
  13. vdM family

    Medical Insurance

    Hello all, looking for some help please.... We are in the process of 457 visa application and have been advised we need to provide adequate Medical cover, and as my better half is on a South African passport he won't be eligible for Medicare. Can anyone recommend a company where you can pay a month now to get a Certificate and then when we arrive in Oz continue with payments? we've looked at Bupa, Iman etc but just wanting some recommendations and how do you go about the payments IE paying one now and the rest in the New year when in Oz? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks
  14. pinup

    Health Insurance - PMV Visa

    Hope someone might be able to answer my question. I have just come to the end of my private health insurance policy in Ireland and now looking at options for travel insurance to cover my 9month prospective marriage visa but I think I will be covered by Medicare on the visa. Under the prospective marriage details on the immi website it states: "you may use Australia's medical expenses and hospital care assistance scheme, Medicare, but only if you are in Australia and have already applied for a Partner visa" I'm not entirely sure what that means...but in any case presumably I can get private insurance in Oz once I get there or do I need to be an Australia citizen or permanent resident for that any help would be great, cheers!
  15. Can anyone give advice on which is best to meet the requirments of the 457 visa? Also can anyone recommend any companies please
  16. Hi there - has anyone used Karman Shipping to ship their car to Oz (including taking out marine insurance)? If so, did it all go smoothly or were there any problems? Cheers JES9
  17. pinup

    Health Insurance - PMV Visa

    Hope someone might be able to answer my question. I have just come to the end of my private health insurance policy in Ireland and now looking at options for travel insurance to cover my 9month prospective marriage visa. However, to get the right cover I need to renew my original policy and then pay an additional 50e for a multi-trip policy which doesn't really cover this kind of visa given that it is not a holiday. The other option is an additional 900e which is out of the question. So ultimately what I want to know is whether I should just wait to get there and go on my partners policy or take out my own, or can I even do that as a non-resident? Under the prospective marriage details on the immi website it states: "you may use Australia's medical expenses and hospital care assistance scheme, Medicare, but only if you are in Australia and have already applied for a Partner visa" I'm not entirely sure what that means...any help would be great, cheers!
  18. Guest

    Storage & insurance

    Hi. We are moving from London to Sydney with a houseful (20ft container) to do a split delivery from the shipping company as we're crash landing in our flat so we need to store half of our stuff. Are the shipping company's storage rates the best? The one-off handling fees per cubic foot are huge, and then there's the monthly cost plus insurance. Any insight greatly recieved!
  19. sioban

    UK Insurance Help

    We haven't booked flights yet but are planning a move to Brisbane in the first few months of next year. We have 2 car insurance policies and house contents and buildings policies all due for renewal in the next couple of months and am wondering whether there is any way to avoid 4 lots of charges for cancelling policies - anyone been in a similar situation?
  20. karabumble

    Health Insurance for our visa

    Hi there, I'm pretty new to this, so if I get it wrong please bear with me :biggrin: We are in the process of applying for our 457 visa, using a migration agent employed by the company who are sponsoring my hubby. In our pack of info which has been emailed is information to say that we need proof of health insurance as part of our visa. Through this recruitment process we have been in touch with someone else who is also applying for his visa and he tells us that he has purchased a travel insurance policy to cover him for the short term period when he first arrives in Australia and that he will shop around for insurance when he is a bit more settled. Can anyone tell me if this is possible - as the travel insurance policies that we have looked at only cover you for between 31 and 60 days (I would want to sort something more permanent than this to be honest). I have seen people say about insurance through HBA which they have sorted from home (UK). Can anyone advise me as to what would be the best course of action. We want to try and get the paperwork right to ensure the process is as painless as possible. Cheers, Kara.
  21. We're getting Pickfords to move us (NEXT WEEK!!!!!) and the last thing to sort with them is the insurance. I don't know what to take out. Itemised, or total value! It seems so complicated and I have no idea what either are likely to cost - Pickfords can't say until they see what we want to insure. So, what did you take out? Anything?:wacko:
  22. Troy&Kim

    cheap Car insurance

    Hi PIO, Could anyone give me so good car insurance companies to use, or a good insurance search. cheers, Troy
  23. Hi all, I have been granted my WHV and will be heading over to OZ in the new year to be based in Melbourne and cant wait. My Dilema is that I will be buying a car or possibly using a family members and curious about the impact a drink driving conviction will on car insurance? The offence was just under 5 years ago and I have been told that I dont need to declare the offence as it happened in the UK but I would love to know if this is true as I want everything to be legitimate so not to cause further complications. Any advice you can give would be appreciated
  24. Hi guys, Our movers came yesterday and packed up our house - have to say they were fantastic. Very professional, organised and nice. Only problem for some reason I had misread the insurance quote and only realised yesterday morning that it was 3.5% Nearly lost my life as we had budgeted about €500 to €700 and it was going to be a multiple of that. So at about 7am yesterday i got on the net - found insureyourmove in the UK that does it for about 1.6% which would have been brilliant but couldn't figure out if they covered Ireland and their number was a freephone one so couldn't call it from Ireland. So I got googling - found that Allianz did it but will only quote through a broker. Googled again and found a broker called Affinity Insurance. Rang them and spoke to Alexandra who got me a quote for €800 in less than an hour - this was 2.1% which was a big improvement on the movers quote. Alexandra felt she could do better for us but given that I had left things to the very last minute we took that quote (Insurer was Allianz). So I just thought I would let other Irish people know that there are other options to your movers insurance provider (ours would have dropped their quote to 2.5% but still not as good as Affinity). If anyone is interested I can give contact details but you can google them and get their website fairly easily. Good luck everyone! Kate
  25. We leave the UK on Boxing Day and busy trying to make sure we are all sorted. What do we need to do about insurance for the first couple of weeks. I guess we can't take out holiday insurance like we would if we were just going on a holiday. We are coming over on a business owner visa and so not sure that we are entitled to medicare. Any advice you could give us would be great! Thanks, Natasha