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Found 589 results

  1. Guest

    Health Insurance

    Hi All, We are presently going through the temporary visa process (457) and I have been trying to do some research on Private Health Insurance in Oz as we are not entitled to Medicare. It all seems a bit of a mine field :? I would be grateful for some advice from people who have health insurance in Oz regarding good companies, how the system works etc. Do you get charged an excess everytime you go to the doctors? Any advice would be welcomed The Haydocks
  2. Hey, I was wondering what travel insurance is the best when going for a year to Oz? Do i need to take out an anual policy or just insurance for the time i am travelling? Are british citizens covered for health care or will i need this also? Any advice would be great!! Lynzi
  3. Guest

    Travel Insurance

    Having an infuriating day I can't find ANYONE who will do one way travel insurance. All I want to do is insure my luggage. Everyone I've spoken to will on insure me if I'm returning Any ideas anyone? I'm leaving Wednesday!
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  5. I have just shipped my goods off to Australia and a few months ago found an item on poms in oz about which company to use to insure our stuff - however it appears to have dropped off now and I was wondering if anyone could help with the names or websites of insurers. The name Lenton seems to ring a bell but I cannot find anything. Can anyone help? :? :?
  6. My chum Lisa wants her parents to visit her in Adelaide for six months from the end of November. Her fther is 89 and her mother is 71, so her mother will need to get her own GP to complete the Medical Certificate to go with the application. The DiMA website says as follows: "If you are 70 years or over, you must have health insurance to cover your stay in Australia in order to satisfy the requirement for 'adequate funds'. You will need to provide evidence of health insurance with your application." My understanding of this paragraph is that the RHCA between the UK and Australia automatically counts as the health insurance required, and that a copy of Lisa's Mum's NHS card ought to clinch it. However, Lisa asked DIMA in London about this specifically. In their reply, they agreed that private insurance on top is not a legislative requirement, but say that they advise people to get it anyway. So far so good. Lisa's Mum is only going to Ox for 6 months and so far, Lisa has not been able to find a health-policy in Australia which is willing to pay any claims within a year of the cover first being purchased. I've looked into the policies offered by Daga Holdiays and Help The Aged, both of which would pay out immediately, but not for anything which is not already covered by the RHCA. They are very expensive for what they are, too. I can see no sense in buying NHS cover (in effect) twice over. Nor can I see any sense in a polcy which would not pay out during the lady's visit to Oz. DIMA say that they can organise a free quote for the cover which they say they advise, so that might be worth a go, but it could be a rio-off price, I suspect, all for something which might never happen. and which is covered by the RHCA if it does. Lisa ad I are getting a mite stuck on the logic here. Has anyone any suggestions, please? Thanks Gill
  7. Guest

    Insurance Prices... Killer?

    What are your guy's opinions on insurance prices these days? Why do you guys think the insurance prices are sky rocketed for even younger people that drive newer cars?
  8. Guest

    travel insurance

    g'day all, im flying a week on sunday (oh my god thats not far away :shock: ) im trying to arrange some travel insurance to cover me for my personal belonging etc for the first week or so im there until I can get myself sorted out most travel insurance wont cover me unless i come back to the UK to claim any recommendations out there ? cheers gaz
  9. Bladder

    Car insurance

    Hi all, We are just waiting for our case officer to get round to our application, but we hope to move to Brisbane/Sunshine Coast later this year. I was told by someone that if you take copies of your no claims discount on your car insurance over with you, you can continue with a discounted insurance. Is that so? Rik
  10. Hello I wonder if any of you have come across this My Dad wants to visit my sister in Melbourne for more than 3 months, in fact he would like to be in Australia from Nov 06- Sept 07 be in UK for 6-8wks and then go back again. first problem which visa to go out on? second problem is travel/medical insurance, where to get travel insurance for trips of longer than 45 days to cover medical expences etc or can he buy medical insurace in Australia once there? he will be 70 in Oct before he flys (a very fit 70yr old!) thanks for any help Kazz
  11. Hi there. Has anyone experience of medical healthcare for 410 visa holders who are not eligable for Medicare. All policies seem to exclude pre-conditions. Do preconditions become covered after a period of time or are they permanent ? Are 410 holders not entitled to the reciprocal medical treatment which British tourists enjoy ? I am concerned that even though we have a comprehensive medical insurance policy in Australia, becuase of the exclusion of Pre-conditions, we risk facing considerable costs which are not covered, sooner or later. Any advise would be most welcome. Many thanks. T.D. Sheffield UK.
  12. Hi, Is anyone aware of whether or not the no claims that we have built up in the uk is transferrable to Australia. Its just that I have six years built up and the difference in costs is massive. Also whats the deal oin driving out there on a UK licence, are we only allowed so long before we need an Aus one or can we get away with it? Thanks
  13. Guest

    Shipping Insurance

    We have just had quotes to ship everything across. They have not included Insurance, which is extra. They have quoted us standard insurance, I guess for loss or damage and an additional cost if you want to insure against mildew or internal damage to electrical items. Has anyone got any views on whether you need to take out the additional insurance for your electrical stuff and mildew and has anyone got experience of electrical items being damaged internally and not working or mildew everywhere. We are taking a couple of telly's and CD / DVD player etc. Many thanks Dominic
  14. Guest

    Travel Insurance

    Hi, I'm going out to Australia for a year (initially) plus 1 week in USA before I get there (on Working Holiday Visa). Does anyone know of anywhere I can get insurance to cover this 'extended stay'. American Express do and they gave me a quote but I wanted to shop around. I'm not necessarily looking for the cheapest, but one that is good.