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Found 588 results

  1. Fisher1

    Insuring house for long absences

    Hi all Just a question about long term visits to Australia. Our UK house insurance doesnt permit absences of more than two months. Furthermore you are supposed to arrange for someone to pop in at least once a week and turn off gas and electric before you go (including central heating boiler). So far two months has been (just) long enough, but we are considering taking some longer trips out. We would like to try crossing to China on the trans Siberian express and on to Singapore to fly from there (have always fancied the TSE and it sounds interesting). What do other people do about house insurance while they are away? Can anyone recommend a firm that will cover for longer? We dont give a monkeys about our posessions - the most valuable thing in our house is our passports, but we would be a bit concerned if the house burned down or something and the insurance didnt cover it...
  2. Hi, first time so please go easy I did search the site but couldn't find any articles on this in the last few years, feel free to redirect me if I missed it! We're moving to Sydney on a working holiday visa in a month's time and I've just got engaged (woo!). I'm trying to find a way of insuring the engagement ring (worth c£10k) while we're in Sydney but its proving quite hard. Here are the avenues I've tried so far: Home contents insurance in UK. I'm renting out my London flat so need landlord insurance on that property, and these policies won't cover anything of c£10k value. Travel insurance. Won't cover £10k value Specialist jewellery insurance e.g. TH March. Won't cover unless I'm physically living, working and located in UK. Home contents insurance when in Oz. Not sure of this yet but seems that they will not consider me to be a Oz resident (working holiday visa means we're officially still UK residents) Can anyone suggest an insurers please? So far I've tried Direct Line, Hiscox, TH March, Highworth and a few others. The only one that seems to have a policy I could use is "insurance4everyone"... very reasonably priced but naturally I'm alarmed by a) the name and b) the lack of any online reviews from customers. Help!
  3. Hello, :err:I really hope that I can find some answers here. I have a 457 visa with my husband and 2 step children. Right when we were getting approved I found out I was pregnant.:laugh: I had to wait to come to Australia for my 457 visa job until after I had the baby. Now the baby is nearly 5 months old and I just received word that I would be able to come out for work in the next 4-6 weeks. We are very confused as to what the cost of this application will be with the new visa charges. Will it be the full 900 or 225 for additional applicants under 18? Soo confused! :arghh: Also, we are thinking about coming out to Australia with our 457 visas but bringing the baby on an ETA and then when we arrive and get settled we can do her 457 application then...:skeptical: What do you think that the chances are of being able to do that? Most importantly we know that God will work all of this out for His glory and that we should not worry.:angel_happy_face_ha But we need to know how much it is going to cost for these new charges... One last question is what insurance is a good insurance to go with for the 457 visa requirement? We had insurance previously but as we never made it out to oz yet we cancelled it and now have to reapply for that as well. Looking for lowest priced available but still good insurance. Thanks in advance for any advice anyone has. :wink:
  4. Hi there. We are about to make the big move a week on Sunday! I am currently looking into removal insurance to cover our shipping container whilst in transit and some one way travel insurance for our family of five. We're doing a couple of stopovers, for 3-4 nights each, on the way. I've looked at the older posts but was wondering if anyone has had recent quotes or advice on either of these issues that they are willing to share. I have been quoted £400 by our removal company to cover up to £20'000. Thanks in advance
  5. Hi, I'm really new to this (first post) and wondered if someone can point me in the right direction? My husband and I are planning to move to Brisbane at the end of August and most of our personal effects will go to Australia on a container. I know we can get insurance for this. But, some of our personal effects (including jewellery) will be travelling with us (I thought it would be safer). But how do I get insurance for this? Normal holiday insurance does not seem to cover the value, nor is it a holiday so I assume they would find it a reason not to pay out if anything were to happen. Has anyone had to do this/found any policy that will work for us? Thanks! LD
  6. Hey My fiancé and I are doing a WHV from Nov'13, just trying to find out who is the best for Travel Insurance? Can any let us know who they went with, that not too expensive? Thanks Annabel
  7. I am convinced that this must be a dumb question but I am going to ask it anyway! I am not having a go at either company here but rather trying to understand the process more clearly. Why would anyone opt to use insure-your-move.com (this is not a reflection or indication of my opinion on these companies but rather a cost comparison) at 1.4% of declared value plus IPT, plus £50 admin plus £25 to insure the shipping costs themselves, when, Letton Percival are charging 1.3% of declared value plus IPT, shipping costs covered as part of the price and no admin charge? I know that insure-your-move.com have no excess and LP have £250 excess per claim. Other than that what am I missing? Cheers, Bub
  8. CrozierFamily

    Pet Insurance for dogs in Australia

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of whether pet insurance is as available in Australia as it is here in the UK? We have a minature schnauser and working cocker spaniel that we intend to ship with me when we migrate and would be keen to understand whether we can insure them when we get them over and how much it might cost compared to the Uk? The dogs are 6 and 4 yrs old. Thanks in advance. Andrew
  9. Hey guys, Sorry if this post is in the wrong section but I will keep it short and sweet Just looking for opinions/Advice I am a British National on a 457 work visa. I have numerous things I have been carrying with me for a while with regards to health issues and have not been able to get home to have them sorted out. One particular issue is ongoing with my stomach Infection and so I went to the Docs as I have been carrying this with me for over a year now.. They sent me for Blood, Urine and Stool tests and thank god I asked the price before I went ahead and did them! $760 Just for the tests! My question is, is this a normal price for someone who is supposedly a temporary resident?...and if so, What options do I have with regards to getting Health Insurance that will cover this?...Is there no reciprocal agreement? (Other than The 'Visitor' Medicare card I have that seems useless apart for discounts on consultations!) Can anyone give any advice and what I should do? Cheers!
  10. Guest

    457 visa health insurance???

    Hi guys Has anyone got any website recommendations for family health insurance for our 457 visa? I think we need to have it before we log our visa, but not to sure? Can anyone help? Thanks:cute:
  11. hi all, I have 2 questions that i'm struggling to find answers too... LIFE INSURANCE 1 - I want to take out life insurance for my family and I - I've been living in Oz for the past 7 months and i'm on a 457 sponsored visa. no-one will insure me from the UK that I can find as I dont have a UK address in my name. are there any companies out there who will provide this service? PAYING TAX IN OZ 2 - my company is a UK based company who are sponsoring me. they pay me in £GBP each month and I play the exchange rate game of transferring my money over to Oz. I'm paying Tax in the UK as normal but not paying anything in OZ. should I be paying or is it fine to be paying in the UK? any advice would be greatly appreciated! Andy
  12. clara111

    Medical Insurance

    Hi, Were going for a labour sponsored 457,weve been asked to provide evidence of medical insurance,but its not something weve properly looked into,can someone recommend the best way and who to go with?Thanks
  13. Does anyone know of any insurance companies that will cover emigration including pregnancy? Go walkabout will cover up to 28 weeks or complications after that. Would a baby born pre 37 weeks be a 'complication' as that would be premature (I feel like Worzel Gummidge and todays head is irrational). I'll be travelling at 35 weeks
  14. Hi, can anyone please recommend someone for Public Liability Insurance for tradesman? Need to get something sorted asap Thanks
  15. Hi guys, we have just received an insurance quote for shipping. The quote was good but they state we have to pay an excess of £250 in the event of a claim. Is this normal practice? Has anyone any exp. with these types of insurance please?
  16. Happyviolet

    Pet insurance for quarantine

    Hi, Thanks to everyone who has added info in these threads about pet insurance. It's really helpful to have names of a few companies to look at to cover my 2 lakeland terriers when they get to Oz next month. I've taken out cover with petmigration.co.uk for the journey and on arrival. There are a few mentions of insuring pets while in quarantine kennels but I'm not sure if anyone has actually managed to find cover for this? I'd be really grateful for any information. Fiona
  17. Hi All, After a little help please. Okay so, my wife and her father have a financial business and I am thinking of trying my hand at Insurance Brokering. What I would like to know is what qualifications should I be aiming to complete? I have seen a diploma of financial planning which looks like it would be the right thing but just not sure? Also my wife has her CeMAP which is currently not being used but if she used it for a few years before trying to get over to Oz would that be enough to get us over & also would her skills (and mine if I trained as a Insurance Broker) be sort after? We are looking at Brisbane. Thanks in advance. Dean
  18. apickerell

    Got the best news today!

    YES!!! I got an email from my employer to tell me that my nomination is approved! NOW I can apply for my visa! Wont be long now Oz... Question, does anyone have an insurance provider that they recommend for my required insurance?
  19. PityTheFool

    Insurance Policy No Cllaims Bonus

    I've always been told that theres no such thing as a stupid question, so here it goes..... Can no claims bonus' which have been accumulated on policies in the UK be used in Oz???
  20. stewe12345

    457 Health Insurance

    For purpose of appling for a 457 visa I need to have health insurance until I can registrar with Medicare once I arrive in Australia. How is this possible if I do not know the date I will be flying out and would normal travel insurance be enough???
  21. Hello :smile: Im in the process of applying for my 457 visa and now have to arrange health insurance. Im not planning on going to oz until July. If i arrange health insurance now to submit my visa application does that mean i'll have to pay a monthly fee until I can register with Medicare over there? Also, can anyone recommend any cheap insurance providers? Apologies, this has probably been asked a million times...
  22. Looking into home content insurance and looking for any recommendations of who to use and who to avoid. Thanks
  23. Guest

    Health insurance on a 457 visa

    Im moving to Australia in the next 2 months from Ireland. I have Quinn health (used to be bupa) here. They will only cover me for 6 months while abroad though. I have to have insurance as part of my contract. I know very little about it or what I actually need. Im single so its just for myself I need it. Any advice? which is the best company to go with and what type of cover do I need. Ive heard about this medicare over there. What is that? Thanks Richie
  24. Hey guys, as usual I'm reading totally different things regarding health costs in Brisbane. Family of 4: 2 adults 2 children (3 and 5) moving to Brisane We are UK citizens so qualify for recipricol health agreement. I'm on a 457 visa. We have travel insurance for first 3 months and I will be registering for basic medicare once we arrive. I understand we will also need to take out private health care to cover things medicare dosen't ie ambulance cover, prescriptions, dentist etc. etc. I had budgeted about $200 dollars per month for healthcare plus setting aside $50 odd per month for random doctors visits. I've read somewhere that I would need $450 per month but I've also read that some people haven't bothered getting any healthcare. We're pretty healthy family, eat well do a bit of exercise, non-smokers etc. so not in bad shape. Anyone got any thoughts? Cheers
  25. Hi everyone I am flying to Sydney on December 29th but still haven't got any travel insurance! When I have tried to get some with some of the main insurers in the UK they will only insure me until I come back to the UK - which will probably be next Christmas for a holiday. Its going to cost me around £300 to £400 for a years insurance but I only want to be insured for the couple of days travelling. Has anyone else overcome this and where did you get insurance from? I'd be grateful for any suggestions Thanks Rachel