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Found 588 results

  1. Any advice would be massively appreciated! We are in the process of packing up our house in the UK and getting it shipped to Perth. My husband is a diesel mechanic and has been for 15 years- he has a huge collection of tools and his tool box. He’s spent weeks cleaning them all but we are now not sure what to do with insuring them for the shipment. Should each tool be listed individually and should we cost each one or should just a general total for the whole tool box? He stated listing each tool on a spreadsheet today- 8 hours in and he’s only on box 4 out of 11 so if there is an easier way we would love to hear it!!
  2. I would like to find out about any experiences with claiming back funds on a credit card due to company insolvency. I recently booked a trip to Lady Elliott Island for myself, my wife and my German relatives that were due to visit in May. Before COVID-19 had a chance to bite, we found out (almost by accident) that the tour company I had booked with had gone into insolvency. We have lodged a claim as creditors but are not hopeful that we will receive anything (probably a few months down the line ion any case). When we moved to Aus 12 months ago, we had decided not to get a credit card (still have one in the UK) and booked the tour on our bank debit card. We do have travel insurance but it specifically excludes insolvency. We have been told that if we had used a credit card we would have been able to lodge a dispute, but reading the small print I can find on various credit cards, it looks like this would not be covered in any case. If you have any experience of this or similar I would like to hear from you. Stephen
  3. Hi all The removal people turn up soon. Exciting! We're moving from the UK to Sydney. I have a question for anyone out there that has sent their vinyl records in a shipping container. Do you have any tips or advice? Anything you're glad you did or would change if you had to do it again? Anything learnt about insurance (I haven't finalised that yet)? At the moment I've got all the records (several thousand of them, valued at around £50K) in plastic boxes and am planning on putting some desiccant pouches in each box. Any advice or lessons learnt would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jez
  4. meharvey1

    WHV Insurance Advice

    Hi all, My partner and I are moving to Oz Feb 19th 2018 with our WHVs and are looking for advice on travel and health insurance. We've been looking at the Medicare Reciprocal Health Care Programme and wondered if anyone has had experience using it, and if it is adequate enough as health insurance cover for the year? We've also been looking at combined travel/health care with colombus direct (recommended by the visa bureau), which is priced at £495. If the Medicare cover is enough, do people recommend a basic 'gadget' travel insurance for our cash etc, rather than getting the combined insurance (which has rather large figures!) Thanks Megan
  5. RFHLFC1984

    Medical Treatment

    I have the opportunity to move to Australia with work and was wondering what the situation is with medical treatment. For example if I need to see a GP or am admitted to hospital etc. Obviously in the UK this is free under the NHS but what is the deal in Australia please?
  6. Hello there, I really can't get to grips with the health insurance requirements for 457 visa... So, I am told I need insurance coverage when applying. Well, I live in the UK so I have the NHS. When I land in Australia I can sign up to Medicare which is granted on the spot. So why do I need extra insurance? Do I need travel insurance for my journey from UK to Australia? Do I need MORE than basic medicare access once in Australia - are they saying I need additional private insurance (I was going to get that anyway)? I just don't understand what is required here. I'm covered in both countries but I'm told I need to register for insurance. Very confusing! Anyway, can someone just explain this to me because it's quite frustrating! Is there a bog standard solution to sorting this all out that is tried and tested across the forum. Much obliged! Frukoz
  7. jimbob007

    Importing a Motor Home

    Hi all, I wish to Import our Motor Home Peugeot Boxer, to Adelaide in late July, can you please recommend any good insurance company's Thanks Regards James
  8. daveinoz

    Going Home and National Insurance

    I've just joined the forum, so hi everyone. I'm sure my circumstances aren't unique, although I've never heard the same story. I've been in Australia for 47 years. I was unwillingly "emigrated" by my parents when I was 11. There was no round-table discussion and no choice, and I didn't want to come. I understand why my parents chose to emigrate, but it's only as I've become older that I realise that I was traumatised by this (and probably need therapy ). Despite growing up here, living as an Australian and becoming naturalised, I've never felt a sense of belonging in Australia. I've always been an Englishman living in Australia. I've just come back from another trip home and am in post-holiday blues mode. Without sounding melodramatic, the need to go home is like a physical tugging in my gut. I've maintained my dual-citizenship, but I'm on disability. I know how hard it is to get approved (it took me 3 years here), and know the habitual residency rules. As I've never worked in the UK, I don't have a National Insurance number. Is it worth my while to get one and to start making contributions? Will that make any difference to eligibility for benefits, or am I better off to squirrel cash away than pay into NI? All help appreciated
  9. Hi All, We were planning to sell our car rather than ship but are not getting the price we had hoped so are looking to calculate whether it is worth shipping it instead. I can get prices for the Shipping, Insurance and to convert the odometer and speedometer but need help calculating the other "hidden costs" associated with customs etc. Can those who have shipped their cars back help me with this. Also did you find you had any issues with Insuring in UK. It is a Kia Sorento which is a standard car available over there so parts are readily available so logically shouldn't be an issue but just wanted to check with others experiences are. Would love to hear any info you have about costs or associated problems with shipping cars from Australia to UK. Thanks,
  10. DapperDirewolf

    Working Holiday Car Insurance

    Hi everyone! I have a simple enough question (I hope!) about car insurance for those of us on a Working Holiday Visa who have gone and purchased a vehicle for the purposes of travelling the country ... In all my research so far I've found it very difficult to come across any concise information about car insurance options for backpackers. I'm a 27 year old male from the UK and have just bought myself a van to drive around the country with, and have even found some rather appealing car insurance quotes from companies such as Woolworths. The only problem is, having looked at the terms and conditions and policies etc., that there doesn't appear to be anything specific about the validity of people like myself on temporary visas purchasing or claiming on insurance. What I'm concerned with here, of course, is that I end up in some kind of accident (touch wood!), call to make a claim, and have someone say "Hang on, you're on a working holiday visa and only have a UK driver's licence? Sorry, but that is not at all valid. No claim for you!" I fully intend to call up some of these providers on Monday morning and ask them directly if they offer insurance to WHV drivers, but I just hoped that in asking about this here I might: a) Get some answers or ideas a little quicker b) Help out anybody else in my position who only wants to do things the right way As a final note, the only company I've found so far who offers insurance specifically to backpackers and unfortunately - unless I'm mistaken - they only offer third party insurance which, whilst it is something, still doesn't suit me. I want my own property protected, too, if possible! (Oh, and Travellers Car Insurance appears to be shutting down on March 1st, too!) I appreciate any advice given and I apologise if this topic has been covered already - I wasn't able to find anything regarding my specific issue. Thanks!
  11. Good day peeps. Any advice welcomed, not sure which thread I should post this one on. We bought our new car and collected it yesterday. Paid the 'drive away' price which includes compulsary 3rd party insurance. Before we collected it I purchased the fully comprehesive insurance with Allianz costing over $500. I noticed in the car manual pack, the 3rd party insurance receipt included costing us almost $400. Are we able to cancel the 3rd party policy and get our money back since we already now have a fully comp one? It does not mention anything on that piece of paper any cool off period. Thanks in advance.
  12. JamesReneFoley

    Travel Insurance for our move

    Can anybody recommend a company who does travel insurance for the move out to Oz. So far I'm drawing a blank as we don't have a return ticket. I just want to get some cover for the flights and the 1st month we have in a hotel. many thanks
  13. VVG

    Skill Migration: Insurance

    HI Friends, What are the prospects of migration to Aus/Nz for an Insurance job. Presently 3 years Exp with an International Broker Based in Dubai. Indian Nationality. A Snr Associate CIP qualified. Thank You
  14. aduffie

    Gadget Insurance

    Good Afternoon, I am looking for some gadget insurance to cover my macbook, iPad and iPhone when I am on my WHV in Australia. The majority of companies in the UK will only provide either 45 or 90 days worldwide cover. Has anyone else found the same? Does anyone know of any insurers that will cover for a year. We also already have travel insurance with Alpha. Cheers
  15. Hi, I'm trying to decide whether to use my shipping company for insurance or go with an independent company. I've been quote around £900 to insure a 20ft container with my shippers as they say they base the quote on a standard per square foot price. They've told me the only other option is to come up with a total value of goods and itemise every item you need covering which sounds like a nightmare and they advised against it. I've checked a few companies online and got much cheaper quotes but I can't figure out if with them I'd need to list every single item to be covered or not. Can anyone shed any light on the issue? Are my shippers trying to scare me into paying for their expensive insurance (I assume so, but also don't want to be let down if something breaks and it's not covered)? I'm trying to speak to a couple of the insurance companies today but am waiting for calls back. Thanks.
  16. JamesPickard

    Health Insurance on 457 Visa

    We're in the process of having our 457 Visa submitted (via allocated migration officer in Aus). His advise states that we need evidence of private health insurance to process the visa but we don't actually need it in place (and want to pay for it) until we are due to arrive around August time. We also need an Australian address to purchase the insurance which we don't yet have. When and how are we supposed to put our health insurance in place for August without holding up our visa application? Any advise would be much appreciated.
  17. Hi Poms in Oz! I'm excited to be moving to Melbourne next week on a 12-month working holiday visa... However, I'm a bit confused as to what kind of insurance I'd need when I go out there. I've been told I'd need an annual policy, however have found that a lot of these limit trips to 31 consecutive days three times a year. I've spoken to one person who said that she was landed in serious debt when she was living out there and broke her arm, because she didn't buy insurance before she went out. Can anyone help? Thanks! Fi
  18. Ok ok I know how long is a piece of string! but just interested if you took a 20 foot container. Average 3 bedroom home. Nothing of too high value just the standard stuff. I would like to get an idea of the amount you insured for (before I get out my pencil and calculator!) and I'm going to use 'insure your move' - confused though that they don't require the detailed inventory. How do they know what is covered? what about breakages etc.
  19. annabel


    Hey, Me and my boyfriend are coming over in november'13 for a year or two, just wondering what bank is the best one to go with? If any one could leave any comments it would be great, just need to sort the little things out now. Also if any one knows about any good insurance companies, thats not to expensive? Thanks :smile:
  20. Fisher1

    Insuring house for long absences

    Hi all Just a question about long term visits to Australia. Our UK house insurance doesnt permit absences of more than two months. Furthermore you are supposed to arrange for someone to pop in at least once a week and turn off gas and electric before you go (including central heating boiler). So far two months has been (just) long enough, but we are considering taking some longer trips out. We would like to try crossing to China on the trans Siberian express and on to Singapore to fly from there (have always fancied the TSE and it sounds interesting). What do other people do about house insurance while they are away? Can anyone recommend a firm that will cover for longer? We dont give a monkeys about our posessions - the most valuable thing in our house is our passports, but we would be a bit concerned if the house burned down or something and the insurance didnt cover it...
  21. Hi, first time so please go easy I did search the site but couldn't find any articles on this in the last few years, feel free to redirect me if I missed it! We're moving to Sydney on a working holiday visa in a month's time and I've just got engaged (woo!). I'm trying to find a way of insuring the engagement ring (worth c£10k) while we're in Sydney but its proving quite hard. Here are the avenues I've tried so far: Home contents insurance in UK. I'm renting out my London flat so need landlord insurance on that property, and these policies won't cover anything of c£10k value. Travel insurance. Won't cover £10k value Specialist jewellery insurance e.g. TH March. Won't cover unless I'm physically living, working and located in UK. Home contents insurance when in Oz. Not sure of this yet but seems that they will not consider me to be a Oz resident (working holiday visa means we're officially still UK residents) Can anyone suggest an insurers please? So far I've tried Direct Line, Hiscox, TH March, Highworth and a few others. The only one that seems to have a policy I could use is "insurance4everyone"... very reasonably priced but naturally I'm alarmed by a) the name and b) the lack of any online reviews from customers. Help!
  22. Hello, :err:I really hope that I can find some answers here. I have a 457 visa with my husband and 2 step children. Right when we were getting approved I found out I was pregnant.:laugh: I had to wait to come to Australia for my 457 visa job until after I had the baby. Now the baby is nearly 5 months old and I just received word that I would be able to come out for work in the next 4-6 weeks. We are very confused as to what the cost of this application will be with the new visa charges. Will it be the full 900 or 225 for additional applicants under 18? Soo confused! :arghh: Also, we are thinking about coming out to Australia with our 457 visas but bringing the baby on an ETA and then when we arrive and get settled we can do her 457 application then...:skeptical: What do you think that the chances are of being able to do that? Most importantly we know that God will work all of this out for His glory and that we should not worry.:angel_happy_face_ha But we need to know how much it is going to cost for these new charges... One last question is what insurance is a good insurance to go with for the 457 visa requirement? We had insurance previously but as we never made it out to oz yet we cancelled it and now have to reapply for that as well. Looking for lowest priced available but still good insurance. Thanks in advance for any advice anyone has. :wink:
  23. Hi there. We are about to make the big move a week on Sunday! I am currently looking into removal insurance to cover our shipping container whilst in transit and some one way travel insurance for our family of five. We're doing a couple of stopovers, for 3-4 nights each, on the way. I've looked at the older posts but was wondering if anyone has had recent quotes or advice on either of these issues that they are willing to share. I have been quoted £400 by our removal company to cover up to £20'000. Thanks in advance
  24. Hi, I'm really new to this (first post) and wondered if someone can point me in the right direction? My husband and I are planning to move to Brisbane at the end of August and most of our personal effects will go to Australia on a container. I know we can get insurance for this. But, some of our personal effects (including jewellery) will be travelling with us (I thought it would be safer). But how do I get insurance for this? Normal holiday insurance does not seem to cover the value, nor is it a holiday so I assume they would find it a reason not to pay out if anything were to happen. Has anyone had to do this/found any policy that will work for us? Thanks! LD
  25. Hi all, I'm just asking for a bit of clarification on whether I need a medical or health insurance when applying for the 457 visa? My partner and I are both from the UK, a low risk country. My partner will be sponsored as an electrician and I will work as a dive instructor. Does anyone know whether we will still be asked to have a medical examination or an Xray? If so we'd rather do it before we lodge the application to save time. We also have a valid medicare card. Will this be enough in terms of medical insurance, or should we look for more comprehensive medical insurance? Thanks very much in advance for your replies! I'm new to this!