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Found 588 results

  1. All being equal we should be out some time next month:) Noticed on another forum someone being advised not to bother with private health insurance as they were earning a figure where they would have to pay the extra 1.5% medicare. The replier also said that they would be pushed to get decent private cover for less than $1600 a year for two adults that would give cover equivelant to medicare. (So god knows how much it would be for our big family!!) Now I have scoured the medicare site and a number of posts here and seen that you can pick and choose your private insurance. We dont have private health insurance in the UK and have always just taken waiting lists as the norm so see no real difference between NI contributoins and medicare levi and the service they provide. Is private insurance necessary - am considering if anything just ambulance cover, optics for kids broken/lost glasses and dental just in case we lose some teeth:jimlad:, anyone have any thoughts on this? Do the rules about taking out private insurance within the first 12 months of arrival to avoid health insurance loading for us old gits still apply and if so how do you sort that cos looking at iselect there didnt seem a way to take that off the price of the policy? Any thoughts personal experience appreciated we are going to Perth on a PR visa. Cheers!!
  2. KazzE

    Travel insurance OAP

    Can any one point my in the right direction (Gill:)) for travel insurace for my 71yr old Dad who now has a year visa forAustralia. The quotes I am getting because of his age and the lengh of the trip are horrendous £12000, £860 many thanks Karen
  3. Guest

    Accommodation & Insurance

    Not sure if I am in the the right bit but here goes. We are looking to stay in holiday accommodation on the coast in the Brisbane area for 3/4 weeks while we get our bearings & jobs etc. Can anyone point me in the right direction for studio/1 bed accommodation in that area (cheapish)? Also we want to rent a small car, again any companies that we can try? Also where to get car insurance? Would appreciate any help in these areas. Thanks Matt.
  4. samozsoon

    Oz Medical Insurance Companies

    Hi everyone Could anyone tell me please who they have their medical ins with? Hubby has medical ins as part of his salary package but they have left it to us to organise who we go with and have just increased his salary by $3300 (after tax). Will this be enough ($275 mth) to cover a family of 5? Also what do you get for that? We have Bupa at the mo and have used it a couple of times when hubby/son needed to see specialist but obviously dont use it just to see the doc. Does med ins in Oz work the same as Bupa or can we claim everything (docs/dentists/prescriptions) form them? Hope you can help. Sam xx
  5. Guest

    One Way Travel Insurance?

    Hi, Was just wondering if people got or are thinking of getting one way travel insurance?. If so where you get it from?. Thanks Nat
  6. Can anyone advise us on how to insure our belongings for when we first arrrive in Australia and have no fixed abode!! Obviously we will be taking quite a lot of stuff with us like Laptop,cameras,jewellry....all the stuff we don't want to trust to the shipment! Travel insurance seems to only insure the flights but not after we arrive. Is there an australian insurance company that could give us personal belongings cover?? Help.....we leave in a couple of weeks and haven't even taken out travel insurance to cover the flights yet!!!!
  7. Hi I am just trying to sort out my shipping insurance. We arent taking alot of expensive stuff mostly personal that cant be replaced anyway. Which is best to list every individual item or just go for a lump sum cover?? Thank for the advice Em x
  8. Guest

    Car insurance

    Can anyone tell me the procedure for insuring a car in Oz? I want to buy new and pick up as soon as possible before getting somewhere to rent as I'll be staying with relatives for a week or two whilst finding somewhere to live. Will I need my 'own' address and an Australian drivers licence? Has anybody any recommendations for insurers? Rebecca (Sorry, posted this somewhere else as well!)
  9. Hello When you take out car insurance in Aus do they look at your UK insurance record. Do they take into account no claims,
  10. Guest

    Car insurance

    Can anyone tell me the procedure for insuring a car in Oz? I want to buy new and pick up as soon as possible before getting somewhere to rent as I'll be staying with relatives for a week or two whilst finding somewhere to live. Will I need my 'own' address and an Australian drivers licence? Has anybody any recommendations for insurers? Rebecca
  11. Guest

    Car Insurance

    I am hoping to buy a new car and pick it up as soon as I arrive in Oz. There's the insurance to think about now though. I am going to stay with relatives for a couple of weeks so I want to register the car at their address first, with my UK drivers licence. When I was validating my visa last month I tried to sort some stuff out, but it all seemed to be catch 22. I couldn't get a drivers licence without proof of address, I couldn't get utility bills without living somewhere, I couldn't get proof of address without a drivers licence. :arghh: Can anybody let me know how they got on insuring a car when they first arrived in Oz...please? Thanks Rebecca
  12. Guest

    Insurance query

    Hi there! Now we have got our visas, we are getting on and booking flights. I am puzzled about how to insure our belongings that are flying out with us. Have contacted my ususal holiday insurance company but as we wont have a british address they wont insure us. We will need cover for the travel and a few weeks till we get a rental property and aussie insurance. Any ideas?:idea: Thank you R G
  13. Guest

    Life Insurance Policies

    I am in the process of sorting out the finance things before we go. I have just phoned my various insurance companies and they have said that we will still be covered on our life insurance and life insurance for the mortgage. As long as we have a uk bank account our life insurance is fine. The only thing we will have to pay for is a fee for keeping our mortgage but not living in our house. If we move away for less than 12 months we will have to pay a fee of £100 but if it is for over 12 months we have to pay £250. We can either pay this upfront or add it on to the mortgage. Also as my brother is going to be living in our house while we live in Oz I have just added his name to my house/buildings insurance policy. Thought I would let you know as someone might be wondering about their insurance etc. Obviously not all companies are the same and some might have different rules. Sarah.
  14. Guest

    Life insurance

    [COLOR="Red]Hi I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about life insurance. Can you continue with the life insurance you have in the UK or do you have take it out in Australia ? If you have to take out in Australia does anyone anything about it please. Thanks Jenny:) [/color]
  15. Guest

    Shipping Insurance

    Hi, Has anyone used different insurers to the shipping company's own? We're using Crown as the shipping company (uk - Sydney) as they have come highly recommended but their insurance is expensive - any advice? Leaving in 3 weeks and so unprepared, please help....
  16. Bod


  17. Hiya All Could someone tell me what the cost is to insure & tax cars. Is the tax higher on sports & 4x4. I have Mazda MX5 would like to bring with me or am I mad. I think second hand ones would be more expensive over there. Right or Wrong. Has anyone taken their car over and how much. Ta Viv
  18. colin&louise

    Shipping Insurance

    Hi, Just wondered roughly how much people insured there belongings for. We are shipping a 20ft container and have been quoted over £1000 for about £40,000 worth of stuff. Do we really need this much cover? Any advice would be very helpful. Louise.x
  19. Guest

    Emigration Insurance

    Hi all. Me, the wife and two kids are finally on the home straight, and really believe that we are finally on our way. Got the visa, sold the house (we hope) and are drafting all the letters to cut the ties. We have two questions which we would love to get some feedback on. * Insurance. When we pack up here and are travelling across the world we are struggling to get insurance cover as we will have no fixed abode. We can get travel insurance but if we need to make a claim it will only be validated if we return to the U.K. Has anyone got any ideas??? * Secondly, Doctors notes. We have contacted the doctors surgery requesting copies of our medical notes, and they have said that they do'nt do this. We thought that these were our property, and would they be required when we get to Oz???? Any information would be appreciated. Chris (Saints fan for my sins)
  20. noel2538

    Medicare Insurance

    Hi Hope somebody can give some advise:err: I take Thyroxine, hormonal replacement for underactive Thyroide Gland, its free on NHS in Uk. Can I get it prescribe Free in Oz, or how much will it cost:idea: Is is true that the waiting list in Oz for basic Dentistry, crown etc is very long, hows does Medicare work? Thanks Debbie
  21. Guest

    car insurance

    when driving in aus how does insurance work ,uk goes by experience and number of no claims ,just wandering how it works in aus for car insurance.
  22. Guest

    Pet Insurance.

    Hi, We are coming out in July to the Sunshine coast and would like to bring our dog, Bonnie. She has been checked by our vet and he says that she would be fine for the journey - she is 12 years old now. We have pet insurance here in the UK and would like to find similar in Aus. Although there are companies that I have found using the web, they all say that the policy with them must be taken out before the dogs 9th birthday....has anyone had experience of bringing an older dog and have you found insurance??? Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers , Sylvi.
  23. gail39

    life insurance in oz???

    hi not sure if anyone knows can aussie life insurance be taken out once u r there??? cheers Just thoushgt id say we have visa application acknowledged on March 6th!!!!!!!
  24. I bought my life insurance some years back. Most people are aware that this is cheaper when you are young because you are less likely to die. Now we are moving to Australia, will I need to buy new life insurance over there? My current provider says as long as the premiums are drawn on a UK bank account that's OK, but in the case of an untimely death and payout, will the payout be subject to Australian capital gains tax? Obviously that would defeat the object of having it! Does anyone know? Thanks, Spock.
  25. Guest

    Health Insurance

    Hi All, We are presently going through the temporary visa process (457) and I have been trying to do some research on Private Health Insurance in Oz as we are not entitled to Medicare. It all seems a bit of a mine field :? I would be grateful for some advice from people who have health insurance in Oz regarding good companies, how the system works etc. Do you get charged an excess everytime you go to the doctors? Any advice would be welcomed The Haydocks