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Found 588 results

  1. Hello Can anyone recommend a long stay travel insurerfor us, we are visiting for 3 months? Also what happens if we fall ill in Oz can we use the hospitals and do we have to pay or is there an agreement between Oz and the UK s that we can use the medical service if we are on holiday? Thanks Viks
  2. Hi All, Been looking into life insurance and income protection policies and wondering where you stand on being a temporary resident?? Most online companies state to be eligible you have to be a citizen or permanent resident of australia. Then the uk insurance say you must be residant in the UK?? :err: So what are you suppose to do in the 4 years you are here on a 457 visa? Any info would be great as to what you are suppose to do Thanks Gail
  3. Guest

    Private health Insurance?

    I'm in the middle of sorting this one out, can anyone recommend a good company and outline what they get/ don't get for the money. Also ambulance cover, as I'm aware that this isn't always included. Thanks Monty
  4. Guest

    Shipping insurance ?????

    :arghh: Hi, has anyone shipped with PSS, we have a inventory for insurance purposes, do we have to put a price on each item. Do we have to list everything we take or just what we want to insure.:arghh: Can anyone enlighten me...... what did you do.
  5. Guest

    Travel Insurance

    Hi Just wondered if anyone can help we are emergrating to oz in April one way and need some kind of travel insurance just to cover our cases incase they get lost , most of the companies I have called will only insure you if you start your journey and return to the same place ,:wubclub:does anybody know a company that will.
  6. Guest

    travel insurance

    Hi Sorry not done much of the travel thing, just wondering what we will need in terms of travel insurance when emmigrating. I know we will need health insurance and to register with medicare for reciprical bits when get there. Thanks
  7. gparkes

    pet insurance in oz

    Hi Guys, My boys are flying out to melbourne next monday!!! Yipee i am so excited but am also very nervous about them and hope they will be ok. I haven't seen them since we moved here in December so just can't wait to get a cuddle from them. Anyway enough of me rambling. what i was wanting to ask is does anyone have any recommendations regarding pet insurance here? I have looked online for a few quotes and they don't seem to ask you much regarding your dog ect What has everyone else done regarding this?? Gail
  8. Hi everyone:arghh: Can someone else help? Im trying to get a years holiday insurance for me and my girlfriend, but a lot of companies won't insure me because i'm a bricklayer.:chatterbox: Any sugg:wacko:estions? Luke and Lynsey:)
  9. Guest

    Help re travel??? Insurance!

    Hi guys, We have sorted our life insurance, and also taken out Kinsure (as has my mum) in case of medical emergencies, but was wondering what to do about 'travel' insurance? Does any of you good folk have any recommendations for a policy which would cover us for say, 90 days and our stuff we are taking? Bit worried about having nothing in case luggage goes missing, kids are ill and can't make flight, flight cancelled etc! Sorry but trying to cover all angles!
  10. Guest

    Health Insurance in OZ

    Hi there. I have a Kiwi husband and hence 2 Kiwi children (who are thus entitled to full Medicare). I am entitled (being British) to the reciprocal Medicare healthcare. We have taken out private healthcare through Medibank, which is a really good price for my husband and 2 children (Kiwis are basically immediately permanent residents). However, as I only have a 5 year temporary visa, I have to pay (just for myself) a lot for Medibank private health insurance (as I am classed as a visitor). Has anyone come across a company which good deals on private health insurance for us Poms in Oz? Thanks very much!:spinny:
  11. Generalis

    Travel insurance

    Hi all, wonder if anyone can help with a query I have. I would like to know how other people managed when parents visited you in oz. It would be for parent aged 64/65 going to oz for 3 - 6 months at a time. Does anyone know any good insurance companies to try to get a quote. My mum panicking as her friend has been given a quote to visit her son in America 10 days £300 just for travel insurance. Thanks everyone
  12. Guest

    Removal Insurance

    Hi All, Was just wondering if most of you used the insurance services of the company who did your removals or sorted out your own transit insurance?? Was quite shocked the other day when i realsed how much transit insurance can cost. If anyone did get their own insurance who did you use??? thanks Nicola
  13. Guest

    Life Insurance Dilemma

    Hi, taking the plunge with my first question, so here goes. I have a question that is knawwing away at me, although hubby says there are plenty of other things to worry about - so I thought someone on here may be able to help. The question is this - we have two life insurances, one endowment we are paying into and will continue whilst in Oz, critical illness cover and two good NHS Pensions (15 yrs each) Can we continue paying into the life insurances (they have no cash in value) and will they pay out in the event if we are in Oz? Is the critical illness cover worth continuing? Is it easy to get life insurance in Oz? My OH dad had a serious heart attack at 50, as did his grandfather, and i am paronoid - morbid i know, but i can't handle the idea of being left on my own in Oz with three youngsters to raise with no money. OH does understand - i think he just doesn't want to think about it. Any thoughts? Thanks, Edith (40 Nurse), Martin (39 Healthcare project engineer), Megan (10), Kieran (8) and Ewan (2)
  14. Hi, Anyone got any recommendations for companies that do cheapest/basic private medical cover in Oz? Any ideas on how much i am looking at paying? Thanks.
  15. Guest

    Travel Insurance Dilemma

    Hi Guys My friends are coming out to visit us in March hopefully. Her oh seemingly cant get travel insurance due to needing his gallbladder removed but they wont take it out as he is overweight. So my question is is he likley to get any travel insurance company to cover him for his trip to OZ. He has the hospital 21st of this month & is hoping he will get op beforehand but its looking very doubtful as they wont operate due to his weight. I know its highly unlikely to get cover due to pre existing medical conditions but just thought I would ask. Janette
  16. Guest

    car insurance

    Hi Whats the crack with car insurance in OZ. Will they accept no claims from uk with letters or do we start again. Any special requirements?? :err:
  17. Guest

    car insurance

    has anybody else had the problems i have had in getting car insurance?i am here on 676 visa,awaiting cp visa.i baught myself a little car and when i tried to get insurance for it,i was told by most companies that they wouldnt insure me without peermanent visa.i eventuallygot cover with a.n.z.with whom i have a bank account.it makes me wonder what people do for insurance cover when they come to oz on a work visa?i would be grateful for any feedback on this. june
  18. Guest

    health insurance

    We are hopefully immigrating on a 457 intially and therefore need health insurance. None of us has any long term medical conditions that we know of. There are 2 adults and 2 children (see timline) what cover am i likely to need have checked out iselect and medibank and have choices such as basic and intermediate and others. Do we get any cover under reciprical agreement, if so is this time limited. Also can you organise this cover before leaving or is it best to wait till you arrive thanks
  19. Reading a thread on doctors has brought up some questions of my own. Does anyone have medical insurance and if so how does this work and what does basic insurance cover? Do they cover the bit that isn't reimbursed by medicare? Also, do they cover dental care? Come to think of it, is dental care private or covered by medicare in the same way as doctors and hospitals? Just wondered whether it is worthwhile getting the extra medical insurance or just putting some regular savings aside to cover the extras that medicare doesn't.
  20. Guest

    Car Insurance

    Hello Guys When I leave for OZ I have to sell my beloved Honda Civic Type R So to cheer myself up im going to buy a Subaru Impreza WRX STI. Car insurance in the UK for me with 5 years NCB and at the age of 27 would cost me somewhere in the region £1500, $3200. I am wondering what the difference in insurance costs are in OZ compared to the UK Also what other costs such as tax etc can I expect. Would like some general information with regards to motor running costs if anyone can help Cheers Mark
  21. tracybayliss

    private health insurance ?how much

    hi everyone hope you can help, I have been offered a job as a midwife in south brisbane, however as part of the sponsorship they have informed me that I need to arrange private health insurance, which is fine, they can provide this themselves they have quoted me $3,784 per year for a family (our family consists of 4) is this expensive, they have said I can find my own insurance, therefore can anyone reccommend a company. thanks tracy
  22. Lynsey and I have been trying to get holiday insurance for the both of us for when we come to oz. :spinny: We are finding it realy hard to find an insurance company that will in insure the both of us because i'm a bricklayer and the job is classed as a high risk manual job.:skeptical: Please could anyone suggest an insurance company or any advice?:idea: Thanks Luke and Lynsey.:smile:
  23. Guest

    Emergency fly home insurance

    I was on a website earlier on in the year, it was a special insurance for migrants to fly home in case of a death or emergency, they offered to have you on the next available flight. I thought I had put it in my favourites but can't find it, Does anybody have such thing or heard of it????
  24. Guest

    Car insurance query

    Just a thought.....Does anyone know if you can transfer your 'no claims bonus' to a new car insurance policy when you get to Oz? Mags:wubclub: x
  25. Looking at motors once we arrive and been checking out Wangara 4x4 (unless anyone knows of any other 4x4 specialist garage around the Perth area - we're looking at living in the Rockingham area). Checked through carsales.com and autotrader etc, gonna need something sizeable for the family and want to avoid another MPV - still getting over the kia sedona we had:wacko:. So we have seen a couple of things we like (Holden Jackaroo for example) and have got an insurance quote from the Budget automated site (half the price of the RAC's insurance quote). Was wondering if Budget were a reasonable place to get car insurance (3.5 ltr 4x4 $363 fully comp for the year) or if anyone could recommend anywhere else. Now on this note I'll need to pay online and as we are buying within the first 3 days of arriving I dont think we will have my aussie bank cards although I will have activated our westpac account. Am I correct in thinking I will be able to use my UK card to pay an Oz car insurance company online for a car insured at an Oz address. I cant see it makes any difference but just thought I'd check. Lastly just where do I look to sort out Rego when we get the motor and is the RAC the most reasonable break down service in WA??** Ok found the site for Rego but whats this about paying 3rd party insurance fees??? Do you still pay that if you have fully comp insurance already?? Thanks guys