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Found 588 results

  1. Guest

    House contents insurance

    Can anyone reccomend any good competetive companys to use please. Also I have 5 years no claims here will that be of any use down under? Yes another yawnsome household thread from me :biglaugh:
  2. Hi all, Would anyone be able to give any advice re which type of insurance we will need for aus. We will initially being traveling out to oz on working holiday visas so were going to get say a month's -2 months holiday insurance then try to get some private healthcare insurance once in oz. The only thing is we weren't sure if you could take out separate medical insurance whilst on a working holiday visa ? Also how do you go about insuring things such as laptops, jewellery and personal belongings etc ? Is it just a case of taking out backpackers insurance even though we won't be backpacking or is there another way around it? Your answers to these questions would be much appreciated. Thanks Sunshine11
  3. Hi, just wondering if anybody has any info on Insurance jobs in Melbourne / Geelong either for a broker or an Insurance company. I've worked for both brokers and underwriters for 14 years so would be happy to do either and commute from Geelong. Thanks very much, Jon
  4. Guest

    One way flight insurance

    Does anyone have a suggestion about obtaining insurance for the one way emigration flight? Most insurers we have tried only seem to offer the normal round trip cover.
  5. Guest

    Medical insurance

    When we were in Perth a couple of weeks ago, we saw ads advising people to take out private medical insurance before the end of June or you might be in trouble. It didn't explain anything so can someone tell me what the government has done that might require you to take out private health insurance and why? I take it that this is as well as Medicare which is compulsory, right? Is this only in Perth or nationwide? :mask:
  6. bukieran

    Insurance - what to bring

    Hi , We are flying into Perth in 2 weeks time from Birmingham to commence our new life. Do we have to have medical insurance before we arrive for ourself and kids ? Who is best ? Who is cheapest ? Have looked at iSelect but you may have advice to offer having been through it ... What do people do for car insurance ? I imagine AA family travel insurance will cover us for a few days car hire...but what do people do to get up and going quickly thereafter...? Thanks for all help received.... Kieran
  7. Guest

    Travel Insurance?

    Hi, I'm moving to Oz in November and plan to stay for up to a year, can you recommend what travel insurance I should purchase?
  8. Guest

    Container Insurance

    Moving to Brisbane the first week in August, at present organizing container for all our belongings for early July. Insurance optional but seems very expensive on top of cost of container, has anyone any views on the value of the insurance? and has anyone exported without having the insurance?
  9. Guest

    Shipping insurance??

    We have decided to go with Robinsons International and they have quoted £3240.00 for a 20ft container from Huddersfield to Perth. Anybody looking into quotes at the minute haggle because they are all really looking for your custom at the minute!!! We did and saved about £700!!! We're looking into insurance because Robinson have quoted £845 (2.5%) which is more than we'd thought about. Does anybody know of any other insurers because we've struggled to find any companies online that do marine insurance??? Donna x
  10. Guest

    Car Insurance query

    Hi all we have just bought a car here in Oz and was hoping that someone could recommend a good insurance company which may take into account my husbands no claims bonus from the UK? Any help appreciated Mandy x
  11. Guest

    Travel Insurance

    Hi, The flights are booked for 25th August just trying to everthing sorted! Looking at insurance my partner has a 175 visa but im goin on a working holiday visa untill can get my partner visa. Any advise would be great Laura
  12. I hope someone out there can help me with this as I am really stuck. Me and my husband have moved to Victoria in the last week on a 457 visa. As part of his employment contract it says we should get medical insurance. Just before we came here I found out that I am currently about 8-9 weeks pregnant which means the pregnancy and birth would not be covered on the medical insurance as you have to have it for a year before your covered. I am really stuck with what to do. We need medical insurance and I dont know the best way to go about finding the most suitable policy. Then...am I covered under medicare for the pregnancy and birth? How do I go about finding a GP? If I have medical insurance do I see one GP for anythin un-pregnancy related and another GP for pregnancy related stuff etc? This is so mind-boggoling along with everything else I need to think about!
  13. Has anyone taken out their own insurance on furniture and possessions? I have some sports memorobilia that the removal companies insurers say, can only be insured for replacement value and not what i paid for them. Never heard so much bull in my life. How can a one off, be insured for replacement value if it can't be replaced? Thats why you bloody well insure things! Can anyone recommend an insurance company that does the transit insurance? Thanks in advance Paul
  14. Does anyone know how much medical insurance is in OZ, we have been looking and obviously realise its not like the UK (NHS), does anyone know how it works in OZ? Do you get insurance like you would going private here, do some employers include health insurance? Or do you do it alone and pay something per month. If its the latter how much is it for a family of four (2 kids and 2 adults)?:realmad:
  15. Guest

    Advice about pet insurance

    Hi, Can anyone help me? I'm having a nightmare trying to get insurance for my 2 cats. They're still insured in the UK as I only just got them back from quarantine. I've called 4 places (so been on hold for around an hour!) and looked up a load of others on the web, but because the cats are 9 and 10 no one will insure them. Some will transfer insurance from another Aussie insurer even at this age, but none seem able to help as it's a UK insurer (directline). Clearly should have looked into it sooner, but I naively thought it should be an easy job. I can't be the only one with this problem can I? I don't mind paying a higher premium, I'm just worried about hefty bills down the line. Spent all the savings getting here! Might have to resort to opening a savings account especially for them... Any suggestions welcome Em PS Can I recommend anyone applying for residency with a pet approaching 9 tries to -take out a policy in Oz asap in case they're over 9 when they get here ;-)
  16. Guest

    Car Insurance

    G'day! So we've been here a week and so far so good. I have a job and Dan has bought a car! He has some interviews lined up this week. Only nightmare is renting but we've finally worked out you have to move fast. Just wondered if anyone can anyone recommend car insurance? Cheers! Chloe
  17. Guest

    One Way Travel Insurance

    Hi Has anyone booked one way travel insurance? If so, who did you do it through? Claire
  18. Time to renew my CTP, and decided to get some quotes. Not the first time I'd done this, but had never noticed the website printed on the registration renewal notice; Welcome to the CTP Premium Calculator (Motor Accident Insurance Commission) You enter when your CTP renewal is due, and what kind of vehicle it is (car/bike etc), and it lists the different CTP insurers and their prices. Didn't realise it was a flat fee, been thinking it was specific to us! The difference between insurers was only about $6! Decided to go with the company who does our comprehensive insurance, then it's easier to deal with one company if we have a mishap. I'm a plank, and you've probably all seen this, but was new info for me.:embarrassed: Jo
  19. littlelegz

    Health insurance

    Hi all me and my wife and child are hoping to be in Wagga, NSW in August 08 but we need health insurance for me and the clan, any suggestions would be great. Thanks all.
  20. Guest

    What travel insurance

    Can you tell me what travel insurance you get when emmigrating to Oz we are going on pr visas. Thankng you in advance. Marina.:unsure:
  21. Hi, Can anyone let me know what you have done about travel insurance when emigrating? Are there any special firms that cover our travel and baggage etc? Thanks, the jp's
  22. Guest

    Private medical insurance

    Hi guys, does anyone have any idea on the cost of medical insurance for a family of four in oz. My wife would also like to know, can we use the "NHS" from we first arrive or is there a time period to qualify over there. Do we need private medical insurance when we first arrive there? regards Daz+Gill:spinny:
  23. Guest

    best medical insurance

    hi all. going to brisbane in 10 weeks and on a 457 visa and would like any recommendations for health insurance. we are a family of four,two adults two chidren and apart from little girl with bad eyesight are all fairly healthy. also wanted to know about medicare as I ahve been told to register as soon as I get to oz but I thought that was why we took out private insurance as we didnt get medicare. What happens if you need to see doctor or god forbid attend hospital, I hope someone can give some advice Thankyou
  24. Hi there, Does anyone know of a link for checking to see what insurance group various cars fall into? I assume that in Oz cars are grouped the same way as here in the UK depending on engine power and sportiness? Many thanks for any help. Cheers, Steve.
  25. Hello all Have now booked our removals for 17 and 18 April with John Masons and am looking at the insurance for our goods. Seems that most removal companies are 2.5% - 3% of total sum insured. However I read on here sometime ago that A Letton Percival & Co. were cheaper - have since contacted them and they charge 1.6% with broadly the same cover. Has anyone any experience of these Insurance Brokers ? and/or had to make a claim and experienced the claims handling service ? The guy I spoke to was very informative, knowledgeable and helpful but I wondered if anyone here had any experience of them ? Thanks in advance for your response. Sunsh1ne