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Found 588 results

  1. We have had 5 removal companies round to quote for the move in anticipation of my C/O ever coming round from his coma or whatever else has had him tied up for the last 3 and a half months. I will post a thread with all the comparisons when they have all come in. Crown v.v. expensive already tho'. Anyway, my question is: can we use an independent firm / broker for the insurance? If so, can anyone recommend someone please? Apparently, there is an excess on the insurance too - how can that apply if I am not sailing the ship?!!! Tracy
  2. Hi Just wondering if you can still make minimum national insurance payments even though you are in Oz? :err: Could you pay the self employed contibution? Would feel a little more secure knowing that if we ever decided to return to the UK (havent even left yet!!) that we were doing something towards our pension! thanks for any advice:notworthy: Dugong
  3. :wubclub: Hi all, My Grandparents are emigrating to Australia, and will be arriving Feb 2009 via a Cruise Ship. My Grandpa is 82, and Grandma in her mid 70's. They're having difficulty at the moment finding insurance that will cover them one way, as all the policies they've seen they have to give a return date otherwise not valid. Can anyone recommend a company that they could call? Thanks in advance! :v_SPIN:
  4. Does anybody know the best place to go for building and contents insurance? I thought i would try on here to save me many hours of phone calls,even if i could narrow it down a bit as i do know its worth shopping around just like the UK Who are you people insured through? All info appreciated
  5. Guest

    one way travel insurance

    has anyone found a decent deal on one way travel insurance to the UK ? had 2 silly quotes and only one decent one - $72 for a family of 4.:err:
  6. Lucia

    Arrival Advice & Insurance

    Hi, Next sunday we fly off to Perth (very excited), most things are sorted now for out arrival (bank account, place to stay etc). We won't have a permanant address for the first 2 months as we are going to travel around oz first. Sooo I was wondering what people did for travel insurance? I've looked at some year long policies but they only covered you for 60 days in total! :wacko: I'd be interested in hearing what other people have done regarding this, also how do you go about getting your international / australian driving licence sorted... I know the UK licence is good for 3 months, but I figure I might as well get a more permanent licence asap. Hope someone can shed some light on this. Thanks!
  7. Hello All, We fly to Brisbane on Monday from Heathrow, T3:unsure: Can anybody let me know if they purchased travel insurance before they went for a certain amount of days If so who did you use? We are looking t 'go walkabout' who are suppose to cover one way people emigrating Any advise would be grand xxx Helena & Anthony
  8. Guest

    Removals insurance help

    Hi just filling in the removals insurance form thingy whatsit :SLEEP: For value do I use the replacement value here in the uk or In Aus? Cheers for any advice Its boring me rigid!!!
  9. Hope someone has some advice for me.:spinny: I'm in the process of selling/chucking/giving away all my furniture and as much of my presonal possessions that I think I can live without so that I only have to ship out clothes and some household items. I'm planning to provide my own boxes and pack everything myself as in truth there wont be any family heirlooms there. I know the shipping companies work on volume and am hoping to have the volume down to about the size of 20 tea chests (say 50" x 50"x 40" each although there will be smaller book boxes) I'm hoping someone can recomment a reliable (and cheap) shipping company that can pick up from within the M25 and deliver to the port in Sydney. Also an advice/recomendations re insurance for the shipped goods? Also I know that all wooden items need to be declared but it would be good to know what the likelihood of things like my chopping board, spoons, rolling pin, knife holder will get rejected because if so there isnt a lot of point me shipping them in the first place! Thanks
  10. Guest

    Travel Insurance for Oz...

    Hi Moving over to Brizzie on Sunday! Cannot wait... just doing some last minute thinking (as you do) and need to see what peoples opinions are re: travel insurance. We'll be getting private health cover a couple of weeks into arriving in Oz but would like to know what people do before that? Should we get travel insurance for say a month to be on the safe side via a UK provider? Any advice/opinions welcome. Thanks! Scott :v_SPIN:
  11. saunders 5

    Health Insurance on a 457

    Hi i`m a nurse employed by QLD Health at the Gold Coast Hospital in Southport due to start in November. Part of my conditions are that we have our own health insurance. Can anyone advise me what we need to cover as we may be covered by the UK`s reciprocal agreement with medicare. Many Thanks, Ali X
  12. Guest

    Car insurance in WA

    Hi, Coming out to work for a year in Perth in October, I want to buy a car and wondered how hard it was to get car insurance and will they count my UK no claims bonuses? Is insurance costly? I'll be getting a second-hand estate care for a few thousand bucks. I'm a married 36 year-old doctor, no points/claims, driving for 17 years. Thanks
  13. Guest

    Insurance in transit

    Like most people I guess we will be making maximum use of our luggage allowance on our flight over to Australia & having had the unfortunate experience of lost luggage in the past I am mindful of the possibility that literally all my worldly goods could disappear into the T5 black hole :arghh: So how does insurance work? Right now when I fly my possessions would be covered by both 'personal effects' insurance I have as part of my home contents insurance and holiday insurance but the 'home contents' will cease when I no longer have a home in the UK and holiday insurance is not applicable. How did anyone else get around this? Thanks Jules PS DH thinks no-one else would even think about this....I said it's just as well I did! PPS I was glad someone else posted about life insurance because I was worrying what would happen if I fell from the sky on the way over
  14. Guest

    Insurance for migrating

    Hi all, We've just booked our flights to migrate to the Sunshine Coast for the 7th October. I've just booked overnight accommodation in Brisbane for when we arrive. I'm also going to book a short term serviced apartment in Mooloolaba initially till we get sorted. However can anyone advise me on what kind of insurance policy I should get to cover our personal belongings until we get into a longer term rental, when we'll then get contents insurance. Our container will on route and we'll be there for a little while till it arrives, so it's our personal belongings etc. Any help greatly appreciated - I've got a 'to do list' which gets longer by the day :arghh: Liu
  15. the hutchies

    life insurance

    can anyone tell me if you can transfer a life insurance policy from the UK to Australia...if not how easy is it to get life insurance once you get there thanks Lisax
  16. I've been reding that the government has been encouraging people to take out private health insurance. Apparently you pay loading after the age of 30 but I read that if your visa is granted you have a year to take out insurance from the time of activation before you start to pay the loading, even if over 30yrs. Is the private insurance really necessary as I thought Medicare was good medical cover? We will be going to Queensland and the cover varies from state to state. We have a permanent residents visa which we activated last nov. so does anyone know if it's correct that I have until this nov. to sort out insurance without paying loading? Any help appreciated.:chatterbox:
  17. Guest

    Car Insurance

    Right my other half thinks we will be able to use our no claims in Australia. Now i am 110% sure we cannot. Different country laws etc etc. Can someone just confirm this for me in writing. But on a more serious note what are car insurance prices like compared to the uk have you paid more or less. I know everybody pays different amount but i thought id get an idea. Also when you got there how easy was it to find a half decent runabout.
  18. Hi Does anyone know if Australia run an Insurance Group rating like the UK. From 1 - 20 in the uk. How can i check out what kind of car i can afford insurance wise before i go? Cheers
  19. Guest

    Car Insurance

    How have people organised car insurance on arrival ? We'll be in a short term rental and want to buy a car as soon as poss to reduce costs of hiring one or being restricted to public transport when we are trying to arrange interviews etc etc. Are there specific companies you end up having to use, can you take your no claims with you if you have a certificate of your no claims from the UK, are you OK to use the address of your short term rental if you're only there for 4 weeks ? starting to worry a bit now abou the logistics !
  20. Guest

    Dog insurance query

    Can anyone help. I have had my dog insured since we got him - 7 yrs and never made a claim. Recently he had his annual health check and jags but he has broken a tooth crunching stones. We have a referral to the "doggie dentist" on Monday which could cost - wait for it - £700-800!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The small print on the insurance says that it will pay up to £2250 BUT only £500 per treatment. We have to pay first and then claim it back with no guarantee. Most of the policies seem to be like this. What if he had broken his leg - I would have to sell my kidneys even with insurance! What is Oz pet insurance like and what prices do you pay? As there is such a limit on most policies - is it worth it? What would a vet charge for treatments? Mandy
  21. I have been living in Oz for 20 months.Is it possible to claim back any tax and national insurance back i have paid there?
  22. Guest


    Is there anyone who can explain to me about insurance and how it works in oz........in an easy simple way.......I'm all flumuxed and getting me knickers in a knot! and approx what we would be paying for a family of 5.........please. And........my hubby had a spinal fusion some years back.....would this prevent him from getting any insurance? Anyone know what sites I should be looking at? Thanks in advance xxx
  23. Guest

    Insurance / Life insurance

    I was just wondering if anyone knows if you should get some kind of insurance to cover you for a certain period of time. We fly on 6th September and I have just contacted our life assurance to cancel for the end of the month - I have got insurance for the flight etc which covers us for 7 days, but do I need to get life insurance or something - should one of us drop dead ?? (cheery I know). I really am not good at these type of things so just want to check that I haven't missed something REALLY important. FANKS GUYS:notworthy:
  24. I was just wondering if anyone has recently spotted a good deal on private medical insurance for permanent Oz residents (any local ads on the radio, tele or papers). I'm looking for family cover with most of the basic options, including hospital cover. Historically, I've seen companies advertise from time to time some special deals or perhaps that they'll waive the waiting period or disregard pre-existing conditions.
  25. Hi all. Me and my wife are coming out on 25th Aug. I'm totally confused about what cover we need to get, can anyone help please. We'll be on my 457 visa. So, if you've got a bad throat, the sort of stuff you'd go to a GP in the UK, who do you go and see for this kind of thing??? surely you don't have to use medical insurance for minor illnesses? Also, in the UK I'm on repeat prescription for anti-inflammatories. Where would I see a regular doctor about this? Also I've heard if we took medical cover, we couldn't have a baby until we'd paid into it for a year? Please help, we've only got 2 weeks until departure and it's all getting a bit real and everything's swimming around my head.!! Thanks in advance. Ben.