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Found 588 results

  1. the hutchies

    Life insurance help!!!

    Like idiots we let our life insurance go...now i don't think we will be able to get any cover that will transfer from England to Australia...just been to my bank who are global, thinking we would be able to transfer a life policy to Oz and we can't do that...so my question is what has everybody else done with regards to life insurance here when they have gone to Aus. Thanks Lisax
  2. Hi Less than 4 weeks to go !! and just realised we have no travel insurance does anyone know which companies offer one way ive had a look at tescos etc.. but cant seem to find any help !!:unsure:
  3. We are living in Melbourne and have just come back from the UK. We flew out on the 20th Dec. My father sadly had a terrible accident on the 20th and tragically died he was 57. We were flying back on the 7th Jan but as the funeral was on the 9th we obviously had to change tickets. This cost us $6000 (to change tickets) We had holiday insurance but they are refusing to pay out as my dad was not an Australian citizen. I am just too drained and still in shock to fight this battle. We purchased the insurance when we purchased the tickets from the qantas website. What is the point of insurance?:mad:
  4. Guest

    Home Insurance

    We’re a small team inside IAG that has launched a community site, asking consumers to help
 us design the best online general insurance experience and products. It’s called myinsuranceideas.com.au The site includes an idea exchange where people interested in insurance issues can enter ideas, vote on others ideas or refine them by adding comments. A Quick Poll, interactive survey and an anonymous suggestion box provide a variety of ways people can have their say.
 This is a chance for you all to be car and home insurance contributors.
 Visit us today and have your say.
  5. nicolawilby


    Hi Just wondering what travel insurance company anyone has used when emigrating to oz. We are flying out on Monday, so need to sort this out asap. Any help would be appreciated.:cool:
  6. Hello, As you might be aware, 'One Way' Travel Insurance is notoriously hard to find. Most single trip isnurances require you to have a return ticket to obtain cover. Go Walkabout Travel Insurance has a unique 'One Way' Travel Insurance policy that gives cover for your journey out plus up to 21 days upon arrival giving you that peace of mind while you are settleing in. Go Walkabout has recently launched (www.go-walkabout.com) which gives you an instant quote and also upon purchasing the policy you will receive your documents via email within a couple of minutes. Another new function which will be helpful is the Live Help function. During normal office hours, if you need to contact us regarding policy wording, claims etc... this can be done via the Live Help. An instant reply will be given saving you time and money using the phone from Oz. Go Walkabout has established itself within the migration market and works closely with many visa agents, banks and finance companies. If you would like any further information then please log on to the website or you can contact us on 0845 3450327. Kind regards Adam Taylor Go Walkabout
  7. Guest


    hi guys, was just looking for a bit of advice really, my fiance and i are going to stay with my uncle in Perth for 6 months from February,and was just wondering what sort of travel insurance we will need? do we need insurance that will cover us for the whole six months we are there,or are we covered by the reciprocal agreement between the UK and oz,I'm just a bit confused really! thanks
  8. Guest

    Private health insurance

    I'm moving to Aus in 29 days and looking into the private health insurance over there. Here I have BUPA and want something similar over in Aus. ie, the best cover possible for an affordable amount. What is the Aus equivelant of BUPA? I know there is Medibank and HCF but are there any others? Which is the best one to use? Thanks!
  9. Hi We will be renting our house to family when we move to Perth in February but im not sure what to do regarding life insurance i have just spoken to legal & general and they do not offer anything to people living overseas which means if one of pops it the mortgage is not covered, anyone know of any companies that will cover us. (SORRY REALLY BORING QUESTION !)
  10. Good Evening Guys I have arranged for Simpson Removals to move our stuff over to Perth, I have read on here they are pretty good and their quote seemed really reasonable, however they have quoted 2.9% for marine insurance does anyone know of anywhere that maybe cheaper? So far Simpsons have seemed to be totally on the ball still time will tell!! Thank you for taking the time to read my thread. Any replies greatly appreciated.
  11. Hi all, We are flying out to Oz in February but before we settle in Brisbane we are going to do a little bit of travelling from Perth-Adelaide-Darwin-Cairns-Brisbane. I've just googled the E111 form to see if there any other forms that give us free cover while were travelling but i'm confused now. Should we buy travel insurance for the 46 days that were travelling even though we are going to live in Oz? We live in Ireland and one of the banks here is offering travel insurance for backpackers for 46 days for about £80, should i just go ahead and buy this do you think? Thanks for ur help. xx
  12. Guest

    Medical Insurance WA

    We are moving to Perth on the 27th Dec 08 and have been researching medical insurance. We are travelling for a month beforehand to the UAE and Malaysia so will have travel insurance but are not sure if we can set up medical insurance before we arrive as we have to provide a residential address which we don't have as yet. We are staying in temp accommodation which the company has provided until we find a place to rent. Can anyone reply with their experience of setting up medical insurance and if you applied before arriving or when you were already in WA. Thanks
  13. Any suggestions? Im in Melbourne but i guess i can take out insurance anywhere?

    Travel Insurance?

    Hello We have booked our flights for 25th January.:jiggy: I am worried as we have no travel insurance. Where can I get travel insurance from? I have always took out travel insurance with the company I have booked a holiday from eg: Thomson. I have booked the tickets through Singapore airlines direct. Also would the insurance cover flights and accomodation if we had to cancel or change dates? I am saying this because a few years ago we had to cancel a holiday because my son broke his collar bone 2 days before we were due to go and he could not fly. I hope nothing happens like this again but I would like to be covered just in case. Thanks Jill:err: xxx
  15. Guest

    How much insurance do we need

    Need some clarifcation on how much moving insurance we need. We can get the comprehensive for 2.5% and total loss for 1.5% So we intend to cover high value goods [a jukebox, sofa, new wardrobe, musical instruments] at comprehensive - and all the rest at total loss. but what does total loss actually cover? If our plates get broken - would we be able to make a claim? We've got a 20' container - sole use - and insurance is going to be circa £700. Is that too high? Confused...
  16. toughspiders

    House Insurance - Vacant Property

    For those of you who have left a house for sale, or a house empty. How did you go on with home insurance?? Been told today it would be very difficult to get Bex x
  17. Hi Guys Well we have decided whom we are going to ship with and today got the insurance quote and nearly fell of my chair !! Ok we have a 20ft container and tried to make our insurance list as small as possible but the value was approx £22,000.00 We have just been quoted by our shippers £594.00 for the insurance. Have you used the insurance given to you by your shippers or has anyone else gone to a marine broker and got a better quote? If so can you please give me the details so that I can phone around. Thank you for any help
  18. Guest

    Car Insurance

    I have been on 6 websites to compare prices and cover etc for comprehensive insurance for my little car. The one I liked best was NRMA as cover seemed good and price was competitive though not the cheapest. I got 2 quotes for agreed and market value. I thought Agreed would be better as Market value wasn't stated and I thought it would probably be below what I could get a replacement car for. The quotes I had were: Agreed: $436 (based on insured value of $5200) Market: $360 I was about to buy the Agreed policy but thought I would check out Bingle.com. Their site was very useful. Instead of asking whether I wanted Agreed or Market value it told me that the market value of my car was $5200 and i could insure it for more or less and my premium would be dependent on that value. I put in the market value of $5200 and was quoted $284. My queries are: 1. Does anyone know why the NRMA (any other insurers) Agreed value policy premium is higher than the Market value premium if the Agreed value I entered was the same as the Market value (does that make sense)? 2. Also, looking at the policy the only difference I can see with the Bingle policy is that they don't protect your NCD and don't provide hire car cover in the event of theft, so to me they look quite competitive. Does anyone have any experience of them good or bad? Thanks in anticipation:smile:
  19. Guest

    UK Life Insurance Policy

    Has anyone any information on UK life policies once living in Australia? We've a very good policy which we've had for a number of years. We're worried what will happen to it once we move to WA. We're waiting to hear from the company we use and just wondered if anyone had experience of this. Any advice/info greatly appreciated. Thanks
  20. Our 'stuff' is being packed & shipped next Fri/Sat and we are wondering about the insurance on offer (needless to say the shipping co are closed today so no advice from them!) At 3% the cost of standard liability is eyewatering - my husbands record collection we have conservatively estimated to be worth £9000 on its own, l am in a real dilemma, if we insure to the 'proper' value of everything we will be looking at a bill of £1000 at least. (and most of his records would be irreplaceable anyway) Reading the small print it appears that if you don't take out this standard liability ins (fully comp with bells on) then you are covered on limited liability insurance (3rd party). My question is can you chose to insure some items and not others? We are skint and every penny counts at the moment - so any advice would be great. What are the chances of severe damage to our stuff? I have not really heard of anyone on here losing their possessions. Most if not all our furniture is ikea and most of the value is in our record and book collections and bric a brac. Help!!! I thought getting the visa was stress - but for me this shipping palaver is much worse, my house has always had a definate 'lived in' atmosphere (ok l have loads of junk) and l am drowning in it now as l attempt to do a life laundry just to get the important stuff in the container... Mel :cry:
  21. Guest

    Private Medical Insurance

    Hi all you Poms in Oz, we will be joining you shortly in Melbourne after having our Visas approved today!:jiggy: Could anyone please give us a quick breakdown on who is the best private medical insurer to go with.. thank you. Tim and Andreia
  22. Hi guys. I will be coming to Oz january 2009 and Im looking to buy a camper van with a budget of $7,500. Where is the best place to look in Sydney for a decent buy. Also can anyone give me advice on insurance. In the Uk we have 3rd party and fully comp - is this the same in Oz?? and is it true that if you are on a holiday visa, you can only get basic cover?? My intention is to end up living in Oz and this is my chance to "try before I buy" Your help on this one would be gratefully appreciated Grant
  23. Hi Can someone tell me whether or not pregnancy and birth related problems are covered with private medical insurance over in victoria?:unsure: I have found out that I am pregnant days away from having a medical for the 457 visa. I cannot have the necessary xray while in early pregnancy. So will not get the visa - however I can go over on a vistors visa with my husband but need to decide whether I should wait behind in the UK until after the baby is born or go over and have the baby in Melbourne. Please help me Thank you
  24. Hi guys. I will be coming to Oz january 2009 and Im looking to buy a camper van with a budget of $7,500. Where is the best place to look in Sydney for a decent buy. Also can anyone give me advice on insurance. In the Uk we have 3rd party and fully comp - is this the same in Oz?? and is it true that if you are on a holiday visa, you can only get basic cover?? My intention is to end up living in Oz and this is my chance to "try before I buy" Your help on this one would be gratefully appreciated Grant
  25. I will be moving to Oz shortly (Darwin in December!) and have a quick question regarding car insurance. Do Aussie insurance companies offer no claims discount? If so, will they take into account any NCD I have on my UK policy? Cheers. ScottK