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Found 214 results

  1. We are currently in Perth on a PR skilled visa.. Our plans were just to take a year or two out. Then return at a later date ........ But we have totally fell in love with the place. Our Dilemma is that when applying our Children 19 and 21 were not dependent so could not be included. After visiting they are desperate to return..... Both of them have partners who want to move with them. Three of them work in retail and my daughters boyfriend is a plasterer, but has no papers. We have plenty of friends over here who are willing to help with sponsorship, but i am not sure if it has to be a family member??? My thoughts were to get them over on a working visa... Then look into it ..... Anybody know what visas are available to us and how long they would take?????? Any advice would be great thanks Andi :cry: We miss them dearly
  2. Hello Guys Im looking to move to Aus towards the end of next year I have a couple of questions about getting over there, but first I will give you some background into what I do In england i work in liverpool for an electrical contractor as an estimating manager with 7 years estimating / project management experience I have completed a full electrical apprenticeship, with 16th edition & 2391 and have a HNC in electrical engineering. As I said, we are looking to come over towards the end of next year and would like to know the following When would it be best to start applying for jobs If I get sponsorship what will it likely include How long will it take to get a visa sorted and what will be involved It would be great if anyone on here who has gone down this channel before, can give me some answers and any advice. Cant wait to get to Brisbane Cheers
  3. Guest

    Useful Information

    I thought I'd share with you all some useful tips I've been given since arriving here in Oz to make life a little easier for you, please correct me if I'm wrong anyone, but they seem to be working for me.:yes: Mozzies. Hate the little buggers with a vengence but was told about Vitamin B1. Take this 3 times a day (to keep your system constantly topped up with it) and you shouldn't get bitten. I started taking this 2 weeks ago (it takes that long to get into your system) and touch wood seems to be making a difference although still to experience the worst time for mozzies which is Nov, Dec, Jan. I also burn sandalwood, citronella and vanilla, all mozzie repellants. Christmas Beetles. They look like flying cockroaches to me which freaked me out! They come out early evening and dive bomb you. They are attracted by white light so I've been told to put a coloured light on my deck and they wont go for that. Also put a white light at the bottom of the garden and that should keep the blighters happy down there for a while. Driving. The word being a courteous driver does not exist in Australia. They will cut you up, overtake, undertake at every opportunity, will not let you in (or out) will not slow down, worst drivers on the planet. My advice? Just do as they do because you cant beat them! Also they do not reverse park into a space! I do all the time and have passed a space, signalled that I am going in and the car behind me has shot into that space! Infuriating! Bargain on a price for everything. If they wont give you anything off (they usually do if its for cash) then ask for something free, be it a pair of socks when you're buying trainers or a lamp or cushion if you're buying furniture. Properties. Do not expect a house to be spotless or tidy if you're going to view it because it aint. We visited a few dumps (lovely houses on the outside) but they just hadnt bothered to make it look nice on the inside. So you have to have a very good imagination to look past clutter and imagine what you could do with it. Hope this information helps anyone moving here, I just thought I'd share my tips to make life a little easier for you all. Morven
  4. Guest

    Home Information Pack

    In order to miss the 'Home Information Pack' deadline it means that houses have to go up for sale before the 10th September. We are thinking of putting ours up on Friday 7th September - even though we have had not had our TRA result (hoping it shouldn't be too long after). The HIP is going to cost £400 in this area and the estate agent advised us that we can have the photo's done and up for sale before the 10th we will avoid paying this fee. We can also let buyers know that we aren't in a rush to sell and won't exchange until the visa's have been hopefully granted.(fingers,toes and legs crossed) Anyone else comtemplating this??? Cheers Ally
  5. The Broughtons

    Flight information

    Hello All, Just received this email from Hifx. It is no use to us - our flights have been booked for a while but I thought I'd share it with you all. I'm sure someone else might benefit from the information. Make your money go further with Qantas and HiFX! HiFX is continually looking to make your move overseas as simple and cost effective as possible. In addition to helping you get the best exchange rate when transferring your funds, we have teamed up with leading airline Qantas to provide you with fantastic flight deals! Special discounted Qantas One Way Economy Fares designed for those migrating to Australia or New Zealand. Additional discounts for children and infants. First Class Baggage Allowance of 40 Kilos per adult. Date changes permitted free of charge, subject to availability. To take advantage of this unique offer, you must be registered with HiFX. If you have already registered, all you need to do is call us on 01753 859159 quoting "Qantas" and your HiFX client number. If you are not registered with us, you can register immediately by following this link. Alternatively, call us now on 01753 859159 quoting Qantas or email emigration.offers@hifx.co.uk. Opening a foreign exchange account with HiFX is simple and should take no more than a few minutes of your time. Registration is free, carries no obligation to trade and allows you to call us for help and guidance as well as take advantage of this special HiFX/Qantas promotion. Felicity:cute:
  6. Does anyone know if i should of included a copy of this form with my application? I have sent form 47sk, checklist and form 80. Donna
  7. Guest

    Dominic TRA information

    Just completeted my references for my TRA would like know what the next steps are and how long it takes, any information would be appreciated.
  8. Hi Guys Anyone with info on these 2 areas much appreciated. Cheers Al.
  9. hello everyone , me and my family are migrating to canberra . can anyone give me cost of living examples on gas and elec ,renting prices and bonds . i have just passed my skills assesment and need this info for state nomination . many thanks to those who can help
  10. Guest

    information please

    Hi everyone just registered due to reading the very helpful information we have already gathered from you all. We are applying for a skills migration visa and are wondering where the best place is to settle in Austrailia for employment for a plasterier. We have looked at Victoria and New South Wales but cannot get any information about job vacancies. My wife is a nursery nurse and a teacher of post16 years and she will also be looking for work. we would welcome any advise. Thanks
  11. Just noticed an update on the DIMIA website which takes you through various links to find out whether your particular trade needs a licence once you get there.. I found it very helpful...
  12. Can anyone give information regarding insulin dependent diabetic treatment/medication costs/clinics etc.. thanks
  13. Guest

    Information on Oakleigh

    Hi there me my wife and 2 Kids aged 8 & 5 hope to be moving over to Melbourne Shortly as i have been offered a job at Bayside design which is situated at 8-10/104 Ferntree Gully Road Oakleigh 3166. So if anyone has information on this area it would be greatly appreciated as we hope to rent in Oakleigh area to begin with so as i am close to my workplace. Alternativley what are the public transport links like between Oakleigh and other suburbs as i would like to leave the car with the wife to begin with so she can ferry the kids about etc while im at work. Any information would be greatly appreciated about this or any other aspect of life in Melbourne. Many thanks Harvey, Kirsty, Connor & Kaitlin
  14. Hi My husband & I are moving to Sydney at the end of the year. I have just been diagnosed with an illness and wondered once we get there how does it all work so that I am able to see a doctor soon? Also do GP's there refer to a specialist, how long would it take to be seen by a specialist and would I have to pay privately to be seen? I have no idea how the system works there and what I would be entitled to. I wonder if the waiting lists are as long as in the UK? If someone can help I would appreciate that very much. Thanks Cat