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Found 213 results

  1. Hi All, So I posted my defacto application last week, for which they promptly payment! Got an email from our CO this afternoon requesting more information as follows: To date, the evidence you have supplied is not sufficient to make a decision about whether you satisfy the relationship requirement with your sponsor. Therefore, you are required to provide further information to substantiate your claims in this regard. · Statutory declarations from your landlord and flatmates at the time. Also provide a statutory declaration stating the exact day that you moved into a single room together. Boo Hoo! Just getting a house mate and landlord to do stat decs and were doing one confirming the date we started sharing a room (we met in a house share) - unfortunatly we didnt include this in our stat dec. The CO said these didnt need to be signed by a solicitor just signed by the person who wrote them. Im a bit worried we are going to send these in and they will ask for it to be authorised!
  2. Hi im am a plumber in scotland and i wish to move to australia, i have been over there before and a friend of mine in adelaide who is an ozzie wishes to sponser me. He is also a plumber and works for himself, could anyone tell me if it is possibel for him to sponser me and what is the best way to do it if so. Any feed back will be much appreciated. Thanks Ross
  3. Hi, Please help me. I am looking for a state in australia wherein Health Information Manager could be nominated. Is there any state open for nomination for Health Info Manager? Please advise.
  4. As PIO members may be aware cabin crew employed by British Airways have announced plans to strike on March 20,21,22,27,28,29 and 30. The strikes may not go ahead but any PIO member booked to travel on those dates should read the following information and contact the airline or travel agent to see if their flight is affected. BA cabin crew strike 2010 - Latest information - British Airways Apologies that the formatting of the tables did not carry over correctly,click the link if it is not clear enough for you.Also feel free to send me a PM or email if you have any questions that you feel I may be able to answer.
  5. Hi, Just wondered if anyone else has been in a similar situation as I am really nervous about my application for citizenship by descent. Australia House received the application yesterday and I've already had a response requesting further information surrounding my 7yr old drink driving offence on my police certificate (I know - idiot, I am not proud of this). To complicate things a bit the police certificate lists two offences, 1. drink driving offence and 2. failure to surrender to custody at appointed time. This 2nd is due to my stupid mix up of the drink driving court date which resulted in me turning up for court a day late and then being processed, however there was no separate penalty given for this and this is detailed on the police certificate. With my application I sent in a letter explaining how much I regret my actions, that I consider this the past and it will never be repeated, but the they're asking for the following - - The background/circumstances surrounding the offence/s (1 & 2) listed on the police certificate. - The background to each outcome of the of the offence/s. - Any other relevant information you wish to include regarding the above. Just wondered if anyone has any similar experience and what the outcome was? Thanks, Lee.
  6. Hi there, We're a little bit concerned about sending a reference from my husband's current employer in case TRA decide to contact them. If our Oz dream goes pear shaped we don't want to jeopardise employment here. We have a person in the company that we trust to write and sign the reference, but printing it on letterhead gives TRA to contact anybody in the company regarding this which would be a nightmare! We're already sending a stat. dec. for the companies my hubby worked for years ago that no longer exist. Would it look bad if we send one for his current employer too? Can anybody shed some light. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :cute:
  7. Hi I wonder if anyone can recommend any websites or books to research suburbs please? Just as a starter really
  8. Not sure if it interests anyone but there is a new site which reports on national early development Mapping Results @ Australia Early Development Index (Australia) you can check out whether an area has a number of kids with developmental difficulties - not sure whether that would influence you whether to choose to live in that area or not but it may reflect the general social structure of the neighbourhood. Some states dont do early childhood education as well as others so ACT is well surveyed but numbers in other states are lower.
  9. mrtension

    spouse visa information

    Hi everybody i will be thankful to you guys if you can guide me.i got my PR(176) in august 2009 and i came to Australia in September 2009.i live in Australia for 2 months and then went back to India and in these 2 months i didn't find any job,but now i got married last week,what i want to ask is what are documents required for spouse visa for my partner and i m coming back to Australia on 10th feb,coz i ddinot work isit gonna effect spouse visa for my partner or it will be helpful for my case if i show some bank balance in my aussie bank account, Regards
  10. brooks

    Information needed, please

    Where can I get info re Aged Parent Visa versus Parent Visa? ie how long is the waiting list for Agent Parent Visa versus Parent Visa? Can I get a two year visa while I wait? Can I then buy a house in Australia while I wait and, if so, can I get a first time buyer grant? How much will the two year visa cost? Where can I find all this information
  11. hi all i will be jumping on a plane in mid april heading for brisbane. does anyone have any idea what the house building is like at the moment in that area. i'm a roof tiler /slater by trade and am finding it really hard to get any current info on this subject. i will be your friend for life if you can answer this for me, :laugh: thanks in advance jason
  12. Also wondering with bank statements do I just need to provide the first page of the statement when using it show proof of address, and when showing bank transactions between my partner and myself should I just include that page with the relevant information highlighted. Or do I include the full bank statement and just highlight the parts that refer to my defacto application? Do I need to bring both originals and copies to get them signed off at solicitors? Thanks again J
  13. Hello, newbie here to the site ! Hello everyone, I'm hoping somone can help me and my hubby with some information please. We've been in Oz since September 2009, on a Working Holiday Visa. After travelling round we arrived in Perth and don't want to leave ! We managed to get some jobs (me temping for Drake Recruitment and my hubby for an AV company in Glendalough). My hubby has asked his company for Sponsorship and they said that they would consider it, if he got all the information for them to have a look at. We basically said that we would pay any costs, it's worth it to stay out here. Now as I said we're currently on a 1 year working holiday visa, which will expire on the 19th September 2010. What do we need to do, to get sponsored by his company ?? Where do we start ?? Any help would be a big help ! How long does it take ?? What about Medicals etc ?? Many thanks in advance ! Claire
  14. Hey guys, I have an important question If I appeal and get reassessed as MODL from ACS, do I need to lodge a new application to DIAC or can I inform DIAC that I was reassessed Since I am a computer professional if I am assessed as MODL I'll automatically fall on to CSL Thanks
  15. hi, this is my first post here and I would really apreciate any advice people can give. I'm due to emmigrate to Perth in August and I have been training to get a HGV licence in the UK before I go to have something extra to fall back on when I get there. I have a few questions relating to this which I have not found answers to on the forum yet; I understand that a UK HGV licence can not be transferred to Oz without taking a restest in Oz, is this correct and does it apply to a LGV licence too? If I don't get a UK LGV/HGV licence and decide to train and do the test in Oz, I've read that a car licence has to be held for at least 12 months. Is this an Oz car licence or would a UK car licence alse be acceptable, so that I could train for a LGV/HGV as soon as arriving in Oz? Thanks in advance
  16. As I recently got my Aussie passport I thought that I would let you all know how easy it was! Easy - yes! Cheap - no!! Get your passport form and fill in. Make an appointment at your local Australia post and they check and countersign everything. They will then send it all away for you, Easy as that! They`ll tell you if something is wrong, not filled in, pic to small etc etc. We got ours back in under three weeks and that was in December. Excellent service. Cost $232 each roughly including postage
  17. hi. if the CO asks for further information on 2 issues only, does it mean all the rest are ok and i can stop worrying on other things ?:embarrassed: just for my peace of mind.... thanks and merry christmas to all!
  18. Guest

    Information required

    Hi Our names are julie, mark zac, aged 12 and matthew aged 11 At the moment we live in regional south australia, but we are looking to move to kalgoorlie, for work. Please can anyone give us any more information about kalgoorlie and or surrounding areas. :biggrin: Kind Regards Julie
  19. Hello All, So as Im sure some of you may know Im putting in my application for defacto visa in, in January. With the view of moving to Melbourne in July with my partner whos from there. Weve just got the joint bank account, live together have various bills, letters, copies of phone bills etc to put all together just got a couple of questions: - Do we have to put originals in when it comes to the bills or would photocopies do? - How many bills, letters, phone bills etc should be put in for evidence? Is it a case of the more the better? I have looked through the booklet and cannot see anything that states a minimum / max requirement. - Re. the solicitor approval, is that just a case of them writing a statement to confirm our bills etc are genuine? I know someone who works in the police so could they do this? Im so excited and nervous – its getting close to posting the application! Want to make sure every things perfect as Ill be in a bit of a pickle if this gets refused! Thanks so much for any responses I really appreciate any feedback J D
  20. Guest

    Lease Information for defacto

    Hi All, So weve been gathering information for the defacto visa and will be putting the application in, in January. A friend told me yesterday the lease copy could be a problem. My partner and I live in a shared house so there are other peoples names on the lease - will this cause a problem? We have lots of bills, photos and have just opened a shared bank account, just a bit scared this might cause problems. Thanks, D
  21. I have applied under the following category 2299-79 Business and Information Professionals. My simple question is that what will be the minimum IELTS bands require to qualify for australian immigration. For more informaion Points SOL ENSOL MODL 50 Yes Yes No So far my poits are calculating as 105 without IELTS.
  22. Hi there, My partner works for BT and is a optical fibre jointer/cabler. Does anyone have any idea what he would need to be able to get a visa. We have tried to apply with my job but we won't be processed until 2012 as I am not on the CSL List. So we are looking at other ways of trying to get out there and thought maybe through my partners job. Our agent does not know a great deal about telecomms and so is unsure about what he would need. I am an Office Manager. Is it worth trying to get employment sponsorship in this and how hard is it to do? Any help is most appreciated we are really in need of some help and advise. Thanks in advance xx
  23. I need to know if work experience is required in the nominated occupation for WA State Sponsorship, it is in some states and not in others. Please Help:wubclub:
  24. I have just received this email from my migration agent. I am a twenty-nine year old Electrician and have just lodged my 176 with Victoria, all excited and then received this email. HELP: I am writing to you to advise you that the Minister for Immigration has announced that from 23 September 2009, visa applications under the GSM Program will be processed in the following order: Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS and RSMS); State/Territory sponsored with an occupation on the CSL; Family Sponsored with an occupation on the CSL; CSL occupations (not sponsored); State/Territory sponsored –occupation not on the CSL; Occupations on the MODL and family sponsored applications with an occupation NOT on the CSL; and finally All other applications will be processed in the order in which they are received by Immigration The Immigration Department have further advised that, these changes will affect all applications lodged from23 September 2009 AND all applications currently in progress at Immigration (not yet finalised). What this means for you As your nominated occupation is not on the CSL - it means that once your visa application is lodged with the Department of Immigration it will be in a queue waiting further processing. Processing times They further advised the following in relation to processing times: If your nominated occupation is NOT on the CSL and you have lodged or intend to lodge your visa application, it is unlikely that your visa will be finalised before the end of 2012 So what are your options? To have your application processed, you can consider the ENS/RSMS option by finding a sponsoring employer, or If the CSL changes and your occupation is included, then your application may proceed, or If the Immigration Department processes all CSL applications and proceed with those remaining in the processing queue (not likely in the near future) You can withdraw your visa application however no refund of the visa application fee is payable by the Immigration Department - not an option I would recommend as your application is in the queue and we never know when changes will occur that may work in your favor.
  25. Hi, my family and I applied for a 175 visa in May this year. I was wondering whether anybody has any useful information on how to find out when the applications will be processed. I've come across a website called Immigration Trackers for USA Canada UK Australia but was wondering if there are any that may be better. Thanks and hope somebody can help.