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    Help and information

    We currently live in the Uk and have secured our visas to move to Oz but due to various reasons it is unlikely we will be able to move before summer 2012. We are coming on holiday on boxing day for 3 weeks and are looking to search and have a good look around the Perth area at potential places to live and work, schools and colleges as our children will be approx 16 and 13 when planning to move. We are staying in the mullalloo beach area whilst on holiday. I am a midwife and my husband currently has his own business in commercial vehicles (repairing/maintaining traiilers/HGV's - he also has a Class 1 HGV licence). i would like to continue with my midwifery however my husband is looking for anything really within the transport industry or post or airport jobs. Any advice, contacts or suggested places to look whislt we are there or in the meantime would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. Kirsty Wild:biggrin:
  2. ACT Government State Website is showing undermentioned message on their website which states October for release of SMP. Now they will be changing this message and showing some information like November or in few weeks. ACT will inquire with DIAC to confirm when they can expect SMP and according to that they will provide information on their website. So the only state which we can look for more information on release of SMP is ACT. Message showing on 1st Nov 2010 on ACT website :- 2010/2011 ACT State Migration Plan (SMP) Skills List. It is expected that the 2010/2011 SMP Skills List will be published in October 2010 when the ACT State Migration Plan is announced.
  3. A further signal that the SMPs are imminent in this MIA message received today: Important GSM Decision Ready Checklist update David Stewart, Program Director, General Skilled Migration, DIAC South Australia has provided the following advice to the MIA: You will be aware that Brisbane General Skilled Migration (GSM) currently have a trial of a Decision Ready Checklist (DRC) which gives priority allocation to GSM eLodged onshore applications lodged by Registered Migration Agents (RMAs) that are declared via the DRC to be decision ready. Currently only GSM applications in Priority 3 and those not subject to the Minister's Processing priority Direction can be lodged with the DRC. When State Migration Plans (SMPs) are introduced, priority in allocation must be given to GSM applications in Priority 2 and from that time only Priority 2 applications and those not subject to the direction will be able to be lodged with the DRC. Any Priority 3 DRC applications not yet allocated at that time will be allocated only when all Priority 2 applications (DRC and non DRC) have been allocated and will be allocated in order of date of receipt, ie they will receive no priority. This has the potential to inconvenience clients as there is a possibility that health and character clearances may expire before such applications are allocated and decided. You and your client should consider this in making any decision to lodge Priority 3 GSM applications with a DRC prior to the introduction of SMPs. Stewart also provided answers to two questions from MIA National President Sharon Harris: 1. Do you have any idea of timing for the release of the SMPs? I assume from this notice that they may be any time soon.Nothing informed regarding the timing for release of the SMPs; just know that, as program requires 24,000 grants, we need to get going soon. 2. In relation to health clearances, as they are the most costly, would it be possible to consider further extension of the validity of healths if a person has not departed Australia? Case officers would apply the flexibility allowed by policy regarding the extension of health and character checks in such circumstances. Note, we have allocated all Priority 3 onshore applications received before 1 May 2009, so it will be some time before we start processing cases lodged in late 2010. And worth noting that merely being in a state's group of sponsored applicants is no guarantee - except possibly for the ACT - that your occupation will be in the SMP for your state for this program year or that DIAC will reach your occupation in this program year. Each SMP is expected to include quotas for occupations and in some cases a file will be processed more quickly just by virtue of being a Schedule 3 occupation. But good luck to everyone. Cheers, George Lombard
  4. crispysince70

    A bit of SMP information from Tasmania

    This is a question and response that I recieved from Tasmania government. So now I know that at least I've got a chance. Hi **** Would you be able to give me any indication as to wether Tasmania is near to releasing information on it's State Migration Plan. As my occupation ( hairdresser ) is on schedule 4 on the new SOL, I feel as though we are now being overlooked by DIAC. If we do remain in catergory 4 we feel our dream of relocating to Tasmania would remain just that. If you are able to give me any information whatsoever in relation to our situation, I would be most grateful. Hi ******* It is our understanding that the Tasmanian SMP is getting closer to gaining approval. I understand this is a very frustrating process, but it is a process that is out of our hands; it rests at national level, not state level. It is our understanding that the SMP has been viewed and passed on by DIAC officers, to now be signed by the Federal Minister for Immigration, Chris Bowen. When he does this is out of our control. You are correct in your statement that hairdresser in on the new SOL schedule 4, but I can tell you that Hairdresser is on the Tasmanian SMP, but until the SMP has been approved it is only in principle. You have been sponsored by the Tasmanian State Government and this sponsorship will remain in place. I hope this information is useful to you. Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.
  5. Guest

    information on geelong ........

    Hi all, Me and my OH are moving to Geelong by Nov end...have done some research on the net on neighborhoods in and around Geelong...but have no idea how good are they we are looking to rent a 2 OR 3BR house wanted some feedback on the following areas 1.east geelong, south geelong- rentals seem little high 2. Belmont/Highton/grovedale/Newtown 3.waurn ponds, manifold heights, geelong west,hernie hill, drumcondra, breakwater. newcomb OH will be working on eastern side of geelong any thought on the above neighborhoods appreciated.It is just the 2 of us and i will be at home to start with. Any places to avoid.
  6. downunder

    Case Officer verifing information

    Do case officers contact your employer to verify work experience / type of work etc or do they just go by the information you have already supplied like pay slips / employer reference etc? I have a case officer and am just wondering if they do...
  7. Hi, I'm preparing to lodge an defacto partner visa application because my Australian girlfriend and I would like to move to Australia. I am busy getting together relevant information, making copies of everything that needs certifying etc, but am not sure how much 'proof of ongoing relationship' to provide. They ask for at least 2 statements from friends, I've gone with 6 all from Australians, including her mum. I've also got about 40 photos of us around the world on various holidays. What I'm trying to decide is should I be submitting things like random email conversations and phone bills highlighting each others numbers or isn't that really necessary? Has anyone else successfully applied for a partner visa, and could they shed any light on what they provided with their application? Thanks. Matt
  8. Hi, I am new to this site and thinking of emigrating to Australia, most probably Perth, and am looking from some help and information please. I am currently an Electrical Maintenance Engineer/Technician (sometimes referred to as an Industrial Electrician) in a factory that produces wood based panel products (MDF and Chipboard, laminate flooring, kitchen worktops etc.). I have experience with fault finding and using PLC's (Siemens S5 and S7). Also the usual stuff, AC and DC motors/drives, invertors, sensors and switches, relays and contactors, panel building and none industrial such as lighting and power circuits. I have also got experience with Instrumentation & Control, i.e. Flow meters, Level transmitters, Valve controllers, 4...20mA signals etc. My qualifications are as follows; NVQ Level 2 in Performing Engineering Operations (Including Hand/bench fitting, Wiring and Testing Electrical circuits, Electronics, Electrical Plant), NVQ Level 3 Electrical Maintenance, ONC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, HNC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Could anyone please tell me if these qualifications are suitable for use in WA and what I would have to do to emigrate, in terms of exams etc... Many Thanks, Elliott
  9. I'm starting this thread for all the Primary School Teachers waiting for the new SS lists. Not sure if Primary Teachers are going to be on any state lists but if anyone does come across any information please do post on this thread. We are currently at the bottom of the pile (Cat 6/7) even TA's have made it on to the Western Australia priority occupation list but no sign of Teachers. Thanks 175 submitted May 2009 waiting :arghh:
  10. My girlfriend spoke to a migration consultant today and she was told that trades people struggle to get skilled migration visas. I am a lift mechanic and have worked in the lift industry for 10 years but have only been qualified for 1 year. I am qualified at NVQ level 3 but he said that I would have had to have done an apprenticeship as the dept of immigration only recognise this. Im not entirely sure he is correct in what he has told me. I did think I might struggle getting the skilled visa as I only have one years qualified experience but I have heard that if you have been in the trade for a while, there is something called a TRA. By the way he came across, even if I had 5 years experience I would not stand a chance because of my NVQ route. PLEASE HELP!
  11. andromeda9

    457 visa information, might help you

    spoke to immigration today after my sons girlfriend has taken three ielks tests and not feeling to good about the last one she did yesterday, even though she is highly educated, a sister in a cardiac hospital and has a job offer in Australia , its just luck i recon which is unfair whether you pass or fail this money making exam , she was thinking of maybe changing to another visa, i rang immi for advice, thankfully to be told that on the 457 visa the English exam is not needed, hope this helps other pom members regards Lynda
  12. Guest

    Defacto Information needed...

    Hello, first of all apologies if this has already been answered but I really couldn't find anything related to my circumstances on a search of the forum. This is our situation: My partner and I have been together 7 1/2 years and I have a daughter from a previous relationship whose father hasn't bothered seeing her for 5 years. I've discovered that to successfully have her on my visa I'll need to provide proof from a solicitor that I have sole Parental responsibility for her so that's all fine. My partner and I had a son three years ago and we have had a mortgage together for almost four years. I will be applying for the 176 visa hopefully next year and I wondered what we need to do in our situation to provide proof. To be honest I don't really understand the booklet on the Immi website... if I'm applying for the 176 based on my skills what do we have to do for my partner? Do we have to apply for a separate 'defacto' visa or is he counted on mine along with the kids? Sorry if this is a silly question but I really want to be collecting evidence now if I have to rather than waiting for the time when we'll be applying then having to wait longer to gather evidence. Thanks for any help! :hug:
  13. Here is the latest processing update email from GSMB Brisbane. GENERAL SKILLED MIGRATION BRISBANE PROCESSING INFORMATION This is an automated e-mail response which provides updated information on skilled migration applications being processed by GSM Adelaide. Please do not reply to this email address as this mailbox is not monitored. Contact details for the ASPC and GSM Brisbane are listed below. IMPORTANT NOTICE Changes to Priority Processing – 14 July 2010 Direction No. 48 - Order of consideration - certain skilled migration visas The Migration Act 1958 contains powers by which the Minister can consider and finalise visa applications in an order of priority that the Minister considers appropriate. Departmental officers are required to follow this Ministerial direction, which applies to every stage of visa processing. The Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, has set new priority processing arrangements for certain skilled migration visas. These arrangements take account of the changes to the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) that came into effect on 1 July 2010, as well as the revocation of the Migration Occupation in Demand List (MODL) and the Critical Skills List (CSL). These priority processing arrangements apply to applications already lodged with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, as well as to future applications. The new priority processing arrangements apply to the following visa programs: · The Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) · The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) · General Skilled Migration (GSM) The following GSM visa subclasses are exempt from the priority processing provisions specified in Direction 48: · Skilled – Recognised Graduate Subclass 476 · Skilled – Graduate Subclass 485 · Skilled – Designated Area – Sponsored (Residence) Subclass 883 · Skilled – Regional Subclass 887 Applications for these visa subclasses will be processed in the order in which they are received. The following GSM applications are exempt from Direction 48: · applications that have been remitted by the Migration Review Tribunal for reconsideration; · applications where it is readily apparent that the criteria for grant of the visa would not be satisfied; · applications by members of the family unit of a person who holds a temporary or provisional GSM visa (subsequent entrant applications). · visa applications for a Skilled – Regional Sponsored Subclass 487 visa where the applicant holds a Skilled – Independent Regional (Provisional) Subclass 495 visa, Skilled – Designated Area-sponsored (Provisional) Subclass 496 visa, Skilled – Regional Sponsored Subclass 487 visa or Skilled – Regional Sponsored Subclass 475 visa at the time they apply. The Skilled Migration visa processing priorities Under the Ministerial Direction, the following processing priorities (with highest priority listed first) apply: Applications from people who are employer sponsored under the ENS and the RSMS. Applications from people who are nominated by a state or territory government agency with a nominated occupation that is specified on that state or territory’s state migration plan. Applications from people who have nominated an occupation on the new Skilled Occupation List (SOL) – Schedule 3 in effect from 1 July 2010. See: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/new-list-of-occupations.pdf All other applications are to be processed in the order in which they are received. Further information can be found via the following link: What's New? Recent Changes in General Skilled Migration Priority Processing Exemptions & Current Processing Times Visa Subclasses 476, 485 and 887 are exempt from the priority processing changes. Applications under these subclasses will continue to be processed in the order in which they were received by the department – the following subclass by application lodgement date identifies cases currently being considered: Visa Subclass Skilled – Graduate Subclass 485 VC 485 (paper): 21 September 2009 Skilled – Regional Subclass 887 VB 887 (paper): Lodged in July 2010 Skilled Onshore E-Lodged Applications - Priority Group 3 885, 886 and 487 - Applications lodged 14 August 2008 Processing News INCREASED VISA APPLICATION CHARGES (VACs) – 1JULY 2010 Information on fees and charges is published on the department's website at Fees & Charges - Applications & Forms - Visas & Immigration When a VAC is changed, the new amount applies to all visa applications received by the department on and after the day the VAC is changed. Therefore if an application will be received by the department on or after 1 July 2010 please ensure that the correct VAC is paid. An application has not been validly made until the full VAC is received. We have been advised that the relevant visa charges have increased as follows: If the first instalment of the VAC payable was previously $AUD230 it is $AUD235 from 1 July 2010 If the first instalment of the VAC payable was previously $AUD2525 it is $AUD2575 from 1 July 2010 For GSM applicants liable to payment of a second instalment of the VAC the amount payable will be $AUD3575 for applications lodged on or after 1 July 2010. Applicants are not required to pay the second instalment until requested to do so by the department. NEW SKILLED OCCUPATION LIST (SOL) – 1 JULY 2010. On 17 May 2010, the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, announced the list of occupations included in the new Skilled Occupation List (SOL). The new SOL came into effect on 1 July 2010. Applications lodged prior to the implementation of the new SOL will not be affected. Further information about this announcement can be found on our website. What's New? Recent Changes in General Skilled Migration INTRODUCTION THE AUSTRALIAN AND NEW ZEALAND STANDARD CLASSIFICATION OF OCCUPATIONS (ANZSCO) – 1 JULY 2010 ANZSCO is a classification system that provides for the standardised collection, analysis, and dissemination of occupation data. From 1 July 2010 ANZSCO replaced the Australian Standard Classification of Occupations (ASCO) currently used by the department. Further information about this announcement can be found on our website. What's New? Recent Changes in General Skilled Migration OTHER CHANGES TO THE SKILLED MIGRATION PROGRAM In addition to the new Priority Processing Direction the Minister has announced other changes to the GSM Program. Information about these changes have been published on the department’s website at: What's New? Recent Changes in General Skilled Migration INFORMATION ABOUT PROVIDING DOCUMENTS Applicants for General Skilled Migration (GSM) are strongly encouraged to submit supporting documentation electronically. Providing scanned copies of documents reduces postal and administrative delays in receiving and processing information. GSM processing offices accept scanned copies of original documents (non-certified) provided they are in colour. If you scan documents in black and white, then they must be scanned copies of certified copies. The valid file types for attaching documents are BMP, DOC, DOT, GIF, JPG, PDF, RTF, TXT and XLS. Information which will assist you in attaching documents to your application or in emailing them to the department is available on the department’s website at: Attaching Documents to a General Skilled Migration Visa Application E-lodged applications If you e-lodged this application you are strongly encouraged to attach all the supporting documentation to the application in the web-browser. This is the preferred procedure for providing supporting documents for an e-lodged application. MEDICAL RESULTS If you have undertaken your medical examination at Health Services Australia (HSA), please do not post your medical results to us unless your case officer requests you to do so. Please store your results in a secure place and do not open the sealed envelope. ADELAIDE PROCESSING Information regarding applications processed in Adelaide can be obtained by sending a blank email to the following email address: aspc.processing@immi.gov.au CONTACTING US Email: If you have not yet lodged a GSM application then enquiries should be made using the on-line enquiry form at General Skilled Migration Pre-Lodgement Enquiry Form If you have already made an application then all enquiries for the GSM Adelaide and GSM Brisbane need to be made using the on-line enquiry form at: General Skilled Migration Post-Lodgement Enquiry Form or Telephone: 1300 364 613 (in Australia) for the cost of a local call; or +61 1300 364 613 (outside Australia) Contact Hours: (Australian Central Time): 0900 to 1600 Monday to Friday Please note: due to the large volume of calls we receive, from time to time you may experience lengthy delays before getting to speak to a customer service officer. LINKS General Skilled Migration – What's New What's New? Recent Changes in General Skilled Migration New List of Skilled Occupations – Skilled Occupation List (SOL) http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/new-list-of-occupations.pdf Critical Skills List http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/critical-skills-list.pdf Last updated: 20 July 2010.
  14. Hi guys, Im male and i'm 34yo, i know i can't apply for a working holiday visa, and my skills are not upto scratch for skilled mirgration. Does anyone know if i apply and travel to Oz on a 12month holiday visa, can i apply for a work sponsored visa if i find work and a sponosor whislt visiting Australia.# Thanks guys
  15. Guest

    Looking for information

    Hi guys, Im male and i'm 34yo, i know i can't apply for a working holiday visa, and my skills are not upto scratch for skilled mirgration. Does anyone know if i apply and travel to Oz on a 12month holiday visa, can i apply for a work sponsored visa if i find work and a sponosor whislt visiting Australia.# Thanks guys
  16. Any status on these visas? I haven't heard anything from DIAC nor my agent. Please help.
  17. Guest

    Information on Mildura please!

    Hello Everyone, My husband and I are looking to re-locate to Mildura and my hubby has had an offer of employment there! Please can you give me some information on the town and what it is like as a place to live. Also any information you can provide on cost of living/rental prices in this area would be appreciated. Looking forward to hearing from you Thanks
  18. Howz current IT market in Australia for J2ee -5 yrs experience. What will be the salary range/year and where are the better job openings?
  19. Seeing as there always seems to be people asking about the cost of shipping etc, I thought (seeing as I've just finished organising ours) that I'd share what I've uncovered. Just to add that we are packing all the household stuff ourselves - the company will only be wrapping up furniture/ packing mirrors and pictures etc. This is definitely worth doing as (like the companies will admit) when they pack, they don't do it with your best interests at heart, i.e. the less they stick in a box, the more you go over your allocated space and the more they clobber you for! We'll also be taking apart anything that can be flat packed, just to ensure that we can squeeze as much in as possible. So, of the many, and I mean many companies that I had troop around our house - here are some of the results and the best deals we got. Quotes based on a 20 foot container from Perth to UK (East England) leaving in June: Allied Pickfords - $10,600 for a complete pack - never asked them how much for self pack as I tossed the quote straight in the bin with a laugh when it arrived! Crown - $9,000 Kent Movers - $7500 Movements International - $7995 down to $7400 when asked for discount Keys Bros - Between $6500 - $7000 Transglobal (same people who own Chess, meant to be cheaper but admit they don't offer the same level of service as Chess?!) - $6500 Chess Moving Perth - $6358 Additional hard casing for 42" plasma - $90 Please note none of these quotes include insurance - and this is where they try to make the money of you. One agent wrote down that 3 ornaments in our lounge should be insured at $6000! Last time I checked we didn't have any Faberge eggs! We personally won't be insuring the shipment. We've done so in the past and couldn't get them to pay out for damages they had caused when packing. Short of the whole container going over the side of the ship - which is highly unlikely as I should know after having written a whole boring book on the subject of shipping - we'd rather take our chances. Nothing we have is that valuable and things that matter aren't replaceable anyway. Needless to say we're going with Chess. They seem OK and they're partnered up with Britannia in the UK, which is at least a removals company I've heard of. The one thing I would say when dealing with agents is: a) Tell them you have made plenty of international moves (even if you haven't) so they don't think they can treat you like an unexperienced idiot. b) Play them off against each other to get the lowest price - competition is rife at the moment. c) Get a quote for self pack to compare to a full pack. d) Get the quote in writing ASAP. Chess did try and pull a fast one on me by giving me one price by phone and then add $200 more to it the following day in the written quote they emailed over. I said that I expected the pay what I was originally told and if they didn't stick to that I would carry on shopping around. Needless to say 5 mins later they called back to re offer the original price. Anyway, I know that finding the right company can be a long winded and stressful ordeal, so I hope all our homework is of help to someone else out there. Of course these were the prices we were offered, or rather I asked for, but at least it gives a guideline. Good luck all! Rachel :biggrin:
  20. Guest

    Best place for information

    Hi All Me, my wife and little girl (currently 2) want to move out to oz hopefully within the next 4-10 years. The reason for such an unsure time scale is I am starting uni this September (child nursing degree) which is 3 years long so I want at least a years experience in that role before making the jump (which obviously covers 4 years) and my wife is possibly thinking about going back to uni for study medicine and become a doctor (which is either 4 or 5 years) dependant on the course she decides to go for plus she needs to get her 2 junior doctor years done over here I would guess before she would be considered for getting into the same thing over there. Oh and also we would like at least 1 more child. God help me :biglaugh: I have done lots of research into Oz (only thing we have not yet done is visit), I go on a site called Bob in Oz which is a great insight into an english family over there, obviously this is a great site as well. Just wondering if there are any other site people would recommend I visit, at this stage I am looking for sites that will tell me about life over there, maybe about the different areas to live, typical day in oz general stuff. Also things about the wildlife as that is another big draw for me, I love exotic animals and stuff. Sorry I know I sound mad lol, just wanna get lots of positive information and not so positive so we can have a good idea where to visit for a holiday/fact finding mission in a few years when things are closer to becoming a reality. Any help would be ace. Thanks:hug:
  21. Hi folks, we are off on our validation trip to Adelaide on the 16th May and we are going via Hong Kong. Can anyone tell what Hong Kong Airport is like. It was 10 years ago when I was last there, so suspect it has changed a bit. Also is there anything for children to do? I have a 5 and 7 year old. We have about 4 hours to amuse ourselves. And finally, is it worth me getting some Hong Kong dollars or can I just use the Australia dollars I will have on me??? Sorry for all the questions and all these worries buzzing in my head. Many thanks Mandisfam
  22. Guest

    need more information

    hi guys..i've been living sydney for 2,5years..i'm working in food industry..well..my boss would like to give sponsorship but i don't know what is the exact regulation and also who i need to ask too..please give me some ideas abput sponsorship visa..what should the employer do for me..thank's for ur help guys.. rika:cute:
  23. Can anyone help me on this one? I need to know the ASCO code for this course. Thanks a lot.
  24. With all the recent changes to the Immigration process since September 2009 and the recommencing of the Category 5 applicants there has been some frustrations lately regarding how the DIAC have been processing these applicants. I was therefore asked, of behalf of Poms in Oz members, to contact David Wilden (the Regional Director for Europe) at the Australian House in London to see if we could get some information on how the DIAC deal with these applications. This morning I have now received a response from David. Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to David Wilden for supporting Poms in Oz and its members and helping to bring some understanding to the Category 5 situation. He has been a great link to the DIAC and produced some very valuable information, and for this we are very grateful. For those who missed the email I sent, I will post that again and then I will post David's response... You can then post your comments below. Many thanks Tasha :wubclub:
  25. Could anyone tell us what information the schools in Perth would require from our old schools in England, we have two girls at high school and one at primary. :confused: