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Found 213 results

  1. Hi there, I'm about to apply the visa 186 DE - chef. My experience is 5 years working in my country and 1.5 years in Australia as a chef. The problem is when I came to Australia I didn't declare my 5 years employment in the last visa application, because I was working 2 jobs so I only mentioned the other one. Now I need to claim my experience to be eligible for visa 186DE, so it'd be something conflict between 2 applications. I have contracts, payslips, reference letter from my employer in my country and my boss is able to do reference for me. Will it be very risky for my application? How to explain to DHA about this? Anyone got experience please share, much appreciated.
  2. I have searched the internet for an answer and can't find one. My husband and i need a USA police check (FBI check). We have different surnames. Should we send these separately in different envelopes or can we send them together? This seems like such a trivial question but I'm really confused by this. I'm guessing it should be sent in separate envelopes? Kind regards.
  3. I'm curious as to what the responsibilities of an immigration sponsorship from an uncle would be, and what the sponsoree has to do as well? His family and himself are Australian citizens, and I'm his niece looking to immigrate to Australia. I can't seem to find too much information surrounding what a sponsorship entails for this type of relationship. Help!
  4. Hello, Does anyone know whether you have to let your case officer know you have uploaded further docs when they request within 28 days or just let them get on with it? I didn't want to bug someone that is busy already but what has everybody else done?
  5. Hi all, Quite interesting forum, pleased to read so much information conveyed in one place! I'm a Security Professional with 12+ years experience in the field, also holding market recognized certifications such as CISSP, CISA, CEH, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, ITIL and Prince2. Could you please share how the Infosec Market currently is in AU? I'm moving to Australia by december, and just trying to figure out how long it might take for me to find a job, since I've got no local experience (what seems to be a big issue). If you are IT, but not into security, your opinion will also be appreciated! CISSP
  6. Tourism Australia have some videos on You Tube (published June 3 2012). Thought some people might like to take a peek at the highlights of Aus so to speak. My hubby sent me the link to the national one and simply said 'Shall we?'. Some of the places shown are on our bucket list of places for us to to visit together/as a family in Aus. Tourism Australia's Latest Ad http://youtube/3pOVfJwBd5s There's nothing like Australia: Victoria [video=youtube;O63NL-xPfUM] There's nothing like Australia: South Australia. http://youtube/FoBxq8lB2iY There's nothing like Australia: Northern Territory http://youtube/r02jEig086M There's nothing like Australia: Queensland http://youtube/ef2xx987bOo There's nothing like Australia: New South Wales [video=youtube;-wCViAvwTVY]http://youtube/-wCViAvwTVY There's nothing like Australia: Western Australia http://youtube/YHoT5sCZ48I There's nothing like Australia: Tasmania http://youtube/fkCAN_B53XM More in post below..............
  7. Hi there, Had an interview for a role in Perth and employers seriously considering the 457 route. I just want some guidance that the role will fit the 457 criteria. I THINK it comes under Information & Organisation Professional but would appreciate a second (or third) opinion. The job is Client Administration Manager within a financial services company and the job spec involves the following (list is by no means exhaustive): - retrieving client information from third parties - ensuring client database is kept up to date with relevant information - liaising with financial planners to prepare accurate advice documents - diary scheduling - assisting with new business & arranging follow ups - maintaining confidential files & records - creating training database - management & filing of confidential correspondence The salary seems to meet the 457 requirements so its really working out if the job does too! Thanks! :err:
  8. Hi all, My husband and I along with our two children are going to be heading to Melbourne some time between February and April, depending on how quickly our visas get sorted, and are currently looking in to areas we are interested in renting in. We have friends in Newport and Mornington, each offering advice about their own areas and we are weighing up the pros and cons of both. Whilst doing some research we have come across the areas Glen Waverley, Mitcham and Box Hill and wondered if anyone would be able to offer any information about those places and whether they would be suitable for a family with two young children (2 1/2 and 6 months respectively). We are looking to be under an hour to the CBD either by rail or road and would like a nice, friendly, safe and clean area with plenty of parks and open spaces. Thanks in advance for any info you can offer.
  9. Hello out there, Really would like some help please, thank-you to those that have already responded! :biggrin: Regarding information on this form, I currently am struggling from the last company to give me a reference with the correct job title on it, even though this was my initial job title. I now have decided that since 'they' have been not so nice.. I won't use them as a reference. So, I am assuming that a stat dec used instead - but not so sure what to put on there. Second dilemma, is the company I worked for after that, due to the economic crises, I was let go - this is all good and well but they didn't give me any notification on this as they had only opened the office at that time. They said I wasn't due any notice.. again, am assuming a stat dec in place of this. My current role, I will use again, yes a stat dec as I don't want them to contact my current employer either of my plans. I also don't want them to think that I am trying to hide something as I am not. Can anybody advise on this, both my previous managers had left my company and one of them lives overseas and I don't know if I can just get a reference from her, plus I don't want them contacting the employer since they have been so unhelpful in the first place .... :sad: I know this a bit of a long one, but any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanking you :smile:
  10. Guest

    Visa 801 information..

    Hi, I am back in the UK after 5 years working in OZ, i had a Sub Class Visa 801. Does this visa mean i am not entilted to reclaim my superannuation that i gained whilst working there..? I am getting conflicting messages...
  11. Just wondering if anyone can help me set expectations for when our visa will be granted (assuming everything is all ok). Our meds are showing as "health requirements finalised" on the status page and we have uploaded all of the additional information requested by the CO. We are being processed by Megan Peachy of team 2 in adeleide. App was submitted on 4 feb this year and we were contacted by the CO about 1month ago. Visa is a 176 family sponsored. Many thanks
  12. I am looking at moving to Melbourne with my Fiancé in jan/feb 2012, i have just completed my A+ce training (A Microsoft certification) and currently studying MCITP on Servers (MCSE) I've been working for a company called BIS who provide data centre solution and service desk support for large and small companies. I myself have been more involved in te 1st line support more than the networking side of things, but have had my some training in diagnosing network faliures and reporting them to providers such as Telstra. Are there any companies within Melbourne which are able to provide any insight into the best way to contact/apply to companies in Melbourne. I am only looking at working for a maximum of 12 months as i will be moving back to the UK to get married for family, but if i Love the country I will be planning on moving back. Any help is much appreciated. Regards. Dean.
  13. Hi, what did your school give you to take across to Oz, as a transitional pack as such? Is there anything you will or would have asked for if you'd had known? thanks Cal
  14. Hi All, I am new to this site and after some informtaiom about primary schools and how to enrole. My husband had just been offered a job in Brisbane. It has always been a dream of ours to live in Australia for a few years so we are very excited. However my pratical head has taken over and I have no idea how I would find a school for my son who is nearly 6. My husbands company (He would be on secondment for 2 years from the UK) would like him to start this summer but the AU school year starts in January so DS would be starting mid school year. He is currently in Yr 1 here in the UK. Who do I contact to find out about schools. Does anyone kinow the good primary schools in Brisbane. Can you start at a school mid school year and will that not be very hard for my son in terms of making friends etc. Once we have accepted the job we will be given a relocation advsor who will help with finding a house etc but I dod not think I can make a final decsion on the move untill I know what we will do about school. Any advice would be useful including what it is like to live in Brisbane with young children (Also have 2yr old twins!!!!!) Are we mad to think of moving abroad with three young children!!!!! Kate
  15. Hey Applied for 175 gsm in April 2011, received email today saying we got a CO!! Hooray!! However she has requested more information in relation to employment which has gotten us really confused. We submitted a detailed work reference with the application for my husband showing that he has worked in a skilled profession for 3out of the last four years. Now, the CO has requested that he provide evidence of employment in a skilled profession for a total of at least 12 months over the last 24 months, under the threshold employment criteria. Have we not already provided this with the above letter (it shows that he has been in his current role since 2007)? Also we have to provide tax documentation and payslips. Not a problem, but she has also requested these under the Specific employment criteria. We can provide whatever she needs us to provide, but just utterly confused about what exactly she wants. Thanks for any assistance that can be provided. Anxious to get it all right!
  16. Guest

    sponsorship information

    hi guys Im looking to move to oz next year but looking for a company sponsor. anyone know of any companies looking to sponsor for the construction industry. im a coded pipe welder by trade but but working as a QA/QC Inspector and welding engineer at present. im 25 have all current Qualifications from NVQ level 3 in welding pipe work HND in welding Engineering NVQ level 5 in senior managment IRAC Internal auditor any info would be really helpful :wink:
  17. Guest

    Visa information

    Hi everyone, my husband and I are in the early stages of getting together all of the information we need to commit to a move to Oz. Can anyone tell me if there is a specified time period following the issue of a visa that we must travel?? We don't want to give notice at our current jobs too early and would prefer to haver a visa granted and in our hands first. Any other visa advice would be great.:laugh:
  18. So annoyed this morning. Had an email from CO to advise that they are likely to refuse application for a 457 visa because the nomination by the employer has been refused :sad: Immigration requested extra documentation from them on the 16th. Employer provided the information on the same day, and chased them a week later to see if they had received it (no reply). They emailed them again, again no reply. I had an email from my CO last week to say everything was ready to be issued, but they are still awaiting documentation from employer. Employer sent again, and called them to confirm they had received it (nobody available to talk to them on this occasion). This morning had an email from CO to say they are likely to refuse my application as the employer has "not provided the requested information", and did I want to withdraw the application before it gets refused or provide evidence that the employer has a valid nomination :mad: Emailed my employer, she said they have provided everything requested and have no idea why they would say they haven't. Makes me so mad, almost at the point of thinking is this all worth it? We must be talking at least another 6-8 week delay now if we decide to give it another go. Dealing with immigration is like talking to a brick wall, nobody responds to emails or phone calls, or even acknowledges your emails. When you call them you get told the case officer is busy and will send you an email, nothing is ever received :mad: Really don't know what to do for the best now.
  19. Hi Please respond with a full cv and cover letter if you are or strive to be an Information Security Consultant!:biggrin: We're looking in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Oxford (UK)! Regards Yvonne Sears Feel free to contact me on here
  20. Hey guys and all the people out there I need suggestions from you all.. My sister is going to apply for Visa 475 or 176 till the end of this year ..She need some info for her help.If She applies for a 475 visa till when can she apply for PR and if 176 then after hw many years can she apply for PR? Secondly, how much time does it take the PR to be granted??? Can you clear me on that and the difference in benefits of both.It will be highly appreciated.
  21. Guest

    School information

    Hi all! We are moving to Coodanup, Mandurah, WA and the school that was suggested for my 2 kids are Dudley Park Primary School. I can't find a website for them. Is there anybody out there that can tell me about this school, please? Thank you very much.
  22. Hi We will be arriving in Perth mid November and need to arrange somewhere to rent until we decide where to put down roots I have a PR visa and will be working in Jandakot. Can anyone let me know how I can find somewhere to rent, arrange this for when we arrive, and sort out furniture until ours arrives. We have been looking at northern suburbs of Perth up to Joondalup. What are good areas with good schooling etc. Sorry for the lack of knowledge, but we were planning on moving to SA initially, bunking with family initially, but a good job offer has come up in Perth that I would be daft to turn down. Now all our best laid plans for arrival have all been turn on their head! Any advice would be much appreciated
  23. Guest

    Information about ENS

    Hi friends, I have done commercial cookery in 2008. And lodged my PR. After that my husband opened a restaurant, however my PR application is still in limbo. Can I apply for ENS, if my husband sponsors me as my employer. If anyone can point to the requirements for ENS, that would be great.
  24. flossybeth

    Medical information please

    Hello, this is my first post on this forum (after lurking for a while!). We're in the process of putting together our application and I'm aware that we'll need to undergo medicals. I'm just wondering if weight is a major factor. I'm currently overweight but am losing weight steadily with Weightwatchers. My concern is that I'll still be too heavy and we'll be denied our visas because of me. Do I need to get jogging :twitcy:? Floss
  25. FamilyHughes

    Information: PetAirUK - so far so good

    Finally worked round to 'Arrange to ship the cats' on the long 'to do' list for moving to Oz in August. We have two cats, both 8. Only to find yesterday that there is currently a 4 week turnaround on the Import licence coming through! It used to be 10 days but there is a glut of applications currently apparently. Anyway, rapidly obtained quotes from Airpets, Pet Air and Par Air, all chosen for shorlist by looking at feedback on the PIO forums. Due to the urgency decided I'd better go with the all inclusive options. Airpets and Pet Air came in with just a few pounds between them. ParAir gave a competitive quote but didn't include an inclusive quote and I'd have had to spend more time than I have obtaining information and adding delay. In the end I chose Airpets UK due to the fantastic speedy turn around and comprehensive quote and information provided. They were also extremely reassuring on the telephone. I provided information for the forms in the evening and they sent them all back to me for signing and checking this morning. This afternoon all handed to one of their vets to submit my import application. Speedy! Fingers crossed the 'glut' has subsided a little!