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Found 3 results

  1. I've read quite a few threads on commuting GC to Brisbane and was initially put off the idea, however when we arrived I really didn't fancy living in Brisbane or it suburbs (no offence meant and I'm no stranger to the area, lived here before) so our initial accommodation was a serviced apartment in Southport - Meriton, highly recommended. For the first few weeks we alternated between driving and taking the train from Helensvale, it was just a bit too longer commute for me, at least 90 mins each way in the car and longer on the train. However much of this was actually getting to the freeway or train station. We've now settled in Hope Island and been doing the drive for 2 months. I have to say its not bad, provided we leave by 7:00 we're in the CBD by 8:00 9 out of 10 days, occasionally 7:45. Travelling home is similar, we leave at 4PM and are home around 5:00. Nearby areas with similar commutes would be Helensvale, Pacific Pines, Coomera etc. None are on the beach but Paradise Point is 10-15 mins drive and Labrador another 10, 10 more to Surfers if that's for you. We've all but given up on the train, it is punctual but so slow and so crowded, its known as the Bombay Express due to overcrowding. One thing to mention is the driving on the Pacific Motorway has to be experienced to be believed! As you can pass on both sides basically you get 3 lanes of 110kmh traffic driving at most a couple of car lengths apart, and even then some folk swerving between lanes to make up the odd position. Traffic get heavy around Springwood and you have 10-15 km of stop start traffic, currently there are roadworks. Also as my wife and I travel together we get to use the T2 lane, but TBH I don't think it makes a huge difference. All in all, the commute is a pain, but I love living on (or at least very near) the Gold Coast and for us that's the compromise as neither of us are likely to find work there in the foreseeable future. I don't visit the forums much having been in Aus for a while but though the above may be useful to people looking to move to SEQLD.
  2. Watched several documentaries on the 9/11 massacre last night and it got me thinking. Much of the footage was stuff I had never see, it was taken from ALL angle of New York, and I reckon in the main that the vast majority of Brits had never seen it. People falling/jumping from the tower's, the thuds as they hit the ground, the 'explosion' of their bodies, burns, bits missing from their bodies, there as one fella who's brain exploded because of the heat, it was at time truly gruesome and horrific. With that said I thought about how certain people view Muslims as a whole. If I had seen this first hand 'maybe' my viewpoint would be different. I often say that you cannot judge a whole nation on the actions of one or two individuals, BUT. If I had been witness to this catastrophe would my mindset be different, would I hate all Muslims, I would like to think not, but I don't know in reality. I often sit there and listen to my parents say that there are NO good Germans. We often debate the point, BUT. In reality if I had lived through the second world war as they did would I view the GErmans differently, maybe. WHt I am trying to say is this. If I had lived through 9/11 and seen what was done in the name of religion would I be able to take a step back and realise that NOT all Muslims are bombers, radicals and terrorists. I reckon I could have, BUT, in reality I honestly don't know if I could. I think I have my head screwed on properly and would se the wood for the trees, but when push came to shove could anyone of us ay that we would view the Muslim religion any different. This is NOT excusing certain peoples behaviour towards the Muslims, some will jump on any bandwagon and argue sometimes violently and appallingly at ALL Muslims are so and so.'s. But if I had WITNESSED what happened that day would my mindset be any different today. Much the same as how some of the older generation view the Germans, in reality the German people cannot be blamed for what a tiny minority did, but if you lived and saw what went on at that time would your views be clouded and to some extent polarised by what you lived through. Cheers Tony:wink:
  3. Dear all, after search on domain property, it appears to me that suburbs like newport, south kingsville and altona, which are also along the bayside, are much cheaper than the suburbs on the other side of the bay, like hampton and sandringham. anyone has any ideas in this please provide feedback! cheers, Bill