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Found 304 results

  1. The Pom Queen

    Immigration cutbacks hurting businesses

    Australia is heading for a downswing in population growth that could last for a generation, making it harder for businesses to attract and retain workers, a report predicts. The labour market is set to contract as migration rates fall and baby boomers begin to retire in increasing numbers, PKF Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers says. Its third annual Business and Population Monitor, released on Wednesday, also shows resource rich states such as Western Australia may face the greatest shortages right when they need extra workers. "The combination of official cutbacks to immigration, the slowing down of natural population growth, as well as the coming retirement of baby boomers means that just as the demand for workers is rising rapidly, the potential new supply for them is decelerating fast," PKF spokesman Matthew Field said. "The likely implication is that workers will become harder to find, putting pressure on wages, inflation and eventually interest rates, while smaller businesses may struggle to compete for workers with the larger employers." Mr Field said small to medium businesses in resource rich states such as WA, Queensland and the Northern Territory would faced the greatest challenges. Those regions had experienced the sharpest drop in population growth in the past year, he said. "That suggests this trend is having the largest impact precisely on the areas that need workers the most - putting at risk the ability of those states to find the required level of workers, with implications for wage inflation across the country," he said. In addition, workforce participation was at its highest ever level. "The concern for small to medium enterprises is that the high rates imply a scarcity of available labour for any expansion," he said. Mr Field said small business confidence had fallen in 2010, due to rising interest rates and the amount of small businesses in the retail and home building sectors. Slowing population growth would dampen the outlook for home construction, while retail would suffer under higher interest rates and the strong Australian dollar, Mr Field said. "As expected, the fall in business confidence has damaged growth in business investment, demonstrating that, particularly in the resource states, there is a critical need for a large bounce back in order for economic growth to continue in the coming year."
  2. !!!!celebrations!!!!:hug: Finally a response from Immigration, i think almost all priority group 3 people have received an email asking to get ready every thing and we may get case officer in coming three months. share your next updates here in this thread. I am system analyst applied 885 on 22/11/2010 with DRC..
  3. I would love to write to the Minister of Immigration, but don´t know if that´s the sort of thing we "normal" people can do. I also don´t want to put my real name or address, as I don´t want our future chance of Residency get a red cross over it. So how could I do it ??
  4. ducktape

    Immigration philosophy

    I m not a big poster here but I do read from time to time, it is a very helpful website loads of useful info. But I have to say I do sometimes find it disappointing, some peoples attitude to moving abroad seems odd, almost one of entitlement, I ‘ve paid my money where’s my visa, I’ve paid my money and moved here why isn’t Australia playing the game of life the way I want it too? The attitude you approach emigrating with will either make or break the success of your move. In my opinion this attitude doesn’t start when you arrive but when you start filling out all the paperwork, passing skills tests, etc, etc. If you start this process thinking ‘why do I have to prove myself, I’ve been doing X for years and I m great’, then you have to look inside yourself and ask is this right for me? Your changing your life in more ways than you can image, do you want people to fit around you or are you prepared to integrate and immerse yourself in another countries culture. Sure be proud of your roots, be proud of who you are. But be humble enough to understand you are starting from scratch; you need to prove yourself all over again. I took this process on with a migration company because I felt that suited me, I was told the process would take somewhere between 18 – 36 months, because changes were happening, you all know about the changes and waiting last year!!! Since there was nothing I could do I accepted it and begun the process, so trade assessment being the first hurdle. My agent sent me what I needed to do, I read the info and within a couple of days compiled the evidence and sent it back. He called me the next day and said to me ‘you read the documents, no one reads the documents, it usually takes a couple of months to get all this info’. He sent this all off and within a week maybe two, I had an interview, the guy who interviewed me was brilliant, we chatted for 2 hours, he finished the interview stopped recording and then spent the next hour chatting, so much so he gave me his private contact details and to contact him closer to my arrival and he wants to help me with finding work, introduce me to contacts and even suggested I come round for a barbie!!! So onto sponsorship and the dreaded smp lists well we all know about that wait but we got there in the end, sponsorship sorted now for the diac application, I put it in and within a day or so they said we have a backlog we need 6 weeks and we’ll be back in touch, 6 weeks and 1 day later I had a case officer two days later request for meds and police checks, I sent off the meds and police checks and the very next day my visa was granted. Total time 7 months from start to finish, I m not ready to move I was expecting 18 months at the earliest!!! I understand it can be a very different story for others and I do understand. However my philosophy from the outset was I want to comply, I want to integrate… I don’t understand why people get wound up by diac or trade assessment or state sponsorship. They give you an application form and a list of things you need to prove, provide this info and they process your application, if you kick and scream your way through the process, is this really the start want? I m not judging anyone but think about it. Please think carefully those TV programmes which suggest you can buy a 250 sqm house with pool for a couple of hundred grand and you can take it easy with regards to work and you can stroll down the beach arm in arm. It’s a bit of a myth. Your probably going to have to work harder than you ever had to integrate, to become established in work, to settle the kids, to make new friends, these things aren’t at the airport waiting to pick you up, you need to work at it your starting again. You’re going to miss your family and friends, you’re going to miss anything your familiar with, you’re going to miss the UK. Own up to this reality and it will help, my sister burst into tears when I told her I got my visa, they were tears of happiness mixed with sadness knowing someday she’s going to miss me, this is healthy and normal let it happen cry if it helps don’t let it build up it’s all part of the process. Some people settle better than others that’s just life, some people return their hopes and dreams dashed it wasn’t quite what they thought, some people return because of family and friends, the list is endless… we all have our own story. I’ve have already started approaching companies and have been astounded by the positive responses, I m only putting out feelers but the advise and help they have offered a complete stranger still on the other side of the world has been amazing. I m not big on offering advice unless asked but if I was to give you one piece of advise when you’re talking to people firstly ask for their help and secondly tell them you really want to do things right and integrate in Australia you will be left nothing short of gob smacked by the offers of help. I was on the phone to a guy last night just enquiring about buying a van for work, we got chatting about all sorts of things unrelated to vans, he’s given me info on where to buy tools, where to buy materials, the difference between UK and Aus tradies. All the things I should look out for. He sent me an email which I got this morning with all his contact details including his home phone number, a couple of his mates contact details who are tradies, some tool shop names and numbers and he’s offered me 15% off any van I buy off him when I get there if I want. Oh and did I mention he said when I get there I should let him know and he’ll organise a Barbie and introduce me to some true blue Aussies! All this after a quick enquiry about vans. I really want to do this, I really hope it works out, but I don’t know for sure I can only treat it as a big adventure and hope I land on my feet and settle. I could go on and on but I think you get the picture. I hope you all find your happiness wherever it may be; this is my little story of a new adventure beginning, if it helped in part or whole then great if it doesn’t ‘no worries’. Good luck with your adventure.
  5. Hi Just wondering if anyone could recommend an immigration agency (specialises in nursing) Thanks
  6. Hi, Am hoping to start the visa application process but have been recommended to use a lawyer or agent..or is it easier to do myself,or is it more successful if you use a lawyer/agent? Any information or recommendations would be great full. Thanks clare.:unsure:
  7. Immigration Nation: The Secret History of Us will be aired tonight at 8.30PM (AEST) on SBS Two By the 1960s, a new generation were questioning Australia's racist immigration policies and the exclusion of our Asian neighbours. The staged kidnap of a six-year-old Indian-Fijian girl exposed the injustice of the system, but it took the Vietnam War and a humanitarian crisis to force the country to banish the ideal of a White Australia once and for all and sow the seeds for the immigration nation we live in today.
  8. Hi there, Im new to this site, and would very much appreciate advice about moving to Oz. Im a registered nurse with 2 years experience, have a partner and 5 year old son. Feel really nervous about a potential emigration to Oz but don't know where to start! Whiich part of Oz is best? Do I secure a job before I go? Visas? education for my son? Accomodation etc! How long does the whole process take? Thanks all, advice much needed and appreciated.
  9. sourse : Ombudsman finds DIAC dodged visa ruling A woman initially refused a partner visa by the immigration department has been allowed to come to Australia following an official investigation into her case. Commonwealth ombudsman Allan Asher said that the Department of Immigration and Citizenship had made a "flawed decision" to skirt a Migration Review Tribunal ruling and refuse a permanent partner visa to a woman who satisfied the criteria. The woman, known as Ms B, first applied for a provisional partner visa for herself and her children from Cairo in 2008. She wanted to join her partner, known as Mr A, in Australia but the department rejected her original application. The Migration Review Tribunal then overturned that decision on appeal and visa processing continued for 18 months. Mr Asher said Ms B was granted a provisional partner visa on May 3, 2010, but two days later the immigration department refused her a permanent partner visa. "It is concerning that this action may have been an attempt to avoid a tribunal decision that (the department) disagreed with but had not challenged appropriately," he said on Monday. Because Ms B hadn't entered Australia she could not have her most recent rejection reviewed, so Mr A lodged a complaint with the commonwealth ombudsman on her behalf. After an investigation by Mr Asher, the department granted Ms B a permanent partner visa.
  10. Hi, I've been sponsored by an employer and have got my PR 857. I have 16 months left before I can move to where ever I want. However, I'm wondering if I can move sooner. I phoned Immigration and they didn't really give me a straight answer. First said no and then said I MAY have to apply for PR again!! Can anyone help here? Cheers
  11. Our immigration consultants have managed to mess up our life. We had previously applied for 856 ENS (from 457) but when my husband was retrenched in 2009, we had to recall our paperwork from Immigration. The agents kept the paperwork and once we got a new sponsor they hired the same company (albeit in a different city) to do the paperwork (they were paying for it too). We were told because my husband fell into the $190,000 salary bracket, PR would be pretty quick. After a few months they were still requesting papers that we knew their other branch had, so my husband kept on telling them, please get everything from them, they have it all!! Well, 8 months later, we get told that the salary base was increased to $250,000, he needed a new Policy Clearance from overseas, as he had gone to Europe to his dad´s funeral last year, and also that my husband needed a letter from his sponsor guaranteeing the position for 3 years!! Well, didn´t they know this before, so that the letter could have been obtained straight away 8 months ago! Now the sponsor will not give him that letter, in fact they have told him because they didn´t win a contract, he will have to go pretty soon.... start looking for another job!!!! They would be prepared to let him stay until the 1 year is up, but that doesn´t mean anything without the letter... We wasted 8 or 9 months of our life, when these people are supposed to know the ins and outs to help us, now we are back to square 1, looking for another sponsor, and having to wait for 1 more year until we can once again submit an application for PR. Will the next sponsor do the same after 1 year, we live in limbo like this, cannot make any decision in our lives never knowing if our jobs are secure. At least if you have PR you can move about, change careers... Don´t know if should complain, but what will it achieve anyway? How frustrating and stressful!:realmad:
  12. I decided to apply for SA SS last month. Lodged it online on 5th Jan 2011, complete set of docs was received by Immigration SA on 11th Jan 2011. So if my math was right, its been almost a month. Anyways, I got this email today (approximately 8hrs ago) which....bugs me. I mean why now? Why didn't they send me this the day they got my docs? P/s: I'm fully aware that said email is an automated response email. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you
  13. Guest

    How can we get in?

    Hi all, we are new to the forum and are looking for advice and guidance. My partner is 31 and is a qualified part 2 scaffolder and I am 27 and work in recruitment and will have my certificate in HR practice in June. (CIPD Qualification) We want to look at immigrating but have been told that my partner is too old for a WHV and his skill is not on the SOL and I would need to be educated at degree level in recruitment. I have been advised by someone that if my partner was able to get a company to sponsor him we could come out on a type of visa then look at applying for residency. when I have spoken to migration agent i have just been told that we are not likely to get a sponsor and there is no other visa we can get. Does anyone have any help or know about sponsorship. We hope someone can help and give us some advice as we really want to come out! thanks :wubclub:
  14. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone could help me, we have just decided to go for it but find the amount of work quite mind blowing. Is it worth paying an immigration company to do the work for us or should we do it ourselves. Obviously it would be cheaper for us to do it ourselves but would it make the process longer? I'm confident I could handle the paperwork once I know where to start. Has anyone used a company that they could recommend please? :chatterbox:
  15. Just wanted to get a discussion started on the possible effects to the higher education sector in Australia, if the new points based system is approved in parliament. Monash University already had to lay off 300 people due to the drop in International student applications. Last year Australia shot themselves in the foot by handling the supposedly racially motivated attacks against Indians in Australia, which led to an 80% drop in applications from Indian students. Considering the fact that Indian students coming in were second only to Chinese students in numbers, this has quite an impact. Now it seems that they have shot their other foot as they have tightened residency laws. This might have an effect on how many Chinese come in too. I think the Australian Universities are going to struggle, I mean it wont have a massive impact per se but the government will have to fund them more, and can mean that the contribution rates of local students go up too. I'm interested in knowing what you guys think about this.
  16. THE AUSTRALIAN THE HEART OF THE NATION Big benefits from immigration Without more migrants our economy will underperform JULIA Gillard understands we have a labour shortage, which is why she announced an expansion of the 457 visa program yesterday, to supply more temporary skilled migrants for the Queensland reconstruction program. Good but not good enough. Our labour shortage is national, not regional, long term not transitory, and it will damage the whole economy if we are not careful. This is exactly the reverse of what the anti-immigration lobby argues. We do not run a risk of migrants taking jobs away from Australians. Rather, as Access Economics argues, we need more migrants to meet existing and imminent demands for labour. We are already underperforming on exports, with the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics reporting increased mineral and energy earnings coming from higher prices rather than larger volumes. While the value of coal exports will rise by 32 per cent this year, shipments will grow by only half that. Given demand in Asia, we could be doing better if we had the workers. And we could have them if both sides of politics had not connived to avoid a rational debate over immigration during the election. The conservatives promised to cut immigration when they thought it necessary, but were hazy on the details. The Prime Minister assured us she wanted a "sustainable" population. They were both appealing to a grab bag of popular prejudice on migration. Some people fear foreigners will take their jobs. Green zealots believe humans are a blight on the landscape. Others confuse immigration and border protection and some think our cities are too crowded, blaming migrants whenever they are stuck in traffic. What they all ignore is immigrants are part of the solution to our problems. More migrants, especially ones with job-generating skills, expand the economy, helping to pay for improved infrastructure. Demographer Peter McDonald points out migrants contributed strongly to the increase of one million employed people between 2004 and 2008. Not only did they create demand for goods and services themselves, their presence increased overall output. It is time the government and opposition made this reality the basis for a debate on immigration, rather than lazily appealing to ill-informed fears. Kevin Rudd spoke out for the manifest benefits of a "big Australia" last year and, while he did not make his case very well, he had substance on his side. back Copyright
  17. Ozwannabee

    Immigration for ANZCO code 342413

    Hi all, was just wondering whether anybody has immigrated via the telecoms line worker code 342413. I am considering going over myself and have looked at the SMP's for all states. The issue i have is that the job code that would have been perfect for me wouldve been 342411 or 342412. I see that they do have them on the older lists. So my question is whether anyone would know, if i will be ok using this code in my skills assessments? Sorry about the noob questions.
  18. Australia Immigration Nation Premieres on SBS 8.30pm EST 9 January. For related stories from "The Australian" click here. Previews click here. Interesting reactions already from the noisy "Tea Bag" like minority claiming it is anti white propaganda, and those who can't decide whether it is, like all immigration, a leftist or capitalist conspiracy...... so much for Australians being more "relaxed and comfortable" about themselves (former PM John Winston Howard) :wacko:
  19. Hi, can any immigration agent shed further light on an article posted on the ABC News Website, the gist of which I've provided below: Anke Nagel says the Immigration Department has been reviewing all the employer-sponsored visas from January 1 with the intention of implementing changes from July 1. Ms Nagel says the plan is to consolidate a number of visa classes under temporary and permanent employer-sponsored visas. She says there are also plans to introduce a new points test for skilled migrant visa applications. "It really doesn't affect employers as such except there might be more migrants actually approaching them that do not have enough points under the new points test [who are] looking for an employer to sponsor them to still be able to migrate to Australia," she said. Employers 'will lose out' under visa review - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  20. Hi I came across this information today and thought it may be of interest to you– I apologise if it is a duplication. NEDA - CALL for immigration cases relating to people with disability applying for residence in Australia or refugee protection We need your help – deadline 31 January 2011. Please spread this CALL broadly to all your networks. This call is distributed on behalf of the following organisations: Australian Federation of Disability Organisations AFDO Canberra Multicultural Community Forum Federation of Ethnic Community Councils of Australia FECCA National Ethnic Disability Alliance NEDA People with Disability Australia PWDA Settlement Council of Australia The above organisations met with Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Chris Bowen, in mid November 2010 to discuss the report and recommendations of the Joint Standing Committee on Migration Inquiry into migration with disability. The meeting demonstrated that there is a window of opportunity to convince the Government to change the current process and parameters for assessing people with disability when applying for migration to Australia or refugee protection. We now need to present the Government with as many cases as possible – those that have been rejected on the basis of the applicant with disability and those with a member of the family with disability. We also want to hear about the cases that you know about where the application has not yet been lodged, i.e. prior to rejection. All cases require consent from the applicant. The information can be sent to office@neda.org.au where the information will be collated and passed on to the Minister’s office. This call is open until 31 January 2011. For any queries contact Sibylle on 0407 878 933. Please spread this CALL broadly to all your networks
  21. Australia Immigration Nation SBS Documentary January 2011 We appreciate our immigrants — if they earn it. Despite past successes, attitudes towards new Australians remain contradictory. WE used to have the dagos and the wogs. Then it was the slopes and the slanty-eyeds, the yellows, the balts and the Lebs and the curry-munchers. And more recently it has been the towel-heads and the terrorists infiltrating Australia and undermining our way of life. If there is a lesson in the past half-century or so of migration, it’s that new arrivals can expect a withering initiation. The nicknames may change, and so too the migrant groups subjected to suspicion, derision and worse, but the fear that drives such insults is persistent and widespread…. …Australian society has been supple enough to adapt to wave after wave of migration in the 65 years since World War II, and by and large we like the society we’ve created. So, although there are myriad concerns about how future immigration might threaten our society, our history says we have reason to be confident. We are nothing if not champions of change. New Series: January 9, 2011 on SBS One “Immigration Nation The Secret History of Us”.
  22. Hi, We have been here for 3 months on a 457 and LOVE IT! No time to waste please can someone (with 1st hand experience) give a recommendation for a proffessional immigration lawyer so that we can commence our perm res application. Thanks in advance
  23. Just seen this on sky news :sad: Oz Immigration Death: British Man Named Australian Immigration Centre Death: British Man Named As David Saunders | World News | Sky News
  24. The Pom Queen

    Australias Immigration Rate Falls

    Here is an article from Peter Martin today: Figures show net migration falling sharply, with the number of permanent and long-term arrivals outnumbering departures by only 210,400 in the year to October, well down on 324,700 a year before. A rolling annual graph shows the rate continuing to plunge as more Australians head overseas and fewer immigrants arrive. In October, just 9370 overseas arrivals settled in Australia, the lowest monthly total since March 2004. The drop follows tightened rules for working visas and foreign students. To read the full article please go to Alarm bells for business as migration plunges :wubclub: