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Found 304 results

  1. According to a report released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) on September 29, 2011, immigration is still the key factor in population growth despite a general decline in net migration. The ABS revealed in a statement on the same day that Australian's population "reached 22,546,300 people at the end of March 2011, growing by 312,400 people over the year." "This is down from the previous year where the population grew by 374,600 people, and is the lowest growth since the year ending March 2006 when an increase of 299,269 people was recorded," quoted from the statement. The statistics showed changes to Australia's population from the past 12 months to March 2011. With 167,000 people immigrating to Australia during the period, immigration accounts for 54 percent of the increase in Australian population growth. The figures indicate that immigration is still a key factor in population growth despite the fact that overall population growth rate has slowed to 1.4 percent. Although the current growth rate is slower than in the last two years, it is equal to the average population growth for the last thirty years. KPMG demographer Bernard Salt projected that Australian immigration numbers would stabilise over the coming year at a slightly higher level than the current growth rate.
  2. Hi Guys, would really appreciate if anyone of you would have any idea about whether there is a probability that DIAC may cap or stop receiving the new applications for skilled migratnt VISA application for SE or maybe any other category. I am planning to submit my VISA application in january next year as i need to get my skills assessed. i am just anxious that they dont stop accepting new applications by next year or there is any capping process for the same. Sukesh
  3. TRADE Minister Craig Emerson has reignited the Big Australia debate by insisting Australia must boost immigration levels to fully exploit its potential in the "Asian century". In a move that puts him at odds with Julia Gillard's 2010 election campaign call for "a sustainable Australia, not a big Australia", Dr Emerson has warned that labour and skills shortages threaten to restrict the nation's capacity to lift exports and must be met with higher immigration levels. The minister's warning came yesterday in an economic position paper designed to spark public debate about the need for what Dr Emerson describes as a "third phase" of economic reform to boost national productivity. Central to his proposal is advocacy for increased permanent and temporary immigration directed to areas where it is needed -- including mining states and rural and regional areas that he believes have the potential to boost food production to serve growing Asian markets. His 17-page paper endorses key aspects of Labor's economic policies since it took office in 2007: particularly the carbon tax and higher spending on education and infrastructure. But he argues: "Australia's sparkling future in the Asian century will require higher levels of temporary and permanent immigration as shortages of skills and general labour choke off the country's capacity to expand in exports and domestic economy. If Australia's 2020 vision is to be realised, a rational debate about immigration levels will need to occur." Early last year, the government's third intergenerational report noted that under existing immigration and population growth levels the nation's population would hit 35 million by 2050. Then prime minister Kevin Rudd called for a debate about "a big Australia" but Ms Gillard, after ousting Mr Rudd last June, stressed that her focus was on sustainable population growth, with migrants directed to communities with labour shortages. Dr Emerson told The Weekend Australian yesterday he was not disputing Ms Gillard's policy principles, noting she had never argued for an immigration intake below the historic average of 180,000 people a year and that in the 2011-12 budget the government had announced a 16,000 increase on the previous year's intake of 180,000, directed to the regions.
  4. duffer34

    Immigration Lawyer Melbourne

    Hi Guys can anyone recommend the services of a good immigration lawyer in Melbourne CBD, or within 20k's of the city. Also i am in the process of adding my girlfriend to my 457 with the letter of support from my employer should i pay a lawyer to do this or is it very straight forward and something i should be doing myself. Any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks Nick
  5. http://www.smh.com.au/national/protesters-chase-immigration-minister-20110917-1keu4.html see how much attention do media give to this topic, while roughy 100.000 qualified workers are processed offshore with the risk of their visa being cancelled... please no offensive posts
  6. Guest

    info wanted on immigration

    Hi all, I am 37 years old with wife and 2 kids. Been a self employed builder for 10+ years, but never qualified. Been involved in brick/blockwork, plastering and many other trades. However, I'm finding that without papers this means nothing. Would love to move to oz but would rather not be dead from exhaustion and broke when I got there. Been thinking of doing an electrical course to be qualified in something, would this be enough? Should I go to oz on a student visa and do the course over there in the hope of getting sponsered to stay? Would love to hear opinions from people who are skilled but not qualified like me. I know you can have a skills assessment but could do with some quals to take to ensure employment:arghh:
  7. I really need some advice. Can some one please help. I would really love to move to Australia, and am trying desperately to get my partner to agree to such a move. However, there may be an issue regarding his past criminal hindering our chances. I am a qualified social worker and my partner is a qualified plumber and gas fitter,so between us we have enough points to pass the the skilled migration application. However, my partner has what the Australian authority's would call an extensive criminal record. My partners record was some twenty years ago when he was a teenager. Since coming out of prison 20 years ago he has turned his life around, taken himself to college, got himself a profession and remained a good citizen. We met 10 years ago. We have settled down and had a child together and he has mellowed over the years. He is very remorseful for the things he did as a teenager and knows that it has, and will affect his chances in life. Hence the question. Is it worth taking a chance and risk losing thousands of pounds making a joint application to emigrate, knowing we may get a refusal, or is it worth taking the risk? :confused::confused: Any advice would greatly be appreciated.
  8. Not sure if this is the right thread to post this. Quote from the website: FREE ACCESS Immigration records - 29th August - 5th September We’re giving you a ticket to follow your travelling ancestors all over the world, absolutely FREE! From 29th August to 5th September, you can search and view all our immigration records – without paying a penny! http://www.ancestry.co.uk/
  9. My partner is Australian and we have been together for a little over a year. I am looking to move back with him when he returns to Australia later next year. Having looked up the Defacto Visa application process on the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship I'm feeling a little more than overwhelmed! It all looks so complicated and I am worried that I may do something wrong or provide insufficient information. Has anyone else applied recently? Do you recommend attempting it without an immigration expert? It already costs so much I don't want to have to pay even more money if it is more straightforward than it looks! Thank you in advance for any advice that you may be able to give! Kelly & Matt
  10. Hi everyone Just wondered if anyone has heard of or are using Immigration Downunder as their agent
  11. derham

    Good Immigration Lawyer

    Hi I am new to this but does anyone know of a good immigration lawyer that doesn't charge a fortune or would I be better applying myself, what are the benefits? i am 44 and I turn 45 next March and I am looking to apply as a project manager (but I dont have a degree but loads of experience). Any help would be appreciated.:swoon:
  12. Guest

    AUS Immigration

    HI to everyone. I am new to this forum and i want help from everyone in this forum. Me planning to apply for Immigration to AUs with my wife. My credentials are: * MBA Finance and MA(Economics) * Approx 4 years finance and accounts department experience as Accounts Assistant and Accounts Officer. * Age 26 years * No Children just me and my wife. What are my chances to apply for Australian Immigration under Skilled worker program which will be State sponsored and If i will score 7 bands in IELTS all module. Please do Suggest. Me waiting.
  13. Guest

    immigration news

    hello people im a scaffolder who lived in perth for two years, im looking at going back any way possible. i understand scaffolding is not on the list but ive had 2 calls from perth saying it is and for me two investigate but im having no luck at the minute. im wondering if any one could help. Oh and i need an immigration lawyer please! any suggestions??
  14. Hello everyone, I'll be applying to au immigration this dec. As i am from a HR country so my application will tentatively take almost three years. In doing so I am also planning to do masters from au next year(or in beginning of 2013). My plan is that when ill be getiing my PR or near PR, I must have some australian study experience. I am confused if I pply for immigration then it will be difficult for me to get a study visa(thats what I ahve heard for people). Or if I get study visa my PR application wil get delayed. is there anyone who have had an experience like this...I mean you apply for PR and then go for study while ur application is processed...Any problems with this plan?? Or is it just me confused with this.... Any clarification required regarding my post are welcomed... Thanks
  15. Hi all, My employer in australia is now pushing me to get over there, and has asked me to contact immigration to find out what stage my visa application is at. The only number i can find is £1.02 p/m number in london. does anyone know of any others, or is this the right one. How long has it taken for all your 457 visa's to come through, so can I can get an idea of a timescale. Many Thanks Wayneo
  16. http://jobs.aol.com/articles/2011/06/14/wanted-workers-who-speak-english-and-show-up-sober/?ncid=txtlnkuscare00000002
  17. This is very interesting for people researching roles and wages etc for the 457 visa http://www.immi.gov.au/media/statistics/pdf/457-stats-state-territory-may11.pdf
  18. "Unwelcome mat still out for many foreigners. Today's Australia is the sum total of many nationalities, but it is still not an easy country in which to be a migrant..... ...It would be impossible, given their history, for Australians not to have an uneasy relationship with race, with national identity and with immigration. Australia's murky past is not that distant: until the 1970s a ''white Australia'' policy was enforced to restrict the inflow of non-white immigrants. Australia's non-indigenous population represents more than 95 per cent of the total, and a quarter of its residents are foreign-born, but still this is not an easy country to emigrate to. Even British people for whose trade or skill Australia has little demand are excluded. Australia has an island mentality, and to the boat people from such war-torn countries as Sri Lanka and Afghanistan, hoping to start new lives there, it shouts, with less and less ambiguity, ''Warra, Warra!'' The vast majority of these afflicted peoples do not even make it to the mainland, being detained on Christmas Island, in the Indian Ocean, for ''processing'', a word with uncomfortably Orwellian connotations. Politicians exploit this insularity for their own ends: in the last election, and indeed the last several elections, immigration - especially the issue of boat people - has dominated political discourse. Rather like healthcare in America, it has split liberal and conservative Australia beyond its traditional party affiliations. Zealous anti-immigration political figures have emerged, such as Pauline Hanson, former leader of the One Nation Party, who, in her first speech before Parliament in 1996, said: ''I believe we are in danger of being swamped by Asians … a truly multicultural country can never be strong or united.''..... ...Dame Edna summed it up when she said: ''I'm not racist; I like all races, especially white people.'' Hanson's belief that a truly multicultural and cosmopolitan country is not a strong one is misguided. Australia, despite the residual tensions and occasional conflicts, is multicultural, and it is stronger for this reason. For if ''white Australia'' still exists in the hearts of a small but not minuscule minority, there is a new Australian identity made up of varied ethnic groups. They are Greek, Lebanese, Irish, English, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese and Australian. And Australia is them." Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/politics/unwelcome-mat-still-out-for-many-foreigners-20110630-1gsun.html#ixzz1Qm1u6lUP
  19. Guest

    856 - Immigration visit

    Hi I am applying for a 856 visa - is it normal for the immigration dept to come and visit your employer thanks Emma
  20. Hi guys, My wife has slightly higher level of SGPT (ALT) and SGOT(AST) (both of these are liver tests) but she doesn't have any of TB, HIV, Hep B and Hep C. All of these are negative. I am worried about whether SGPT/SGOT are gonna pose any threat to our application OR these are not that significant to affect it, provided that there are no major problems? Anybody who knows about these tests or have any idea about them?? Thanks Kind Regards
  21. Hi guys, I have developed a free iPhone app called 'GdayAustralia' to help people practice for the Australian Citizenship Test. I noticed that most other apps on the story are over $2. It is only Version 1 and is one of the first apps I have developed, so it does lack all the bells and whistles of some of the other apps but it does the job ( I will make improvements in future updates). Anyway, I thought it might help some of you guys, so check it out if you want. Here's the link: GdayAustralia - http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/gdayaustralia/id430601584?mt=8 :jiggy:
  22. Australian Immigration IELTS Test Alternative. Government dilutes IELTS test monopoly. THE IELTS English language test monopoly in the Australian visa business has been weakened. Today the Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said those applying for student visas also would be able to use the US-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).
  23. connaust

    Australian Immigration Queues

    Lives on hold. Changes to Australia’s migration program have stranded tens of thousands of international graduates at the end of a queue that shows no sign of moving — and the immigration department has warned the issue could end up in court, writes Peter Mares.
  24. Guest

    not contacted by immigration

    have just found out today by my prospective employer in Queensland that my husband needs a Chest Xray for the visa. I completed the 457 visa application online and I had my medical on the 18th April there was no mention of an Xray needed for any other member of my family since lodging my application. has anyone had the same problem of immigration not informing you of information needed? any advice of what to do now please!!!:arghh:
  25. Source: Fairfax newspapers http://www.smh.com.au/national/bowen-stirs-up-hornets-nest-over-villawood-detainees-20110426-1dujv.html