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Found 304 results

  1. Jagtar Randhawa

    MRT remitted application, what next?

    Good day, Me and my family moved to Australia four years ago from Berkshire. We are both professionals I worked as an accountant and my wife was a tax inspector:chatterbox:. We have just been pushed around this obscure Australian immigration system for 3.5yrs and it is making us insane. We opened up a cafe in Brisbane and applied for PR on the basis of business skilled 845. After three and a half long years (since application to immi) our case has been remitted by the tribunal on 29/01/13 :biglaugh:. Ive been searching everywhere to see what the satistics are on remitted cases. Has anybody on here had a case remitted and what was the outcome?? I know I should just hold tight and wait it out, but after nearly four years of dealing with the Australian Immigration system and MRT(MRT were great though) is enough to make anybody mad. Is it just me or does it seem the system is in tatters? any info on your remitted applications would be good! Joey
  2. ok so ill be leaving uk on 24th december flying with etihad airways, im flying from dub - abu dhabi - sydney - brisbane, all made in one booking, however im wondering as to whether i go through customs and immigration at sydney or brisbane or even at both ? the entirety of the trip was booked with sta , and its all on one flight ticket
  3. Hi all I have Addison's disease which is an adrenal deficiency. I take a daily dose of steriod (hydrocortisone) and my illness has been under control since diagnosis in 2007. Does anyone know if this will cause us any issues with the immigration process? Any advice greatly received x
  4. Does anyone know which queue I will join to get through passport control, on arrival in Sydney, if I am travelling on my Aussie passport and my 4 yr old is travelling on their British passport???? :eek: Many thanks
  5. I have been here now for 2 yrs and thinking of applying for PR. I have got a quote from my agent and cannot believe how much they want to charge us for their service. Has anyone completed their PR application themselves? What tips can you give or am I best using an agent. Our finances are stretched now , without paying further costs. P.S how long does an application take and how long before we would know an answer. All answers appreciated. Thanks:eek:
  6. I have left this one a bit late - I am in the middle of applying for a Permanent Residency visa through my company who are currently sponsoring me on a 457 visa. The 457 visa expired 2 weeks ago (without my knowing - I just realised now upon checking my passport). I am due to be travelling to Europe for 15 days in 3 days time. How will I be able to come back into the country if my current visa shows it has expired? Also, will I have any problems leaving the country? thanks
  7. Guest

    Immigration Company

    Hi, Anybody used Downunder Emigration?? My b/f & myself are thinking of goin with them Thanks Laura & Matt
  8. pinkpolkadot08

    VIP- very impatient person....

    Hi everyone! Just going out on a limb here, in the hope that someone was or is in the same situation and knows a bit more about it! My Husband left for Australia on a W-H Visa and he now has got an employer that is willing to sponsor him (he's a chef). My question is if he lodges the application to be sponsored can our daughter and I go over before he does on a Holiday visa and be 'on shore' when he applies or do we have to wait in Ireland until everything is sorted? We only got married in January so as you can imagine this isn't how we would like to be spending our first year as a married couple. Also as for the actual sponsorship , my Husband was charged for drinking and driving 4 years ago. He was 37mls , the legal limit in Ireland is 35 but has not re-offended and was honest with them from the start. That is his only charge on his police cert and I have a clean one . Will this matter to the Ozzie Immigration people? I would really appreciate ANY help with this. The little one really misses her daddy so we want to get over there as quick as possible. Thanks . Niamh
  9. Hi, My wife and daughter have gone back to the UK to visit ill family. We had to get an emergency passport for my daughter which contains an observation stating the planned flight dates including return on or before 16th June. The valid until date was put at 30 Dec 2012 to allow us a little leeway (i.e. return up to 30th June - 6 months vailidity left) - that was my understanding at the time anyway. The question is can my daughter return to Australia after 16th June (the observation) but before 30th June (validity) without any changes to her passport? i.e. does the validity take presidence over the observation in this case? As it is a long weekend here in Australia, I cannot contact anyone (immigration, British Consul) to confirm and time to change the flight is running out. If anyone can give me an out of hours number to ring this weekend to confirm with officials, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. "Whose side are we on"http://m.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/immigration/whose-side-are-we-on-asks-union-boss-as-alp-approves-migrant-workforce-for-gine-rinehart/story-fn9hm1gu-1226366976152, asks union boss as labor govt. approves US mine worker visas for Gina Rhinehart.
  11. Hi all, Thank you very much for stopping by and reading this post. If you could provide me with some suggestions and help, that would be great as I am at a loss at the moment. Yesterday, I recieved a letter from AISTL saying that I am not suitable for my nominated occupation of Secondary School Teacher. It seems to be becuase I did 25 days placement at Secondary and other 25 days at Primary (I was doing double LOTE Japanese at Monash in 2011). However, I am fully registered at VIT and I currently work full time at Secondary School in Victoria. One of my friends who applied for AISTL assessment did not submit a letter with detailed placement information (i.e. name of the school, durations, levels) from our placement office, and she got an successful outcome from AITSL!!! She only submitted the transcrip which mentions that she did at least 45 days practicum (the name of school, levels, accurate duration are not mentioned on that). This is simply because she was afraid they would not give her a successful outcome as she did her 25 days of the prac at the adult education institution. After knowing this, I felt how stupid I was to be so honest and sending a letter with details of my placement. I really do not know what to do. Is it impossible for me to have a second chance? I really enjoy teaching kids here and hopefully I can live here to teach. I am thinking of submitting AITSL new application without a letter from placement office, but do you think they would check the previous documents as well? Or are there any alternative ways for me? I hope someone out there have been through the similar situations or with some ideas...I would appriciate any suggestions/comments with regard to this matter. Thank you again for your time and help in advance. Kind Regards, Junko xxx
  12. Guest

    Advice required urgent

    Hi all, I am a first time poster on POMSinOZ, been reading on it since a long time but now really really need the advice of you guys. I hope someone can advise me as to what I should be doing. I completed my Diploma in Graphic Designing(2 years) from a reputable CRICOS registered institute in Melbourne approximately, March 2011. Now, the problem is that Graphic Designing is on Schedule 2 of the immigration SOL list, I have a positive VETASSESS skills assessment. Am i eligible to apply for permanent residency on-shore? or subclass 886/176? Also none of the states are sponsoring Graphic Designers, is it worth trying them all and asking if they possibly could sponsor anyone out of their lists, as to my understanding they usually have some set quotas for 'out-of-list' occupations? I may be wrong, please do correct me if I am. Can anyone suggests me what I should do, what I can do, what my options are? Or if there are any good Immigration Lawyers in Melbourne, who I could see and talk about my situation? KINDLY HELP, I AM GOING MAD THINKING ABOUT IT. PLEASE HELPP MEEEEE !! Regards, Zulfikar
  13. Guest

    Processing times for GSM?

    Hi, I am on group 5, applied in September 2009. They are up to processing Feb of 2008, as listed on the immigration website : http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/estimated-allocation-times.htm, it says that the applications have been "allocated". Once mine has been allocated, say 2-3 months from now (i hope, or just saying) HOW LONG UNTIL I GET MY VISA? Will it take much longer? or is it finalised withing 3 months? please some sources is useful!
  14. Hey ladies and lasses, I hope you're all well. I joined this site for the first time this week, I've been a member of www.pomsinadelaide.com for about a year and thought I would broaden my horizons a bit so here I am! I've been busy blogging and have shared the blog on PIA, but thought I would share it with you guys too....I know there's a fair few people on the boards that are thinking of coming to Australia and would like to know more about what to expect and what it's like.... Karen
  15. Resources boom cuts deep in the city....http://www.theage.com.au/business/resources-boom-cuts-deep-in-city-20120106-1pojv.html
  16. " Intake of skilled migration putting pressure on Australian families, says Melbourne MP HIGH immigration intakes are fanning negative feelings about asylum seekers and damaging national unity, a Labor MP says. It came as new data reveal that Australia has one of the highest immigration rates in the world. Outspoken Melbourne MP Kelvin Thomson said the tolerance of Australians had been stretched to breaking point by the quadrupling of skilled migration over the past 15 years. ''(This) has generated competition for jobs and housing and put pressure on family living standards,'' Mr Thomson said...... From 2005-10, Australia's net migration was 11.1 people per 1000 population, compared with only 6.6 for Canada, which is a similar high migration country..... Australia's net annual migrant intake was 234,000 over the five-year period, but is expected to fall to 174,000 during 2010-15. This will mean a migration rate of 7.7 people per 1000 population, compared with 6.6 for Singapore, 5.6 for Canada, 3.1 for the US and 7.9 for Hong Kong.... But Committee for Melbourne CEO Andrew MacLeod said cutting skilled arrivals would put local jobs and economic growth at risk. ''Rather than going on such flights of fancy, we should be putting pressure on our politicians to invest in the infrastructure needed for a growing population,'' he said....." News Limited December 2011 More misinformed anti immigration propaganda from Australian media and politicians.... net overseas migration includes both returning Australian citizens and residents, plus international students on temporaray study visa of over one year.... skilled and permanent immigrants are just one component...... But do not let facts get in the way of a good rant against foreigners immigrants etc.... I would add, the statistical definition changed in 2006 to include the above via Net Overseas Migration being calculated via difference between arrivals and departures...... Australia needs more people with baisc mathematical and analytical skills.... Welcome to Australia :skeptical:
  17. Australian Immigration Department Explains Skilled Migration Reforms. In his address to the Australian Industry Group (AIG), National PIR (Personnel and Industrial Relations) Group Conference in Canberra, Mr Kukoc, FAS Migration and Visa Policy Division outlined the global nature of migration and the important role it plays in Australia’s economic and social development. Mr Kukoc also discussed a range of skilled migration reforms the department had implemented in recent years. Interesting in Australia, quite clear we need to plan for the future but current political/media environment does not allow much public pro immigration stances.... be interesting how much gets reported and how, political suicide :unsure:
  18. Former Australian immigration minister Nick Bolkus has suggested that Australia's skill shortages could be fixed by increasing migrant intake by 100,000 over the following three years. A former Australian immigration minister has said Australia should increase its migrant intake. Bolkus, who served as Australian Immigration Minister from 1993-1996 under Paul Keating’s administration, noted the continuing economic turmoil for countries in the Eurozone, saying: “I think the European situation presents a really good opportunity for Australia to pick up young migrants who can contribute to developing this country - both skilled and those with the energy to apply themselves to the task we have.” Among those supporting such a mover is Business South Australia CEO Peter Vaughan, who said: “The primary focus must be to attract workers that meet the skills needs of our local industries and if these workers are based in Europe then it is an option worth pursuing." The government has already increased capacity for applicants seeking a permanent Australia visa by nearly 10% in the 2011/2012 migration program year. However, the former Minister suggests this is not enough to meet an increasing demand for skills and labour, and has called on governments at both state and federal level to increase advertising campaigns for countries affected by the economic crisis.
  19. Immigration is a dirty word these days. In the minds of most of the native population, immigration raises the spectre of the boats full of illegals who have thrown their documentation overboard, all the better to gain entrance to Australia. It can reasonably be assumed that a percentage of those are not genuine refugees and are entering illegally as something in their backgrounds would mean legal migration would be denied. It can also reasonably be assumed that the rest, acting as their shield, suffer the consequences. A knock-on effect of the glaring publicity surrounding this issue is that (perhaps usefully to the Government) it has eclipsed the debacle that legal migration has become. I am a member of that most despised demographic, it seems. I am an international student applying for permanent residency. And I am neither a criminal nor a liar. In fact, on paper, I'm a desirable citizen. Previously, an international student coming here could apply for permanent residency subject to whether they had gained enough experience in the field and had graduated successfully. There has been a lot of debate whether this link between education and residency should have existed; I would debate that, in fact, that is irrelevant – the fact remains that it DID and that on the dictate of the Government. And naturally, where there is a entrance, there are people seeking to exploit it and the result was that some students were buying documentation in order to falsely claim their experience, gain residency and then jump ship into whatever other low-skilled job offered easy employment. This of course is a situation that needed to be rectified. Quite often the students were motivated by the fact that decent jobs are hard to come by when you are a temporary resident...most jobs demand PR and so a Catch 69 situation had developed. But nonetheless, it could not go on. An entire industry of shonky colleges had sprung up around this abuse of the system and that also was unacceptable. But now the pendulum has swung too far the other way and as we all know, two wrongs do not make a right. Ex international students like myself are now being systematically stripped of their finances by processes (unnecessarily repeated medicals, trade tests costing thousands, English testing imposed on native English speakers, etc.) which are begun at significant expense and then suddenly rendered obsolete once half way through by the continually changing rules. The Job Ready Programme most international students now undergo costs upwards of $4,000 and currently leads nowhere but another few years of imposed temporary residency. As an example, I use myself because that is the case most familiar to me. I studied and graduated as a cook in 2010 whilst working part time in the industry. Shortly after, I got a full time job as a cook and proceeded from there. I have followed every dictate of the immigration department for someone in my position. So far since my graduation, the rules have changed twice and now I have invested heavily in a process which will now not allow me to apply for residency under the new rules due to my age (over 40). My mental health has been challenged by the stress of living in limbo, and I am by no means inclined towards hysteria. Students can gain sponsorship through a 457 visa, which morally one could accurately call a “slave visa” in which the employer, good or not, has such power over the employee that the loss of the job for whatever reason can result in a 28 day edict to get out of the country. This can and does open up a world of exploitation and in the hands of a less than squeaky-clean employer, threaten the working conditions of the local Australian workforce. Now Perth is regional (but only for employer sponsored visas; you can have been in the same classroom as another student for 2 years and yet only one of you can claim points for regional study) and the 857 programme has opened up, it is yet to be seen if the brighter employers will take up the advantages of that. Another abusive aspect of the system is the bridging visa. Presumably it was originally designed as a short term visa to keep foreigners lawfully resident whilst their applications for other visas are decided, Now graduates are kept on this visa for a 18 months at least, whilst waiting for their 485 visas (Skilled Graduate) and when you realise that the restrictions include the need to seek permission and pay $105 for another kind of bridging visa which allows you to travel out of the country, and that the reason be pressing (sick family member, your wedding, etc) which effectively disallows holidays and such mundane things as visiting friends and family, it is bordering on scandalous. These are normal human activities and the denial of them can cause extra stress in an already extremely onerous situation. There are instances of people kept on this visa for years. As an example, I recently had a sudden death in the family; one of the younger members, a devastating loss. On learning of it, I scrambled for a flight in order to get to her funeral. At the immigration office in Perth I applied for my permission to travel and during this interaction I asked what the procedure was when the offices were closed and something of some urgency came up. I was told that I was “lucky” it happened at the time of week that it did otherwise I simply would not have been able to attend the funeral, or if I did, I would have been considered to have abandoned the previous 3 years of hard graft and heavy investment, the cheeky funeral-goer that I am. I need not point out to any intelligent person what is intrinsically wrong there. Can it really be said of a country that they give a “fair go” when they keep perfectly genuine and capable applicants on temporary residency status for many years after entry? International students have made a very significant contribution to Australian society both financially and culturally. Temporary residents here contribute fully into the tax pot but are not allowed access to health services, domestic study, and a whole raft of support accessible to the regular tax payer. Whilst this is an inescapable fact and entirely normal to have a waiting period before accessing such services, it also throws up questions of how long you can reasonably keep people in this sort of position where they cannot settle, whilst still calling yourself a fair society. I'm a little tax generator with diverse skills, world wide cultural experience, a high IQ, in good health with one doctors visit in the last ten years (and that was for immunisation), law-abiding and with years of voluntary work behind me contributing to the greater good yet the Australian immigration department is penalising me for my age (despite recent assurances that the work ethic, reliability and more robust experience of the older worker is now looked upon favourably) and my romantic status (single: someone with a partner with skills gains the crucial extra five points). This was not the case when I entered and by the time it is over for good or for bad, I will have been unfairly pushed over the age limit for which one gets any points at all (45). If I go back to the UK, it will be with the feeling of being at the receiving end of some very big failings in DIAC's policies; Australia has the right to decide who can enter and remain with sovereign immunity as can all countries and with good reason, but for goodness' sake do it with some degree of justice, or your international reputation, already looking tattered around the edges, will go completely down the drain. And Australians who think that temporary residents here have no right to feel the way I do? Walk a mile in my shoes.
  20. Quoll

    Any UK immigration experts?

    Anyone with some good ideas about how I can get my husband back to UK quickly? I know as an Aussie he can come back for 3 months (and that might be enough to get us over the current crisis) However - anyone want to have a guess about whether he is a UK citizen by descent or not? His mother was born in UK in 1917 and emigrated as a child. He was born in Jan 1949 - I know they recently changed the rules but does that make him a citizen by descent and could he, therefore, apply onshore for a UK passport if he has entered as an Australian tourist? Alternatively, I know he can get an ancestry visa which he has to apply for from Australia but they are taking 50 days to process according to the website (thank you Manila) and I really really need him here before then! Any magical suggestions, I would love to get him back here by the end of next week!
  21. Guest

    Australia immigration for 2012

    Does anyone here, knows what to expect for the Australian immigration for 2012, it is said that new rules are about to change after 1 July 2012.
  22. jyotikhtr

    TOEFL for skilled immigration ?

    Hi All, Today, I heard somewhere that one can also go for TOEFL instead of IELTS for skilled immigration VISA. Can someone please throw some light on it ? Thanks in advance. Regards.
  23. The Pom Queen

    Man dies in Sydney Immigration Centre

    A Sri Lankan has man died at a Sydney immigration centre.:sad: The Department of Immigration said the man was discovered in distress at his accommodation in the Sydney Immigration Residential Housing complex early today. An ambulance was called and CPR done but the man died shortly after midnight. A department spokesman said police would investigate the circumstances of the man's death. He expected it would also be subject to a coronial inquest. The dead man's family are overseas and the department is seeking to inform them of the event.
  24. http://www.youtube.com/embed/Hdx5xUWfKgc
  25. The Pom Queen

    UK bringing out immigration test

    They'll be grilled on topics including the Civil War and Battle of Britain — and only those who pass will be allowed to stay here. The Prime Minister is calling for tougher immigration rules and better testing in a drive to cut the number of migrants to 1980s levels. He said: "Britain will always be open to those who are seeking asylum from persecution. "But excessive immigration brings pressures, real pressures, on communities up and down the country, and compounds the failure of our welfare system." We got Oxford historian MARK ALMOND to set ten questions for a test. But how many could YOU answer correctly? The solutions are below. 1. When did Magna Carta establish trial by jury? a) 1066; b) 1215; c) 1973. 2. Henry VIII had a) Six mistresses; b) Six religions; c) Six wives. 3. Oliver Cromwell told an artist: a) I don't want to be painted; b) Paint me warts and all; c) Make me look beautiful. 4. The Battle Of Hastings took place in: a) 1066; b) 1966; c) 2006. 5. Which of these things DIDN'T English explorer Sir Walter Raleigh discover: a) The potato; b) Tobacco; c) Fish and chips. 6. Winston Churchill said "Never has so much been owed by so many to so few" about: a) The Battle of Waterloo in 1815; b) The National Debt in 1945; c) The RAF in 1940. 7. The Peasants revolted against the poll tax in: a) 1381; b) 1848; c) 1990. 8. The English general who smashed Napoleon's armies at the Battle Of Waterloo was the: a) Duke of Wellington; b) Duke of Mackintosh; c) Duke of Hazzard. 9. British scientist Charles Darwin was the first to say humans are related to: a) Monkeys; b) Beatles; c) Dinosaurs. 10. Tony Blair apologised for Britain's role in the: a) Crusades; b) Iraq War; c) Irish Potato Famine. I'm sorry but we had to do the one for our Aussie citizenship, I don't really understand the need for it.