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Found 641 results

  1. ade72


    :idea:Good luck for saturday ,for anyone taking the dreaded ielts
  2. Guest

    CAT5 - re-take IELTS?

    I am in category 5 (unfortunately) for a subclass 475 family sponsored Policy Analyst applied in December 16, 2008. Since it has been almost 3 years since the application, my IELTS certificate has already expired. IELTS in the Philippines is only legit for 2 years Does this mean I need to re-take the IELTS exam once my application has been processed? I hope I don't need to take another one. Hoping they will accept my old IELTS certificate.
  3. Jars

    IELTS - finally!

    I am so stoked!! The postman just delivered my IELTS results. Needed 8 and above for maximum visa points which took me three goes to get to!! Yay! Yay! Yay! One small step closer... :laugh: L8.5 / R8 / W9 / L8 overall 8.5
  4. Guest

    Ielts - really??

    Hi Everyone, Thoroughly enjoying this site - its kept me entertained for hours since i arrived in oz (about 6 months ago) but anyway.... im thinking of applying for my 175 visa and after looking into the assessment test etc iv noticed (in regards to my english language capability) that the only way to prove that i have competent english is to sit an IELTS test for approx $300!??? Is this REALLY necessary?? I have an english language degree and did live in the UK for....ummm....what - 25 years?? Any help/advice would be great! :hug:
  5. Mr Fabricator

    Free ielts 8 Book , from york

    Hi All , Got a Ielts 8 book ( Cambridge) going to anyone who wants it covers achedemic and general with answers etc Happy to hand over any other info , samples and related stuff for the whole visa process that i have accumulated free to collector or can post if you pay . let me know , im in Pocklington near York , YO412 2DQ PM for phone number . Lee
  6. Guest

    whats best ?

    I have not got the 8 on may ielts and not 7either listen 6.5, reading 7 writing 6.5 and speaking 9 (not a surprise I am a women and have practice many years) over all 7.5 but that don't count. I am resitting this if I can get booked on the 10th. my points need to have 8 =20points 7= 10points as only 55 point due to be really old 43! If I get 7s can go for 475 visa can you advise is this best or is there any good sponsorship help as have a ba in early years was going under nursery manager. Any help or advise as keep appling for job and they say I need a VISA. help please as stressing me out, I don't want to stop my dream:wacko: does any have help of vocab to assist with written task.
  7. Hi everybody, I need all 8's for my visa but only received a 7.5 in my Reading (all the rest were fine) I know you have a chance to apply for a re-mark within 3 weeks. Now logic tells me you've a lot greater chance of getting a better mark on the Speaking or Writing where it's more subjective, and very little chance of your Reading marks changing, i.e. it was either right or wrong. Anyway, I've already booked my next test (Nov 19th) and hopefully get the marks I need then, but before my opportunity of a re-mark disappears forever, I thought I'd throw this out to your experience just in case I'm wrong. Has anyone every had an IELTS reading test re-marked and upgraded?
  8. Hi everyone, My girlfriend and I are slowly starting our emigration process. She's a registered adult nurse, and we've got a few questions about her AHPRA registration that we're unsure about. Any help/clarification anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. :unsure: 1) We've concluded that the first thing she needs to do is complete her IELTS. What we're unsure about is whether we can do that now, before starting the AHPRA process. Where do we get the results of the IELTS sent to if we haven't yet started the AHPRA registration? Can we contact the IELTS later in the year and ask them to forward on her results or can they only be sent at time of completion? Thanks. 2) I believe we need to send proof from the NMC of her registration, and her university transcript. I'm under the impression these documents need to be sent directly to AHPRA. This has left us a little confused, as the AHPRA registration form says we need to send all information together. How can we send everything together if the NMC has to send direct to AHPRA? And how can we tell the NMC where to send the documents, if we haven't sent anything to AHPRA yet? 3) Our intention is to get IELTS proof, then get AHPRA registered, and then start applying for jobs in Oz in the hope of getting sponsorship (state/regional or company). Are we going about things the right way? It's all a bit overwhelming reading all the discussions, websites, and information out there. Sorry if these are stupid questions! Thanks for your time. :smile:
  9. mapster

    Ielts 3rd December 3rd time

    Got my 3rd Ielts test on the 3rd December....................:mad: Having 1:1 tution this week from the college.........fingers crossed this helps me get the extra .5 in each section I need....:rolleyes: We seem to of hit a brick wall and unless I can get 8's in all sections the dream will be over:mad: The college have told me there are Techniques to learn to help with the test. Hope this extra cost is worth it in the end..............
  10. jove

    EOR Ielts

    Just got my IELTS test result I needed an 8 in every band to have enough points to proceed with my visa application. I got 9,9,8,7(listening, speaking, reading, and writing). It would be an understatement to say I am disappointed, especially since the writing exercise was on a subject matter which I am a domain expert. I really wonder sometimes how well these assessors are educated in the English language. Anyway I don't wish to bemoan the system in this post. I have already filed in an EOR form to get my writing reassessed. Has anyone done this and what was the outcome? I hope it is not a case of flogging a dead horse.
  11. Dear All, I am going to lodge my 176 VIC application soon but i have been informed by my agent that my wife's IELTS would be required in the beginning for quick application process. However, i have heard that her IELTS can be submitted later and if she would not be able to secure 4.5 band then i have to pay AUD 4000 approx. My wife is not fully prepared for IELTS. She may need some more time but my agent has really confused me and i don't know what to do and what is the true picture. Please let me know what are my options? Is it true that initial submission of my wife's IELTS can speed up the process? When can i submit her IELTS? Please help REHAN
  12. Can't access the online results page and wasn't sure if I can't login in or there not there yet. Has anyone accessed theres yet?
  13. Hi Guys, I'm planing to apply for Victoria SS, Occupation - Software Tester Being a Canadian nationality, do I need to provide IELTS results to victoria? Thanks is advance
  14. doing a geographical


    How hard is it to score a 7 all round at this test. I mean I studied at university, and think I have a good grasp of the English language. Where can I get an indication of how hard this test is? Cheers:biggrin:
  15. tennis16

    IELTS score

    Hello, can someone advice me the eligibility to submit an application when i have score a 6.5 -listening, 7.5-reading, 6-writing, 7-speaking , total overall band = 7. i am intending to submit for skill 233513- production engineer or 323112 -aircraft maintenance engineer(mechanical) or 233511-industrial engineer. i am intending to go state sponsor, but which state will accept me? thanks
  16. I've found out recently from an IELTS marker that going under the word limit, especially in Task 2 (Writing), may cost you a whole band score, because you will get not more than 5 for Task Achievement, after all calculations resulting in approximately one point less overall for those who aim at higher scores (it is obvious that for those who need 5, it is not a big issue). Does anyone know anything about this!? Is it true!? Seems pretty harsh, I should say!
  17. Hello all, Is it true that to apply for a pr visa, we have to take IELTS exam in Australia. And test taken in other countries are not accepted. Is this true? Thank you.
  18. Guest


    Is it mandatory to complete the IELTS or OET test before starting the ANMAC Migration Skills Assessment? I am a UK passport holder and qualified as a nurse over 8 years ago. When you read the ANMAC website it seems only migrants from New Zealand don't have to complete the test, but on various threads here, people haven't done so. We are planning to apply for a 176 Visa.
  19. Dani251

    IELTS on Saturday

    I'm taking the General exam on Saturday - any last-minute advice please? I need an 8 in all four compartments...:mad: Thank you kindly, Dx
  20. hi, is academic IELTS valid to DIAC and points should be awarded if its not GT. the requirement of assessing body (Engineers Australia) is GT and they also accept academic but i am wondering whether DIAC accept it or not. plz if some one clearify? thanks
  21. Hi, Is there anyone waiting for results. My OH took his this weekend and is now worrying about what scores he will get. :wacko: Not sure if I should book another test just in cases as we need to submit WA SS & the Visa (176) by mid Jan. ANYONE FEELING THE SAME? :chatterbox: Sporty
  22. Guest

    IELTS Speaking from 7.5 to 8

    I have taken two IELTS tests recently and both times I got 7.5 in speaking. What is the best way to get it to 8 - a language centre, a private tutor, pure luck through pushing as many tests as possible? Any recommendations for Sydney area? What time frame am I looking at, can it be done in 3 months time? Is this sort of gap is even trainable through normal academic means?
  23. Goochie

    For Sale: Official IELTS Book

    I have an official IELTS 7 book for sale which I bought on ebay a few months ago. It came without the CD but is ideal for practising reading and writing tasks and most importantly, learning how the test is structured. Just looked on ebay and there is a similar item with a few minutes to go at £4.98 + £3 postage. Mine is £5 including delivery to any UK mainland address. Please drop me a private message if you're interested. Payment by PayPal or cheque please.
  24. Addison05

    Failed 2nd IELTS

    :sad:Hi guys, Does anyone know with the IELTS if all the scores of say 8 have to be on one test please? Husband failed listening by .5 last time and passed others. Now he's passed his listening and dropped a point on his reading. We are gutted as most of the centres are full now and our visa is all ready to go off to our agent. Any advice please? Thank you
  25. Hi All, In this PDF of NSW, it i Systems written that we require IELTS score of 7 Can anyone please clarify that whether we need 7 in each band or an overall score of 7 would be fine ? Also, what VISA will I fall in ? Is it Skilled Regional Sponsored 475/487 or Skilled Sponsored 176/886 For sake of information, I have never been to Australia and have 5+ years of experience as an IT professional and have got my ACS skills positive. Best Regards, Jyoti Khatri