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Found 641 results

  1. w1johnston

    IELTS taken 9th June 2012

    Hello, I took the IELTS general exam today and thought i'd write a quick post to share my experience. This is the first real exam i've taken since high school (nearly 18 years ago) and back then I got a D or maybe even an E in English GSCE (lets just keep that as our secret lol) and considering I need to get 8 in all sections it is no small task! Well I'm certain that I at least flunked the writing tasks and probably the listening too but there are a few positive things I can take from all of this. I now know what to expect when I resit the test I can actually study when I put my mind to it (something I never thought I'd say!) I'm sure if I persevere I can get the results I need The pressure's off now for a few days at least so I can breath a sigh of relief, aaaaaaaaaaahh! The best of luck to everyone else that sat the exam today, I hope you get the results you need and please post a reply to let us know what you got. Roll on June 22nd!
  2. Hi everyone, I am new to this site and I am looking for some info, and some good advice. I hve just passed my IELTS and vetassess practical and our application was lodged on 11/06/2012. I have contacted my agent to try and get a time scale, but all she could give me was that I should be assigned a case officer within 3 month. Does anyone have a rough idea of how long it is taking at the moment to get accepted once a CO has been assigned? My self, my wife and my 2 boys 6 and 4, will be moving to Perth or surrounding areas. I currently work offshore in the UK and I have managed to get a job to go over to, working on the Australian oil rigs. This will be on a rota so I dont necessarily have to be anywhere in particular. Can anyone give some good advice on areas to start reasearching to rent a place, the most important thing is good schools near bye. Would be nice to be close to the beach and places with good rental prices. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Paul
  3. obxer7

    IELTS 12th May

    Just wondering if anyone else is sitting the IELTS exam this coming Saturday. I am, need 8's!
  4. Guest

    SkillSelect for Austalia Visa

    What is the first thing to do with this new process of migrant visa application? Do I have to assessed first by an assessing body? Do I have to take an IELTS exam first. Please help me guide with what to do first with this new process.:cry::cry:
  5. I'm SO nervous waiting for my IELTS results. I've missed IELTS superior grades 4 times in a row now - each time by 0.5 or 1 mark across writing, reading or listening. Sadly my overall mark has allways been 8.5 ! I sat IELTS for the last time ever on 12th May, before I'm too old to get age points. This time I took personal tuition and attended an IELTS test takers course before the exam, so I've given it my best shot. Everything else is lined up and ready for final visa submission....! Just want my results now so I can either re-gain my old life or a get on with the visa submission. IELTS can be a nightmare.... If you need SUPERIOR English for points, practise and if you fail, get tuition ASAP. Roll on Friday.
  6. This is just a bit of whinge really... I need all 8's for the 175 visa application I want to make before July 1st 2012. The speaking, listening and reading tests were all fine and I'm pretty confident of scoring 8 or above on all of those. However writing was a bit of a nightmare. I did the essay (Task 2) first and ended up starting on page three of the booklet, turning over and finishing Task 2 on page 2! I then had to get a new booklet for Task 1. As a result of the kerfuffle, I didn't properly read task 1 (complain about an advertised product) and now feel like I'll be marked down for not fully addressing the task. Gahhh! :frown:
  7. If you're a native English speaker with a UK passport. How many times did it take you to get IELTS SUPERIOR ENGLISH eg: 4 - 8's or higher results in a test sitting? Please answer TRUTHFULLY to allow people to gain a picture of it's difficulty and times required to pass. 1 - ONCE only 2 - TWO times 3 - THREE sittings 4 - FOUR 5 - FIVE 6 - SIX or more. Thank you for taking this poll.
  8. aduffield76

    IELTS Results for 21st April Test

    Hi All Anyone out there take their IELTS on the 21st April? The date is available on the results site: https://ielts.britishcouncil.org/Results I enter my passport number, with and without the 0 at the front, and my candidate number but get "No Results Found"... :arghh: Anyone else get that? Andy
  9. noob

    IELTS Practice Tests Help

    Can someone provide me some study material for the Listening test and also can someone tell me about any website who can help me with correcting and evaluating my Essay and Letter writing. I dont have any one who can check and let me know if I am making mistakes and help me.. I am in a bad need of 7 in each for IELTS. Please help.
  10. clairejs83

    Help on IELTS

    Hi, Im awaiting my AIR skills assessment (Diagnostic Radiography) and was wondering which IELTS test i need to sit either the academic or the general? I dont need it for my skills assessment but do need it ready to apply for my 175 visa. Any info would be a great help Claire
  11. Katiem

    IELTS - 17th March Results

    Hi everyone, Well, I'm waiting for my results which are available from today but will have to wait for the post tomorrow at the earliest I guess. I've tried online a couple of times ... just in case But nothing yet! I need 7's to send off for my skills assessment but 8's would be nice! and I sat the academic paper. So, anyone else waiting from 17th March sitting? Please share...
  12. derham

    How many times for IELTS

    Thought it would be a good idea for PIO members to let other members know how many times it took them to get all 8's on their IELTS test, as this is a major post
  13. Katiem

    New IELTS Security

    Bit random ... I have my exam on Saturday but just received a letter in the post to say that the place I'm sitting the exam (Bath Uni) is starting a new scheme to increase test security and that some candidates will have their fingerprints taken on the day and a photograph then if/when they leave the room during the day they will have to have their fingerprints checked?!? Is there really such a security issue? I can't imagine needing this level of security?! Has anyone else received similar letters for other test centres or could it just be this one? Don't really want my fingerprints taken...imagine inky fingers on the test papers :mad:
  14. We are hoping to move to Melbourne suburbs with a combined salary of approx $100,000 pa and £150,000 equity, june 2013. what can we expect from a lifestyle point of view affordability, 3 kids all under 10 and OH. what are schools like,etc etc etc any heads up. I am looking for Head Chef role, my wife secreterial. state school, tell me about some happy stories of families simliar position out there a while enjoying the life.:huh:
  15. I got 9 in each category except writing where I only got 7 so does this mean I only get ten points? If i get only ten I think i get 65 points anyway, so I should be ok,, but I am finding it hard to find this information out on the immi.gov.au site under the 176 visa. Sorry if this has been asked before.
  16. Guest

    IELTS Writing

    Hey guys, I have applied for a 485 subclass visa. But the problem is that i have to get 8 in all components for IELTS. In my last sitting i got R : 8.5, L : 8, S :8.5, W : 7.5. Well my problem is that i cant seem to get 8 for the writing component. Do you guys have any tips that i might follow?? Please i need help desperately!! :cry:
  17. Sporty

    Ielts 3rd December

    Hey, Anyone out there sitting their ilets on 3rd Dec? This is the 3rd attempt, sitting this one in Rugby, failed others on the reading :arghh: anyone got any helpful tips? Sporty
  18. TheClarkeFamily

    Very Confused Nurse here!!!

    I seem to be reading mixed information and am hoping someone can clear up a few queries I have :wink: 1. I have recently been told that currently to get my UK pin changed in Australia, this is taking 6 months??? Is this true? Can we not apply once we have our visa approved or do we have to wait until our feet are literally on Aussie soil? 2. My husband is the main applicant so he is sitting the IELTS soon. A few nurses have said I will also need to sit mine before I am allowed to work as a nurse in Australia? Our migration consultant has not mentioned this before so am unsure. 3. My qualification is a diploma rather than a degree, I have heard rumours that I would have to change this to a degree in Australia yet our migration consultant says diploma is accepted??? Basically I am an RGN, qualified since Feb 2007 (took a year off in 2009 for maternity) experience in both hospitals and nursing homes. As I say my husband is main applicant, working in IT. We started our visa application for SS skilled 176 in October last year and are ticking along nicely so far. I just need to get my head around everything and be prepared, if the above is correct, to wait a while to get my pin sorted when we move etc. We are heading for Perth. Thanks in advance to anyone who answers :notworthy:
  19. Which Ielts test do i take for a seondary teacher? there is an academic or general. also what is the 5 points for professional year for on the breakdown of new points test? are they getting rid of the skilled migration list of jobs? thanks for your help
  20. jasperyogi

    Dec 3rd IELTS exam

    Hi there, Is anyone sitting their IELTS exam on the 3rd December? I will be doing mine in Bristol a 2hr train journey away but extra time to practice I guess :biggrin:
  21. Guest

    Carpenter - IELTS Test

    My OH has passed his vetasses Carpenter is aged 37 with 20years expereince in the trade, we are planning on going to Perth, my questions is if he has a UK passport does he have to do the IELTS test?? Terri
  22. zxrninja250

    IELTS teacher in Ashford, kent?

    Hi All Is there any body out there qualified to give me some tuition on the dreaded IELTS? I have just received my results S-8.5, W-6.5, R-7.5, L-8.5 and i need an 8 in all areas so im miles off on the writing I live in Ashford, Kent. Also does anyone know if you can get any extra time or points if you are dyslexic? Many thanks, Mark
  23. Guest

    $$IELTS material needed$$

    hi all, i am looking for the IELTS academic materials. Please help me if you can, i believe you certainly can as members of this forum is highly efficient. thanks in advance. cheers
  24. shaigi

    Inquiry about the IELTS

    hi guys , I would like to have the skill assessment so i will send all the documents related to my working experience which is one year overseas as well as my degree . I have my IELTS result which i go 6 in all bands. Can i send my papers for skills assessment with my IELTS result and sit again for the test to get a higher mark (I need 8) while processing and apply for 175 visa with the new result ?
  25. EvieL8

    IELTS for AITSL assessment?

    Hiya all I have recently taken the IELTS test and missed out on the all important 8 by 0.5 (grrrr!!) so will have to re-sit the test to try and get the 20 points for our visa but the next test available isn't until 21 Jan! I also need to get my skills assessed by the AITSL and would like to get everything moving quickly as we are hoping to lodge the application before July. Do I need to have the IELTS results before applying to the AITSL for a skills assessment? I am British with a BA degree so meet the minimum requirements, but also need the 20 points from IELTS who assesses that? Do I send the certificate off with the visa application? Any advice would be much appreciated! Eve