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Found 641 results

  1. Petar Petrovic

    IELTS - Academic or General

    Hi guys, I have one question. My situation is this. I passed Academic IELTS test and I got marks above 7 in all four components which was enough and required for positive Skills assessment. With this score, I can claim 10 points, e.g. for visa subclass 189. Now, am I allowed to take General IELTS test, and, am I allowed to claim 20 points on English language requirement if I get at least 8 in all four test components . This way I would have 65 points instead of 55. (I believe it is easier to score 8 on general than on academic...) This is what IMMI says: "There are two IELTS tests—an academic test and a general training test. You need to take only the general test unless otherwise advised by your skills assessing authority. " http://www.immi.gov.au/skills/skillselect/index/visas/subclass-189/ Thank you very much for clarifying this for me.
  2. Caveman fatboy

    IELTS Requirement

    Is this an actual requirement to take the IELTS tests as I was under the impression that minimum points were granted (10) if the applicants first language is English and they have a passport from the UK? I have noticed a few people on here talking about uploading their IELTS results from the UK and wondered if this was because it was an actual requirement or they just needed it for the extra points? I researched all of this a few months back and I was sure we would be awarded the 10 points as we come from the UK but I know it changes every July? :skeptical:
  3. wanderingwheels

    Sending IELTS score

    Hi all, I am to take my IELTS in a few weeks. While applying for the test online, do I need to select the option of sending my scores directly to DIAC or can I send my TRF to DIAC later on along with the other documents? Any sort of input is much appreciated.
  4. Guest

    IELTS re marking???

    Hi everyone one, Ive heard that some people who have missed their mark by 0.5 have asked for it to be remarked only to find out the have actually passed. Flew through every topic but got 6.5 on reading, 7.0 needed. Just wondered if anyone has asked for theres to be remarked or know of it happening, getting frustrated now with these 6.5's now Anyone???
  5. Guest

    IELTS remark

    Has anybody sent off for IELTS remark and got marked higher? My OH just needs 1.5 to increase his score to 7s. We’ve heard stories where some people have sent off for remarks and it has been marked higher. Has this happened to anyone else and what is the turnaround time to get remark back?
  6. Can someone share their IELTS Appeal experience? Are you successfully appealled your band? and how much have those been raised? I was again very unsuccessfully having a 6.5 for writing when I got my result today. Listening 8, Reading 7.5, Writing 6.5, Speaking 7.0. I really want to know if I stand for a chance to successfully appeal my writing part. Can everyone who had once appeal for their result share their experience? I am on my very last chance to join the CSL list for Accountant with all band 7 on each elements.
  7. Hi all, I just registered here but wanted to ask for peoples advice / experience since my past dealings with DIAC has suggested to me that I'll get given about 4 different answers (or no answer) to each of the questions I have! I'm currently on a 457 visa which expires in at the start of Sept. I'm only on a temporary contract with my work and despite my attempts I haven't been able to find another employer in my profession so far and the short time remaining on my visa is beginning to hamper the job search further. Rather than getting kicked out of the country in September and be forced to head back to Scotland, I've been looking at the 189 visa. Can people advise how long they've typically had to wait to have all the information required to lodge an EOI (VETASSESS etc, do I need an IELTS if I'm from the UK?) I've looked at the points system and reckon I'd have between 60 and 70 points, depending on what score I get allocated for the English language ability test. What I'm wondering, if I get everything done and submit an EOI, what are the chances of being invited to apply before my visa expires in Sept? I know there's no set time limit or guarantee of being invited, but I'm looking for advice on how long others have had to wait in similar circumstances. And obviously I don't want to waste a lot of money on putting everything together if I'm unlikely to be invited to apply. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  8. Hi Friends, I am preparing for IELTS. I am applying for 190 subclass as Systems Administrator. How much do I need to score 6 or 7? I have read that though 6 qualifies,7 is what some states ask for sponsorship....:unsure: Can anyone help me know the actual situation?
  9. BigAngel

    Ielts Results

    Hi. Feeling pretty gutted today, received my ielts results, R9, L8, S9, W6.5. Rebooked a second test for 6th April. Has anyone got any tips on how to get better marks in the writing. I was pretty confident in the writing so feeling confused??? BigAngel
  10. HiMe and my wife are currently in WA on a Working Holiday Visa but will soon be lodging a 187 RSMS Permanent visa. We are both from the UK.Does anyone know if we need to have a medical for this visa and if so, should we do the medical before submitting the application or after we submit the application?Also, does anyone know if we are required to do an IELTs assessment?Finally, is a migration agent worth it for this type of Visa or is it easy enough to do ourselves?ThanksJason
  11. amitmal18

    Vetassess submitted in November 2012

    Hi All, Sorry if i have created a duplicate thread with the same inquiry. My agent had submitted the Vetassess applicaiton on 29th October 2012 and the Documents where uploaded on the 10th November 2012, Still awaiting response. The occupation is Call or Contact Centre Manager – 149211 state Canberra. 1. Need to know if some has filled for the same occupation and got any response till date? 2. Please advise, as my agent is asking us to wait for the verrification call that my employee referance may receive for verification by the DIAC and only then i may know if my application is getting processed - Id this true and there is no other way to find out the status? 3. Also need to know what is scope of a call center manager getting a job in Canberra - is it difficult to obtain one and what are the usual requirements. Given IELTS on the 12th Jan 2013 result awaited by the 25th Jan2012.
  12. highhope

    Hard copy of IELTS TRF

    unfortunately I have lost the Hard copy of my TRF and now I just have the TRF number. I want to know if I need the hard copy or scanned TRF for immigration process or not? is TRF number sufficient? tnx
  13. I received an invitation to lodge my visa application on 189 Visa with total points 60. In my EOI, I added up the partner 5 points; however, after a deep reading of the skillselect website, I figured out that she should have at least 6 in all bands, not as average, which was not the case when submitting our EOI. Fortunately, she was going to sit another IELTS test to submit another EOI under her name if her points are higher to increase the chance to get in. She got 6 and more in all band in her last IELTS test (results come out after my invitation). Now, the new IELTS date is after the invitation but satisfies the band condition (more than 6) while the old one is before the invitation date but doesn’t satisfy the band condition (6 in all bands). Can we lodge our application with the new IELTS, or it will be rejected. If it will be rejected, what do you recommend to do (create a new EOI, wait 60 days, etc)? Note: I found in the Visa booklet this line in the partner point that i have to have relevant documents “at time of invitation”, does this mean before the invitation was issued or during the invitation time – i.e. the 60 days of the invitation?
  14. Guest

    Visa 485 Help

    Hi I would like to ask the questions: Now, I am on-bridging subclass 485 visa (over 6 months). I did the 2 years study in Australia and got positive assessment from ACS. However, I expecting my visa will get refuse because the IELTS result I submitted is not 6 bands in each components. One of my friend got refused in same issues. However, my partner still under student visa and just finished her 2 years study. She just got IELTS 6 bands in each component and got positive assessment from ACS. I believe that she are eligible to apply visa subclass 485 or 489 (if get invitation). My questions are: 1) Can i join her visa when she applying the new visa (485 or 489) with my on-bridging status? 2) Can i withdrawn on-bridging subclass 485 and join her new visa (485 or 489)? Thanks..
  15. Guest

    Subclass 485 IELTS 28days issue

    Is anyone can help to answer me some questions... My issue is that I've applied 485 visa at 10th of March, by the time I lodge the application, I enattach the reference number of IELTS test which I sat on 5th of March. But I failed the test with listening 5.5. So I applied another test immediately after I have the results for my first test, but next test will be held at 2nd of April, which means that I cannot lodge my second ielts result within 28days after the visa application by the time the second test result has been released. In my situation, does it mean that my 485 visa will definitely be refused? Or is there anything I can do? I've been searching on the Internet about this issue, some says that it would be fine as long as I lodge the result before the case office starts to look my case, but other says that it has to be within 28 days. I feel helpless and confused. Someone please help!!!
  16. Hi All, I need your advice. I’m looking to start my PR application next year and I’m wondering, if I still require taking the IELTS exam? Previously, I had studied in RMIT (Melbourne) for 2 years (2000-2001), major in Computer Science. After graduation, I had return back to Singapore to work till now. Thanks, :-D
  17. I'm confused about what we need to score on IELTS to be awarded "Superior" on the points test for English language ability. I thought it had to be 8 in all 4 sections of the test (DIAC says "IELTS score of at least 8 on each of the 4 components of the test: speaking, reading, writing and listening, or equivalent standard in a specified test."), but I see a lot of you quoting your overall score as if this is in fact the significant result. Can anyone clarify this for me, please? Thanks!
  18. Dear all This June I got through my ACS assessment and IELTS. I was hoping to apply for state sponsorship but suddenly SA changed the ielts requirement to each 6.5 for my occupation. My IELTS results are L6 R6.5 W6.5 S7 overall 6.5 band. I have 55 points at the moment and in need of 5 more. Age: 30 Experience: 10 Degree: 15 I was hoping to claim the last 5 points from the state sponsorship but now I am stuck:arghh:. So I decided to re-sit for the IELTS exam but the results were same as my first attempt. I checked the northern territory's occupation list and they have mentioned "At least three years of post-qualification experience. IELTS score of average 7.0 or higher. Must have IELTS 7.0 in speaking". Next I checked the western Australia occupation list and sadly my occupation is not available. Can someone advice me on this. Thanks
  19. After a very very slow start to our process - end of April and still gathering info 20+ years back for the TRA! - we are finally booking our IELTS tests for September (Hopefully the TRA will be ready to go around then too) Can anyone recommend any study books or any you have used for sale? There are so many online it's hard to know which is best to choose. Any help would be great, thank you
  20. Katiem

    Discounted IELTS Prep course

    Hi, I just saw this on the daily deals page for wowcher... http://www.wowcher.co.uk/email-deals/national-deal/deal-13746-detail/29-instead-499-oxford-ielts-online-ielts/deal.html?c=26&ito=wowcher_email_0001&auth=99A291B4679979D6A4949ED935D7B8FDA881BE00B99E6D4330FD718ACA031358&p=link_14 I've completed my IELTS but maybe it could help someone on here. It's an online prep course from Oxford IELTS for £29 rather than £499 so a massive discount!! For those that haven't used wowcher before, it's easy to sign up and very user friendly. Good luck :smile:
  21. John and Alexa

    IELTS Results & What to do next?

    Hi Everyone We are hoping we can draw on your knowledge & experience. We both received our IELTS results yesterday & whilst we both obtained an overall score of 8 & 8.5 our reading results were 6.5. My results were 8,6.5,8.5,9 & Johns' were 9,6.5,8.5,9. Our instant re-action was how? Especially as the other results are good. At the time we thought the text/questions on the whales was poorly written & open to interpretation but decided it can't have been that bad as it is for an English test & maybe it was just us. Has anyone else taken this test in the last couple of weeks & found the same? Yesterday I informed our agent & she has told us we have to re-take the test as a minimum score of 7 in each section is required. Is this correct? We were under the assumption it was the overall score that was needed. Today I'm deliberating on what to do next. Should I contact the test centre & query the reading results for us both or should I just do what the agent says & book a retest? We are hoping to follow the WA SS route. Thanks Alexa :confused:
  22. Guest

    What to do after EOI

    Hi All, i am new to this forum, just took my IELTS with L:8.5, R:7, W:7, S:6.5 and Skills Assessment for 'System Analyst' to be positive for 9 years and 10 Months. Lodged the EOI. can anybody tell me why to separately apply for South Australia State Sponsorship when EOI is there and all states can check the EOIs and EOI itself offers to apply for state sponsorship (Subclass 190) then why do we need to apply for state sponsorship separately. also please tell me how long will the state sponsorship take........... applied on 07/08/2012. Thnx!!!!!
  23. I looked out the ielts score for kindergarten teachers (for teacher'sregistration), which is 7 in each sector.Does is the same score for teacher's assistens and childcare workers? Thanx
  24. Hi folks, I'm doing a research for my Doctorate of Education at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia.It's about the problems people are experiencing when taking IELTS test. I badly needed your help and you can only help me by sharing your experience,comments and complaints about IELTS test. Hope everyone who will read this will have a heart to share his experience. It would be a great help.Thank you. Regards, mike
  25. Guest

    Frustrated with IELTS.

    Hi, I have written IELTS exam 10 times now and have always missed it by 0.5/1.0 band in any random module now. I totally believe that the SYSTEM has no proper standards to mark the students. I would never crib if the system was all computer based. The human intervention in the system is surely to be blamed for the varying results that myself (and i believe a lot of other people) have been getting. The last two exams i have given have frustrated me to the core. The results i got was ridiculous. 9th attempt: Listening : 7.5 Reading: 6.5 Writing : 8.0 Speaking: 7.5 10th attempt: Listening: 8.0 Reading: 9.0 Writing 6.5 Speaking: 7.0 In my previous attempts too i've been missing out by 0.5. At one instance i even gave for a remark in listening module and it was changed from 6.0 to 6.5. I really don't understand why does the immigration dept. relies on such a mismanaged system. My fight to get 7.0 in each is still ON after 3 years.... Please share your own experiences if others have faced such issues too..