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Found 641 results

  1. gaaaargh, OH did his IELTS on 20th oct and the results STILL haven't arrived. Both getting really narky now about it and off to the pub to comiserate ! Anyone else in the same situation ?
  2. hoorayhenry

    Nervous about IELTS!

    Hi everyone I was going through the employer sponsored route but that has all fallen through. I am now trying to get my 120 points by doing the IELTS tomorrow and I just wanted some moral support coz I'm feeling nervous! HELP:arghh: !!!!!!!!!! HH x
  3. garyjames

    RE: IELTS test

    September 23, 2007 Hi, Just a short message for native English speakers who are worried about doing an IELTS test that it is not so bad. I received my IELTS test result today (Listening 8.5, Reading 8.0, Writing 9.0, Speaking 9.0; Overall Band Score 8.5). I think if you get the practice materials, and do a few of them in the week or two leading up to the test, you will be fine. Kind Regards, Gary
  4. Guest


    I've borrowed a IELTS book off a foriegn work colleague for OH and yesterday he looked through it and said he was C**P at this type of thing. This is from someone who has completed a Uni degree. The problem is that foreign students are taught old fashion english grammar and we're not so I don't think it will be so easy. Told OH to give it a go and can only try his best, mind you if it was me taking it we would def fail. Debs :arghh:
  5. Guest

    Ielts Test

    Just filling out IELTS form and just wondering do we tick academin test or general test. Good start or what. Debs
  6. degs

    IELTS Easy or Hard????

    It looks like I will be lodging my skills assessment in september, does anyone know if this test is an easy test or a hard test, what it entails and what percentage is needed to pass Cheers
  7. Guest

    Ielts Dilemma

    :wacko::unsure:Just done the points test and we scored 115. My hubby has a post graduate management degree from Lancaster Uni. Will he have to take the IELTS test or Im sure I have read that this should give him the full mark. Debs
  8. Hopefully of some use to those who are looking for some clarity on the English language test: Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - News Best regards.
  9. Does my husband have to sit a test for the extra points? I am still very unclear. I went on to immi.gov.uk website Exemptions: Applicants who hold a passport from one of the countries listed below will not be required to sit the IELTS test to demonstrate that they meet the English language threshold: United Kingdom (UK) Canada New Zealand United States of America (USA) Republic of Ireland. Skills assessments and English A higher level of English is required for certain occupations where it forms part of the skills assessment. You can find out if your occupation requires a higher level of English by contacting the assessing authority for your nominated occupation. Contact details for assessing bodies are available at the end of the Skilled Occupation List. ?? My husband was born and bred in England, as was I and our families too. We all hold british passports too. He is 43 years old. We had our heart set on moving out to NSW and for my husband to set up his own roofing company and hopefully to employ workers too. Does he still get the 25 points therefore if he doesnt sit the test? Or what points does he get if he doesnt sit it when he is in the exempt bracket? Please help. I am really confused. My Husband is a Roofer and his trade has been recognised by the TRA a few months ago. Do the Australian Government never take into account or give people extra points who have worked hard, without ever going on the dole in this Country? But they want us to sit some test to prove we can speak english to do a manual job that they are short of in their country? Help please. Thanks alot.
  10. Guest

    IELTs English Test

    Morning.... got a question.....due to OH being the wrong side of 40 we need to get 5 extra points so he either needs a job offer or has to sit the IELTS english test....bloody stupid :arghh:if you ask me BUT he has to do it so i would like to know if anyone has done it and what does it consit of ?? if you can help that would be great....by the way he;s a painter & decorator
  11. Guest


    :jiggy:Hi, found this, put it on incase anyone needs help it has examples on etc http://www.ielts-blog.com/ all practice stuff examples
  12. Guest


    Does anybody know the difference between the Academic and General IELTS test, and which one is needed for the additional points.:unsure:
  13. Guest

    Is IELTS required for 457 visa?

    Is the IELTS test required to prove English proficiency for the 457 visa application? My boyfriend is English, born and bred in the UK, a full-blooded POM by the Aussie definition! But he has no copies of school certs on hand.
  14. Guest

    Ielts Or Other??

    HI, I need advise please. My first languge isn't english, is IELTS the only test i can present to the immi? How about school/college certificate, english languge school, notary certificate???Why IELTS? IT ONLY TESTS OUR SPEED!!!! :arghh:
  15. Guest

    IELTS test

    Just been informed my husband might have to take the ielts test to gain a few more points. Has anyone taken this test, if so how did they get on. Thanks Tracy
  16. Guest

    Misses needs IELTS test

    Just got informed that the misses needs to take an IELTS test. She is Swedish but has lived in the UK for 15 years and has worked in the UK for large UK companies which involved a high standard of spoken and written English. My agent thinks if we get evidence of this she will not have to sit the tests. So advice to the men is get yourself a nice English girl. It will be a shame if i have to leave the misses here..