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Found 641 results

  1. Hi all, Just trying to book on an IELTS test, does anyone know if I should be doing the academic or general version of the test? I'm hopeful of getting an 8x4 so if anyone has any tips for success that would be great too! Thanks Amy
  2. What was your academic IELTS test result? How many attempts did you take to pass? JOHN
  3. Katie Carter

    The IELTS test and the point system

    My husband is the main applicant for a skilled 189 visa however, he is taking the IELTs test for extra bonus points but he is underconfident about how he will do. I wish to take the exam aswell in the hope that my points will also count towards the visa application. Can anyone clarify for me the following, will my test results gain points (provided they are proficient or superior) for the visa or am I taking an unnecessary exam that won't be counted in the points test. As you can see my quality of grammar is very rushed in this post haha! my apologies!:biglaugh:
  4. Ive already lived in sydney for a year on a working holiday visa (Im English), and Im looking at applying for a skilled visa (Solicitor). Ive been reading through the government immigration website and it seems Im eligible, but id love to be able to talk to someone about possible options and to make sure Im not going about it the wrong way. The visa Im looking at is a skilled independant visa (subclass 189) if anyone can offer any advice. Having looked at http://www.harriswake.com/skillselectpointscalculator I have a points score of 65, which includes superior english (ielts 8), is this test required even if you have degree from an english university?
  5. I can't find this information anywhere on the Internet, why does Australia immigration use your lowest IELTS band score when it comes to awarding you points? Seems weird that your overall score is not used
  6. Robwilliams1983

    Restless night waiting for IELTS results

    Looks like i will be having a restless night waiting to check my IELTS results online tomorrow, 2nd time lucky. Fingers crossed I get the 8 minimum that I need in all sections, good luck to anyone else getting their results tomorrow too! Rob
  7. Hi all, I am a vet in Aus currently trying to express interest for the 189 and when I finished my points test I ended up with 55 and need the 60. i think the only way I can get the extra points is by doing the english test. I studied a 5 year degree in England but yet still need to do the test to prove that I have profcient english?? Is there any way of getting the points without carrying out the test?? Any help accepted
  8. Vickiw89

    IELTS which test do I take?

    Hi everyone, Could someone tell me which IELTS test I need to take, either the academic or technical? I'm from the UK, applying for trade migration. Thanks
  9. birdy990

    457 Visa Requirements help please

    Hi Everyone, My husband is a bricklayer and Mcdonald-Jones are currently offering sponsorship for Bricklayers. They are currently completing reference checks and we should hear back in a couple of days. I just wanted to ask a couple of questions of what we will need to apply for the 457 Visa, I have done a lot of reading, but there just doesn't seem to be a definitive yes or no answer to the following: 1. Does hubby need to do an IELTS test? he was born in the UK and has lived here all his life, however never completed secondary school so doesn't have any GCSE's to prove his level of English. 2. I have read that Bricklayers do not need to complete a skills assessment, is this right? He doesn't have NVQ in Bricklaying, he is "time served" with over 10 years experience. 3. It says that he needs to prove the last 5 years of self employment, well of course this time 5 years ago we were in a very bad recession and his work was on and off. He has done his tax returns, but this doesn't show who he was working for and when. We also don't have 5 years worth of references as those of you who know, bricklayers move around sites... a lot!! Any help would be much appreciated, if there is anything anyone thinks I have missed off, please feel free to mention it!! Thanks Natalie
  10. Hello I am in the process of getting everything together to apply for a 189 visa as a teacher. However I have just been reading the immi website and it says: [h=4]Family members English language ability[/h] For each of your dependent applicants who are aged 18 years or older at the time of application must provide evidence of Functional English. If the applicant does not have evidence of having Functional English, you will need to provide a statement indicating your intention to pay the second instalment of the visa application charge. (http://www.immi.gov.au/Visas/Pages/checklists/189.aspx) My wife is Swedish, holds a Swedish passport and speaks fluent English. However, she does not meet any of the requirements on the "functional english page" - http://www.immi.gov.au/faqs/Pages/how-can-i-prove-i-have-functional-english.aspx My question is this: Will she be required to complete an English test (e.g. IELTS) for us to apply and do we have to get this done before we submit the expression of interest? Thanks in advance
  11. Sat my general IELTS yesterday in Southampton, I am hoping to score 8 but I will settle for a 7. I was the only British person there so hopefully nobody else applying for an Australian visa, increase my chances. The only 2 bits I am unsure about how I did was the writing and speaking tasks! Anyone else sit theirs yesterday? Only until the 19th to find out results, gulp:arghh:
  12. HI I applied for my TR prior to 8th february 2010, and applied to PR after june 2012.. (transitional applicant) At the time of application I did not have 7 each for my IELTS - which required me to get the 120 points. but at the time of application i had competent english (6 each) I am worried my application will be rejected or as I am a transitional applicant - is IELTS is point of decision requirement?
  13. Hi guys, Do I need to take the IELTS exam even though I already have a registration with AHPRA as RN to lodge 457 visa? It seems like the immigration change there rule about providing evidence of English proficiency on an applicant with rego (I hope not):arghh::arghh:. Anyone who are expert in this, please I need help. Thanks.
  14. Hi All, My 1st post here so please be kind! I am a newly qualified Management Accountant (CIMA) and looking to migrate to Australia with my toddler and husband. As the main visa applicant I'm hoping I can avoid the additional cost of a migration consultant and was hoping you can help. The process I was going to follow is... 1)Apply to CPA to get membership through their agreement with CIMA - I'm under the understanding that I should not need to complete an additional exam to prove my knowledge? 2)Complete an English language assessment in order to gain the extra points for SkillSelect Application: Proficient / Superior English - 20/10 pts Other points are Age 31 - 30pts Qualification - 15pts Work Experience 5-7yrs - 10pts Total - 65 / 75 pts 3) complete medical assessment 4) Submit Skill Select Application Wait for ITA for visa. Does this sound like the correct order and have I missed anything? Is there any other way I can prove superior / proficient English skills and a native English speaker? Any other advice / guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Becky
  15. Jules RT

    IELTS Exam in 10 days!!!!

    Hi all, I'm slightly panicking, I've been doing the practice tests on the iPad app for road to IELTS and l seem to be getting 30 out of 40 on the exam test sheets, which isn't bad l guess, BUT I think l need to get 35 out of 40 to be awarded the 8 points l need for each of the sections to get the full 20 points. Can someone correct me here if I'm wrong please? I am doing the academic paper, as we wish to go to Queensland and this is the one they ask for, l wish it was the general one as I'm sure it would be a whole lot easier. I'm feeling the pressure now as my family are relying on me to get us in! I'm a radiation Therapist, awaiting my skills assessment from AIR. This will hopefully give me 15 points, I'm 43 so another 15 points here & I've had 7 years experience in my role which gives 10 points, so I'm 20 short argh!!!! Please could anyone offer me any help and/or advise on having a positive experience and pass mark? Many thanks, Jules
  16. Guest

    IELTS Remark

    Hi, I would be interested to know if anyone has any experience of sending of for a remark of their IELTS papers. We have sent ours of now nearly 7 weeks ago and still no word !
  17. So I finish my working holiday visa in 12 days. I've been successful in getting state sponsored on a 190 visa, however, I complete my IELTS test tomorrow but don't receive my results until after my current visa expires. I'm British but need 8 in a lll bands for extra points. Is there anything I can do to gain a bridging visa as I can't apply for my 189 until my IELTS results are in my hand and they take 13 days. I don't want to overstay and that affect my new application, even that its only ONE day .... HELP? I really don;t want to have to leave as I get priority processing if I'm still in the country....My life is here already so leaving really can't be my only option - Can it? Correction - 189 skilled state nominated.
  18. Hi All I have a question regarding proving the functional English for my mother (dependent). She wrote her IELTS exam on the 15th of March 2014, last month and due to some technical issues they have postponed the results to the 18th of April 2014. * Can I now lodge the visa by paying the fees and update the CO that she has functional English via form1022 ? * Can you please explain this excerpt from the immi.gov.au website? Does it mean that the test date should be within 12 months or the results ? It says: To prove that you have functional English you must provide evidence of one of the following: an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test result with an average band score of at least 4.5 for the four test components (speaking, reading, listening and writing). Your test must have been completed within 12 months of visa application lodgement or can be completed during visa application processing.
  19. Hi, I have filed by 190 Visa for Vic, however my ACS and IELTS are to expire in 1.5 weeks. Will it have any impact on my Visa application. I am so worried after such a long journey What should I do please please suggest.
  20. NorthumbrianDavid

    North East IELTs centre

    Anyone know why the Sunderland IELTs centre has stopped taking bookings? Is there going to be a different one in the north east? Looks like I'm on the train the Edinburgh!
  21. PeterJa

    Has anyone sat the IELTS test?

    Hi, can anyone who has sat the test answer a couple of questions please? - The notes I've seen refer to writing in pen and pencil. Candidates can write in pen can't they? If so, can you bring your own? - Do you get extra notepaper to plan your essay and letter? I really like to plan but I don't particularly want to do it on the answer paper. Thanks for any help, PJ.
  22. My father is on a 457 Visa. He is eligible for a an employer-sponsored nomination scheme for permanent residency under transition scheme.He has lodged his application last September. His case officer mailed him and told him hat he needed to show another IELTS test result as the one he submitted does not require the minimum english requirement. He got 6 in all the components except for the listening. He only got 4.5 on this. It is mainly due to the fact that my dad has severe hearing loss as diagnosed. However, we weren't able to inform the test centre of this so no special adjustments was made and he took the test anyway. What's done is done. The other way to prove is to show at least 5 years in secondary or tertiary education in English medium but my dad only has 4 years of this. Otherwise, he said that we might have to withdraw our application or else, it might be refused on the basis that my dad is unable to meet the English requirement. My dad is willing to sit in another exam. We don't know yet if his CO will allow this. And we are willing to pay the second installment also if applicable (for applicants that are assessed as to not having minimum English requirements) (Is this applicable to the main applicant? Our CO didn't give us this option. Is it acceptable to ask him if we could do this?) We badly need the visa as we were main victims of the recent supertyphoon. Our little city is still recovering. Thank you for your advise.
  23. I just took my IELTS and my results came in as: 9.0 / 9.0 / 8.0 / 7.5 Overall: 8.5 I am mostly certain that this would only allow me additional 10 pts under the SkillSelect points test since my speaking came in at band 7.5 and not 8. If so, is it possible to appeal through DIBP or the British Council? I understand that I can get an "Enquiry on Results" but this is just a remarking of my IELTS at a cost. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. *note: 20 pts for English compotent would give me 65 pts for my EOI. But 10 pts would give me 55 pts and I will need to obtain 5 more pts possibly from work experience.
  24. Hi, I'm about to do my EOI for a skilled migration visa. I'm looking at my points score and it's "ok", but I haven't sat an IELTS test. Can I boost my score by sitting one of these tests first? I have a UK passport and my English is mother-tongue. Thanks for any advice, Pete.
  25. wanderingwheels

    IELTS - General or Academic

    Hello, I would like to apply for the 189 skilled independent visa shortly. I am facing a situation where my skills assessing authority (ICAA) requires an IELTS score of minimum 7 on each band in the Academic module however I must obtain minimum of 8 in each band to meet the points requirements for this visa. I believe it would be easier to score 8 on the General module than on the Academic module. My question is: will my scores from the General Training module be accepted by DIAC when I have taken the Academic module for my skills assessment? Any body on the forum may please offer advice based on their knowledge or similar experiences. Thank you.