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Found 53 results

  1. Has anyone seen or heard anything regarding when (or if) Victoria State proposes to re-open their application process to ICT applicants and what skills might be listed? We were hoping they would do so after 1st July but nothing on their website as of now. Thanks, Gary
  2. Hi all, Does anyone know if there is any way around the fact that it states you need a Degree for the above ICT sales. I have been in this role for over 5 years and have many Qualifications in IT and Telecoms but no Degree. Any help would be great. Jason
  3. Rapged

    ICT Business Analyst Category?

    Hi all, I recently submitted my 175 visa application, after having obtained a positive skills assessment as an ICT Business Analyst. After reading other posts on this forum I hear a lot of mention of 'Categories', how can I find out what category Business Analyst is? I've been trawling the immi.gov.au site but can't find anything referring to a Category. :confused: Please help!
  4. hi all... i have a master's degree (MCA) master's in computer applications in ICT 2 years. but don't have a ICT graduation. graduation is B.Com(Pass) two years NON-ICT. also i have 4 years oracle database administration (DBA) experience software company and bank. can i apply in ACS for skill migration in Australia. If yes... then what is the rules. please help me a out this things. Thanks Advanced... Dulal
  5. Hi guys. Can anyone advise would I be eligible to apply for 2611 ICT business and systems analysts profession which has been listed on the preliminary new SOL list? I satisfy the 2 year study in Australia provision - I did Master of Commerce with a major in Business Information Systems and now I am doing MComm Honours in BIS Project Management for one semester, all at the University of Sydney. I also hold a BSc degree Information Systems and Management from the University of London. Here s the breakdown of the relevant subjects I have done so far at Sydney Uni (I satisfy the accreditation of ACS minimum requirement - having a major in Information Systems with one core and five advanced subjects): INFS 5000 Business Information Systems INFS 6001 BIS Management INFS 6004 BIS Change Management INFS 6012 Business Process Integration INFS 6014 BIS Project Management INFS 6015 Business Process Management ECOF 6018 Elective Option 1 - Foundations of Management Now doing: INFS 6013 Information Risk, Governance & Assurance INFS 7001 Business Information Systems Honours A INFS 7002 Business Information Systems Honours B I would say that for the profession in question all these are relevant and I made bold the ones I think are an exact fit for the profession. Please let me hear some opinions especially from the people who did ACS assessment previously. Thanks,
  6. I have been breaking my head over this for the last couple of months. Mine seems to be a bit of a confused situation here! I did my Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science overseas Master of Business - Human Resources Management from Swinburne Graduate Diploma - Engineering Mgt from RMIT Nov 2009 Applied for my TR 485 in Mar 2010 using my Masters Skills Assessment done by VETASSES I applied for my PR 885 under ICT 2231-79 in May 2010. I have recently done a skills assessment by ACS and got ICT 261111. I have been told that my application might take ages since its under CAT 4. Is there any way, I can cancel my existing PR applicaiton and relaunch it with ICY 261111? And I was also told that if I could get my documents attested by a registered migration agent and if they send a letter to DIAC, there is a good chance that my application would be processed quickly! Is this really possible????!!!!
  7. Guest

    ICT Business Analyst

    I have just recently submitted a skills assessment to the ACS and thought while I wait, I'll start looking at the requirements to get State Sponsorship for a 176 (I do not have enough points for a 175). To my horror I have now discovered that the eligibility lists for NSW, Victoria and even SA have all been updated to exclude ICT Business Analyst! Queensland do still have it on their list but with specific criteria, which I do not meet. Looks like my Aussie dream has reached a premature end Does anyone have any advice or suggestions, please? Sorry to sound so desperate but I am.
  8. Yorkiesx5

    ICT skills assessment

    Hi there, Dose anyone have any experience of doing the ICT Business Analyst skills assessment? My husband's Degree is in Engineering but his recent experience (will be 6 years in September) is as a SAP specialist. We are worried that SAP is too specialist (and narrow???) to come under ICT Business Analyst and are really not sure of what to provide for the assessment. We are waiting for a call from someone at Go Mathilda but in the meantime would be grateful for any advice from people who might have been through this process :confused: Many thanks in anticipation
  9. 2 years ago, I applied 485 Graduate visa under the recent graduate 2231-79 because I didn't have four 7 in IELTS :mad: . After 1 year of working experience in IT company (Programmer) I applied 885 GSM August last year without changing my skill assessment. So my skill assessment is still under the recent graduate. Since Priority Process, I realised that I need to wait forever and ever, also my application priority fall into Category 4. But I saw 2231-79 in Category 1, Is it different as the recent graduate 2231-79 ? Could anyone give me advice what I need to do next? Some said do re-assessment with ACS to make my skill is under Category 3. In that case, should I withdraw my GSM 885 application and apply new one to change my skill assessment? or It is possible to change it without withdrawing my 885 application. If possible to change it without withdrawing the application, what should I do? Is it true that an immigration agency can change my skill assessment by contacting Immigration office without withdrawing the 885 application? :no: I really don't want to apply new application to change my skill assessment because I have to do from the scratch if I need to do so. :arghh: Please please help me, I am getting freaked out because of Australia immigration law. :Randy-git:
  10. Guest

    ICT Technicians needed in Oz?

    Hi Everyone im hoping someone can advise me as I would really like to move to Oz but not sure if or how I can I am a ICT Technician and have been for 8 years the thing is im not sure I will have enough points as I will only get 40 points for ICT How many points do I need and do I need to get a certain amount still if I was to get sponsership? Also what are the chances of getting sponsership ? We would like to go to either Queensland or WA I dont have any formal qualifications and didnt go to University so just the experiance really. Hope there is a way as I would love to move :smile: Plus I gather there are changes in July? for the worse I gather!?
  11. Hey, I'm an IT professional (and Geek) with a fair amount of equipment that my wife and I are goin to ship over to Aus. I'm looking for some details of similar experiences i.e. whether you had problems etc? Any stories would be helpful.. I'm just worried that I'll have my high end PC, Cisco Lab and VMWare server delivered in a pile etc... Reassurance would help. Thanks, - 4lan.
  12. That was quick, it's only a short time since the SMP opened. :err: ICT occupations are still needed but of course Victoria also has to attract other occupations. 457 and ENS visas should still be available to ICT applicants.
  13. kys7

    What are my chances?

    Hi. This is Kayes from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I'd like to know about my chances of getting migrated to Australia as a skilled individual. I have a bachelor degree in Computer Engineering. I've been working as a Software Engineer since 2006. Currently I work in C# .NET, ASP.NET and MS SQL Server. But I also have extensive working experience in Adobe Flash and ActionScript 3.0. I took the IELTS general test and got overall score of 6.5 with 6.0 in Writing, 6.0 in speaking, 6.5 in Listening and 6.5 in Reading. What are my chances of migration to Australia? Are my skills/ working experience/ IELTS scores enough? I'd appreciate any information in this regard. Thanks.
  14. Hello, I got this message from some source, it is created three days ago, it's very likely that this will be the announcement of IMMI after discussing with ACS: So here are some points: 1 IT applicants with SA of 223179 ICT Recent Graduate(nec), can get into G3 if you review your skill assessment and get a suitable outcome 2 You have to do the review within 60 days after your SA 3 contradiction: applicants facing the 223179 -> G4 issue are applicants who got SA outcome before 1st July, which is more than 60 days from now, so no review can be done. 4 Applying a new skill assessment does not work as you cannot change your occupation. 5 Also, from ACS: "f you have already used the assessment outcome letter for Migration purposes, then the assessment process is regarded as finished and no Review request can be made." 6 HOWEVER, there is a PAID REVIEW which does not have 60 days limit(hopefully): http://www.acs.org.au/assessment/docs/PASAGuidelinesforApplicants.doc Read page 30 So, conclusion is, they KNOW this is not fair and they will be in problem if they do not solve it and people go the MRT way, but they tried their best to get money, if you are a 223179 applicant, according to their rules, you cannot get a review for free, you have to pay.
  15. :policeman:Does a Software Engineer require licensing and registration with ACS to worj there?] ?
  16. Hi everyone, Finally, after long wait of 2 years and 1 month. yesterday got my PR. Thank God and all the members here on this forum to guide me whenever I had questions in mind. Its been a tough ride for me and my wife and now looking to get my wife here as soon as possible. I fought hard for this day and I can say that it was worthwhile, 2 months back I had no hope as I had no CO assigned but before election I wrote few letters to Chris Evans, Ombudsman, Melbourne Mayor and other opposition leaders about my situation. And it worked out really well. Got the reply from Chris Evan office and they wrote that they looked into my long pending 885 application and assigned me a CO. After that CO asked me to do all the formalities again such as medical, ACS skill assessment, police clearance. Yesterday got my positive ACS skill assessment, and yesterday only CO finalised my case. Woohooooooo........ I can't express my feeling here in words but definitely it was lifetime experience for me and i can say last 2 years since I lodged my 885 application, was the toughest of my life. I would also like to say to all the ICT 885 applicants who are waiting for long about more than 1or 2 years due to stoopid ACS and DIAC mess, be there and keep fighting. Hopefully all pending cases will be cleared soon. Here is my quick time line. Application type: 885 ICT - Recent graduate NEC - non CSL Lodgment date: 1st Sept 2008 Skills: ICT recent graduate CO assigned: 17 Aug 2010 New ACS Skill assessment applied on: 21st Aug 2010 (2613-11 Analyst Programmer) Redone my Medical, AFP and overseas police clearance During Sept 2010 ACS Approval: 8th Oct 2010 PR Approval: 8th Oct 2010 Good Luck to all!
  17. Hi all, I need guidance and advice about my current situation. I did my masters in IT (2009) from OZ and then kept trying to get a job in the IT sector with no success. I have previous experience teaching programming and database to high school students in my home country hence I landed up a job as a IT trainer in a college and after 6 months of working there I got a part time teaching position as a lecturer in my university (from where I did my masters). However I worry a lot about my future; mostly because, my family's financial situation has gone down the drain and I'm becoming very irritated and stressed. I grabbed whatever opportunity came my way because I needed the money to pay the bills and the rent. I really want to get into the IT sector but my visa condition (currently on TR) and lack of experience is posing a big hurdle:cry: . If I apply for graduate jobs, I never get a reply and few of those who have replied, tell me they want someone junior to fill the position. It’s a catch 22 situation :arghh:. I find myself depressed and frustrated each day. Looks like I will be forced to stay in a profession (Teaching) which I do not wish to pursue. I do like the job that I'm doing; it’s just that my heart is somewhere else. Will I ever get an IT job? Is there any employer who would wish to employ someone in my situation (No experience but determined to achieve my dream)? Do people who have no experience or wish to change their career have to forget about their dreams? I feel trapped. I guess my question is: I know there are a lot of people on this board that have a job in the IT industry; please guide me. WHAT DO I NEED TO DO????? I am lost :confused:. Thank you all for your time and patience. All advice will be much appreciated. Thanks again. P.S: Sorry if this is a wrong place to post the thread.
  18. User Name

    SMPs and 2231-79 ICT Recent Grad

    Hi Guys, Anyone knows if SMPs have any chance of rescuing some of us from this cursed group 4? I can't picture any state wanting fresh grads with no specialisations but many in group 4 are looking for SMPs as last hope to get out of cat4. I am not sure how SMPs work, but suppose a state picks 261399 Software and Applications Programmers nec or 261314 Software Tester, which maps to 2231-79 (nec). Will it be possible to move into cat 2 in that instance if we have 2231-79 (ICT Recent Graduate)? Thanks.
  19. I made a phone call to DIAC this morning in hoping they can give me some positive feedback about my 886 application, since i have nominated a wrong occupation 2231-79(nec) and i just want to change it. This is what i've been told: 1/ Cant change nominated skill 2/ Cant apply for another onshore skilled migrant visa (graduated more than 6 months) 3/ cant transit to SMP 886 when being released. 4/ cant apply for 457 long term working visa, salary does not meet current market threshold which is $47220 5/ last questions i asked, how long for waiting if in CAT4. firmly answered 3 years. No more hopes, like fell into an indefinite hell.
  20. To all memebers, who r in CAT 4 and applied 885 ICT- recent grad. We should come togethar and try to do something we can. share ur information here. thanx CAT (4), 885 applied 2008 AUG (1st week) , ICT - Recent graduate NEC, IELTS 7.5, No CO
  21. Hello everyone, I havent posted on here for ages as thought and still think our hopes to live in Australia were dashed. I have been looking at some of the threads about the new ACS catagories and changes. We have come to the conclusion that husband does fit into one of them as a a 262111 Database Administrator. He also falls into the catagory of no qualifications so needs to look at RPL. Looking at the ACS guidelines it says if no qualifications you need 8 years experience in a field closely related to the nominated occupation. Does anyone know how it would stand if hubby has experience in a few of the other catagories aswell as the one i have listed above???? He has worked at RBS for 20 years but moves around the building into different departments, still doing the same sort of I.C.T. but in different areas around the bank. Dont know if anyone can advise on this. Thought i would check in case there is now a chance and the ACS may have relaxed a bit on people with no qualifications. Thanks:cute:
  22. Guest

    ICT BA Suitability... HELP!

    Hi All, my partner and I are currently pursuing the 175 Visa based on his Electrician trade skills. However, after seeing that ICT Business Analyst is now on the SOL list it may now be possible to go down this route instead as the assessment is a) cheaper and b) less long winded than the trade skills assessment for an Electirician. I'm looking for some clarification from anyone who might know, as to whether I am a suitable candidate as we don't want to waste time or money on this if not. I have been working as an IT Business Analyst/Project Manager at my county council for 18 months and have a BSC(Hons) degree in Software Engineering. In between uni and my current employment I worked as a web developer. I have also passed my Prince2 foundation and pratitioners and also Business Analyis Part 1. I am due to undertake BA part 2 later this year. I've read through the info on the ACS site but if possible it's always great to get first hand advice/experiences with this Visa stuff. My questions: 1) Do I need to wait until I've been in my current employment for 2 years before applying for assessment or will my previous work experince be adequate even though it's not in business analysis? 2)Am I a suitable candidate for this? I always imangine that they're looking for people with years of experience as a Business Analysis and where my role involves both BA and project management work I'm unsure if this is ok or not. Thanks in advance for any info - I've only just started looking into this today so forgive me if this has already been brought up by somebody else and answered! Carla
  23. Guest

    ICT recent graduates fate

    Hey, Can any one please tell me that is an ICT masters student studying a 2 year course accredited by the ACS at the professional level eligible to file for a PR(885) on the basis of the new list which is introduced.I have held the tu-573 on 8th of feb 2010.Can I file for Subclass 885 after completing my studies in july this Year.
  24. Guest

    Regulation 2.59 (d) and ICT

    My prospective sponsor (457) has just received a load of bull from immigration about "Training Requirements" showing a 1 or 2% expenditure for the last fiscal year on "Training" The company is an ICT company that focuses on Research and Development and as such there are no applicable training courses (else there would be no point doing the research) Has anyone else had these issues and has anyone got any idea what we are suposed to write? The other issue is that all the "Training" is suposed to be undertaken by Australian Citizens and the company currently only employs 1 Australian Citizen as there are no Ozzys capable of doing the work.. It all seems a bit nutz, please help.
  25. Hi there, My wife and I are moving to Melbourne at the end of September and we are currently looking for jobs over there. I am in ICT/Telecomms and she is in Marketing. I've been sending my CV out left, right and centre and have had very little response from headhunters down in Melbourne. I appreciate that the global economy is not what it used to be, but I was just wondering if any other Network Engineers (or suchlike) have managed to secure jobs prior to moving to Melbourne and can offer advice on securing a job over there? Someone has suggested contacting UK companies with presence in Australia and I think that sounds like a great idea, but I've no idea where to start... Any advice would be greatly appreciated