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Found 59 results

  1. saunders clan

    My husband is starting to hate me.

    My husband seriously thinks I have a problem already. He thinks I am addicted and obssessed with this site. I think I probably come on here three times a day. Is that a lot? Does anyone else come on that much? Or is that tame? I just can't help myself. Kate
  2. Help, We have just looked at the skilled visa process in more detail. Problem is my husband works at Royal Bank of Scotland has has done since left school. We has worked in various departments within the bank and at the moment is a data analyst/computer programmer. The problem is he is a jack of alot of computer based trades, doesnt fit completely into one. Knows about alot of things to do with computers. He also doesnt have any of the formal qualifications listed on the skills page. But annoyingly he is highly skilled, in a nutshell just cant prove it on qualifications. What do we do now. We were looking at an independant skilled visa. Someone please help point us in right direction as now really worried wont be able to do it.:twitcy:
  3. HI all, I have just been informed that it doesn't look as if we can go the skills route. O/H job does come under the list as he is technically (?spell check please) a supply and distribution manager, according to the work that he actually does, BUT, the company he works for is quite small, and so he does not have managers below him, which, I am lead to believe is what the skills assessment requires. Sooooo It has been suggested that we look into the student visa route. But, it would have to be me that applies, as I am younger and as I only work part time here, my wage would not be missed.. Sorry to go on......but I guess the question is: Is it ok for hubby and kids to come on my student visa (assuming I get one) and would hubby be able to work at whatever? Any help would be well appreciated!:wacko: Emma
  4. He's just told me that the doctor at the medical will want to stick his finger in my.... er.... bottom.... :wacko: I mean i'm used to all the lady examinations, but the back door!!??? NO WAY!!! Is he having me on????? :huh: I may sound like a complete wuss, but stick as many needles in me as you like i don't care, but i think i might be one of those people who would rather die of a rotting butt than let a doctor look at it!! This is seriously the first thing that has made me doubt my decision to emmigrate!!!!
  5. Hi. Just general concerns and woe's. Husband has just sent off CV and certificates. He's applying to join RAN but he's also due to go to sea soon, we're both concerned he may miss the 'boat' so to speak. Can anyone aleviate our fears and maybe give us some realistic time scales. Think we're moving to Perth.:wacko:
  6. Can someone help! We're just starting the process and any advise would be gratefully recieved. Looking at Perth Suburbs but initially looking to move into Navy Quarters until established what the best places for schooling etc are. Also looking at pitfalls, advise, length, probability etc!! Any advise would be welcome. Gail
  7. Guest

    EX Husband....

    hi could anyone help me please i have just been to see our solicitor to apply to take the children to oz and at first he quite scared me telling me all the reasons the court might not let me emigrate and on top of that the cost will be at least £1000 if not more if he contests it!!! is this correct if so that is fine but i wondered about other peoples experiences, i know he will make alot of noise to begin with (although when it comes to money he might shut up) and he will also lay the guilt trip on the kids which i am dreading... please advise. thank you
  8. My husband told his parents yesterday and it didn't go down very well. It wasn't as bad as expected, no tears or shouting but they weren't as positive as mine they muttered something about country going to turn into a desert because of climate change, um, we will still have the same routine of going to work, that kind of thing but they did also say that they had done it themselves when they were younger. We would have liked a bit more of a positive response. The thing is I've gone a bit wobbly since then, I thought it would be telling my parents that would do that to me but they have been great. We explained to them that we weren't looking at this through rose tinted glasses but his mother then said to him that they had just moved house to be nearer their grandchildren (they are still about an hour away) and now we would be moving, we do feel bad about this but our priority is our children and they still have another son and daughter in law who are only about 20 minutes away but unfortunately they don't have children. Just need to get back to my positive thinking..... Wendy
  9. Oh my God!:swoon: We got our case officer today (well probably yesterday but you know what royal mail is like!!!):jiggy: Our application was acknowledged on Dec 1st so we were thinking about meds and police checks and stuff for May, we thought that was being ambitious! Our meds and pcs have to be in by May 14th and now we have a lot of hard work - house to sell, jobs to find aaargh how scary:chatterbox: WHOO HOO WHOO HOO WHOO HOO WHOO HOO (do you get the idea?):arghh: So here's to all of you that submitted around the same time - get organised now, we have just realised how disorganised we are.