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Found 59 results

  1. Hi everyone, This is my first post but been reading for sometime. We are a family of four and are ready to take the plunge to Brisbane. The house is sold, and during our trip to validate in December we found out which areas we liked and have already got schools sorted out. We are all desparate to go but my husband has suddenly decided that it is too risky to give up his job as he believes his chances of getting a job are virtually nil. We have decided that we really need to go before January 2010 as my eldest daughter has a place in a very good private school which will be offered to somebody else if she does not want it. My husband is a CIMA (CPA applied for) Management Accountant with 18 years experience in a large corporate company. He has never in his life been out of work and the thought terrifies him, with the recession getting worse his confidence is shrinking daily. We are lucky enough to have a pretty large sum of money in the bank from the sale of our house and were thinking about giving it a go for 6-8 months and hope to find work in this time. Having to return to England because of no work is our biggest fear, especially as we don't want to risk messing up our childrens education. I know you don't have a crystal ball but I would be interested to hear what those of you living in Brisbane think about the Job front especially Accountants. Thanks
  2. Hi All, My husband has just been offered a job in Brisbane which is the best thing that could happen to us and they are sorting us out with temp visas (457 I believe). Does anyone know how long they take to grant them? Claire
  3. Hi, i am new on this site but have found i am hooked at the moment - its brilliant! Anyway, mysituation is this!! We are currently living in the UK and my Husband is Australian, we have two young boys. My Husband has been in the UK for a total of 7 years and i get the feeling he is ready to return home! We lived in Australia for 18 months together and had our first son out there then we came back to the UK so i could be with my family whilst having a new baby and also work prospects for my Husband were better. Since we came back (4 years ago) we have had another baby. When we first met i knew my Husband always wanted to settle in Australia but was more than happy to travel about - i agreed with this but in my heart thought that day would never come SHort story is he is going to want to go back in the next 6 months i think (unless a super job comes up) and it has just hit me what a huge thing is going to be for me. Don't get me wrong i have to say i loved living over there and once i got over the homesickness i loved it, we go back every year for hols and when i am there i think i could do this! I am really close to my family and its going to be devastating leaving them, my kids are the only grand children and they have a special bond. My Mum is my best friend i speak to her about 5 times a day and i just knwo how much i am gong to miss that. I really am not sure what advice anyone can give really, maybe a bit or reassurance from anyone who has been in teh same position :biggrin:. I know i have to think of my children too but weigh up lifestyle or family . We lived in Melbourne when we were there. Anyone got any comments??? Would love to hear them thanks
  4. mrsindecision

    Husband gone reality kicks in

    Hi there my husband has gone ahead of us to start his job. It all now feels real and very weird. Us here not really liking being here any more and him there with family but back at his Mum's and not really liking being there either.' I guess this is the transition phase and having to do it separately makes it harder as we can't be there for each other to share it and support each other Can anyone else tell me about their transition and how they handled it.
  5. Well, our visa is granted and dh flies out on 4th Feb, me and two sons aged 4 and 4 months follow on 11th March :wacko: Really nervous about flying out on my own with the boys, i know the 4 year old will be ok but just not sure how i will cope with the youngest - he will be just over 6 months when we fly - any tips please on how to stop myself from going mad! :twitcy: We are going to Mount Macedon outside of Melbourne, husband has a job and we get a house with it. Really confused about loads of things eg education for my 4year old - he is currently in preschool and loves it, Health - the costs just totally blow my mind (put a lot of confusion down to baby brain) :biglaugh: Anyhow, if anyone has any tips on surviving the move over and the flight or if anyone lives in the surrounding area of Macedon would love to hear from you. Cheers Karen
  6. I am feeling absolutely dire and in an absolutely horrible situation. My Aussie husband of 8 years, aged 63 doesn't want to stay married if I go back to England when my daughter, husband and grandkids go back this year. Neither my daughter nor I have ever settled here (Perth) and miss England, Europe and our family in England so much ( I have 3 sons and wives, mum and dad and brother and family). I know I would just wither away and be so depressed if I stayed here and couldn't be with my daughter and grandkids. It has been bad enough missing the rest of the family, the fact that they came here allowed me to survive so far. I never ever thought I would be so homesick as when I first came. I have survived and even built up a successful business with my daughter. I don't feel I have any choice but to go back. I had hoped we could work out some sort of compromise. He would not settle in England I know but hoped to find ways to find a few months a year in each others county, being grey nomads and exploring while here, working on the smallholding we aim to get (with daughter) when we get back. At first he agreed and started to make plans, now he says he is just gutted that I am going back and thought we would be together for ever, but can't have a marriage a few months a year. I thought as we got to retirement we could spend more and more time in each place and he might even get to like England a bit (in the summer!!!) He has even got a son and grandkids in Paris. He now says he would feel like a puppet and wouldn't be able to socialise here if he was still married. He seems to think he should be able to be free to met someone else if I go, which may or may not happen. I have no thought of another partner. I can hardly function with the anxiety of it all, just a most impossible, horrible, gut wrenching situation, with no real solution. I would be really grateful to hear if anyone else has ever experienced anything at all like this or has any advice.
  7. Hi everyone, very new to this, just wondered if anyone out there has any experience of being in the forces and applying for a visa. My husband will be out in May 2011 and we were hoping to begin the process this May so we can get out and join my brothers as soon as possible. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi wish u every one, My name is Dhani i applied for 485, 886 cat 5 DEC 09 non csl, HR country India i been here Australia last 2 years,now in bridging visa, i am having 2 kids studying year 8 th, year 11 and house wife in INDIA i am planing to shift them to Australia by tourist visa for one year by June 2010 then however 2011 JUNE i hope i will get minimum 485 visa then i could join my family in my TR 485 visa now my question is how i could get one year visa to my family ? pl help me can i apply from Australia ? or my wife apply from India ? and which one is best way to reach my plane ? pl give idea i am working in AUSTRALIA as a pastry cook i missed my family last 2 years so i like to keep my kids with me and after one year we like to send them school in Australia what they like school. if u give the idea or solution it will be great to me and my family thanks DHANI
  9. Looking into possibly emigrating and could face possible complications from my wife's ex husband, can he stop his 9 year old son coming out with us if the son is quite happy to come. He lives with us and only sees his dad a couple of times a week for tea and few hours.
  10. Hi, I'm married to an Australian & we've been living here in his hometown for 9 years. We met in the UK and moved here after a couple of years (his visa ran out & I came here on a working holiday visa). Anyway I fell pregnant after being here about 18months (by which time we had applied for a spouse visa). After having my first child my feelings about being here changed dramatically, I wanted to be near my family & friends, not his & was just basically homesick. I know I made bad choices and my feelings about missing home have changed from depression to, "well, I've made my bed, better lie in it", to numbness and just living from each visit home to the next. So, 9 years on & it is as bad, if not worse, than ever. My parents are getting older & we can't afford to keep visiting. I hate hate hate that I've put myself in such a stupid, powerless position. I have begged & pleaded for my husband to go home but he is convinced this is a better life than what we could manage in the UK. His job would make it difficult, but not completely impossible, to find work outside london and my hometown is too far to commute. His argument is that we have a lovely big house, he earns enough money to get by & Australia is a perfect place to bring up a family. He is self-employed and has built up a business here so asking him to leave it is difficult. He is happy in his life, he just doesn't want to leave. My question to you all is - is it unfair to ask this of him? I feel like I've given it a good go here, he disagrees. I feel like a little child stomping my feet shouting, "I WANNA GO HOME!!) but it's all I think about from the minute I get up from when I go to sleep, and then often I'm awake at night stewing over the whole thing. I try to tell him that people move all the time & change can be good, we're still pretty young & I'd like to think we have adventures in front of us. This has obviously caused a lot of bitterness between us, particularly as he works so hard & he feels like it's never enough for me. What he fails to see is that I'm not choosing to feel this way, my life would be infinitely easier if I was one of those English people who come over here & love it & wouldn't dream of going back (he only ever meets this kind so he thinks it's just me who feels the exact opposite). I've made good friends here & his family are all nice but I've found myself withdraw further & further away from them all, I'm sure they are all just sick of my moaning. I feel myself constantly comparing home to here & have been home lots in the last few years so I think my expectations are realistic. I've read a few posts here & although it is reassuring to know I'm not alone in feeling this way it does make my so insanely jealous of anyone who is going home, I wish it was me phoning my family to tell them we were coming home... Sorry for the moan, but thanks for reading & any advice or just proof that I can show him that I'm not mental for feeling this way would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Does anyone know if my husband be able to get a job without qualifications.Hi I am a registered nurse and dont see myself as having a problem getting a job. However my husband has no qualifications and no trade. He works for the local council in Norwich, he has always been in work (gravedigger, school caretaker, now premises manager) does anyone know how hard it is to get a job in the current recession without qualifications.
  12. Hi, I don't know if anyone has been in a similar situation. We are hoping that my hubby will obtain citizensip by descent by the new year. We are doing the whole immigration thing ona budget. We won't be able to afford recces and having months of rent in advance etc will nt be possible for us (one of the reasons we are leaving UK) we are wondering if it would be best if hubby applied for jobs and moved over if he is lucky enough to get one. That way he can live in a studio and look for a place to rent, get a feel for the place etc and have it all in place ready for me and our 3 young children to join him hopefully not too long after. Hwever I am wondering how that affect s us back here. We are in receipt of housing benefit and child tax credits. If he is earning and living abroad do we still have t declare his earnings or would I essentially have only one incme into my household therefore they would increase? This is nt about fleecing the benefits system its just I can't imagine sending money abroad is very quick or easy and I cannot afford to ove at home with the 3 kids on my part time wage. Also would rental properties allow my husband to apply on his own or would we bothneed to apply? I am trying to think of ways not to unsettle the kids, they are 6, 3 and 6 months presently and they don't need to arrive in a new place and be dragged aorund house viewings school views and stressed parents worrying if its all going to fall into place etc etc Any advice or stories of how you did it would be most appreciated. Thanks
  13. Guest

    ex husband

    hi does anyone know anyway around gettin permission for me to take my 13yr old daughter to oz my ex who isnt involved in her life says no and is unreasonable??? :wacko:
  14. Hi My husband arrived on the gold coast on Monday alone. We decided it best that he travels first and tries to get a job sorted and we will follow in September/October. He is staying at Ashmore palms. He has telephoned tonght and is feeling a little down. :sad:Its probably jet lag, emotions etc but I was wondering if there are any lads meets planned or if anyone else is in same boat as him. He would love to meet some new mates so if anyone can help. Thanks Jill xxx
  15. Hi, My husbad hs been offered a secondment in his current comapny to Brisband for min 2 years. it has always been our dream to live abroad esp OZ since we travelled there in 1997. We have three young children (6,2 and 2). Where is good subard to live with young children in terms of primary schhols and a friendly area as we will know no one. My husband's office is central Brisbane. Also as we have young twins and I figure this might be a good way to meet other mums of toddlers is there a twinsclub in Brisbane or any other toddler type groups as i will be a stay at home mum and am anxious about how I will make new friends. I notice most of you on here have older kids but any advice about good subards, schools or toddler groups would be appreciated. thank you Kate
  16. I wrote on the forum before that when we started on this journey it was hubbies idea,unfortunately his idea has became my dream.The problem is I have a job as a nurse in Bunbury hosptal which we have paperwork for permanent employer sponsored visa had since nov and still not lodged .Brians career has been varied but after waiting since march 08 for paperwork he finally landed the job he has always wanted car and bonuses included. Everytime i mention this forum he gets cranky but since christmas i have been obsessive about this site and getting the paperwork together. Well yesterday and last night we had a long chat and it turns out he feels with the global financial situation that he wont get a job with the prospects that this one has. If I am being honest most of it makes sense we can afford to wait 2 yrs and clear more of our debt watch the property market then sell up and go with more money in our pockets kids are 8 and 6 . We are 40 and 38 yes im older than him he accepts that i have always moved and adapted with his jobs and says he would go if i really wanted to. Have to say his health been bad last couple of years and he appears to be fixed and that i do have some reservations in case he gets unwell again unsure whether he will pass medicals for permanent visa as still under consultant so maybe some things are just not meant to be? I do believe in fate or at least you make your own.I have some tough decision to make although i think i have already made them and will be opening the australia 2011 bank account pretty soon.:frown:
  17. If we go out it will be on my qulifiations but my husband is worried there is no work out there for him, he has only had two jobs, warehouse superviser, and now a forklift battery enginer, he is 34, can anyone say if he will have a problem getting work. xxx
  18. BuddysMum

    OMG!!! Husband has PR!!!!!!

    I only posted a new thread this morning to say that OH had received an email saying that Meds and all certs had arrived and were being looked at today. I was asking if anyone had any idea how much longer we would have to wait for his spouse visa. He has just had the email now......HE HAS PR!!!!!! Sorry mods, I couldn't edit the title on the other thread. If you want to do that and merge them I am happy! YAY!
  19. Hi all, Yesterday I went for a second interview for a job. First interview went well and I thought this would be less informal as it was arranged in a coffee shop. However when I got there didn't even get offered a drink and was confronted by three interviewers all firing questions at me. I had been shortlisted along with a couple of others and felt that some of the questions were inappropriate 'is it feasible for you having a school aged child to work full time' and ' how would you feel about having a younger line manager' - I wouldn't mind but he looked older and it was irrelevant anyway. I walked away feeling really frustated, I answered the questions well I think but then I wished I'd said if I was a man would you have asked me those questions. Can't believe they could be so upfront about it - especially as it was a job in the social care system and you think they would know better !! Anyone else had any similar experiences ? x
  20. Guest

    Divorcing my husband

    Hi All! I'm a UK citizen living as a permanent resident in Australia and need to find out if I need to return to the UK to file a divorce from my husband, who I married in the UK. If I need to return to the UK to do this, how long will I have to be in the UK for? Can anybody shed some light on this? Cheers in advance! Miss M
  21. What more can i say... apart from ive made up my mind and i'm going back to the land of the living. I have got so many mixed emotions, some iv never experied befofe. Iv been here nearly 6 months, spent 18 months, time, stress, stress again money, research, got family here who supported us before and after we got here to get our PR visa, sold everything, house and everthing we ever owned, did our heartbreaking goodbyes....and came here for the better life. Loved it for the first 2 months...then reality set in.....now never been so miserable all my life, cannot see how it's improved mine or my kids life, education ****e, shops ****,banks ****e, socialising ****e, aussies and sense of humour ****e, culture ****e, no history,....my god the list is just endless, if i carried on, you would fall asleep. started hinting to oh i wasn't happy after a few months, which he conveniently ignored thinking time would be a great healer, i dragged it out and it's got worse, the depresseion i'm spirralling into is unbeleivable, i have never been so bloody miserable in all my life, as i realised i actually had a fantasic life in England and also lived in a fantasic country with the best Education system and health care in the world. I;m going back home for good in the next week or so(depending on shipping and flights i get) minus oh who has refued point blank to go back and is prepared to kiss our marriage and life goodbye for oz. Don't come here thinking the streets are paved with gold, cos no matter what antone tells you or how much research you do, it's just 24 carot gold bo**ox!
  22. Is anyone here married to an Australian and went to Australia permanently that way? My husband is Australian (still a Aussie passport holder with UK residency). We have been married for 9 years. We have lived here all that time but now there's an opportunity for him in Tasmania and we are going to go for it! The thing is the opportunity may be starting in 3 weeks! Now obviously I need to get a spouse visa. But does anybody know how long it will take? And can I go to Australia on a holiday visa and apply for a spouse visa while I am there. Or do I have to stay here? Don't even get me started on packing the house up, transporting the cat - thank god we only rent!
  23. Hi there. I have just sent off my skills assesement to the ANMC, and am waiting for that to be assessed. I have not hired an agent as i thought i could do it myself. I am just wondering what i need to do about when it comes to the part in the visa application about my ex husband allowing my children to go and live in Australia. I never had any court papers which stated i had sole custody. He is agreeable to the move. I just want to know what i need to do. Hope someone knows that answer. Thanks Tracy
  24. OMG been celebrating all week we have a case officer only to get an email from them today asking for my ex husbands passport( i pressume copy) to prove his signiture on stat dec for daughter to go. The stat dec was done at great expense in front of public notary with husband passport no on and witnessed by public notary it was sealed and has all info on it. I can't understand why they want proof of passport no when we got stat dec done properly, my ex husband is never going to hand it over to me, I was amazed he signed declaration!!! Has any one else had to provide it and what do I do if exhusband says no??? Also I have sent Childrens birth certs 3 times and they claim that they don't have them but they were sent with all the other info which they say they have??? Feel really fed up now:cry::shocked: If anyone knows about this can you let me know, thanks in advance Will phone them tonight Brenda
  25. Hi all, Just thought I'd share my good news with you all. I have been offered a job. Nothing special, but I've been here 8 weeks now and I'm getting a bit fedup of being a house husband.:SLEEP: The pay is not bad. When converted, it works out about 60 pence and hour less than I was on in England. I was an assistant branch manager in England, this job is just on the shop floor, but with this job I'll get paid over time. Frank