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Found 1,101 results

  1. Clarkes

    Will my house phones work?

    Will my cordless phones work in Australia?
  2. AaronS

    House is now on the market

    Our house hit the market this week. We've got it priced to sell. Hopefully that happens before we leave. Will be a bit tough if it doesn't but we've worked through tougher situations.
  3. Guest

    HOUSE FOR SALE - Cotswolds UK

    Just to let you know that we are desperate to sell our house, it is delaying our move to Australia! If any of you heading back to the UK are looking to buy in the Cotswolds areaI have a great 4 Bed/Master-en-suite/Semi Detached in Cirencester. If you are interested please let me know!!! Good luck with your move!!
  4. This is a long shot.... .I'm a Brit living close to the Northern Beaches. I've sponsored my mother to come and live in Aus. Rather than sell her property in London, she's been thinking that a long term house swap might be the way to go. Is there any one out there that might be interested in a swap for a 12 - 24 month period? She has nice 3 bed house outskirts of London/ Essex which is a 30 minute commute on the Central Line to City. She would like to swap for a house / appartment around the northern beaches, would be travelling alone and happy to look after any pets :biggrin:
  5. Hi Pomz in Oz! Long time reader, seldom post. Want to get away from the cold in the UK? Come to Sydney for Australian Summer! We're planning a trip back to the UK to visit family, and we now have 2 kids. When we used to travel back to the UK, we'd crash on people's floors - but it's not manageable now. We're hoping to visit the UK for up to 6 weeks sometime in Feb/March/April 2012. We'd like to talk to someone about a house swap for some, or all of this time. Our place is a 3 bed place in the suburbs of Sydney (Penshurst). It's about 30 mins by train into the city from the nearest station, nearest beach is about a 25 min drive. We're looking for anywhere in the UK south of Manchester - with a preference to be closer to Bedford/Cambridge/St Albans. At least 3 beds. Get in touch! PM/Reply Thanks Ryan.
  6. Me and my family are due to move accross to Perth in 2 months time, We have been told by some friends that Ashby or Tapping would be the best places for us to live. Does anyone have any advice on this? But mainly we are looking to find a house to rent with a pool in these areas or very close surrounding subs ! We are finding it very hard to find any on the internet, can anyone help please !!??
  7. Hi, again I'm posting for my friend who is imminently returning to the UK with kids and patner. The house has been on the market for some 3 months now and hasn't sold - has anyone been in the same situation and can give some advice on what they did or how to handle it if they move back over here before its sold? Who do you leave it with?Solicitors? Estate Agents? Any help or advice greatly appreciated. My friend returning alone in advance with the kids to get them into schools for Sept and partner staying for time being but doesn't want to stay on his own for too long .. Help?!!! Has anyone done this and come back with no money too .. as all money tied up in the house, all they will have is what he can earn on returning + benefits anyone 'been there done that' ?? :confused: :hug: xx
  8. Hello everyone, New to the forum but amazed at how friendly and supportive the posts I have read are! Really hoping some of you kind people may be able to help clear up some of our confusion. We are planning to move to Australia as soon as we conceivably can, until last night we had thought this would be FEB/march 12. New information I discovered through this into question, hence the confusion. Forgive me for what might be a long winded explanation of our situation! I am Australian (Newcastle born and bred), but have been living in uk for last seven years on various visas, the most recent being my marriage visa to my lovely British husband. We have a beautiful 10 month old daughter born here in the uk (uk passport only at this stage). My limited leave to remain marriage visa is due to expire 2nd dec 11, and would cost us 975 pounds to renew into the indefinite leave to remain visa. We had been planning to pay this, thinking that it would allow me to come back into Britain if we ever need to return. However last night I discovered that indefinite leave to remain is only valid if you do not live outside Britain for two years+, and we are obviously planning a long term move to oz. In short, my visa expires in December and we are reluctant to fork out a grand for what will only be a couple of months if we don't have to. With me so far? Sorry for any muddle. Anyway we are now thinking we might try to move before my visa expires. This introduces a whole new range of issues. I have been reading forum and I think it seems as though the absolute best result we can hope for my husband to get a spouse visa for Australia approved is 5 months (which obviously takes us past my uk visa expiring). I think I am also right in assuming I need a visa for my uk born daughter? Not sure if she can go on same form as her dad? We also have a house to sell (will be putting it on market in next fortnight). Whilst we don't necessarily need it sold to move, it would be better for us financially and certainly we could only manage a few months cross over! Am nervous about the market and would think we would be incredibly lucky to have it sold before december! Basically my questions are a) has anyone been in a similar situation or b) does anyone have and insight into our options? I believe I am right in saying that in order to avoid paying the thousand pounds to get my visa renewed, I need to leave the uk before it expires on 2nd dec. My husbands visa will more than likely not be back by then, and we won't travel separately because of our daughter. I know this is an essay so will be surprised if anyone has made it through it let alone made sense of it, but if anyone has any info or thoughts on our options they would be hugely appreciated! I am guessing copping the visa fee here might be the only clear cut way but if anyone has any other ideas...am desperate to get home! Many thanks in advance
  9. KY9

    House selling scam

    I have just read this article regarding the fact that your house could be sold by Nigerian scam artists if you don't have any liens or mortgage on it. http://www.perthnow.com.au/real-estate/landgate-begins-search-for-property-fraud-victims/story-e6frg3mu-1226113219277 It seems that the best advice is to make sure you have a small loan against your house that will ensure that the bank has an interest in any attempt to sell it without your knowledge. I'm wondering if this could ever happen anywhere other than Western Australia.
  10. Hello We are a family moving into a house in the Como area in a couple of weeks. We will need everything from beds to lounge furniture, white goods, dining table etc. If anyone is moving home or has stuff to sell please let me know. Can pick it up! If anyone else knows places to get reasonable prices any tips welcome too (please save us from Ikea!!) thanks for reading this!
  11. Hi, what's the deal with house and land packages in Australia. Some of the deals look just as good and sometimes better than buying existing housing stock. I am again missing an obvious catch. What is it? Any info on the house buying market welcomed. Eg. Mortgages for immigrants etc. Thanks
  12. Hello, Myself and My husabnd are on our way Perth on March to set up our lives. We are in too minds to rent or buy. We have heard that on our visas we are not allowed o buy for 2 years, as the banks to need to see that we are able to save before then lend us a mortage. Is this true?? And is buying relatively easy, We own a property in the Uk and are looking to sell before we leave. Any adivse would be great Thanks Katy :wacko:
  13. Guest

    Great house for sale Belmont

    http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-qld-belmont-107495900 Moving back to Blighty and our lovely nearly new house is up for sale. Great English neigbours. A great little development. 20 min drive to Brisbane. 2 mins away from gateway motorway
  14. Hi I have just found this link on the net and it has helped me alot so I hope it will assist anyone not sure of the areas they are looking into etc.............. Let me know if it helps you toooo. :biggrin: Sarah The Newlands http://www.viacorp.com/perth-suburbs-listed-by-median-price.html
  15. Hi, On considering our move to australia, we have come across several companies who offer to buy your house, even though it is in negative equity. We are about 10k neg equity on our house Has anyone used these companies and if so, are they safe?! thank you kate
  16. Guest

    Selling our house in the UK

    Hi all, I am stuck in a bit of a dilemma and think sharing it may ease my mind!!!! I have landed a job in WA, got my 457 visa granted, have my wife and 4 children ready to move...only issue is selling our house, which we need to do to be able to afford the move!! However, the issue I have is do I or don't I go over there by myself first of all, living with friends free of charge, get set up in my new job, get some money behind me etc etc... I know that I can earn over double what I am getting paid now in the UK and have to ability to save some money so we have a 'cushion' once we are all there.....my problem is that leaving my wife and kids, with the house un-sold and not knowing how long it will take to sell!!! I know that I will miss my family, but think that the ability to save money and prepare things for the family moving over would be a good thing!!! Any helpful advice would be good!! Thanks Steve.
  17. Due to unforeseen events I am returning to the UK. As a result I have a gorgeous modern 2 bedroom single fronted Victorian house for lease in Port Melbourne. Recently renovated, the property benefits from open plan living, 2 double bedrooms, a large bathroom, reverse cycle air conditioning, floorboards, euro laundry and a courtyard. The rent is $560 a week. Please pm for more details and/or to arrange a viewing.
  18. Hi. Im trying to sell my house to move back to the UK. Its a nice property in a great location with enough room for a large family. (there is a granny flat underneath) see link for details http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-qld-sherwood-107294133 Cheers Andrew
  19. I'm new on this forum so apologies if this is not the right place to post this thread. Please tell me if it's out of place! Anyway, just on the off chance there is anyone moving back to the UK at the end of August and is looking to furnish a house! We're moving to Perth first week in september and will be selling most of our furniture, washing machine and fridge. It's all as good as new as we just bought it all 5 months ago. Furniture is all from Argos so cheap and cheerful and better again already assembled! If anyone is interested get in touch!
  20. We are looking at buying a house in the UK, (our first step to returning home). The exchange rate on 'Yahoo Finance' today gave a rate of 0.6646 and our bank gave 0.6480, which is a difference of 1.02562...... the amount of money "lost" thru these differences is (in our case) approx stg6000 , or about $9000. quite a considerable amount (our first shock) and is no doubt the difference between buying and selling currencies. For those of you who have already moved back could you please advise if there are more ecomical ways of sending money to the uk as there are probably more charges to be met what we don't know about yet. Do banks in the uk charge for receival charges?? is it easy to open a bank account in the uk?? is it possible to transfer into a relations account?? etc etc Sorry for all these questions, but we are still only in the prelimineries of money transfers etc. Cheers, Dave.
  21. Hi I've accepted a new job with an Australian employer and am starting with them in November in Sydney We've started the process of working out what to take and decluttering/selling/dumping the rest I have heard a few stories about what Australian customs reject or slow up - just wanted to check a few questions about that I'm guessing that everything that gets used outdoors has to be spotlessly clean - so garden furniture, garden tools, pushbikes, outdoor toys and so on. Is there anything in that category that just always gets rejected so I may as well not bother packing (I doubt a lawnmower will ever clean up sufficiently, for example)? The other thing that worries me is wooden indoor furniture. In the UK we have a very old house with quite a bit of antique furniture. None of it has live woodworm, but a fair bit has been subject to woodworm attack in the past. Anyone know what if anything we have to do to get that through? Also any other hidden traps I might not know about? All advice gratefully received TIA
  22. Hi, I was just browsing all the usual websites for accommodation at Christmas and was shocked at the cost. So, does anyone on here live in the Brisbane Bayside area or have a relative there who is leaving their home empty during the holidays? Do they need a house sitter? We hope to arrive in Brisbane on 26th/27th December 2011 and stay for approx 4 weeks. We are a couple (mid 50s) non smokers and dont mind grass cutting/pool cleaning etc. Ideally, we would prefer Manly/Wynnum area but we intend renting a car so distance isnt too much of a problem. As long as we can see our beloved grandchild again we really dont mind! I`m sure references and bonds could be discussed if necessary. Hope someone can help..................Val
  23. sam and craig

    HELP!! will i get a visa

    Hi was wondering if anyone can help me, on my status every thing has been met, pcc has been sent and medicals are all finalised, and I have a CO, is it just a matter of waiting now to get visa or could it still be turned down? As I put my house on the market last week thinking it would take ages just to get viewers, but someone has already offered me pretty much the asking price , I a bit nervous to except if I will not get a visa, I really don’t know what to do. If its just waiting for visa to come through I will take offer but if there is a chance I could still be turned down I will have to say no, and hope I find a buyer at a later date…….aaahhh:arghh::arghh::arghh:
  24. We are moving to Brisbane in September and will obviuosly need to rent a house and enrol our children in primary school. It looks like we need to be living in the catchment area for a school before we can enrol the children? However, although we know what areas we would like to live in, I suspect it may take a while before we find a property to rent. Equally we wouldn't want to rent a house in an area where the local school is too full to take our 3 children. Ideally we would like the children to start school at the beginning of term in October. Can anybody give us any advice? Will we be able to enrol our children in school before we have found a house to rent in the catchment area? Or will we have to hold off on the schools until we have somewhere to live?
  25. kellyjamie

    Good news about the house

    Well the house has been on the market 10 weeks now and not a single viewer so we decided to put it up for rent on gumtree, so after less than 12 hours we got a phone call, day later they viewed the house and this morning we accepted them as the tennants! Very relieved to finally know what were doing, its not ideal we really wanted it sold but hey atleast we will be getting an income. They are a nice family and want it initially for a year with a view to making it long term for about 3 years, so lets hope it works out. we are moving out in 4 weeks and going to live with Jamies stepmum and little bro which will be tight but its only for 4 months and will allow us to save quite abit so we have cash to bring. My mum has refused to let us stay says theres not enuf room and we would likely fall out, suits me as she can be very awkward hwen things dont go her way. I had to explain the whole situ to her and my dad today, they said they want to ensure were doing the right thing it was them who told us to rent it, now its happnin theyre not so happy and all i got was well what will happen to mum when dads not here! not that i should live my life for me and follow my dreams no no just what will happen to my mum when my dads not here!!!! its better i dont stay with them. so feeling very real now as this was the last stumbling block in a very very long and difficult road:wubclub: