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Found 1,101 results

  1. Palmyradebanks

    Doctors in the house????

    Looking to move to Melbourne. Being courted by Allied, IPN and Primary - please let me know your views.
  2. Fashionably Late

    House up for auction

    We have seen several homes up for auction around us that we are interested in. Can the estate agent give us a guide price so we know if they are slightly within budget or not?
  3. Guest

    Sellin my house in Uk

    Our house has been on the market since 13th July 2011, we've had 1 viewing in seven weeks so decided to change estate agents. Since changing estate agent we've had no viewings (we've been with them for 2 weeks) so we knockered 20k off of price.... I'm feeling soooooo low at the moment. I deperately want to sell the house and move to Oz by Novemebr - not sure that gonna happen!!!!!! :arghh:
  4. Guest

    House sold now fun begins

    Hi everyone, Have not lived in UK since 1985 (I think Wham was still #1 in the charts) Have lived in Los angeles 13 years, Adelaide 7 years and Brisbane 5 years. Now decided it's time to go home. We have just sold house in Brisbane after three months.:biggrin: fingers crossed it all goes through. Plan to be back in blighty May 2012 Lot of suggestions on 20 ft containers. Any suggestions on who to use? It seems a lot more expensive to go from Oz to UK than the other way around for some reason. Anyway lots of things to take care of. Have got some great info from this site. Thank you.
  5. scarlet mia

    Renting our house in the U.K

    Hi We are hoping to move maybe next July and have decided the best thing for us would be to rent our house. I would much rather sell up now but there are quite a few for sale round us at the moment and none of them are selling and we are also tied into our mortgage and would have to pay a hefty fee if we was to come out of the mortgage now. So just wanted some advise we plan to rent out and the money from the rent will go into my u.k account and just pay the mortgage we don,t plan on making any money out of it or if we did it would stay in the account for if our house was empty just to help with the mortgage Has anyone else done this and is it a straight forward as it seems. Would love to hear you Thanks x
  6. Proview220

    House for sale

    Any one moving back to UK Manchester wanting to buy a property take a look at this one.http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-35170445.html
  7. Hi me husband & 2 boys (5 & 1) have our 175 visa we visited perth in may for 2 weeks so that we could validate our visas, we are planning on moving out to brisbane next august have had our house on the market for 18 months we have had a buyer lined up for about a year but she has not been able to sell her house it's really frustrating, what i want opinions on is should we rent our house in the ...uk and just make the move or hold out for the sale of our house any thoughts would be greatly appreciated we so want to move out. Our plan is also for my husband to come out first and find a job and a place to live and we will follow approx 3 months later. Also any info on living in brisbane we were looking at regents park and surrounding areas hubby is in it (firewall security) and wants to be close to brisbane cbd. Any opinions on areas schools and any general information would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if i have wittered on. Thanks
  8. Hi, i am sure we are not the only ones in this position but our house is taking longer than we thought to sell here in the u.k. As we have to validate by next summer we do hopefully have time but was wondering if anyone has tried these quick sale agencies? I have been on their websites and they guarantee a sale in a month but not sure how i feel about them? Don't want to go too much under what the house is worth but will struggle to afford to validate ! Would love to know if anyone has tried alternative ways of selling!
  9. Hi All We will hopefully be moving out at the end of the year. We are looking at house rental around Point Cook, Hoppers Crossing areas. We are ale to find constantly 300+ houses with our criteria, once we enter "pets" this dramatically reduces to less than 30. Is it really difficult to find properties that will accept pets?? We really would like some opinions as we will need to decide soon what to do with our dog. She is a terrier with a great personality, really don't want to leave her,but may have little choice. Look forward to hearing your opinions. Kev
  10. The Pom Queen

    Brit blows house up making vodka

    Please don't tell me it was a PIO member, Pablo, Sh7t man, Lemmings:idea: A BRITISH man was left dazed and wandering the streets in his singed underwear after almost blowing himself up brewing home-made vodka. Ten neighbouring dwellings had to be evacuated after Lawrence Toms, 43, had a tinker with his distillation equipment, sparking an explosion so powerful it blew out the windows and damaged the roof of his home in southern Wales, newspaper the Daily Express reported. Neighbours said Mr Toms, an inventor, had been making vodka after downloading a recipe from the Internet. The crews of four fire engines battled a blaze while Mr Toms was taken to a specialist burns unit for treatment. Police have begun to investigate the explosion. Mr Toms is believed to have made a still in a bedroom of the terrace house. "It's crazy. You don't go making something like that in a terrace street, especially where there are kids about," neighbour Susan Minty told the Express.
  11. AaronS

    Offer on our house!

    Our house here has been on the market for a week and a half and we got an offer yesterday! That's a huge relief!
  12. TheGlovers

    House sale

    Aaahhhhhhhhh just wish my house would sell then we could head out to Melbourne to start our new life. How many others are in the same boat. Fed up this rubbish weather and everything else in the country,just want to go .:arghh:
  13. Guest

    The Glasgow Curry House

    Just opened. Best Indian in WA
  14. Hi, Do you or do you know of anyone in OZ that would like to do a house swop for 3 weks next Aug 2012???? I'm in the UK Bournemouth (South of England), 5 bed bungalow, 5 mins to beach etc I would like to try and take my family over (hubby & 3 kids) before we make the huge jump across the water to sample life there first - thought that this would be the cheapest way, plus "maybe" it might help some other poms out that are missing the UK. Thank you for reading this. Dx:biggrin:
  15. Hello everyone, It's my first time on here, so I hope I do everything right! Every year I wish we had moved down under and every year I look in to it, then it all fizzles out, BUT this year I want to seriously look in to it. Any stories of what's it really like down there would be VERY much appreciated. I have 3 children and a hubby wanting to move, not sure of areas either!! I did think of trying to organise a house swop for next summer, so I could take the kids to sample the lifestyle (the cheapest way) anyone interested, we live in Bournemouth 5mins from beach and fantastic views of heathland (5 bed property)???? Thank you VERY much in advance for reading this post :biggrin: Look forward to hearing from you all. Dx
  16. The Pom Queen

    Our House and the property ladder

    I was looking back through old photos and I thought it would be great to see the first house you ever bought, how much it had gone up in value and the house you are in today. This was the first house I ever bought, it cost $12,000 and I sold it for $14,000. Today they are $80,000 (please replace $ with a UK pound sign) [ATTACH]3498[/ATTACH] The last house we owned in the UK was this one: [ATTACH]3499[/ATTACH] The first house we owned in Australia [ATTACH]3500[/ATTACH]
  17. Hi! We have been in Perth for 9 months now (already??!!) and are yet to find a really good curry house. The hubby is particularly gagging for a 'decent' Indian curry..... We've tried Chutney Mary's and Maya's, both of which have a great reputation, and both of which I thought were pretty good. Yet hubby is still bombarding me with 'not a patch on a curry in London....'. I've researched online and have the names of a few, but as fellow expats, I expect you're comparing the same quality as we would be. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated :biggrin: Cheers Tina
  18. The Pom Queen

    Melbourne House Prices Drop

    The latest RP Data-Rismark statistics show Melbourne is pulling down the nation's property market. The median house price across Melbourne is now $501,500, which is down 6.2 per cent in the six months to July. Apartments fared slightly better, down 4.3 per cent to $425,000. Scroll down to see how long it takes to sell a house in your suburb Across Australia, capital city house prices fell for the seventh month in a row, down 3.4 per cent. RP Data research director Tim Lawless said Melbourne property prices had rocketed 29 per cent during 2009 and last year. "You have to expect that level of growth was clearly going to be unsustainable," he said. "Melbourne is slowing at quite a rapid rate." But Mr Lawless said the top end of the market was responsible for most of the price falls. Premium property prices had tumbled almost 10 per cent in the past year. "That compares to (a fall of) 0.3 per cent at the most affordable end of the market," he said. Falling house prices and a lack of buyer confidence are buffeting Melbourne's property market. Auction clearance rates have lingered below 60 per cent for 19 weeks, as would-be buyers keep their hands in their pockets. It comes as a separate survey shows revealed home builders believe consumer confidence is the biggest threat to the prosperity of their sector. Of those who responded to the Master Builders Business Sentiment survey, 20 per cent said a lack of consumer confidence was the biggest single threat to profitability while a further 18 per cent said excessive or inefficient planning regulations were the biggest threats. However, the outlook for the coming 12 months was positive with 60 per cent saying they expected business activity to improve and 58 per cent saying they expected profitability to also rise during the next year. Executive Director Brian Welch said it was heartening to see that residential builders were undeterred by the "mass hysteria" surrounding the residential property market. "Our members are telling us that they understand that consumer confidence is having an impact on the industry, but they expect that contraction to level out over the coming year," Mr Welch said. "This can be explained by the fact that 63 per cent of respondents said they have at least 4 months of work on their books with 14 per cent reporting they have more than a year’s worth," he said. "These builders are not deterred by current economic uncertainty and continue to plough ahead." The latest statistics come ahead of the Saturday start of Melbourne's spring selling season, which experts believe could be a buying bonanza for house hunters. "It is absolutely a buyer's market," Mr Lawless said. Real Estate Institute of Victoria spokesman Robert Larocca said buyers were well placed to make the most of the market. "Prices have peaked, affordability has become a concern, people have become more conservative and auction clearance rates are down," he said. Rismark International economist Christopher Joye said an interest rate cut would help house prices recover. "If rates do remain on hold, or begin to fall, we would expect to see Australia's housing market find a base and begin to generate capital gains again," he said.
  19. Hi I remember on an episode of Wanted Down Under, in Brisbane I think, they showed a showroom or shop that they called a house supermarket. Apparently you could go in and choose a house design!! Can anyone throw any light on this? I also wanted to ask if anyone is familiar with the process of choosing and buying a steel kit home!! Any idea of the costs involved? :wubclub: Thanks Sheena
  20. Hi There, I'm An Aussie living in London, Married to a Brit, and have a brand new baby daughter. We're heading back to Sydney to spend time with the family for 3 months from Christmas 2011 and I'm looking for someone who might be interested in a house swap for that period or any part thereof. We have a lovely 2 bedroom flat in London (zone 2) and would ideally like to swap it with someone on Sydney's northern beaches or North shore. I'm happy to provide pictures etc for anybody fancy being at home in London over Christmas. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or might be interested. Cheers, Lee
  21. Hi there, does anyone know of any houses for rent with a pool in the Halls Head area of Mandurah? Have searched the all the real estates, but cant find many with pools. I though word of mouth may be the way. We are looking to rent for at least 2 years, possibly longer. We are already here staying with friends, and our daughter has recently started school in halls head, so we want to stay in this area. thanks
  22. Thought i would put a post on here to promote my house for sale, need a quick sale due to moving to Brisbane. This a lovely, large 3 bedroomed detached with huge driveway, period features like open fire and log burner, original flags and wooden beams etc. Located in small village in Overton, Nr. heysham, lancashire. PM if more details needed, thank you. :jiggy:
  23. Guest

    House hunting - Maroochydore

    Hi. We're arriving in Maroochydore on 23rd November (visa came through last week) and I'd really appreciate any advice anyone has on house hunting. We're looking for a short term furnished let for first 3 weeks whilst we find a house we want to live in longer term. Any advice on the best places to look or people to contact please? I don't want to be homeless when we get there!! :-(
  24. My family are relocating to the Sunshine Coast in November and are looking for a house to rent. We've looked at holiday lets but because of the time of year they are either extremely expensive or don't have availability over Christmas. We'd like to find a house in the Maroochy/Alex Hills/Cotton Tree/Mooloolaba areas with 3 beds or more and aircon. (A pool would be nice but it's not essential.) We're a professional couple with teenage children and don't want to pay any more than $450 a week. Can anyone help me please?? :unsure:
  25. Guest

    House for Sale NW England

    Hi folks, If anyone is looking for a property in the NW region we have a house on the market in a nice village just outside Warrington. It's halfway between Manchester & Liverpool. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-34385534.html We're heading over to Aus at the end of the year but could move out if someone needs the house before then. regards J & B