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Found 1,101 results

  1. Not on the open market yet but thought we'd see if any returning Poms might be interested first !:wink: http://www.zoopla.co.uk/property/59-potters-avenue/fareham/po16-7ue/28283827 Any questions about it or the area please PM me:biggrin:
  2. Heathfamily

    House rental in UK

    Hi, we are looking for a rental in the Cannock area of the UK from Nov to Jan. All the agents/landlords we have contacted are looking for minimum 6 months, where as we only want 3. We are a family of 4, 2 girls aged 12 and 9 no pets and non smokers, so a 3 bed would be ideal but will consider a 2 bed. Have been down the friends and family route but not an option. Anyone with anything that would help us out? Thanks.
  3. The Pom Queen

    UK House Prices - North/South divide

    The average house price in the South is now more than twice as high as in the North, a study has revealed. It is thought to be the first time that the North/South gap has widened to this extent. Despite widespread economic gloom, experts say that asking prices across London, the South-East, South-West and East Anglia rose by 4.7 per cent last month. Boom or bust: While property prices in the South continue to increase, house values in the North fell again last month Boom or bust: While property prices in the South continue to increase, house values in the North fell again last month However, prices in the North and North-West, the West and East Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber and Wales fell by 0.7 per cent. The typical property in the South now costs £336,743, compared with £164,347 in the North. The £172,396 gap is the largest recorded in the nine-year history of property firm Rightmove’s pricing index. Property prices had been predicted to fall by as much as ten per cent by 2013 due to the challenging financial climate, but Rightmove said the South, and London in particular, continues to exceed expectations. In the four years since the start of the credit crunch, asking prices have fallen by 9.6 per cent in the North - but jumped 5.4 per cent in the South. Rightmove spokesman Miles Shipside said: ‘Wider access to mortgages and rising asking prices are early signs of increasing demand, giving homeowners some grounds for hope of a market recovery.’ However, he added that the reality was a ‘two-tier’ market with a ‘growing price gap’. The firm’s report suggested high unemployment in the North had driven prices down.
  4. having not sold our house, we have dcided to offer it for rent to my sister and family. We have discussed rent, repairs etc, whihc we are all happy with. we do have 1 small problem that we need to extend our mortgage to give us the money we need for the move to oz. we own approx half our property (190) and have current 90k mortgage. this is proving more hassle as most lenders only happy to offer 60% of loan. some won't allow family members as tenants etc.. just wondered i anyone knows if we need to have buy to let if we have family member in there as we not letting as such!!! any advice please collette xx:twitcy:
  5. Moving due to work and can't take much. Have a look at our house for sale, if your coming from overseas we can even throw in our 2010 Black Kia Sportage Have a look at our link on realestate.com.au http://www.rs.realestate.com.au/property-house-wa-secret+harbour-108164546 My number is +61 418 919 432
  6. Hi, moveing back to the Uk.Would like to sell or consider P/E Lowset brick house Has 3 bedroomeds all double with cieling fans,double fitted robes,main with ensuite,+ family bathroom.Double garage,fully fenced on 2.5 acres two road frontage.15 min Toowoomba 1hr to Brisbane.Check it out on realestate.com.au Enter Withcott. 4352 1st Prop on page, Prop.No.107364785 ReMax
  7. Finally, now perhaps we can have something else in the news to read about and perhaps things can settle down. I believe we have to do something to help our world for future generations and hope this is a step in the right direction. A stitch in time saves nine
  8. HOUSE prices and rents are set to go through the roof again in Brisbane, The report, prepared by BIS Shrapnel, says the underlying strength of the Australian economy, stable interest rates in the short term, high immigration and a dire shortage of houses, will be the main drivers of this growth. It forecasts the Brisbane median house will lift by 16 per cent to $505,000 over the three years to June 2014. The rise in home prices and shortage of accommodation is also expected to force up rents. This compares with 20 per cent in Perth, 19 per cent in Sydney, 8 per cent in Canberra and only 6 per cent in Melbourne. It also predicts that first home buyers will start to re-enter the market in greater numbers next year as the outlook for the economy improves. This will in turn encourage others to return, especially upgraders, as demand for their properties improves. ''Sydney hasn't fallen in a hole and house price growth has been minimal but has held up over the last 12 months,'' said Robert Mellor, the managing director of BIS Shrapnel. But he predicts this will jump to about 5 per cent in 2011-12 and 7 per cent the year after, before growth will start to slow as a result of higher interest rates in 2013. ''At some point in the next few years rising interest rates will become a concern and that will bring a slowing in residential property markets,'' Mr Mellor said. BIS Shrapnel chief economist Frank Gelber warned the Melbourne market was "running out of steam" as supply levels for new homes increased to satisfy demand. Would-be house buyers would be deterred by a likely 100-basis point increase in interest rates over the next few years. Such a rise would take the official rate to 5.75 per cent. "The property market will stay stronger over the next few years but there will be no huge increase in (residential) property prices over the next five years in Melbourne," Mr Gelber said, speaking in Melbourne. "The next big increase in Melbourne property prices won't be until the next upward phase of the economy." Separately yesterday, a report from the Housing Industry Association revealed that in the past year, Australia's major developers built about 50,500 new houses - down about 20 per cent from the previous year. Commercial to eclipse residential Despite the optimistic outlook for home owners in most capital cities, residential property will be outperformed by commercial property over the next 10 years, according to research by ANZ. Equities will eclipse residential real estate as the strongest performer, but ANZ suggests that when risk is factored in, commercial property will generate similar returns. The report, Asset returns: Past, Present and Future, said owner-occupied housing had made annual average returns of 12 per cent over the 24 years since 1987 even when costs and taxes were factored in. Simple historical comparisons of equities and property are often used by property analysts to demonstrate housing's superior capital returns but ANZ included costs, taxes, interest on loans and factored in the risk associated with investing. It found that owner-occupied housing had the highest returns, outperforming investment property, in part because of capital gains tax exemptions. Investor housing was the next best asset class, performing slightly better than equities over the time analysed, the report said. They were followed by government bonds, term deposits and commercial property.
  9. Mizzmp

    Selling UK house

    Is anybody else having trouble selilng their house? We have our visa and the only thing holding us back is the sale! So frustrating as have priced to sell. Very grateful we have our visa and shouldn't moan but just want to fly out now!
  10. sunni1234

    Renting a house in the UK

    Any tips on renting a house in the UK ? What will we need ? references, bond etc Would like to buy asap but as we are returning to a different area we thought renting would give us a bit more flexibility. thanks in advance sunni :biggrin:
  11. We moved over here in March 2010. It took us a while to settle and do our research but we've been ready to buy for the last three months. We put in an offer on a house recently but were just outbid (it was a really good one) when it went to last offers. We're still looking but nothing quite so good has come up yet. In the meantime I am watching a large number of properties hang around on the market for months and months. A lot of these are being substantially discounted before a sale is finally agreed. Auctions are performing abysmally and there's a possible GFC2 looming on the horizon. Add into this that China is possibly slowing down and the Aussie economy may not be in such a strong position as it was in GFC1.... My question is this..... What are peoples opinions on the likelihood of house prices coming down substantially. Should we keep renting and saving or should we buy in the next six months? Thanks Guys
  12. julie38

    house not worth much

    HI all our situation is this.. we live in France we bought our house 5 years ago at the top end of the market and need to sell now at the worst time ever, so we are told.We have spent so much time and lots of money on it to find out it is now worth a tiny bit more than we first paid for it.But we have a visa:biggrin: My husband is all for selling and taking a huge loss and lets start again in Oz. One minute i'm all for lets book flights and go,then i think should we try to rent,we would still have to pay at least 200 euro each month.Is a house security or just bricks aaggghhh. non of my symbols work on my key-board If we go we go before we sell we will be in Oz by jan 12 :hug: but not as secure as we would have liked:sad: anyone in a similar situation julie
  13. Hi All We have had the house on the market for around 8 weeks now and getting fed up with waiting for it to sell as we wanted to be coming out by end of Oct :mad: We had hoped it would sell quite quickly being optimistic people :wink: but now we are having to rethink about what happens if it doesn't sell by Christmas. Really looking for advice about renting out our property. Would appreciate views on fors and againsts for renting out.- Apart from the obvious ones :biggrin: we have no idea about tax implications, rental agent charges and rental periods etc so any advice would be greatly appreciated. We are now thinking of having Christmas here and renting out from end of January. Many thanks Carla
  14. Hi there, we are planning to move to Sydney June 2012 and we are offering our 3 bed semi detached house in exchange for something similar in Sydney. Got a feeling this is one heck of a long shot but quite optimistic so fingers crossed. Here's to hoping anyhow!!!!
  15. Proview220

    House for sale Manchester.

  16. Zack

    House Swap

    If you own your house in the UK,Have no Mortgage can't sell it, and want to live In SE Queensland,WHY NOT SWAP IT.Depending on where you live,I have a three bedroomed lowset 2 bathrooms,garage ect on 2.5 acres 15 min out ofToowoomba on route to Brisbane 1 hr..No Mortgage.Would like a 3 bed detached house/bungalow.Northumberland,Durham,North Yorkshire,Lincolnshire.All area's considered.
  17. The HIA, which represents the building industry, forecasts NSW will have a housing shortfall of 155,000 if houses continue to be built at the historical average of the past 20 years. Even if the state picks up its home building rate from the current 40,600 to 48,600 per annum (a high building scenario), it will still have a shortfall of 84,000 houses by 2020, according to HIA modelling. Under the same medium rate scenario, Western Australia will be 112,000 short of the number of houses it needs by 2020, followed by Victoria (104,200), Queensland (91,800) and South Australia (24,600). The ACT is building just about enough houses annually, with an undersupply of just 1,400 houses projected by 2020 if building conditions remain unchanged. Australia’s weakest housing market, Tasmania is the only state market building enough houses currently and is forecast to be in surplus (1,300) by 2020. In total, the HIA forecasts a shortage of 500,000 homes by 2020 across the nation, should building rates not pick up. At a local government area level, flood-damaged Brisbane is heading for a housing shortage of 25,000 by 2020 at current building rates, according to HIA. Other notable municipalities heading for significant housing shortages in nine years’ time include Darwin (6,500), Sydney’s Sutherland Shire (4,700) and Blacktown (4,400) in Sydney’s outer west.
  18. Want to see where the american General MacArthur ran the pacific war from in WWII? Or what the Masons really get up to? Or tour parliament house? Or view the lovely St John's? Or sneak up a skyscraper? Or see where the connected hang out at the Tattersalls Club? Or how traffic is controlled throughout Brisbane? Or take a peek at the performing arts complex? Or even a back of house museum tour? Brisbane Open House has all this and more for one day only tomorrow Saturday 1st. See: http://www.brisbaneopenhouse.com.au/
  19. Hello everyone, is anyone moving to Melbourne and needs temporarily accomodation ? We are considering renting our home out from early September until the end of October. Our house is a renovated three bedroom house with a large deck and very big garden. It is suitable for individuals as well as a family. We are very close to the Eastern Link Freeway with easy access to the CBD. Please contact Sabine for more details.
  20. Hi, Can you please suggest anyone or a company in Brisbane which cleans the entire house (including carpets) on moving out/end of lease at a reasonable price? Thank you!!! Cheers B!K3R
  21. Hi! This is my first ever post. My hubby is currently speaking to companies about coming to Oz on a 457 visa. I have looked around the forums and there is a real mixture of opinions on 457's. What is your experiences of coming to Oz on a 457? Also, while you are in Oz on a 457, Can you buy a house? Cheers ScottishYorkie x
  22. a lovely house with 3 bedrooms, kitchen, 1 bathroom, 1 toilet, garage and spacious garden in nunawading for rent, gas oven, heating and cooler, ADSL2+ wideband, 2 mins walk to bus stop and 15 mins to train station. Very close to the primary school and blackburn high school.Available at 17 Oct, 2011.
  23. Guest

    Holiday house swop

    Hello to you all.We are coming over to Perth in April next year as our eldest son Paul is getting married to a Perth girl.Pat and i would like to stay for a month before and after the actual wedding day of 7th April.2012.we believe it will be a lot cheaper to try and get a house swop.We live in the UK.in Formby.Liverpool.Merseyside.in a 1930 semi-detached house which sleeps 8 people.it is in very good order and is 12 miles from Liverpool and only 8 miles from Southport. In the car the Lakes and North Wales are only a couple of hours journey away. We will have our other 2 sons with us and 1 partner so could do with a 3 bedroomed house.Anybody out there who can help.We can also sort out the car if need be.heres hoping.Dennis & Pat Evans.:wink::laugh:
  24. Does anyone remember the house selling feng shui tip someone posted on here a few weeks back? You're supposed to get a red envelope, put in something metal and wood from the house and some earth from the garden, then chuck it in the nearest river and wish for a house sale. Anyhow, desperate times call for desperate measures. So a few weeks ago I took a walk down to the river, stood on the bridge like a complete berk :embarrassed:, had a quick look round, whistling in a 'just admiring the view' type of way, chucked the envelope over and scuttled on my way. At 12pm got a call from my EA to say I had a viewing the next day (Sat) and one on Sunday. Hadnt had any for weeks so was pleased. 2 weeks on, the 1st couple have put in an offer which we've accepted and the 2nd couple want first refusal if anything goes wrong with the sale. I also got a note through the door from another EA today saying they have a couple in rented who want to live in my street , can I contact them. Either the market's picking up, Feng Shui works or house buyers are like buses - you get nothing for ages then 3 come along all at once!!! :twitcy: Angelcake
  25. Hi to all out there near Perth.We are coming over for the wedding of our eldest son Paul in April 2012.We have 3 sons here in the UK,and poss 2 partners to house when we come over,so are looking for a house to swop any where around the Perth area. We live in Formby.near Liverpool.UK.Formby is quite an well thought of area with many footballers from Liverpool and Everton living in the area,so house prices are very good with all ranges from smal, to £3 million plus.We are 12 miles from Liverpool and 8 from Southport.By car both the Lakes and Wales are only a couple of hours away.Our house sleeps 8 adults,and has all mod cons you would expect.New kitchen and upstairs bathroom installed in the last 2 years.Our 2006 Ford Mondeo can also be included.The date of the wedding is 7th April,but poss 3/4 of our party would like to stay for say 4 weeks if possible.Our party may be reduced to 5 depending on work needs of one of our other sons and his partner. Hope there is a family from OZ who would like to visit the UK for a month in APRIL.2012,and save a lot of money.My email adress is dennyevo@talktalk.net.look forward to hearing from you soon.: