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Found 1,101 results

  1. Guest

    Called Australia House

    Hi Everyone Just to let you know I phoned Australia House today and the meds have been finalised!! Anyone who knows about my condition is probably as shocked as I am. The light at the end of the tunnel is suddenly a lot brighter and scarier now:wideeyed: Maria
  2. Help my family and I are arriving in Melbourne on the 26th of January on Australia Day. The accommodation that we had planned has just fallen through. We are a family of 3 and in desperate need to find a roof over our heads. At the moment neither my wife and I have jobs and we are travelling with a 15 month son. Does anyone know of a two bed property for rent either at the end of this month or next??? Or does anyone know of a decent serviced apartment on the cheap that they can recommend???? Thank you in advance for your help!!!!!!!!!:unsure:
  3. We are moving back to the Perth area at the beginning of March so we will need somewhere to live, I thought I'd try here first before trawling through the agencies... We have no preference on actual location but somewhere quiet is a must. We both intend to work in the city so good access to the CBD would be an advantage We have 2 cars and a motorcycle so either a car port or a garage is needed We are both non smokers We have 2 cats Needs to be a house, fairly large as we have accumulated a lot of furniture including a rather large dining room table We are looking at a minimum 12 months rental So if you have, or know anyone who has something that you think might be suitable please contact me. Many thanks Peter
  4. Hello everyone, My partner and I are moving to Mandurah from the start of october, Visa and job all sorted but I am worried about the rent market, My question is for a max of $450 a week hopefully lower :biggrin: will it be hard to get a lease fast? We have 10 days booked into a hotel so we can look for perm accommodation, It must have air con and be nice. I will be starting work after that and want to have our place sorted as fast as possible. Any advice would be great, Can't wait for the move but the renting does worry me so please dip in with your thoughts.
  5. After reading a lot of these posts I've discovered renting seems very hard to do. I am moving to Sydney, Australia on February 23rd for 1 year minimum and I am traveling there on my own knowing no-one! Most of the posts on here say how hard it is for a family to find accommodation but what I am after is a house-share. Does anyone have any thoughts or experiences on this? I assumed Sydney is a huge place so there must be loads of places available to rent but not like the competition mentioned. I have saved up thousands of English pound to do this trip so I could easily afford to pay 3 months in advance. But I was also now considering a hostel until I get things sorted as it looks impossible to sort it from the UK. I am a qualified Maths teacher so I will start start the search for work from the UK. Ideally long term rent from the date in February but also short term so I have somewhere to sleep upon arrival. Any help would be much appreciated, thanx!
  6. I'm about to lodge my partner visa application. One final question - hopefully... immi.gov.au lists the following two addresses (here) Postal Address Migration Branch Australia House Strand London WC2B 4LA United Kingdom Courier Address Australian High Commission Attention – Department of Immigration and Citizenship Suite 100 43 Bedford Street WC2E 9HA United Kingdom The web page states: If I'm submitting my visa application by Special Delivery do I send it to the postal address rather than the courier address? Sorry if this sounds like a ridiculous question but I want to send it to the right place! Thanks, Greg
  7. A long shot I know but it can't do any harm......3 bed detached house in Boston, Lincs £149,950 - not Massachusetts before you ask! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-37915571.html?premiumA=true
  8. Hallfamily

    When is the best time?

    My OH has just sent off his skills to be assessed and we will not find out if everything is ok till November, my dilemma is do we put the house up for sale now or wait till we actually have the visa in our hands, we cannot be sure we will get through every process i.e assessments, medicals etc.
  9. Hi This is the situation. My husband and I have flights booked for Perth on the 15th October 2012. We have spent what can only be described as forever, looking for a short term rental for when we arrive to allow us time to secure a longer term rental. It has proven painful as there doesn't seem to be such a thing as budget accommodation in WA that doesn't cost at least $100 a night. We are not being picky as we don't even mind living a bit further out of Perth we just want somewhere to lay our heads at night. If anyone has any suggestion or words of wisdom, or even a room for us to sleep in, could you please help! I value every piece of feedback on this forum and it has been a great comfort to me during the whole visa process, so I am hoping it will save me now! Thank you in advance Lisa x
  10. Hi we are moving back to UK .We need to sell our 6 bedroomed dual living house on Sunshine coast or exchange/part exchange for a UK property. PM for more details photo's
  11. My parents moved to Oz a number of years ago and bought their dream home, a stunning rural property in Tamworth NSW. Now they need to sell up, here is a link to their information.... maybe someone out there will take it over and love it like they do!!! http://pinterest.com/twoboos/amberwood/ http://www.facebook.com/amberwood766
  12. Hi My parents are wanting to come over and spend 3 or 6 months in Australia and were wondering if anyone wanted to house swap ?? We are living in Kallaroo North of Perth WA so somewhere not too far away would be ideal. Their house is a beautiful 4 bed detached 1930's traditional English house with large driveway and large gardens in the North Lincolnshire Wolds - located in a small market town. Pictures available. Anyway if anyone interested please contact me. Also if anyone has done this before and has any feedback on the idea good or bad experiences I'd love to hear about it. It seems like a good idea if both properties are of equal quality and the people are genuine, trustworthy and reliable I guess. They looking to come out September time and stay over Christmas and New Year maybe until March. Anyway nothing ventured nothing gained and all that :idea:
  13. HI Everyone, http://www.gumtree.com.au/m-my-ad.html?adId=1002624272 This house is rented through Blackburne and is available as a lease break from 7/7/2012 Any questions please contact me. Thanks
  14. Can anyone please help us, currently we are in the SA Housing Association property in Christie Downs and have just enrolled our daughter into Hallett Cove East Primary School and are wanting to rent a house in Hallett Cove. We need a 3 bedroomed property (preferably modern) as we have viewed some which have been really old fasioned and I mean 'old' and horrible. We are obviously looking on the Real Estate website but wondered if anyone ones of anyone either moving on or someone renting out their house. Our container arrives and clears customs around the end of March so am looking from then. Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks.
  15. i been looking into buying some property in the uk as investments and have come up against a hurdle, ex pat mortgages are tuff to find and then we have been informed we cant buy in the uk with a UK mortgage buy to let, as there is a corporate law 2001 that prevents residents in Australia buying property in the uk unless they use Australian banks or unless they work for multinational companys anybody know a way to jump the hurdle, i have an offshore bank account and was thinking of setting up an offshore company and buy through the company or set up trust funds for the kids 2 of whom still live in the uk Thanks for any help:spinny:
  16. We are moving to Perth April 12. Anyone returning to the UK and fancy a swap? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-32235169.html
  17. I have been looking for rental properties using websites like www.domain.com.au Uptil now, I have simply been typing in 'Sydney' and the auto-complete feature makes it 'Sydney, NSW, 2000' and thats that. I sort on lowest to highest price and up come the results. Now, I have been noting throughout that the rentals that come up seem to be located around the CBD and I've been wondering to meself why this is so because there are definitely more areas to Sydney than the CBD, Darlinghurst, Potts Point, Surrey Hills etc. Anyway, today I started typing numbers starting from 2000 (so I went like 2000, 2001, 2002,...) but this time I was searching properties for buying (trying to get a sense of what the bare minimum price would be across ALL types of livable properties) and it seems that typing in different numbers really does change the results. So, intrigued by this, I searched on google for a list of NSW postal codes and got this site: http://www.postcodes-australia.com/state-postcodes/nsw Now I recognize many of the names here, but the help I need is this: Which postal codes listed here: http://www.postcodes-australia.com/state-postcodes/nsw lie within a 40 mins reach by bus/train to the CBD? All help appreciated. If somebody knows of a better way of doing this search, please do suggest. Looking forward to everyone's wonderful responses!!!
  18. Hi If anyone knows of any houses going around this time then let me know. Ideally looking for a 2 or 3 bed house up to $320 pw ish. A pool would be nice!!!! We are a gay couple who are tidy. No jobs yet, (one is on the cards) but financially secure. Would also consider Kallangur, Burpengary, Narangba, Strathpine Send me a private message Cheers Mark
  19. My husbands a carpenter and has his own timber frame housing business for 12 yrs here in Ireland. Whats the chance of him getting started out there?
  20. Guest

    Renting A House In The UK

    For those moving back to the UK, England anyway. Renting a house is very rigorous and thorough process if you go through and agent. We're about to rent somewhere for 6 months while we look for a house to buy. As I hope it will be our last move, I'd rather rent first then take my time looking for the right long term buy. OK, first off. Renting privately - lots of sad houses, your bond might not be paid into the DPS (bond deposit protection scheme) so there is a danger that a private landlord could suggest that you've damaged the property even if you haven't, and not return your bond. There's a lot of property to rent, not all of it good. Agents - can be very rigid. You fill in application form and hand over 200 pounds admin fee. They want all the names of the people who will be living at the address including children, any pets and if you smoke. They also want all your financial details, proof of income, proof of employer (they will ring to confirm), proof of last address, proof of last landlord, accountants details if you're self employed. If you can't provide all of these details, you will be expected to pay 6 months rent upfront. No idea why it's so rigid but I guess it's to stop the wrong tenants moving in. I wasn't happy about giving all my financial details and we have walked out of a couple of agents because we weren't prepared to hand over so much personal information especially as it goes to third parties. Lastly, thorough credit and reference checks are done by separate bodies at the request of the agent letting the property. If you've been out of the UK for longer than 12 months, you might not be visible on the system so you will need to give more information. With an agent, your bond does get placed into a deposit protection scheme so you will get it back. We've found the process of renting a property through an agent to be very much all about paperwork and fees. 6 weeks deposit, one months bond, application fee, extra bond if you have a dog plus a renewal fee after 6 months if you want to resign on a lease. Having said all that, renting does give you the flexibility of settling back into the UK without rushing into buying until you know where you want to be. Hope this helps.
  21. jamesandsarah

    unusual situation (with house)

    Hi, We are planning to come over in about two years but have one major headache, My property is in a joint mortgage between myself and an ex, in a nutshell she has done a runner and cannot be traced. I have had no contact in three years, I am in a new relationship and soon to marry and have a baby. Mortgage company not interested as I have always paid every month without fail. I have seen 6 different solicitors to no avail. They have not been able to be very helpful. problem is, when i want to sell, I need her signature and im damned if I will let her stop my move to oz. (she will be awkward). The property has 20k equity. I would consider giving this up and 'handing back the keys' on the way to OZ. Has anyone done this? What were the consequences, if any? How did this impact what happened in Australia. Im a very moral person but at witts end!!
  22. We are just starting to build a house in Lilydale (Eastern surburbs) of Melbourne. We would really like to move back to the UK by 2012. We will have a 5 bedroomed house right next to a lake. I was reading somewhere in the USA that people just 'house swap'' sometimes when emigrating. The value of the house would be around 1 million AUD (approx 600k pounds). I wanted to put out the 'feelers' to see if anyone had a house around about the same value that would be interested in a swap? I don't think i could go through getting rid of stuff again and starting over. I am a nurse so would like to live in communiting distance to a hospital. My husband is a business analysist so would need to be communting distance to a city. We are pretty flexible on where we would like to live. Just a thought! .......
  23. Hi everyone, I am just in the process of deciding what to ship and what not. Just wondering that when the guys come to calculate cubic footage and quote what should we do with the stuff. Is it ok to leave clothes bedding etc in the wardrobes and storage and just show them around or do people usually gather all the stuff for shipping into one or two rooms downstairs? Oh please advice...
  24. Hi, I know this is a very broad question but where are good areas in Australia to move to? We have 2 teenagers who will be at university but will be coming home during the holidays, so we would like a 4 bedroom family house. We don't want anywhere in the city or anywhere that has extreme weather. We would love to be near a beach and my husband loves hills and mountains. Our children will be leaving home soon so we need somewhere that has a nice communtity for adults aswell as families. Any reccomendations??? :biggrin: Thanks.
  25. Today started off really good with our agents calling to say first batch of paperwork for visa ready to go to Australia, so exciting but my nerves are dreadful at same time! Then the bad news followed - mortgage company finally gave us an answer on our current situation and now we are left in limbo, no idea what to do. Here are some facts - 1. The current crappy UK market values our house at £112-114k at best! (We paid £122k just a few years ago so this shoves us well in to negative equity). Initially they agreed to waive the £4500 early repayment charge if we sold before 2014 when due to remortgage, they have now gone back on this meaning that we are expected to pay the repayment fee plus any shorfall (estimated at at least £8-10k) at the time of selling or they will refuse the sale full stop! We cant afford to pay that amount of money in one go as it would take all our savings leaving us with nothing to move with. We tried negotiating to make a payment plan monthly for the shortfall and the fee but they refused totally and seems no room for negotiation. The most devestating part is we have already spent at least £10k on it over the last 3 years and its added no value at all because of the market - may as well have just set fire to £10k!!!! 2. To rent this house out means spending at least £3-4k on it to get it landlord approved etc and it will only bring us a maximum of £500 per month. The mortgage is £675 a month so even if we were in a position to rent, we would have another type of shortfall to pay to cover costs etc. Has anyone else been in a similar or same scenario and what did you do?? I am not willing to give up on the dream of moving to Australia and am not happy to postpone our visa application as the guidelines keep changing so much each year that one year the goal posts wont just have moved, they will have closed!!!! Plus there is no guarantee that this house will have improved in value if we wait another year, two years, 5 years.......... I just feel so deflated having had such good news this morning. It feels like one step forward, ten steps backwards!! Do we give up on the dream, stay in a house thats worth nothing and eats every penny we earn just to keep it going and be miserable knowing we will regret this? Do we hang on and start application again in years to come hoping goal posts are still flexible but not knowing if house price will improve? Do we try and negotiate with mortgage company even though they have flatly refused any flexibility or compassion? I wish we had never gotten the mortgage full stop as it seems the only thing flattening our dream!!!:frown: