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Found 89 results

  1. Townsville...can anyone give me any nice areas to live not too far from the beach and good senior schools...am going to hopefully be working at the hospital in Townsville as a midwife...anyone work there? would like to be about 20-30 min away if not closer...Thanks
  2. Guest

    Townsville hospital

    HI Does anyone work there and can get me a direct email address for someone in HR or recruitment? or can anyone find it on the QLD health website at all, cos I can only find the general expression of interest form Thanks
  3. Hi All I'm new to PIO and have just introduced myself on the welcome page., so this is officially my second post. In short we have been talking about a move to Oz since 1997 when we lived in Melbourne briefly. We always talked about going back to VIC because we loved it but as we have started the discussions again we seem to be moving away from VIC and looking more a QLD. This is in response to reviewing so many positive posts about the QLD coast and areas. I'm a nurse and my OH is a doctor. We have three children, boy 8yrs, girl 7yrs boy 6mths. In short we had stopped talking about a move after our first born but the changing economic climate in the NHS combined with my maternity leave (idle hands) has refocused us a little. We would be looking at a employer sponsored visa if OH secured a post. We are keen to get him the right job and so have been looking at hospital profiles in and around the Brissie/gold and sunshine area. We noted that Namboura General is a good size (for Oz), and wondered if anyone has any feedback on the hospital and it's services as either a patient or employee? I note its a public hospital and it seems from alot of the threads that many of the hospital workers seem to favour public to private healthcare to work in (though that's just a general observation of the discussions and it seems to be a debateable issue). Any comments, feedback would be greatfully received. Cheers :biggrin:
  4. Hi folks, hoping someone could answer a quick question for me. We have booked our medicals for the 10th of March in Dublin. Online applicants so we can go the eHealth route ok, but the clinic mentioned that we must bring our referral letter??? We don't have a referral letter and when I phoned the clinic they didn't seem to know where we could get it from! Anyone know how to go about obtaining a referral letter for medicals? Thanks in advance, David.
  5. just like to know has anyone had there medicals done at spire hartswood hospital in essex because have been looking on here but cant see anyone that has been there every one has been to manchester which seems to reasonable ,if anyone has been could they let us know how was it there and how much did it all cost thanks tracey :rolleyes:
  6. Guest

    travel time to Sunshine Hospital

    Hi My family & I arrive in Melbourne early February and my wife is keen to live in Point Cook / Sanctuary Lakes but will be working at Sunshine hospital Is this a reasonable commute from PC / SL ? cheers Gazza1000
  7. hellsbells712

    The Wesley hospital

    Hi, Anyone got any views on working here. Urology ???????
  8. Currently16 weeks pregnant and living in quinns rocks so had said would go to joondalup hosiptal to have baby just as it is closest and I dont have a clue about the good/bad hospitals in perth. A few friends have been telling me horror stories and to basically not touch joondalup hosp with a barge pole!now dont know what to do! Anyone else had a baby there and had a good experience? Other hospitals people have suggested are king edward and osborne park, tho not sure how easy they would be to get into and a lot further to drive. Any advice would be really appreciated.
  9. Hi We are planning to move to QLD and I have three job offers on the plate. Are there any kind doctors/nurses ( especially mental health ) around who can shed some light on the current working conditions at GOLD COAST HOSPITAL/LOGAN HOSPITAL/ REDLAND HOSPITAL. We would prefer Logan as it is slightly closer to Bribane but would be very helpful to get some further information from people working there. Any kind souls?? Cheers
  10. Guest

    frankston hospital

    i was wondering if any nurses/midwives work at frankston hospital? if so is there anyone who can help me aquire the name/number/email of the head of midwifery? or anyone i can get some information from? our 175 visas were granted and we're off to validate them in april 2011. as a student midwife, i would like to take advantage and see if i can secure a couple of observational shifts at the hospital while im there. i have checked their website, but cant seem to find much information. :nah: I have found the number for the maternity dept, however i was wondering if anyone could help with any direct numbers? thanks
  11. OH been ill since March with what docs thought was Ross River Fever. Those symptoms were recently replaced by others such as double vision and awful taste in mouth. He has lost so much weight. Last week he was in a confused state, and last Saturday I couldn't get a response from him and nurse at health centre said to dial triple 0. Ambulance took him to Nambour GH. He has had numerous blood tests, CT scans, MRI brain scan, lumbar puncture, ecco scan, a catheter fitted, and still no diagnosis. He has gone from being one positive happy go lucky person loving his life in Oz and just waiting for the day (30th May) when he has been here two years and can apply for PR (on 475 visa, is a painter). He is mainly in a comatose state now and is to be transferred to Brisbane where they have more specialist equipment. My sister who has just returned to the UK from Spain has quickly got an Australian visitor's visa and would like to book a flight for Tuesday, not a return, but open-ended. Is anyone able to offer any advice as to which would be the best airline and whether open ended is easy to arrange. I'll feel so much better to have my sis here. We don't have any family here. OH family all in South Africa and mine all in UK. His work colleagues have been v supportive and I am so grateful. I lost my confidence driving so have been using public transport which is good, but a lot slower.
  12. hi everyone! we are coming to perth in april and wanted to know if there is any way i can have a look around a hospital to get an idea what its like there? Any help appreciated! Kate:biggrin:
  13. Nessie1970

    Places to live near Sunshine Hospital

    Hi I will be working at the Sunshine hospital and looking to commute from somewhere no more that 40 minutes on public transport. Footscary and Flemington has been suggested as a place to look at for 1 bedroom flat. Anyone have any thoughts on these areas? Thanks for your help Nessie:biggrin:
  14. Hi all I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. Fingers crossed we will be moving out to Oz this side of xmas (depends on the house sale) There are 4 of us 2 kids me and hubby. I will be working at Joondalup hospital as an RMN (if I spely it wrong I very sorry). We would lke to know what places are ok to live especially if Ive not got a car to begin with we will be renting initially so any tips on how much is a reasonable amount of rent which places to avoid which are ok which are fab would be very much appreciated. Thanks all Avril
  15. hi there! I have been offered a job at the Sutherland hospital, we had not offically been looking at Sydney, but I am thinking about taking the job Now the problem, I know nothing about the area, could anyone give me some advice about the surburbs, rentals etc. We hope to find somewhere for $350 per week. Any advice would be much appreciated about housing transport or anything about the area to help us make a decision Thanks TT xx
  16. Hi there. I may have ajob at the PA hospital in brisbane:smile:. Been researching this area, seems quite expensive for rentals:arghh:. Does anyone have any advice on the best place to live near this hospital. I have 2 young kids. Would like easy access to public transport. Does anyone know how far this area is from the coast? Any advice appreciated. Thanx lou:wubclub:
  17. sarahfromanglesey

    Mater Hospital Townsville

    Hi, Anyone working in Mater Hopspital Townsville? I had an interview last week for theatre nursing, just waiting to hear now if I'll get a job. Just wondering what it's like working there? And how Townsville is to live in, looks really lovely :jiggy:
  18. Hi I have just returned from the Gold Coast after spending a fabulous three weeks on my honeymoon...my family and I are hoping to emigrate early next year and we took some time to have a look around some areas on the Gold Coast.. as a midwife in the UK I am also hoping to find a job on the Gold Coast and so took the opportunity to have a quick look around the Gold Coast Hospital..has anyone worked at this hospital as a midwife and if so could you please let me know what it's like...have tried to email them since I returned to find out if midwives there work long days but they have yet to email me back..any help would be appreciated Many thanks Trace
  19. sarahfromanglesey

    Mater hospital Townsville

    Hi, Anyone working in Mater Hopspital Townsville? I had an interview last week for theatre nursing, just waiting to hear now if I'll get a job. Just wondering what it's like working there? And how Townsville is to live in, looks really lovely :yes:
  20. Hi everyone, hope all is well! I after a bit of advice, my husband and I have now recieved our Visa and my registration is about to go through so naturally ive started looking for a job, I have contacted loads of hospitals directly, queensland health, mater ect ect and sent a covering letter and cv. Just wandering should I also apply to recruitment agencies too. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks for looking :biggrin:
  21. In my strive to find a happy workplace, I went for an interview at Allamanda Hospital. The panel were lovely but I can't seem to find out about pay and conditions, salary sacrifice etc. Has anyone else worked here and how did you find it. Is the pay the same as Qld Health. Have had a nightmare so far with Qld Health so would appreciate any advice. Thanks, Ali X
  22. mr luvpants

    Allamanda Hospital

    Hi my wife may have an interview soon with the Allamanda hospital. Does anyone here work there and can give us a heads up please? JOHN
  23. Hi, We are moving to Oz on a 457 visa (still to be processed). I know there is a reciprocal healthcare agreement with the UK but I can't seem to find out if it will cover us for the following... One of our children has previously undergone cancer treatment, she has been in remission for 3 years and is in very good health but still has to have a hospital check-up every 6 months. Will she be able to get these check-ups under medicare or will we have to pay for it, and if so does anyone know how much this is likely to cost? She also gets yearly check-ups at the hospital audiology dept for a hearing impairment, though she doesn't get any treatment for this as it's really just to make sure her condition doesn't deteriorate. Any help or advice would be much appreciated - Cheers
  24. Guest

    Greenslopes hospital

    Hi all, was just wanting to ask some questios about geenslopes hospital. Has anyone worked here? What's the hospital like? What do the nurses wear? Any advice would be greatly appriciated! Thanks :-)
  25. Hi everyone Have just moved to Perth from UK.Am 7 months pregnant and have been referred to Joondalup hospital to have my baby.Just wondered what peoples experiences have been like. Thanks Aisling