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Found 12 results

  1. simmo


    Love this story! http://themindunleashed.org/2014/05/ive-seen-people-turn-garbage-cool-stuff-absolute-brilliance.html [h=1]I’ve Seen People Turn Garbage Into Some Cool Stuff. But THIS Is Absolute Brilliance![/h] The Mind Unleashed on 7 May, 2014 at 22:01 I love the concept of upcycling (hate waste) I bloke I know build a beautiful house out of building waste from skips.Anyone got any upcycling stories?/ experience?
  2. DisillusionedScot

    Need somewhere to stay - urgent

    Hi there guys, not been on here for a while, been too much going on. I'm not going to go into a long story suffice to say I'm in Mandurah, can't get work, I'm now on my own with my dog and my lease expires on the 26th July. All my savings are gone. I'm *literally* facing having to live on the streets. Having been homeless before 30 years ago I've no intention of giving up my dog that we brought over from Scotland to go and live in a place with drug addicts and alcoholics (apologies if you're a drug user or alcohol but you know what I mean I guess). Things are well, critical. I'm facing losing all my possessions, everything. The ex took almost all the money and what was left has been used up for rent. I can't get benefits because I haven't been here for two years. If anyone has *any* ideas as to how to get out of this situation please, please let me know. Utterly desperate. Many thanks in advance. Alan
  3. Rodfan

    Leaving Son Homeless!!!!!

    Hi, There may be a potential move back home for us next year (OH relenting finally) we are definitely going back (UK) to visit our family and our youngest Son (22yrs) is also coming, if we stay (he is definitely returning to OZ) he will have nowhere to live, bittersweet move in the end for us. Our eldest Son has also recently returned to OZ (lives in sydney we are in Melb.) once again wish I had a crystal ball to see how it will all work out, I really wish I could just settle here as would make life easy for everyone...but I yearn for home..yet know I will feel really guilty leaving Son to return with nowhere to live:confused: anyone else had this dilemma??
  4. hope someone can help...... We are moving to the gold coast in october (21st) to be exact at at this moment in time we have no where to go to. I have searched through realestate and all these sites and it is difficult to secure a rental when you still live in the uk. i understand this but where do we live until then. i have 2 young kids and dont know if a hostel would be any good but other short term rentals that we have seen are asking for $1000 per week which we cannot afford. where else can we try.... and where does everyone else go. If there are any agencies that allow you to secure a rental before you arrive then please let us know. thanks
  5. Guest

    Homeless in 7 days

    Anyone coming to Perth and wanting to settle near Baldvis do not think it will be easy getting a long term rental in the area. We have been trying to get a rental property and have applied for as many as we can over the last three weeks and we still have nothing. We have read and carried out all the advice we have seen on Poms in Oz by providing: 1) Reference from our UK bank 2) Bank statement from our Westpac account showing a healthy balance 3) Mortgage statements from our UK property 4) Sales particulars from our UK property 5) A reference from our UK estate agent 6) Offering to pay 3-6 months upfront As we have been unable to secure a long term let we have also been desparately trying to find another furnished rental and even that has proved very, very difficult. As yet we still do not have anywhere to move to next Thursday, and we are a family with two young children, one of which needs to be getting back to school, but until we live in the area she can't:arghh: We just do not know what else we can do and are feeling quite desperate at the moment. We have been to see two properties today and at least 6 other people turned up to view each house. If anyone can offer us anywhere to stay as from next Thursday please let me know, or even just some reassurance as we really need it at the moment :swoon:.
  6. We have had a frantic few weeks, trying to sell/give away all our furniture and much of our other "junk". Finally we are nearly finished. The shippers came yesterday and packed up all the stuff we wanted shipped (well most of it, and some stuff we didn't want to take, but that was our fault for putting boxes in the wrong places!). Today we completed on the sale of our house and spent all morning cleaning so that it would look nice for the new family. Ben and OH came to the Travelodge on Wednesday night but I stayed on the sofa at home because I was having a bit of a meltdown and needed to work half the night; sorting and organising. Last night we collected Buddy (the dog) from our sitter for the last time - that was VERY emotional. We are going to miss her so very much, and she will miss Buddy. Then all four of us spent our first night ever together in the Travelodge. Bud shared our bed; taking up much more than his fair share, and only woke to lick Steve's face once and to bark at something at 6.30. Then we woke to deep snow and had to drive to our house to meet the Petair vet for Buddy's final health check, then despatched him and Ben to the in-laws for the morning. So, so, so tired and sore. Waiting for more snow tonight and the promise of a horrid drive to get Steve to work in Newbury tomorrow morning. I finished work last week. They were so very nice about my very short time there, but I really enjoyed the job and I think they liked me. We have our Christmas "do" on Monday. We are nearl there!!! I heard a runour about Christmas coming soon,but have done nothing about it.
  7. Hi everyone well we've booked our flights will be arriving in Adelaide on Friday 18th September but it looks like we shall be homeless! :cry: wouldnt be too upset about this if it was just me and hubby but we have three year old twins and our baby will be just twelve weeks! we're looking for a three bed rental for three weeks - party of six (me, husband, mum, twins and tiny baby!) because baby will be so little i dont really want to stay in a caravan or cabin.....though preferable to a tent i suppose we've looked on adelaidebound and done lots of web searches but everyone seems to be booked up...... can anyone suggest somewhere? or people to contact! really stressing about this as you can imagine! thanks anyone for any advice! H x:sad:
  8. toughspiders

    Homeless Update

    Well, Lo and behold yesterday we got an email from the guy. He was asking where we were as we hadn't picked up the key. He reckoned he had emailed us previously. But it has took him 5 days or so to query why we werent there. Anyway the long and short of it is, we have a refund. After a very stern email! We are now looking for somewhere close to Wynnum..we did drive by yesterday and couldnt believe some of the properties!!:no: Looks like its going to be harder than first thought Bex
  9. Hi Guys I am here again asking for your wisdom and help!! We are flying out to Perth on 31st December and once we land at the moment we have no where to live. Hubby's company said they will pay first month's rental so we figured to give us time to find something suitable on the long term rental market we would try and rent a holiday home for two months or possibly three to give us the time to look around areas's etc. We were kind of hoping to move to Secret Harbour Rockingahm area's quinns rock but I have been quoted $12000 for two months rental and I don't think hubbies bosses are going to be that generous as he has taken a pay cut I don't think our budget will quite stretch to this for the second month. We need a 4X2 as we have three children. Does anyone know anybody who has a rental from 01.01.09 to 28.02.09 (although for the right price could be a little longer) or the other thought we had was a Caravan Park I suppose being peak season maybe hard to find availability, any other suggestions. Any help would be greatly appreciated this site always sorts out my problems so thank you for taking the time to read my thread!!!!:jiggy:
  10. Cant believe it. We are so relieved we have actually sold the house.:jiggy: We moved out yesterday and have had a call from solicitors to say the sale is complete and keys have been handed to buyers. In all, it only took 5 weeks to complete and we stalled it a week because of penalities with our mortgage company. We are just awaiting the cheque for our little profit. Its not has much as we would of liked but we dont care anymore. Its only money. We are just glad we have managed to sell. :jiggy: Good luck to everyone waiting to sell, it shows there are people buying. I would advice though, if you can reduce your price, then do it. Thanks Jill xxx
  11. Well I worked my last day yesterday so I am now unemployed, feels very surreal The house is almost ready to exchange, they still cannot find plan A of our deeds every other bloomin document, most of which other people don't have! but no plan A - if they cannot trace it we will probably have to pay and indemnity policy for our buyers of about £300 This bloomin stamp duty thing may cause us a problem if our buyers decide they don't want to pay it and ask us to drop another £2000 to avoid it BUT I am staying positive that it will all go through OK even if we exchange and complete on the same day, nxt Friday. Went out with my 'girls' (some of the people I support) last night for a lovely meal, they gave me a very nice pressie and cards (I am not opening any cards till we get to Oz, they only make me cry) and told me how wonderful I am and how much they will miss me which was very nice, a few glasses of wine seemed to help stop me blubbing too much, or maybe I was all blubbed out as I had blubbed I don't know how many times during the day already saying goodbye to so many people. I have a meal out with collegues on Monday, shippers coming on Wed and Thurs. Garage sale on Sat, charity shops and dump on Mon/Tues and then thats it all done. Still feels a bit unreal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  12. Guest


    Well thats it, we are now officially homless. :shock: Spent the last 3 days with the guys from Crown Relocations and can not praise them high enough. Fantastic Our whole house is now packed into a container and on its way to Perth. Have to say it was a bit touch and go yesterday with the gale force winds as to whether we would get a container and then if it would or or not. Damn weather. Four weeks with the parents :shock: then hello Australia . For those still waiting to go . . . . . IT ALL COMES TOGETHER IN THE END. Leeane & Frank x