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Found 156 results

  1. For anyone who got into Summer Heights High part way through the series the're showing all 8 episodes from 21.20 on BBC3 tonight.
  2. Que Sera Sera

    Redcliffe State High School

    Hi all does anyone on PIO have children attending Redcliffe State High School and if so can you tell me your thoughts. Many thanks in anticipation.:spinny:
  3. manxste

    BP High

    Hi to all, I have high blood pressure that is under control with medication and also classed as overweight - I'm very stocky build (broad shoulders blah blah blah) not much fat. Does anyone have any thoughts to how this will affect my results from the medicals and whether it will pose a problem for my 457visa being granted ?? Been worrying about this for a while:wacko: Ste
  4. Cob

    high schools in melbourne

    hi there we are going to melbourne for a reccie in august - chance of a job with peninsula health - if we decide to make a go of it we will be taking our 14 year old son and 18 year old daughter ( and leaving two older ones behind)! whilst we are there we want to visit schools and unis. does anyone know any good schools to visit in that area? cath
  5. Guest

    Frankston South High School

    Hi, can anyone give us advice as to what Frankston High School is like. I read reports on the net that this is a top school and comes highly recommended for a public school. Is this so and how easy is it to get your children enrolled ? :unsure:
  6. Guest

    Summer Heights High

    Probably the funniest program ever to come out of oz is on BBC3 tonight. (Or is it the only funny program to come out of oz:wideeyed:) Summer heights high BBC3 10-30 - highly recommended. Gary
  7. Guest

    High to all SMOGGIES !!!!!

    If you know what a 'Smoggie' is then you know where we are from, are any of you anywhere near us? if so lget in touch and lets :chatterbox::chatterbox: Paul.
  8. Hi, Can anyone advise me about the medical checks you have done during the migration process. I have slightly high blood pressure (going down now losing weight!!), if it is still slightly raised when it comes to having the meds done will that cause me any probs with getting visa? Any ideas and answers greatly appreciated.
  9. Guest

    High Schools in Perth

    Hi We are moving to Perth in early 2009, we are half way through our visa application. We have two children of secondary school age and are trying to find the best areas for schools and what the best schools are. It would be really helpful if anyone could give us some information on this.
  10. :unsure:We have just been informed by our agent that our application for Immigration has been sent to the high commission in London. My agent tells me he can see nothing wrong the with our app, as he has checked everything thourghly. " By the way, we are going on 175 skilled visa. OH is a skilled chef". The job my OH is doing a is cook in a primary school . Our application contains documentation which proves she has gained all qualification at college, experience and references from past employers going back 15 years, which include, resturants, football grounds, factory kitchens, homes for the elderly. Our agent said the only thing that might be a problem is the job OH is doing now, the High Commission might think its pre cooked food and not made on the premises, (they thinking if thats the case OH is not a cook/chef but a kitchen assistant)agent explained that if this is the case we would need prove of the job OH is doing.. ie through job discription,(which we sent along with everything else) or by the high commission by contacting the Employer, (which is okey as we told them they could get a phone call asking about job)..... Or it could just be that our application was picked out from hundreds as a spot check file... (due to high numbers of fraudlent claims last year) Should we be worried? Our agent hasn't had this happen to any of their clients before... Any advice is greatly recieved Mick:arghh:
  11. Guest

    high commision secrecy

    We rang the high commision in London today to see if we have a case officer or not. They told us that they have been given a new directive and can only discuss our application through our agent from now on. Fat chance of getting the agent to ring a £1.00 a minute premium line for us. Has anyone else experienced this? We rang them a couple of weeks ago about our medicals and they were fine then. Did we get a jobsworth today? miffed again Mel.
  12. Hi there, does anyone know how I can find out which high schools are the better ones (government) in a particular region? i know in the Uk we can look at the % pass rates for GCSE results at particular schools, what tests do they sit in oz? education in oz is baffling me, i want to go to an area that has good schools but won't know what are good areas or good schools. my cousins in melbourne go to private grammer schools and I know we can't afford to send 3 boys to private school. we are making the move to melbourne to create a better life for our boys and don't want to put them in a school that is not performing well.
  13. Guest

    Kirwan High School Townsville

    Hi Does anyone out there have children that attend Kirwan high school. We are moving to Townsville at the end of March beginning of April and have 2 daughters a 15yr and 7yr old. The 15yr old has decided she would like to go to this school and we thought it would be nice if she could chat to pupils who attend this school prior to our departure in order to make the transition period easier for her. Thanx Suexx
  14. Guest

    High Interest Rates And Debts

    Just thought I would share a few things I picked up from my brief trip to Oz recently. I’d like to add a bit of a comment to assure everyone I’m totally PRO Australia and not looking to be negative or against anything there at all. Determined to move there, settle and make a success of it. I love the Country and approach our migration with open eyes and an open mind and heart to everything. BUT ?? :wub: When we were there 2 weeks ago, I lost count of the amount of TV programmes on the various Channels, 7, 9, 10 etc., concentrating on the anticipated housing market crash expected this year. They, (NOT ME) are forecasting over 300,000 house repossessions alone this year. They say this is due to the increasing interest rates there. When we were there they increased interest rates to 7%, with more to follow so they say, projecting bigger credit card debt, car loan headaches and as above, house repossessions. Now I know for sure there are hundreds of you guys on here who will laugh and say to me "Chill out Em" "Get a life Em" yea I know that. I’m thinking of the young families with children who make the massive move and come up against these problems. Or families who have worked hard, built some equity and invest in their future there. :cry: I was startled by the TV coverage of this frightening problem. OK their TV lacks a lot of variety and they are looking to fill in slots. But they even have adverts on TV warning about this and giving guidance. One clip showed a man with a fast food sort of cafe, who was broke and couldn’t pay his mortgage or business loan, actually in tears. It really was intense coverage, on news, TV chat shows and other documentaries. Furthermore, the nightly news there showed the house price boom. Apparently last year they claim house prices in Perth rose by just 1%. In Brisbane 21% and in Adelaide 20%, so that was interesting to know. Maybe the Perth market has already burst. I’m one of the lucky ones who won’t have a mortgage or any business or car loans, so I’m not writing this for myself, I’m genuinely concerned for others who may not be aware of this or do not want to know about it. After all the aim of this site is to try and help each other. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad tidings, and am a positive person at heart, but sometimes I feel we should all know more about the problems that can be encountered. Everyone needs a home, a roof over their head, and it is probably the most precious item and biggest item we ever buy in our life’s. Anyone have any thoughts on this? :err: EMMY
  15. Just a word of warning for any poms trying to renew passports here in Oz. The mail/phone system used by the British High Commission is an unworkable nightmare. After applying well within the recommended time, a mate has just had to make an emergency trip down to Canberra (600km round trip) in person to retrieve his old, as yet unprocessed passport back from the High Commission so that he can make his holiday flight to Fiji tomorrow. He applied weeks ago. After hearing nothing for ages after his initial application he was finally told the advertised processing times [20 working days] start AFTER they bank your cheque ... all phone enquiries are dealt with by a contract call centre that has no connection the the British High Commission and they charge an exhorbitant service fee for each 0500 call - which consists of a series of "if you want a visa, press 2 ..." recorded messages. Fortunately he was able to get his old passport back which still had four months validity. Now he needs a holiday to get over the stress it has all caused. Bottom line: if you want to renew your British passport in Australia, get in VERY early.
  16. Guest

    Killara & Chatswood High

    Anybody got any views on Killara and Chatswood High schools hoping to be out in March and these two schools have appealed for our eldest.
  17. Guest

    Top 50 WA High Schools

    YEAR 12 WA SCHOOL DATA 2007 WESTERN AUSTRALIA HIGH SCHOOLS - TOP 50 http://www.curriculum.wa.edu.au/files/pdf/2007_School_Data.pdf
  18. Hi there, Can anyone oplease help. We are still in UK but hoping to be in Perth by September. My daughter will be 11 in October 2008, in our schooling system she will go into year 6 in Sept then to high school Sept 2009. When do the classes move up in Oz? Would she have some time at primary school in Perth before having to go to high school? Thanks Bella.
  19. Has anyone moved to Gosford and placed there child in this high school by any chance?
  20. I had sent an email last week to Mountain Creek School asking if they could recommend what school year my boys should go into. So today I was happily looking on the web at areas and put in search 'Mountain Creek' OMG the stabbing came up, last week a 14 year old boy was stabbed by another boy in the leg !! I know bad things happen everywhere but Mountain Creek School had such a good reputation, then I went onto read that The Courier-Mail reported that 10 to 14-year-olds are committing shocking crimes and at similar rates as adults - at schools, on public or private transport and in the home. So there you have it the rose tinted glasses fell right of on my keyboard and especialy when I read Five Sunshine Coast teenagers have been suspended from school after sucking on the potentially fatal Bindeez Beads. The 16-year-olds, from Mountain Creek State High School, were suspended a week ago after it was discovered one of the boys brought the beads to school and handed them out to friends. Never heard of these beads before but sounds bad news. It's just so sad when you hear these things happening in schools, adults at pubs/clubs is one thing but schools!!! Right anyone out there whose kiddies go to the school tell me it's all hyped up by the media - p l e a s e
  21. Ok guys getting near now and have decided that we would love to live on the Mornington Peninsula....but affording a nice new house there might be a bit much...so to comprmise we have looked at Mornington, Cranbourne North and Frankston South..... But what are the high schools like??? which of these are any good?? we want to live in an area that Our eldest will only have a short walk/journey too....will have Ryan going into year 8 in Feb and Hayden will be Year 6 in Feb.... Also fully furnished rental for 2-3 weeks any Ideas????:idea: Cheers Ally xx
  22. Guest

    Primary or High School

    Hi guys Hope someone can help me out here - I have trawled the internet on this one! Would my daughter start high school in January 2008 as she is 12yrs at the minute and will be 13 next May. This would be in Queensland. Here she is currently in Year 8 (or 2nd year seniors as i still keep calling it!!) She is throwing wobblers thinking she may have to go back to primary school level. Also my son is 5 in November - would that mean start Prep school in January? I know this has been asked loads before - but if someone could spare a minute. Many thanks:skeptical:
  23. Guest

    High School Ages

  24. Hi all! We are new to your site, have found out soooo much just in one day from you guys, its great to read info in plain english. Right getting down to this thread, my hubby is a plumbing and heating engineer, he has also spent time on air conditioning, and is a civil engineer ( on paper) We have family in oz, and have been looking into moving for sometime, just not had the bottle , but now is the time to bite the bullet and go. we just dont know how to go about it all, we have been told we pass the point system by various companys who then want shed loads of money off us before they even start. Its a total mine field, I'm very excited and cant eat or sleep, I know its gonna be a long process. But PLEASE can someone point us in the right direction, how easy will it be for my hubby to get a job ?? if we can do this we will have very limited funds when we get out there, so finding a job is the first thing on the list. We know its not gonna be easy, and are very used to hard work . Please Please help cheers ptmad:confused: