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Found 156 results

  1. ozerjon

    wanneroo senior high school

    hi My wife as taken time on getting my daughters C V up together and sent it of to various high schools in and around perth. We recieved e-mails back from most of the schools which is encourging. Hear in the Uk my daughter is envolved in many dance and performing arts classes. It wood be nice for her to attend a school with a strong performing arts program. We have recieved an e-mail from wanneroon senior high expressing there interest in her. could anyone tell me is wanerroo high school as bad as i have read on here. Having been on there web site it looks like the kind of school she would enjoy. any opinions welcome thanks john
  2. Hi all I've got two kids one will be 4 when we get in oz, late 2010, and one will 16 and will have just finished school here in the UK. 1. What age does school start for the 4 yr old for kinde and Primary?? 2. Would the 16 yr old have to redo a year or two to get Aussie High school certificate?? We're going to Warrnambool and can't find all the info I need, please help. Helenx:wacko:
  3. Hiaa.. Im 15 and Im new to PIO. I have a number of questions waiting for people to answer them soo your help would be brill!! :cute: What are the High Schools like in Oz? Here in the Uk I have already started my Gcse's ( im in my 4th year and in september im going into my 5th)but I here, in Oz you start your exams in year 12, so do my UK results matter when I start my new school? I here that Oz schools are More laid back, is this true? Thanks for reading...:smile:
  4. We are moving over in September 09, my son will be 12 in September 09 and would have been starting secondry school ( year 7) this year in the UK. Is this the case in WA ,from what i have read and understand the school year starts in Feb so will he then start high school in Feb 2010 or does high school start in year 8 which would then mean him staying on in Jnr school another year ? thanks
  5. Guest

    high schools Gold Coast

    Hi ,Could anyone suggest any good High Schools? We have been looking at the Pacific Pines and Helensvale areas but are open to suggestion as have not fully decided on the suburb yet. Its sooooo hard! We are aiming for the Gold Coast and we are hoping to be there approx December. We have three children but it is the two eldest (girls) that I am more concerned about as Gemma is sixteen and has recently left school here and Elise is coming up to thirteen. Obviously due to their ages Im sure it will be difficult for them at first and I would like to make the transition as easy as possible for them. They are both okay with the move but I dont want to put them in a school that does not welcome us Poms ! Also Im sure its been asked many times before but what school year would they go into if they start the year this coming jan/feb? So many thanks for any info anyone may throw my way!! Jane
  6. Not many people are aware of the school district system for Brisbane. Here is a link to the map for Indooroopilly High catchment area. Map Source: Brisbane Apartment blog
  7. Guest

    High Priority????

    Hi i wonder if anyone can help, we have applied for state sponsorship to ACT, we thought we would be under the low priority so would be waiting 60 days, yet when we received our receipt it states - Processing status - Lodged - High Priority!! Does this mean we are on the 20 day pile?? Very excited if we are:jiggy:
  8. Guest

    Which High School?

    My husbands fancying moving to Butler WA. What high school would my children go to if we were to move there? I think it"s a bit far out......any advice from anyone living there greatly appreciated. Cheers Tracey
  9. Hi All, I was just wondering about something I noticed on Be Update. We applied on 4th January 2009 for a 175 visa online. We are on the CSL, so should hope to be processed soon. I noticed that there are other 175 applicants being processed before us, but they mainly seem to come from hign risk countries. Are there different rules for high and low risk? Also, the latest ASPC update is saying that CSL applications will be processed when the state and employer sponsored applications have been exhausted. Does this means no 175s will be processed, as I imagine new state and employer ones are being submitted all the time? It used to say CSLs would be processed in date order, but it doesn't anymore. Does anyone know what is going on? Sorry to go on, but Im getting quite frustrated....
  10. lynn2009

    High School

    Can anyone tell me any information on the following schools, do they have a good reputation, what are the results like are the pupils well behaved. All the normal questions we ask when sending our children to a new school. Saint Stephens Anglican college Pacific Pines HIgh School Coomera Anglican College Thanks for any help, Lynn
  11. tasormelb

    High schools around Altona Meadows

    Hi, Please could any one provide any information about high schools around Altona Meadows. We did a reccie in April and concentrated on areas around Geeling, Grovedale, Highton and Belmont. We loved these areas, visited schools and found 2 high schools and 2 primary schools which were fantastic. The day after we got home we recieved an offer on our house (been on market for 1yr) and completion looks set for end of June. Now here is the problem......... I am an oncology nurse and want to arrive with a job lined up, Geelong Hospital won't consider me until I am resident. This means taking pot luck that a post becomes available fairly quickly which is not something that I wish to do. Therefore quick rethink and lots of sleepless nights. I can got a job at Peter Mac Cancer centre in CBD, job is fab but too far to commute from Geelong so now consdering living in Altona Meadows. It is really hard trying to find info about high schools in this area. The only school I can find is Bayside College, it looks like it has 3 different campuses. What campus is best? What is the school like does anyone have children there or know someone that does? I have searched previous posts on here, Werribee secondary has been mentioned for Altona but I thought it is quite a drive from Altona Meadows. Does anyone know if this schools is a feasible option for us? We also need a primary school, have found lots of websites can anyone recommend one? Finally to all who have made the move - does anyone actually arrive with sanity intact!!! There is so much to arrange I am starting to wonder if we are mad making this move!! Thanks Vanessa
  12. Guest

    Canberra High Schools

    Hi everybody. We are hoping to move to Canberra by the end of 2009, and will hopefully be starting our 12 year-old son in High School in 2010. We have researched the areas and my OH and I are agreed that we would be best suited to living outside the city - down south in Tuggeranong. We don't want to have to travel too far to schools and we will be considering a government, state-run high school. We have been on the website and looked up Wanniassa High School and Lanyon High. Can anybody give us advice regarding these schools? Our youngest son who is 4 years old will need to join pre-school somewhere nearby also. We were hoping to move into the catchment area of our chosen school, to avoid any hassle with entry right etc. We assume that most of the schools are well-run anyway, but our son is gentle natured - good to make friends, but small in stature and conscious of this, especially on the sports field. He loves swimming and anything to do with water sports - tennis also, but apart from that he is not a very sporty child!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :notworthy:
  13. Guest

    starting high school

    hi, i've just had a letter from mornington secondary about an enrolement evening. my son is in year 5 do i need to enrol him now. what do i have to do? i've only just got him in primary school (he's been there 3 weeks) and now my head is spinning thinking about having to enrol him in a high school. also would anyone know rougly how much the fees are at mornington secondary or just how much in general it costs for state secondary education. on the letter they were saying that you could get a scholarship and they would reduce it by $500...thought i better get saving up if its a lot. thanks:goofy:
  14. Guest

    High risk vs Low risk countries

    Is low risk country determined by where you have submitted your application or which passport you hold? For example, if i submit my application from UK (living currently in uk), but I am holding South African passport? Am i considered as a high or low risk applicant? Also, with these new rules in places will high/low risk still matter?
  15. Guest

    carine senior high school perth

    Hi Does anyone know anything about carine senoir high school in perth and what the catchment area would be? I have a 13 year old girl and we are hoping to move to WA next year. Thanks Jane
  16. hi all does anyone know what english is taught in high schools there? do they teach only english language or both english lang and literature the same as UK? thanks Emma
  17. Hi guys We had our medicals on 22nd January and if we get our visa (fingers crossed!) we will have to go to Australia for another holiday in November to validate our visa Our children start High school this September and the schools are quite strict about not being able to take kids out of school during term time! Has anyoine else been in this situation and how did you deal with it?
  18. sandyhex

    Southport State High School

    Hi, Do any PIO member's children go to Southport State High School, my brother's 2 girls 14 (almost 15) and 12 and son 13 start there when summer holiday's end they are living in Labrador, they also have a 17 year old son (18 in July) they are all keen to make friends as they come from a very tight knit school back in the UK. The children are looking forward to starting school especially the 13 year old boy who is really keen on learning Japanese. My brother and his wife are loking for work both have had a couple of interviews but no luck as yet.They moved 3rd December and have taken a rental for 12 months to give it their best shot.Thanks for any information. Sandy
  19. Hi all can anyone recomend any good high schools in the northern suburbs. We are looking to move over around Easter time and like the area. We are looking at maybe Craige or woodville but dont mind any of the surrounding areas it just depends on schools for 13 yr old daughter. Any info very appreaciated . Thanks xx Shell xx:emoticon-signxmas:
  20. Hi I'm wondering if anyone can give me a definitive answer as to what age kids start attending High School? My daughter will be 12 in February 09 and having emailed different schools I seem to be getting conflicting information. One school says she will go to high school in year 7, another saying that year seven pupils are generally turning 13 during that school year and that she should go to a public school in year 6. I can't seem to find the answer anywhere and as we are moving out in January, most schools will be closed for the holiday period, so we would like to sort this sooner rather than later. Thanks :confused: Sid
  21. Hi there We have been looking at property prices on the Central Coast,NSW. We have pleasantly surprised at the apparent value for money. However I can’t seem to find much information about High Schools up there. Can anybody advise on both Public and /or the independent sector? Are there any areas significantly better than others? Thanks in advance!
  22. Guest

    gold coast high schools

    Hi just wondered if anyone has any info on either helensvale or coombabah state high school I have looked at websites and thinking about both of these for when we move (hopefully) early next year for my two eldest boys. We need to be fairly near southport but school is the priority for area to live. any comments much appreciated thank you Nicola x
  23. hi friends, we are on visa subclass 176(state sponsored) ..we have done our medicals today (14th oct 2008)... as told to be done by our agent...we had applied for the visa on 23rd july 2008....we come under the " high risk countries" category... will this affect anything ???how long cud the proccess take?? is it true that granting of visa's depend upon the que of applications?? have seen loads of people getting thier visa's who even applied in jan, feb, and march 2008...... kindly let me know any details if any one cud help???!!!! thanks krishh
  24. Hi, there is a same kind of thread for low risk countries but i know there are lot of people on this forum who belong to a high risk country... what is the status guys??? lot of applicants from low risk countries are getting there visas but what about the high risk countires??? December??? Jan, feb or what??? On BEUpdate.co.uk, there is a Jan applicant from South Africa who has got a CO.
  25. Just bought at just over 2.4 so it'll probably rise to over 3.0 now that I've committed. But the bullet has now been well and truly bitten.