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Found 156 results

  1. How does one find out If he is in high risk country ? I am currently in UNited Arab Emirates ( Dubai ). GSM -175 -CSL Please advice.
  2. Guest

    State High Schools - Adelaide

    Can anybody reccomend any State schools for my daughter who will be aged 15 (english year 10) in Adelaide please.Thanks
  3. Hi Moving to Geelong 24 March and was wondering if anyone has any info or experience of the above two high schools . Thanks Debs
  4. My husband has been offered a job in Canberra (457 visa) and I am panic struck about finding information. Having read some of the threads I understand that you have to pay for education in ACT, NSW and ???? - does anyone know what the fees are per year or term. I read that one family were told that they would not have to pay fees in the ACT but were then told they would have to pay $13500, so they sent their children to a private school. I am 'blinded' by all of the information on the internet so can someone tell me which Australian territories charge and which ones are free? I'm awaiting information on taking the animals too but fear this is going to be terribly expensive. I have also read that you do not pay as much tax on your earnings for the first 2 years ?? Can someone clarify ....... We have fell at the first two hurdles and am wondering whether this is for us .......... Is there an 'Idiots Guide To Living and Working In Australia' book that anyone knows to?? Any help would be appreciated.
  5. theonetruechris

    Sky high mt dandenong

    Anyone been for an evening meal up there, I've been in the day for a look round. I was thinking its probably good for the sunset, just wondering about the food? We'll probably be going in a couple of weeks with father in(out)law before he buggers off home.
  6. claireg

    Immigration rate too high?

    hope we get our visa before any drastic action is taken.. mind, have to get the damn thing lodged first :biggrin: Bobb Carr
  7. Elizabeth

    Spanish in high schools

    Hi there, I was hoping someone could help with a query my daughter has put to me. She is currently studying for her GCSE exams in the UK and is doing extremely well with her languages, particularly Spanish which she loves. She has expressed that she would like to continue studying Spanish but I'm unsure if this is one of the language options in the schools. Is anyone aware if there are any schools who offer Spanish as an option?
  8. Hi All have just found out today that we are moving to Sydney before Christmas! Haven't done anything yet re renting/selling house or arranging move etc so think I have a busy few months ahead, espeially as hubby leaves in 6 weeks ! Think we would like to live in Northern Beaches area really loved Avalon etc but Mona Vale and surrounds seemed more accessible for CBD schools etc when had a flying reckie trip last week? My urgent question is what schools? I have 3 children 16, 14 and 12 (2 boys and a girl) who I think will be going into years 11, 10 and 8. The oldest is my immediate concern as will be commencing HSC and obviously don't have a lot of margin for getting it wrong. The intention was to have a good look at schools last week but they were all on holiday :no: Any help for a frantic (but excited) mum very welcome.
  9. Guest

    Woodvale High School WA

    Hi all, I wonder if anyone can help me with a geographical problem. Im looking at the Woodvale High School website and its catchment area Our School — Woodvale SHS It says that the South boundary is North side of Robinson cycleway between Wanneroo Road and the alignment of the Mitchell Freeway. I cannot find any reference to the Robinson cycleway anywhere on the internet (apart from the school website) Ive checked google maps/earth etc. Does anybody know the area or could anybody tell me where this mysterious cycle path is. My guess is that it is somewhere near Hepburn avenue but if someone could tell me for sure Id be most grateful Cheers Ad
  10. arlene

    Ocean Reef High School

    Does anyone have any experience of Ocean Reef high school? We lived in Mullaloo for a year and the school looked fine! but I have heard some mixed reports about it! Thanks Arlene
  11. Guest

    Pacific Pines High School

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has kids at this school, and if so, how do you find it? Does it have a good reputation? I know a few members have children at the primary and seem to like it, so hopefully I'll get some good feedback about the High as well! Thanks Sheena
  12. Hello everyone- North of Perth... I would like to hear of anyones opinions on the two schools Ocean Reef Senior High and Woodvale Senior High. Basically if anyones satisfied or disatisfied with their childs progress in any of these schools. Look forward to any info or opinions ... Cheers :smile:
  13. (i'm new to poms in aus so i hope this works right) I'm Emma, I'm 15 and i live in the UK. Basically my dad and step mum got their visa last year and moved over last May and i've visited twice, in the two holidays that we have had. I'm on their visa (my knowledge goes no further than that) i just know that if i was to come over i wouldn't have an issue visa-wise. I love it here, i love the lifestyle. What i'm struggling with, is whether i should move over when i finish my GCSE's in the UK in a few months and join a high school here, or wait for two years and do my A-levels in the UK and then come here to join uni. I've had conflicting information over whether the schooling over here is as good as in the UK, or whether it is a lower standard.. I understand to a point how the australian high-schooling works, and I'm set on moving at some point, the issue is that i'm getting good grades, and if the schooling over here isn't as good then i don't want to sacrifice all them years of hard work to come out at the end with an australian qualification that doesn't mean as much.. I know that i don't need to rush into it, however, my pro's for moving over at 16 is that by the time uni comes, i will already have friends, hobbies, contacts, i'll basically have a 2 year head start than if i was moving over and going straight into uni.. Or maybe even if i would be better doing uni in the UK? Also, i know leaving my mum would be very difficult, so if anyone is in or has been in a similar situation, then maybe that would be helpful.. I honestly don't know what to do so any suggestions/information that could help my decision would be appreciated :-) Thanks x
  14. I'm sure that PIO members in many parts of Australia don't need me to tell them about the extreme heat that is being experienced at the moment,it has certainly been very hot,in the area where I live the weather bureau is forecasting a maximum of 42 degrees today and tomorrow and 43 on Tuesday,these extreme conditions have the potential to start bushfires,I guess we all realise that,but I thought it might be wise to remind people of the other risks like heat exhaustion,sunburn,dehydration and in extreme cases death. So you need to take sensible precautions for dealing with the situation,be sunsmart,don't go outside without a hat,sunglasses and suncreen,wear shirts and shoes when outside,limit physical activity outside to the morning and late evening if possible,drink plenty of fluids but not too much alcohol and eat light ,easy to digest foods like salads etc. If you have elderley neighbours check on them every day to make sure they are ok,and don't forget the animals either,make sure they have a shady spot and have lots of water to drink and never leave a child or an animal in a car. Unfortunately extreme temperatures are a part of summer life for many parts of Australia but taking sensible precautions means you can still enjoy Australias outdoor lifestyle. Best wishes to everyone.
  15. Guest

    my BMI is too high for visa doc

    Hi just been for my medical in adelaide for my spouce visa too be told because my BMI is high but everything else is perfectly normal ( my blood pressure, chloseral,x-ray, urine and everything else ) that the doc cant sign it off and that he has to send it to Melbourne to have it approved,:arghh: Has anyone else that this happen? Can they really stop my visa because im overweight? Any advice? thanks x
  16. Hi can anyone please enlighten me as to the high school linked to the chase estate in Berwick melbourne?
  17. Guest

    Berwick High School Uniform

    Hi Everyone! I have a Berwick Public high school uniform for sale. 2x Blue Polo Shirts 1x Dress 1x Jumper All in great condition only been worn a few times. Please PM be if any one is intrested. Thanks :wubclub:
  18. THE number of permanent and long-term migrants arriving in Australia has soared to more than 500,000 a year. Record numbers of migrants, temporary workers and overseas students are piling into the lucky country. This is not good news for those planning to migrate, gives more excuses to anti immigrationists, "white Australia" types, hair shirted environmentalists etc. to make it even more difficult, but data is still flawed.... At least now the writer has clarified what ABS defines as migrants as, i.e. includes temporary visitors..... but like in the UK various lobbies have used the inclusion of temporary residents in population figures to alarm people, and help prop up the property market i.e. suggests future growth..... Further, he probably does not understand that mere rumours of migration and student visa changes in 2008 caused a massive spike as many from Asia were instructed by migration and education agents to just get to Oz asap, and see if you can manage to stay..... Nor does it explain that many true migrants may have applied between 6 - 36 months ago.....but managed to arrive this year....? Applying the similar negative logic about overseas residents, Tourism Australia and state bodies should close down, plus the education sector should stop taking international students and forget about migrating? Like migration, past and present changes may take students up to 2-3 years to filter through system.....but many will be having visa extensions etc. rejected already....then even more in the new year...
  19. For anyone that isn't aware, if your child is currently in Year 6 in Australia, and you are considering private education for High School, the Australian Cooperative Entry Programme (ACEP - Australian Co-operative Entry Program | ACER) is now taking registrations for the scholarship exam for entry into Year 8 in 2011. There are a lot of participating schools in this - kids sit the exam in Feb of 2010 for SA, March for WA. Not sure about the rest of the states. Therefore worth thinking about now and getting the teacher to send the child home with some extra work exercises at the end of term in December so that they won't be going straight into the exam after 6/8 weeks of brain death during the summer break!! Both mine were lucky enough to be offered subsidised fee scholarships at the school of our choice - completely due to a fantastic Year 6/7 teacher they both had I have to say, and not any inherited brains from me!!! We only found out about ACEP by chance, and often people don't start to think of these things until much nearer the time, so thought I'd post it up in case it helps anyone else. Full list of participating schools here: http://www.acer.edu.au/tests/scholarships-schools.html Diane
  20. aharcall

    Caloundra state high school

    We are due to move to Caloundra in September. Our eldest is 16 in June and our youngest will be 14 in October. We have been on a rekkie visit and have decided we will probably send them to Caloundra State high school. Does anyone have any views on this school before we make a final commitment to sending them there, please?
  21. Guest

    High blood pressure

    I have recently found out I have high blood pressure - doc has no idea why though, which is annoying.. Its not stupidly high, but it worries me that come meds time, this might cause problems.... any experiences with things like this?
  22. Hi, Which State high school is good in terms of OPs results? Thanks
  23. Guest

    Churchlands high school

    Hi, does any one send their children to this school as i am looking to enroll my son and would like some feedback on the school and catchment areas to live.We chose this school as its close to my husbands friends in Leederville but we are open to suggestions.Thanks for your time. Mari
  24. I moved to sydney a few months ago and Im going to that school . can somebody tell me about it? is it good? strict?how r the girls ? or anything you know. thanks alot .:jiggy: