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Found 156 results

  1. I had a medical today, docotor found tht my husband is high BP so want a report from GP after 3 times his BP need to be check.which is stressfull and there is another problem I hve minor seaonal Asthma are they going to find out in XRays ....can any one suggest me if it has happened with sum1..................
  2. Guest

    High Schools In Perth

    I have a 14 year old boy and a 12 year old girl both of love sports especially football and netball. I have heard that Rossmoyne Senior High is a really good school so I'm thinking of living in Rossmoyne so that they will be in the catchment area. Does any live in Rossmoyne and if so are there football / netball / athletics clubs nearby? How far away is the beach. What is Rossmoyne like as an area? I was originally thinking of moving to Quinns Rocks and was looking at Clarkson Community High as this school does all the activities my kids love, but I believe that Clarkson does not have a good rep can anyone tell me any more what is Clarkson like as a school (this is the reason I have looked at Rossmoyne as an area, good schools) Thank you Di x
  3. WA SMP is not coming faster than other states. Because there quota is higher than other states and They have approved most sponsorship as compared to other states. So DIMA will publish SMP for all less Quota states and then WA so its easy for them to manage. As they have been doing VIC, ACT, NT & Now QLD. God knows how much time will applicants get for processing when they will publish WA SMP because May 2010 is not so far.
  4. Has anyone got any info on either Robina High School or Varsity College. I just cannot seem to get an opinion on them. I am looking to move to Robina and send my kids to one of these schools - the annual reports look ok - but at the end of the day - its always down to local knowledge! It may look the best on paper! ANy info/pointers would be really helpful. (even the local police wouldnt comment on them - "freedom of information" etc. WHat happened to supplying community information? Hope someone can help.
  5. Late last week a High Court ruling has given Youth Allowance Recipients a potential tax windfall, allowing them to claim the cost of textbooks, stationery and administration fees as tax deductions. Previously the ATO had viewed the Youth Allowance as a reward for studying and not as income, but the High Court has ruled that youth allowance payments should be treaty as "ordinary income" and that the student's expenses were incurred in earning that income, and therefore are deducible expenses. This is a very important decision and could lead to 500,000 other youth allowance beneficiaries claiming similar deductions, potentially worth millions of dollars. Does this ruling affect you or your children at all? Cheers, Mark
  6. The High Court of Australia, in a unanimous decision, has held that the offshore processing of two refugee claimants who arrived by boat last year from Sri Lanka and consequent denial of access to the court system was an error of law. With such refugees 'processed' offshore, they are currently denied the right to challenge any refusal by DIAC on their refugee claim in the Australian court system. But refugees who arrive by other means e.g. flight are entitled to have their cases heard in the Australian courts. See: High Court upholds rights of boat people and: Immigration facing 'chaos' after High Court decision - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  7. Guest

    High school help in Geelong area

    Hi, my two children have just started school at Torquay College down on the coast andwhile my 9 yr old boy loves it my 11 yr old daughter isnt happy. She says all they care about at school is sport, she has even challenged her teacher as to why more importance isnt given to english and maths!!! (very bright girl) I had registered her to stay till yr 9, but now she is asking to go to a 'proper' school where she can actually learn something. Could anyone give me their opinions on good high schools in the Geelong area. I have managed to find a few on the web, but it doesnt count for as opinion for someone in the know. i have spoken to the Head at Torquay and she has told me that about 70% of year 6's leave to go to the city to school, that must tell the school something..... Thanks Tara
  8. Guest

    Pacific Pines High School?

    Hey everyone, was just wandering if any of you or any of your kids go to pacific pines high school, year 10, Gold Coast? If so, please message me with there names and i will add them on FB and so i can get to know more people from my new school.. Thanks guys Harrison
  9. Just wondering if anyone has any info/insights into this high school. Family moving to West Pennant Hills area and apparently this is the high school we'd be zoned for. Their website doesn't really give away much but they are a small school with just over 500 students; don't know if this is a good or a bad thing. My daughter would be starting Yr 9. Can't find much on the academic abilities so keep wondering whether I should try to get her into one of the other high schools like Pennant Hills or Cherrybrook, but again not sure about their out of zone policies and whether we would have a better chance with her starting Yr 9. Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks.
  10. elisee

    Brisbane High Schools

    Hey, I'm 15 and I'm moving to Brisbane next july/august. When we went to Brisbane in August we visited Indooroopilly State High School and Kenmore State High School. They both looked nice - I liked Indooroopilly more though and I was just wondering if anyone knows about either school because it's good to get local knowledge/opinions of the schools! Or, if you can recommend any other schools in the Indooroopilly/Kenmore area then that would be good And also it would be good to talk to anyone around my age who goes to either of these schools! :v_SPIN: Thanks, Elise :cute:
  11. Hi There, We got our PR visa this week and I am now intending to open a bank account in order to transfer our savings into an account that will earn more interest than we are getting over here. I have had a look online at the high interest internet banking accounts that are available in Australia and one i am currently looking at is with Virgin. My question is - do the internet banking accounts work the same as they do in England? i.e. would i have to open an australian bank account and then transfer our money from the bank account into the virgin internet account? Cheers
  12. I have made many, many flights to Australia, I have done some silly things whilst on board like screaming, 'Matches, Shoe', 'Is The Captain In Today' and 'Can I Have A Glass Of Water Please', (BA flight). But I have never taken part in sexual activity, well not with anyone else involved anyway,:biglaugh:. I have heard rumours about The Mile High Club, I have even heard from several people that they are indeed members of this select club, but I doubt the truthfulness. The nearest I ever got was a lovely Taiwanese lady who promised to 'Lurrvvveee Me For A Long Time' (Seriously), she was a stunner, if I went into the loo with her. Number one, I NEVER use the loos on board, fed up with the 'mess' before I do anything, and secondly I'm sure that one time the vacuum powered loo will take a part of my anatomy off at some point. I can't think of a more unromantic place to 'do it'. Squashed, confined, smelly, and the captain then sparks up with, 'Ladies and gentleman, we are now on our final approach. Would you please prepare for landing and take your position.:laugh: So come on, who is a member of this select club, I don't know if it is a myth or fact. Cheers Tony:wink:
  13. Australia stands pretty high on Human Development Index :wink: http://hdrstats.undp.org/en/countries/country_fact_sheets/cty_fs_AUS.html

    Coolum State High School?Qld

    Hi, Making enquiires for my twins to start Yr 11 in Jan 2011 and it looks like this is the only state school for the area of Peregian Springs. St Andrews and Peregian Beach are private schools, and just wondered if anyone knew if this was a good school or not?Have looked on the rankings, just would be nice for some personal experiences. If anyone is at Peregian Springs do you know what school the majority go to. Any advice would be appreciated in this minefield!!! Nicki x
  15. Can anyone please guide me the procedure of HEC verification of degrees from Australian High Commission in Islamabad. It is very urgent and I need it to be done on highest priority. Please guide me as early as possible. Regards,
  16. :daydreaming:We are moving to Sydney from Ireland in August and I'm looking for a really good public or private (preferably co-ed) high school for my two teenage sons. It's a maze out there with the schools in Sydney. I also have two kids im primary school, but that'll probably be easier to sort out than the secondary schools. I've heard the catholic schools are among the best? I'd kinda prefer to get the schools sorted out before the house first, as whatever about moving house again, I don't want to have to disrupt the kids from schools. Can anybody help??????:wubclub:
  17. Can anyone recommend a really good public high school in se or e melbourne? We like schools that are alittle strict, but also offer lots of options to keep kids inspired. If necessary, we will pay for catholic or private, but are hoping to find a great school that is low fee paying. Our girls are very able, so a selective school might be a possiblilty, and they both love drama etc. Any suggestions? Jenny
  18. Can anyone recommend a really good public secondary school anywhere south east or east of Melbourne? We would love a school that works hard to keep the kids focussed, is reasonanly strict rather than laid back, and offers plenty of options. Our daughters are both quite bright, and also talented in drama, dance etc. If possible, it would be really nice to have a school that can support their talents. We would also consider catholic schools, but I do worry about the fees. However, if this ends up being our only option for a stricter school, then we are prepared to do that. Thanks so much for your input! Jenny
  19. Hi All I am very confused and just hoped someone could tell me which year of school my son will be in in Queensland? He is currently in Year 7 and is 12 (date of birth 09/10/1997). We are leaving the UK in August so he will have finished Year 7 here but where will he be in Queensland? Many, Many Thanks Jen x
  20. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on either of these schools? Looks like we will be starting off our adventure in Bracken Ridge and according to Google Maps these are the closest High Schools to our new Rental ( strangley Sandgate High comes up nearer than Bracken Ridge High). They look very different schools but results on MySchool appear similar ( not the best but OK). We will obviously check them out when we arrive but any thoughts on either ( or indeed any others in the area) would be much appreciated. Thanks Jen x:biggrin:
  21. Guest

    performing arts high schools

    We are hoping to emmigrate and move to the Hills district and my 15 year daughter going to a performing arts college. We have looked into mcdonald College. It seems nice. Is there anyone out there living in the hills district whos child goes there. Also What is AIPH and Newtown High school for performing arts like. Are there any other ones as well?
  22. what do ppl think of schools in Australia
  23. Guest

    high streets and cafe lifestyles

    We are going for a visit in 14 days, Can anyone please tell me which areas have a nice high street atmosphere? We will be settling in the south east as our work is in dandenong. so looking at areas such as berwick, rowville, frankston south and cranbourne. I know mornington is very nice. Is this the best area for this kind of thing? But it is just too expensive for us. ( we want to spend 450,00 max for 3+ beds) we are not fussed about beaches, so happy to go inland. Any ideas? Can anyone give me a good description of berwicks high street, and does cranbourne have a high street/cafe scene? Does Rowville tick any of these boxes? is there somewhere else to consider? appreciate any feedback thanks Jenny