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Found 42 results

  1. Hi guys, Just a quick question hoping that someone can help. I have a friend planning on getting their working holiday visa and is a qualified HGV driver in the UK. We were wondering whether they would then be able to apply for their LOG book on arrival to Australia and gain employment as an HGV driver in Australia. Obviously we understand they would have to follow the confinements of the visa. Does anyone have experience with this or know any information that may help? Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Si
  2. Over 3 years HGV experience on artics in UK, looking to make the move to Oz but job is not on the SSL list or Sol List, so where can i start? I also have 20 years in the parcel delivery industry, if that helps. Only me and the wife to worry about, but cant seem to get enough points to get over there. Anyone have any idea of where to start? Am going to visit family living over there ( since 1977 ) in Feb 2013 for a month, so would it be a good idea to wait till I get over there and try make a few contacts while we are there? Going to NSW looking for Truck or Van driving work, but will do anything. Willing to work, never been out of work, but some people seem to get there no problem, whereas I cant seem to get past step 1. Any help replied to, Thanks in advance Paul pitch70@gmail.com
  3. We are recruiting for heavy diesel mechanics for Perth-based positions within the mining industry. Several positions are available and need to be filled urgently. These roles involve the maintenance and mechanical repair of heavy duty diesel vehicles at our client’s Perth-based workshop. Outstanding packages are on offer, including excellent rates of pay plus superannuation. In order to apply you must have the following: Approved qualification as a diesel mechanic and experience with heavy duty earthmoving equipment A good understanding of hydraulics and diesel engine fundamentals The ability to troubleshoot engine and hydraulic faults Sound written and verbal communication skills The ability to work well in a team A commitment to workplace safety Preferred (not essential): Permanent residency, permanent visa or other evidence of the right to work in Australia Experience with Caterpillar equipment Current truck driver’s licence Other advantageous traits (not essential): Safety qualifications Supervisory experience Open-cut mining experience Welding experience Although we prefer applicants who already have the right to work permanently in Australia, other applicants will also be considered. Sponsorship (457 visa) under the General Skilled Migration programme will be considered for the right applicants. Applicants on working holiday visas will also be considered. You don't have to be currently living in Australia to apply - if you are still in the UK it is no problem. We have a London office and will potentially be arranging interviews in the UK. To apply for this position please forward your CV without delay. We are recruiting urgently for these positions so if you believe your CV is not “up to scratch”, don’t let this delay you – as long as it shows the necessary skills and experience we will help you to polish it up.
  4. Hey all, My company (GlobalForce Resource) are looking to place mechanics with either construction, mining, HGV or auto dealership experience for positions across different regions in Australia. We have approximately 100 positions that need to be filled right now so if you are interested we would be happy to speak to you about the various roles and contracts, pm me for more info or email carol@globalforceresource.com . *Note that our clients will provide visas to placed candidates as well as assistance to the families should they decide to relocate. Thanks again GlobalTrotter x
  5. GlobalForce Resource are looking to place UK and Irish mechanics with either construction, HGV or automotive dealership experience for positions across Australia. GlobalForce would be happy to speak to any potential candidates regarding the roles. So if you are serious about relocating and keen to pursue your career in this industry please get in with contact us Alternatively if you know of any mechanics with the above experience planning on moving abroad. Pass them onto us and we will pay you up to €500 if he/she gets placed! Thanks, Globetrotter
  6. Gary Pepper

    plant drivers and HGV

    I am an Australian recruiter currently visiting Ireland for the next nine days and then to the UK for two weeks, i have just recieved details from three clients in country qld area's looking for people on work visa's or perm residency who have experience in or with:- Driving backhoes / jcb's HGV (larger the better !) especially water trucks Skid steer - bobcats Bulldozers Graders Excavators Telehandlers This will be shift work, 2 on 1 off, 7 days, 12 hr days. Salaries AUD $1500 / $2000 per week. Accomodation is available when on swing (not on shift). Country Queensland area's - Roma / Toowoomba.
  7. Guest

    hgv 1 driver

    looking for a job as a lorry driver, hows it looking?
  8. Hello guys, as the title suggests im looking for advice/experience from guys who have moved from uk to oz in this role. I have worked for some years now in the forces as an HGV mech specialising in diesels engines, i think there is good work out there but its tough to get the right information. Would appreciate any feedback from people on the subject, thanks for your time :biggrin:
  9. crispysince70

    HGV anyone??

    Was just wondering if anyone allready in Aus had sat their HGV licence over there ( as I understand it, it's not transferable from the UK ), and how it compares to the test over here. Thanks Chris x
  10. crispysince70

    HGV licence. Is it transferable?

    Hi all, As the question above. Does anyone know? Have been trying to find out, but can't seem to come up with any info, other than that for car licences. Thanks
  11. hi this is my first post here and I would really apreciate any advice people can give. I am thinking of doing an HGV course , Could come in useful at work ? Anyone here done it? Any advice? How to go about it? thanks
  12. Hi I really hope someone can help me with this. I have 19 years experience driving a HGV within the UK but have now moved to Victoria and need to convert my licence to their equivalent. I have my Vic roads driving licence and my original UK licence which shows what i am eligible to drive in UK. Does anybody have any information or advice on how to go about obtaining my licence in Victoria. Cheers Martin
  13. Hi All, I currently hold my HGV class 2 in the UK. I want to drive a horse truck which weighs max 8T gross, here in QLD. Does anyone know if I need to take another test or if HGV UK is suffice? Many Thanks.
  14. hi, this is my first post here and I would really apreciate any advice people can give. I'm due to emmigrate to Perth in August and I have been training to get a HGV licence in the UK before I go to have something extra to fall back on when I get there. I have a few questions relating to this which I have not found answers to on the forum yet; I understand that a UK HGV licence can not be transferred to Oz without taking a restest in Oz, is this correct and does it apply to a LGV licence too? If I don't get a UK LGV/HGV licence and decide to train and do the test in Oz, I've read that a car licence has to be held for at least 12 months. Is this an Oz car licence or would a UK car licence alse be acceptable, so that I could train for a LGV/HGV as soon as arriving in Oz? Thanks in advance
  15. clusterofgeals

    hgv medicals

    i have an hgv class 1 but will be in oz when i reach 45 ,can i do the medicals in oz then send them back to dvla then be reissued my licence
  16. Hi folks, just a quick question on behalf of a friend, too tired to look on the DIAC website, so here goes, are HGV dirvers wanted anywhere in oz???? If not, did they use to be at one point but maybe knocked of the list, due to the recession??? Thanks Mandisfam
  17. carlymac

    Help with hgv licence

    Hi My husband has got a HGV licence and wasnt sure how to transfer this into a australian one?? Does it cost? Any help is appreciated. Carly Lee and Boys
  18. Hi Can anyone advise me on the current situation regarding truck driving in WA. I have read many posts old and new and they all seem to conflict with each other. I have just returned from oz yesterday infact after visiting friends and checking the place out with the intention of reloacating to the perth area. If its still not possible to go as a truck driver we may have to look at my wife qualifications instead. Any helpful advice woiuld be most welcome, oh and this is my first post on here as i have just joined and i gotta say this is by far the best forum. many thanks in advance:wink:
  19. Hi, We are currently looking into employment opportunities for my OH in Oz. I have a job to go to and he is looking to retrain while out there. Does anyone have any knowledge of the route into HGV training/cost and potential earnings when trained etc in Australia? We will be based in Perth so presumably he would get some work if he retrained? We have heard it is relatively cheap to do the HGV in Oz? Any info at all appreciated, thanks Fiona and Pete
  20. i'm moving out to kununurra wa in june next year, i have been looking for work around there, has anyone lived or worked there, is it easy to get a job? the only employer seems to be Argyle mine, please help!!!:skeptical:
  21. Hi all, My hubby (Brett 25), son (4 mths) and I (Gem 26) are looking to move to Brisbane. Brett is a carpet fitter and I have a degree in Graphic Design. We have been advised that we could apply for the 457 route through Brett - all sounds great - but… my parents (dad 50 and mum 52) and young brother (12) are also considering the move. Only problem is that dad only has his Class 1 HGV license. We've been told that he could probably get a job working for the mining industry and any other kind of driving job is pretty much a no go area if a sponsor is needed. I'm looking for any HGV truckers out there who have successfully made it to Oz through this 457 route please and if anyone has any advise we'd be soooooooo grateful! We'd love to know the area that we would be needing to move (ie North or South?) and any companies that we could get in touch with please? Actually, any advise would be nice! We look forward to hearing from anyone soon to help untangle the knots of confusion in myy head!! :wacko:
  22. Guest

    HGV licence

    Hi all, when i move over to Australia (Perth) if i cant get a job on the mines i have my driving licence to fall back on, im entitled to drive everything from motor bike to class 1 hgv, ive been told that i would have to take my tests again and that my driving licences wont count over in perth. Could anyone please shed any light, many thanks
  23. Guest

    HGV Drivers

    Hiya Just been reading a thread on HGV Drives in Oz/NZ, and it states that its nigh impossible to get a HGV job, as no big companies will give you a job or sponsor you to come over on the visa needed? Is this absolutely true?:unsure: As OH is a HGV driver and is under the impression that there is loads of work to be had. If its not then its all down to my nursing to get us in Ta for any advice Jules
  24. Guest

    HGV Job Wanted

    Im still stuck in blighty and need help or advice on how to work in Australia. I was to be a HGV driver. Drive road trains or any other type of long distance driving job. Does anyone know any companies or anything who can help. Where I can get sponsors. Do I need to get job first, of visa first. Any help at all would be much appreciated.
  25. Please help, does anyone know the answer to this question. My husband has a HGV (heavy goods vehicle) class 1 and 2 licence, but can he work as a lorry driver in Queensland? We are emigrating end of this year and we were wondering if he could get a job with this licence, or does he have to take any further tests to drive trucks/semi-trailers in Oz?? I have tried to get infor on this from other websites, but no ones seems to know what the transport laws in Queensland are. Please, if anyone can help please please reply. thanks