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Found 85 results

  1. Support the best tem out there....:jiggy: Perth Glory
  2. Hey i was just wondering what do you have to do to get a truck license in South Australia. Like what places do you first apply. Is there a theory test i should learn before going in. And what are the requirements on getting truck licence. Thanks for the help.
  3. Guest

    hey everyone

    hey everyone.......we are moving to Adelaide soon (dont know when) but i have 2 kids a daughter of 11 and a son who is 14, both are very nervous and unsure of the move...my daughter is very outgoing has lots of friends here and is extremley worried that "no1 will like her coz she english" my son is also outgoing and has lots of friends and agian is very unsure about moving can any of you kids help me maybe chat to them tell then how it realy is in Oz, the schools homewrk etc...both have msn and facebook....xx thanks guys.xx:cool:
  4. Guest

    Hey folks

    Occasional lurker over the past however long, decided to register and participate and see what, if anything, I can contribute to things here. I expect that all the pom-bashing after the first test was a catalyst to getting me finally register I'm 34, originally from Bath, and been living in Melbourne for the last three years. Generally things here are ace, but don't get me started on the quality of TV and the lack of availability of a decent English pint on a cold afternoon. Cheers, Damion
  5. Guest

    hey need some info!

    hi everyone! im chris and i live in england atm. was just wondering what life is like in australia for teens. if my family were to move out to Aus then we would be looking at areas around sydney, melbourne and brisbane areas. does anybody live in these areas? and what is it like? also as im 16 (nearly 17) and in my first year at college, my sis is 15 and is in year 10, and my bro is 17 nearly 18 (but he will be staying in london for uni). so what schooling would we be in as i have no idea lol! would we be both classed as high school age? lol really dont know! also how easy is it to make friends? plus are people nice lol? would love to know what you think! Cheers =D
  6. Guest

    Hey All, Some Advice Please..

    Hi Everyone, My Fiance and I are thinking about moving to Australia, we are both 21 and think it would be an amazing experience if not a life changing one. My Fiance (Matt) is a qualified Mechanic and can therefore qualify for a skilled visa and we plan to marry before we go. Where in Australia would you advice we go? I would like to be near a beach although I am a city girl throug and through? Any ideas? I am also really nervous that we will regret it but feel that it is now or never as we have no mortgage, children or major commitments and in theory have nothing to lose! Thanks in advance for your advice! Sammy :cute:
  7. Guest

    Hey everyone.....

    Hey to all, am new to this so go easy on me!!! Myself and my lovely family (that is hubby and 2 kids) are hopeing to make the great move to OZ sometime this year. Due to the recent changes we were on the CSL list, but now sadly that is no more.:no: We have decided to go down the state sponsorship route, hopefully this may get us somewhere this year!!!!:jiggy: Anyone else in the same boat as us???
  8. Guest

    Hey all

    Hi everybody..... Just thought I'd drop a little hello to all here.....:smile:
  9. Guest

    Hey! Hey! Hey!

    Hello! I've been avidly reading this forum for the past three nights having last week decided to begin the visa process - what a GREAT resource! Can't even begin to imagine the amount of help it's given people over the years. Will be sending off OHs trade assessment next week all things going well (he's a chef) and will probably be looking at a 457 visa, though this isn't set in stone yet... But yeah, just thought i'd introduce myself and preemptively thank everyone in advance for the help I'm sure we're going to get (and will need). :hug:
  10. Guest

    hey :)

    Hey every1, basically my parents have just moved out to aus about 3 months ago and are loving it, I went out to visit for a few weeks with my brothers and our partners and just got back and realise how much i want to be out there the only trouble is im in my 1st year of an electrician apprenticeship but really dont want to wait 2/3 years to start applying for visas etc. Im wondering if there is anything available in the way of apprenticships for us english moving out to aus i would have somewhere to stay as my folks are out there just wondered if any1 had an ideas also my partner is a qualified hairdresser with 3 years experience but i really wanted to carry on the electrician thing out there thanks in advance Aaron
  11. Guest

    Hey anybody there?

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone reading this! After a long time thinking about staying in adelaide, we have finally decided to give it a go!:wub: whoo hoo Love it here and have made loads of friends.........thing is though most of them have moved interstate or gone back to the Uk!!!!!???!!! Would love to meet other folks over here and wondered if there was actually anybody else here? We are currently renting in Andrews farm while we build our dream house so " is there anybody there?:wink: Princess xxx
  12. Guest

    hey,i'm new

    hey,i'm in year six and a bit lonley caus I cant find any other kids. on this sight can someone tell me where i can find someothers my sort of age!We are are hoping to move back to oz (I was born there) :daydreaming:
  13. Hey people, im moving to australia as soon as possible with my parents and little brother, just wanted to talk to some people who are moving too :cute: i have msn if u wanna tlk :mask:<< ninja! !!! =] and like i said im a rocker :¬D
  14. Howdy any one on or near tamborine mountain, im 14 and my name is blaise, moved here in 2001 so yeh lol, wanan chaT?
  15. Hi there to everyone on here, My family and i are currently in Adelaide and have been for 2 years, although we are happy here we just don't "feel settled", and are currently looking at moving to NSW! The hubby is an engineer and has been offered 2 jobs, the first being in Gosford and the second in Ingleburn. Please can anyone help regarding which area is better regarding newer housing developments and young families! Help on nice areas to live also would be nice, and also how far a drive to the beach from both of these areas? Thanks in advance xxx:wubclub:
  16. Guest

    Hey Everyone

    Hey Everyone Just found this forum tonight and read around a little and thought I had nothing to lose by joining. I am 27 years old and live in County Durham and am bored with my life. So in January 2009 when I turn 28, I am leaving my life here behind and travelling to Sydney to live and work for a year to see what happens. Australia has always been my dream destination and since I have no ties in the UK then I thought it's now or never to follow my dream. It's very nervewracking but exciting at the same time and I cannot wait! So if anyone has any advice, tips or you just want to hello then feel free. It will be nice to talk to you :smile:
  17. Heyy Guys.. I havent put a thread / post on for a while, ii have been on my hols for a week so ii havent been near a computer lol, but im back now :spinny: Well, ii shall give you all a little update lol: My Dad has done more of his assessment (ACS) but he's still got more to do and we can't apply for our visa until he's finished!! We dont have enough points for a 'Golden ticket' (pr) so my Dad is sitting an IELTS next month (hopefully) BUT even if he passes we will still be 5 points short, so he's hoping to get a few more points by some of his qualifications (which will be on the MODL list) Its very complicated (well... thats what my Mum says! LOL.) Has this happened to anyone else? Or has something like this happened to you? Even if it hasnt ii will still appreciate some replys ... Thank Yhooo :cute: Love... Sian x :wubclub:
  18. :err:Hi i'm Emma and i'm 11 years old who lives in Essex and am in need of friendz. I'm moving to adelaide in oz but i kno most people r goin 2 other places like Perth or Sunshine coast but im jst odd and moving 2 adelaide (not really or am i?!?!) so please post back if ur around my age or my age and want to talk.:chatterbox: Emmii...x
  19. Guest

    Way hey....

    We got our Visa granted today:biglaugh:, feeling very excited and scared all at the same time. Melbourne here we come.:smile:
  20. Guest

    Hey Everyone!

    My name is Lucy, aged 15! My dad told me about this forum from when we are moving to Australia's Sunshine Coast in Brisbane at the end of this month so I just had to check it out and sign up straight away! It's lovely to be here and I can't wait to see and meet so many of you, even when I go we can arrange to meet when I get there. Love Lucy oxox
  21. el capitan

    hey wassup

    Hi, im a 34 year old plumber and should be moving out to Perth just after xmas. Ive noticed that the majority of y'all moving out to oz are either married or have a partner. i was wondering does anyone out there know if its gonna be equally or doubly hard for me to settle as i'll be doing this on my own. (So long as i dont answer the phone to my ex g/f) :jiggy:
  22. Guest

    hey there everyone

    I'm just starting out on the "move to Oz" trail. This seems to be a great forum, bt i've posted a thread in the jobs forum. Had 30 odd views but no reply. Am I doing something wrong
  23. Guest

    Hey All

    Hey guys, just thought I'd take a second to say hi. The names Mark and I've been living down under since November 2006. Looking forward to becoming part of this community and helping out where I can All the best Mark
  24. the randalls

    Hey from cold n wet Essex!

    Hi All Had a good look through this website and thought it looked such a friendly place!! And a minefield of useful info! So, this is us - hubby Ted has had his TRA approved, we have sponsorship from Ted's aunt in WA and we're just waiting on some of the paperwork to get here (Essex) and then the visa application goes in! I'm Tracey, our son is Chris (15) and the more we look around the site, the more excited we get!! lol We live in Essex, and after much badgering from friends who moved to Pac Pines with their two boys over 2 years ago, we finally went and visited in August this year - we were totally blown away and cannot wait to get to Australia!!! My mantra at the moment is 'This time next year'!!! :smile:Let's hope I'm right!!! We'll really enjoy getting to know everyone and are looking forward to being part of this forum - moral boosting needed along the way I'm sure! Cheers
  25. Guest

    hey peeps need a frined

    hey people of poms i need a friend that is going 2 Adaliad in oz so i need a friend so plzz :arghh:leave a note thx u and see ya:goofy: hope u will be my frined!?! :jiggy: <(^.^)>:jiggy: