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Found 52 results

  1. Hi everyone! Brand new to the forum so hope this is in a relevant place! Im a 2 year qualified midwife, trained in Scotland, 2 years working experience. I've spent a year in OZ on working holiday visa (did no midwifery) and came back last year in sept. However job situation is RUBBISH here so my partner and I (who I met in Oz but from Brummie) want to go back, were thinking permenantly but would be happy to get a visa for a few years first. There is such a huge amount of info and Im so confused. Is it possible to just have some kind of healthcare agency arrange all the stuff for you...your visa, registration, job etc? Or if I want to go for sponsorship do you need to try and get a job first then apply for a visa??? Also would by partner be able to come on my visa and be able to work as he doesn't have a job thats on the skilled or critical lists??? Sorry if this is longwinded...just totally overwhelmed and don't know where to start. Any advice or experiences would be greatly received. Shelley
  2. chalkyhill

    475 - Private Healthcare

    Me and the OH have been told that we need proof of private medical insurance to continue with our sponsored 475 visa application. Does anyone have any reccomendations for good companies who can offer this, and is it possible to get this without an address in Australia.
  3. Hey there everyone. Are there any other health care professionals out there that are planning a move to Melbourne around October time?? If so, have you guys got jobs sorted and do you know other people out there? If you want to chat we would be interested in meeting others in a similar position to ourselves.
  4. Hi there, my sister is moving to Queensland with her Aussie hubby around June/July this year. She has just found out she is pregnant with twins and so needs to make sure she is there for her 20 week scan. Problem for her is that she has been advised not to fly until after her 12 week scan in the UK! She's lived in oz in the past and had medicare but she wants to know how long it would take to arrange and get into the 'system'. Its vital that she has the 20 week scan at the right time in case she needs tests or further monitoring. does anyone have any information that may help? does she need to arrive much earlier to arrange healthcare and book the scan? PS - i'm posting on her behalf as she's not yet fully registered with PIO.
  5. twinkletoes35

    Question on 457 visa and healthcare

    Hi All! I wonder if any one can tell me, if I go out on a 457 visa, would the family be covered for any type of healthcare under this visa or would we have to take up full or partial health insurance? Also, for those in the no, how difficult is it to convert to PR at a later date? Thanks for your input TT xx
  6. cjajn

    Healthcare advice

    What level of private medical healthcare is advisable for a family of four in victoria. Do the charges and cover vary wildly. Any advise would be very much appreciated.
  7. I've been living in the UK for nearly 8 years, and I'm heading back to Adelaide on tuesday, starting Uni next month. Just curious as to whether anybody else has been in a similar situation, and knows how Uni fees work [what benefits are available, or whether I have to be back in the country for a while], and the asme with healthcare. How much am I covered? Thanks =]
  8. Guest

    healthcare in canberra

    hi there we are applying for the 176 ss visa and we are in the process of submitting our research to our migration agent, i need to know more about the healthcare system in canberra how do you go about finding a dr, dentist, optician etc, are there any websites i could look at we are hoping to be out for around next june, any info anyone could give us would be very much appreciated thanks :spinny:
  9. Hi, we are about to start our new life in Australia. We have always had private health cover in the UK through BUPA or PPP, paid for by our employers. From what I understand of Medicare sounds like it would be a good idea to arrange similar in Australia as not all costs are covered (plus i dont mind paying for insurance to have peace of mind!!). Can someone tell me who are the main healthcare providers in Australia? I would like to arrange this before we fly as I would like to be covered from day 1. tx
  10. Hi all, I'm trying SO very hard to NOT get excited about the thought of emigrating,:wink: but after finally finding out that Hubby was thinking almost identical thoughts to me, it's SOOOOO difficult! Turns out for the last 5 (AT LEAST!) years, we've both thought that emigrating to Australia would be a GREAT thing, but neither of us wanted to mention it to the other thinking it was too extreme a measure & the other may just want to agree to "humour" the other! Right pair of muppets, aren't we?!?!?! Anyway, as i said, Hubby & i have been talking about emigrating, but i have one VERY significant concern. :skeptical: I have a some medical problems & take a fair amount of drugs (prescription) to help. Now, i'm worried about the availability of my drugs and also how the healthcare system works over there. Can anyone advise me on these matters, please? Thanks in advance. :-) Be well Y'Vette
  11. Guest

    Is Healthcare Expensive?

    Hi. We are looking to get out to Oz, but one of the things we must consider is how much healthcare is. Hubby is Type 2 Diabetic. He's only 39, so its not really causing a problem at the moment, although he does have medication (2 lots) and gets tester strips and pins each month from the doctors, to allow him to test his sugar levels. In the UK he gets his perscriptions free. I suppose my question is, just how much does it cost to go to the doctors in Oz? If he every reached the stage where there were complications, and he had to be referred to hospital, do you also have to pay for hosptial vists or surgery? I see that dentistry isn't covered by medicare - does that go for kids under 16 as well? Our daughter may have to have some major jaw work, as she currently has an overbite. (We've been told she will certainly need a brace fitted in the next few years) We have been told that in the UK all this will be covered by the NHS. Would we have to pay, potentially large sums for this dentistry work in Oz, does anyone know?
  12. emmaj

    A Grim Healthcare Question

    I know this is going to sound awful, but i need to ask this. If you are diagnosed with the big C whilst on a 457 visa, with private health care insurance and medicare in place and when you hadnt had any prior treatment or tests relating to this episode, would you get full treatment in Oz or would you have to return to the UK? Thanks Emma x
  13. Hi ya, We arrived three weeks ago in Melbourne and are having fun settling in and discovering places, not having fun trying to find work but hey that's never fun. We need to register with a GP and wonder if there are any centres or sources of info where we can get advice on which GP to go to as we don't know anyone yet locally to ask? Do you have to register like you do in the UK? Also we have just found out that my wife is pregnant and having done some research into the system over here we are a little confused, I am sure it will become clear in time. Can anyone shed any light on it? Any advice and help appreciated? Thanks for reading DonnyBren
  14. Hi all!! Just a quick question-does anyone know anything of Ramsay Healthcare? I am currently looking at the jobs they have to offer, but was wondering if anyone knew what they were like to work for if you are sponsored by them? We are looking at Perth, and they have 4 hospitals in and around Perth, they all look very nice, but its very difficult to know from all the way over here isn't it!! Also i was wondering about their salaries, and annual leave entitlement. Hope someone out there can help?! Lots of love Claire :wacko:
  15. Guest

    healthcare insurance

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can suggest a reputable company to approach with regards to healthcare insurance, we have to have this according to my job offer. Any ideas please? Emma
  16. The Butlers

    Healthcare Assistant

    Hi All I have an interview for a healthcare assistant job, I have never done it before. I have heard that if I do NVQs it will stand for nothing in Oz. Will work experience help. Do they have work for healthcare assistants in Oz. Thanks for your time. Emma
  17. Brisbane or bust

    Healthcare Australia

    I have got an interview with Healthcare Australia and wondered whether anybody else had been interviewed by them. Are these interviews formal or informal and what kind of questions are they likely to ask? They have invited OH along so presume not too formal. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  18. Guest

    Private Healthcare

    Can anyone recommend a good PMI provider in Oz? Never used one before so not sure what i should be looking for? Thanks
  19. Guest

    healthcare enquiry

    Hi all. We would like to know about healthcare in Oz. Is there a reciprocal arrangement for UK nationals to use their healthcare, or must you take out private medical insurance? Seeing as we have two small children who will undoubtedly fall ill at some time as may we, we need to know if that is another financial burden to prepare for. Cheers Whare & Nadine:huh:
  20. Guest

    Pregnancy and Healthcare

    Hello We are moving to Brisbane this summer. I am six weeks pregnant and would like to know what are status would be regarding maternity care and childbirth? Would we be eligible for medicare under the Reciprocal Health Care Act? Does anyone else have a similar experience? Thanks a lot Nade
  21. Hi, I did an earlier post on graduate physio jobs but no one has replied yet. Am I the only one in this position!! The same prospects and difficulties probably apply to other health professions. Any one out there with no post grad experience wanting to move to Oz or already there ?? Help!! :arghh: Della
  22. kellyjamie

    Ramsay Healthcare

    Hi all, can anyone tell me if they have had any dealings with Ramsay Healthcare? or any words of advice on them? they look like a likely source of sponsorship any comments welcomed? Kelly:wubclub:
  23. Guest

    healthcare in oz

    Hi everyone we are new to poms in oz, great website!! me and my family have been looking at coming over to oz for a while now we were looking at nsw as my brother is in sydney but we are also considering melbourne one of the reasons being the hospitals my daughter had a heart op at 8mths and is now 3 and is doing well she may need a further treatment but not sure,if anyone could give us any info on hospitals, medicare, like does anyone have a idea about if operations are free like in England or do you have to contribute financially to them and will it affect our plans to emmegrate? on a lighter note my wife says that she is not to keen on what she has read about the weather in melbourne how do you find the climate there. look forward to your reply thanks.:unsure:
  24. toughspiders

    Healthcare Professionals

    HI, Im short on points due to maternity leave! I cant believe it. SO i need to get more points. One way is to complete the IELTS to gain an extra 10 points. However i have read through this booklet http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/booklets/1119.pdf and noticed that it says all helathcare professionals need to take the OET as part of the assessment process.... I dont want to have to take both! Does anyone know if the OET is mandatory. There is no mention of it on the forms from the relevant assessment authority. Any advice please!! Bex
  25. :unsure: Hi Guys I'm currently working as a health care support worker in the older persons mental health sector can anyone tell me what the job title is in Oz for this role and also whether there's much work about in Perth WA Ta