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Found 480 results

  1. Hi Eveyone First post on here I am a qualified nurse/ health visitor looking to come out with husband (prison officer, but can turn his hand to anything!) and 1yr old 4 yr old. Where do I start!!?? Cant decide which state...looking for somewhere with a lot to offer for the kids ( biggest priority) schools outdoor life etc Any advice which visa to go for would be appreciated, is it possible to find employment easily as a family child health nurse? Many thanks
  2. Guest

    Which Health insurance

    Hi there. Ill be coming oon a 457 working holiday visa, on an intial 6 moth contract. I was wondering if anyone has any advice / experience on wheather to get health insurance ($71 a month with IMAN) or I can get 6 months backpaker insurance in the UK for £60, so will this be enough if im on a working holiday visa to start of with? Cheers Matt
  3. Guest

    Skilled Health Waiver

    Hi, Does anyone knows the average approval process for the Skilled Health Waiver? Thanks
  4. Guest

    health worries

    Hello All, I was just reading an article about moving to Australia when it stated that all will be fine with your medicals providing you have not had any infectious diseases like TB. This is where my problem lies. I had primary TB when I was 13. This has thrown everything in the air. Has anyone else come across this? If so, please let me know any info related to this and any successful applications gone through with the same issue. thanks jack:sad:
  5. Hi, Does anyone have any idea of the current processing timelines for medicals that have been referred? My OH were finalised 01 Jul and mine were referred. This is all that stands between us and the visa. Any advice on here would be appreciated before I email global health with an enquiry. Thanks peeps Yoyo x
  6. I sent off my nursing registration today, have been doing more research into the move to OZ. How do I go about getting my police check done that is suitable and accepted by australian government? Also what about the health checks? is it worth me doing all of this before I receive my registration... me is thinking ahead :goofy: thank you
  7. Does anyone have any real world experience of how this works? I've read a few websites, and on the face of it, it looks great, and than coming from the UK me and my family should be very well covered (travelling under my 457 visa). But what I'd like to know is, what are the limitations of it when you come to use it. My wife has a prescription for a drug that is very expensive, and reading the websites it appears that PBS under RHCA should cover us. The difference in price between the PBS cost and the actual cost is huge. Has anyone on here had positive experience of getting prescriptions under the scheme?
  8. Hi all, Does any of you have a health cover and want to suggest any reasonable companies that could offer us good but not too expensive health insurance? We are going on 163 visa, are there any special requirements for this type of visa for health insurance? Any help would be appreciated!:wubclub:
  9. Guest

    Health Waiver approval

    Does anyone knows how long is the approval of Health Waiver in Canberra? Thank you
  10. Guest

    migrant health service charge

    hi guy`s, just came across another charge that i had not been aware of in the past, did`nt notice it when i submitted my 103 in 2009. MIGRANT HEALTH SERVICE CHARGE ??. $1334, ??. is this a new charge that has come to the fore, and what do we get for it if anything.. ringo
  11. elsie3

    Private Health Insurance

    Firstly, apologies if this has been covered elsewhere - have had a quick look around... I'm getting increasingly confused whilst looking around all the Health Insurance websites, and panicking as 30th June approaches! Am I right in thinking that new migrants get 12 months from when they registered with Medicare before this '2% extra premium per year over 31 (30?) years old' thing kicks in? If so, I then have another 4.5 months to get my head round stuff!! It's just so confusing trying to decide whether it's worth getting, or just better to put that amount in a seperate account (knowing that at least one child is going to need braces at some point...) Thanks!:arghh:
  12. Hey, hey. I'll be moving out to Melbourne in June with the family and have just finised working my way through the AASW paperwork. Do I really have to get a breakdown of the content of all my degrees and the marks I got for each module? I did my undergradute in 1997! Certified copies of my certificates is one thing but a full course breakdown seems a bit excessive (and pretty impossible too). Also, anyone know what the market is like for mental health in Melbourne at the moment? I'm an AMHP (approved social worker as was) with 7 years experience working in a Central London borough. Cheers.
  13. Hi all Every 2 weeks (sometime 3) registered migration agents hwo are also members of the MIA receive an update on the progress of medicals at the HOC. I have put below the latest one I have received and am happy to post each time I receive this if thats okay with the moderators? 'Below is the Health Operations Centre weekly update for the week beginning Monday 29 September 2008. We are currently processing medicals completed OFF-SHORE: 1. Urgent cases (457 visas) not requiring MOC's assessment received on 24th September 2008. 2. Temporary cases not requiring MOC's assessment received on 12th September 2008. 3. Permanent cases not requiring MOC's assessment received on 10th September 2008. 4. Urgent cases (e-visas, adoptions, 457 visas) requiring assessment by a Medical Officer received on 26th September 2008. 5. Other cases requiring medical assessment by a Medical Officer received on 17th September 2008. The case officer processing your visa application should be your first point of contact regarding any inquiry in relation to the application, including your health assessment results. If directing an enquiry to HOC, please note that if you are not the authorised contact declared on the visa application forms, then the HOC cannot release any information to you.' Hope this helps everyone who is waiting on medical results. As per the immi one for visa status it may not be entirely accurate but so far i have found it to be roughly right. :cute:
  14. Can anyone recommend companies based in Australia that do private health insurance. I am currently in the process of applying for sponsored 457 visa but have been told that I will need proof of private medical health insurance for the application. Any advice?
  15. RoseBrown1972

    Aged person health check

    Hi We're just trying to sort out a visa for my in laws to come and visit us and when i went to apply for them it said my father in law would need a health check as he's 83. Does anyone know what this involves and how much? He's in really good health so shouldn't be a problem, we've already booked the flights and paid for them so hoping its not too expensive! Thanks Rose
  16. I really could do with somebody's assistance or knowledge of RMN posts that are available in preferably Perth WA. A little bit of info about myself: I am making a general enquiry about any possible Registered Mental Health Nursing vacancies available in Perth. I am very keen to relocate to Australia from the UK and would consider moving as soon as an available job offer is made. I am 28 year old, single male, clean bill of health, full UK driving Licence and no criminal convictions. My work experience consists of the last 10years working in a High Secure Forensic Mental Health Hospital in the NHS, one of three High Security Hospitals in England. The last five of which has been as a Registered Mental Health Nurse. For the last two years I have also worked for an outside agency working in a variety of mental health settings including acute wards, low secure units, rehab units and ICU’s. If there are any opportunity’s that you may feel might be of interest to me I’d be grateful if you could PM me please. Thank you.
  17. Guest

    Health Insurance

    Hey, Coming from the UK, would my wife and I require health insurance (on a 457 visa) or would the fact we're British allow us access to the local health system? Either way, I'd imagine it's probably worth getting our own insurance. Any recommendations for companies to go through? Thanks, Stu
  18. Guest

    Health Requirements

    Hi All We have been asked for health checks and police certificates in April. Unfortunately, we were unable to submit the results within 28 days but now we have submitted these and the online application status is showing " further medicals refered". I am concerened that as these were not within 28 days,my application will be rejected. I now understand that I should have contacted DIAC earlier and should have told them that i can not send the results within deadline. I will now contact DIAC as soon as possible but meanwhile, i will be relieveed if somebody could tell me what may happen. Regards Abu
  19. Guest

    Health requirements finalised??

    Hi, my husband, children and myself had our medicals on May 27th in Manchester. I checked on the immi.gov website today for any updates and it now says: Health requirements finalised 10/06/2011. What does this mean? Anyone else had this? TIA Nat x :biggrin:
  20. I'm totally lost here! I've included my parents as non-migrating dependants in my application, a confiramtion for which has been sought by my CO. I understand that my confiramtion will make them liable to undertake medicals & police checks. My Mum's all clear, but my Dad's had a two heart attacks(most recent last year) for which he does take medication. Will/Can this affect the overall Visa outcome? :confused:
  21. Like Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs....the migration process should come with a health warning....when you first click on the DIAC website a warning shuld flash up on the screen...... If you decide to continue with this process the following may and probably will happen...... You will drink to excess...you will smoke....you will overeat or not eat at all.....you will think and breath VISA VISA VISA....you will continually be thinking about TRA....the Sponsorship....then will we lodge in time.....then you will either put on weight or loose weight...then you will worry about medicals making your otherwise healthy blood pressure go sky high...your BMI will be over or under because you have stopped or are continually eating....you will age prematurely because of the worrying...you get carpol tunnel syndrome because of ALWAYS being on a keyboard...you will love your case officer more than your O/H..... and finally when you are given that Golden Ticket you will take on the appearance of a headless chicken telling everyone and anyone that you have got your VISA...they won't care cos they don't want you to go anyway....Oh the constant joy of the migration process .....:biggrin:
  22. Hello, We have had our medical and police check requests and i'm a little bit stuck. Where do I access the online medical history questions and print out the referral letter from? Do we need to answer these questions before making an appointment at the medical centre? Thanks guys for your help :biggrin:
  23. Hi Everyone, I would be really grateful if anyone could give me an indication as to whether my father would be likely to be able to get a tourist visa.. First up, we're still looking into travel insurance and clearance from the doctors to fly so fingers crossed there, but basically, he's had 2 strokes and a kidney transplant (no longer on dialysis but was for many years). He's 67, would I be right in thinking that because of this he would be best off applying for a 676 visa instead of a normal ETA? If it makes any difference he's a UK citizen and my parents are only looking to come over for my wedding here! Any advice would be great! Thanks
  24. Ok, as part of my contract I need to arrange Health insurance. Im heading over from the UK on a 457 visa and will be living in Melbourne. My missus will also be coming. So ive been doing research and my employer has also sent me some links. Who does everyone go for and whats the major differences between packages? Australian Health Plans any good? Is NOT getting my partner health insurance a bad idea, I thought medicare (which covers UK visitors) was a good service, def on par with NHS? I need to sort this out fairly soonish - we are both young (27 and 28) and fit & healthy. Kinda after a good value basic package as didnt realise we would have to fork out for this extra cost.
  25. tonyman

    Health Care Card

    can someone please tell me what the yellow health care card covers , thanks ..i know it covers prescriptions but what else ..........