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Found 480 results

  1. Newfie fan

    457 Visa - Health Check

    Hi, My husbands company has applied for the 457 visa for us around a week ago. Does anyone know if we have to have a health check and chest xray or do we wait to be told to have one by immigration? Thanks!:notworthy:
  2. Guest

    menatl health in uk

    Hi, Im am british married to an australian man for the last 2 years . we currently live in SA but thinking of moving back to the uk. The problem is my husband has long term depression and anxiety disorder and has been diagnosed since he was a kid. hes perfectly fine if on his medication. The thing is we went to the uk in 2010 as my grandmother passed away and we registered with a uk gp and even though my hubby took a letter from his gp in oz and his medical notes plus his medication packs she insisted that in the uk they would not allow a patient to be on so many meds at once and they needed to take him off all of them. Basically we had to fight to for any advice or help while in the uk. His meds have been carefully managed since he was a kid seeing a professional every 2 weeks here in oz. I was wondering if this is just one bad apple the same all over the uk.It seems as though she had no knowledge of mental health and unwilling to send us to anyone who did. Before i met my husband i had no experience of mental health illnesses and so never thought about in the uk but coming back and experiencing that as opened my eyes. If we stand any chance of returning permanently in the uk then we need good mental health care. We know that all his drugs are used in the NHS. thanks alot amy :chatterbox::smile:
  3. Hi folks, Sorry if this has been answered previously but I've had a look and cannot find an answer to my specific question. I'm from the UK and have been offered a job in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I'm about to fill in my visa forms and have to start thinking about healthcare cover for my family (myself, girlfriend and 2yr old daughter). As many of you will know, I require private healthcare for my family in order for my visa application to be approved, even though we will not be in the country to use it. We are eligable for Medicare through the reciprocal agreement as we are from the UK but this doesn't apply until we are in Australia. In light of all this, I'm looking for the cheapest private healthcare cover around, that still meets the requirements of the 457 visa: does anyone have any experience of which insurance companies are the cheapest? The plan is to reassess my healthcare options when in Australia and just pay for the cheapest product available for visa purposes. Does anyone have any experience/suggestions on any of the above? Thanks, Dariuzthepole
  4. Guest

    How much does health care cost?

    I hear in Oz you have to pay for medi care? how much per month does it work out and what age do you have to pay for children? my daughter is UK born and will be 1 year when we move out would it also be free for her?
  5. aussiechick2006

    Health check for the 47SP

    Hi everyone, I was just looking into getting my husbands Health examination done for his 47SP. Ive found the Medical and Radiology Clinic in Maidenhead Berkshire. Has anyone used them? I was just wondering if they were good and if your experience was straight forward or not? I'm planning on front loading his app in the hope that it's all done and the process won't take too long. Actually it's mainly so that once it's all done and sent off I can forget about it and carry on with the rest of the planning process. Many thanks AC
  6. Hi We moved to Perth 5 months ago from the UK. We are on my husbands 457 visa. We have two young children, our reasons for moving was for our children , we had thought it would be a better way of life for them. Im 27 and the problem we have is that when i had my son 3 years ago i was left with nerve damage, i suffer from full body tingling and tightening and tiredness. This was resolved in the uk with medication after a year, but with the weather getting warmer my damage is creeping bk. It was never a problem with the uk weather. I can be in pain most of the day and its difficult with having 2 lil ones. Having seen the doctor i can go bk on medication, but i will be sleeping 10-12 hrs per day, i just feel like i wnt have any life here. Has anyone been in a position that the uk is better for them? Im scared that i will have to stay on the medication for gd, if the nerve damage will always be affected by the heat or would my body get used to the weather. We lived in Newcastle uk, still have our house there. We could go bk but i dnt want to do the wrong thing for our children. Would be great to hear peoples opinions, im struggling to find the right answer. Thanks Christine
  7. Hi Guys, I wonder if you could help me out with the process of moving over to join you?? I am a 29 year old student mental health nurse due to qualify in March 2013. I have been with my partner for 7 years, and he is an Aussie. We fully intend to move back to Melbourne as soon as I qualify so I am starting to prepare the information gathering for visa applications, ANMC stuff and sending our cats over! Plus his extended visa runs out in June 2013 so we have to be gone by then~! I am going to be applying for a de-facto visa and we will have no problems supplying all of the evidence needed so thats fine- although the cost of applying for it is a disgrace!! So I know i need to register for a skills assessment with the ANMC but have no idea what this entails or how I go about it. Will my newly qualified self have any skills that can be assessed?? I know I need a medical too and have sorted the nearest place here to me in the UK so thats ok. Do i need to sit the IELTS test?? Is this a requirement of the ANMC?? I hope to get all the information I need and start to get each done next year so as soon as December 2012 comes along I can start applying for jobs and fingers crossed get one to go over to in March once qualified! Anyone who has emigrated and can help with my queries would be very kind. Thanks guys Gem xx:jiggy:
  8. Hello..... Ive just been offered a job in Sydney, I was wondering if anybody could help with advice on a area which would be nice to live in, the hospital is in the Kogarah area!!!! I'd really appreciate any suggestions by anyone!!! Katie
  9. Guest

    Health Examination

    Hi I would like an answer to the following On the site you talk about an health examination or an aged visitor check for persons over 75 years -is this still operative when you apply for a 676 long stay visa and if you went to say N.Z before the expiry of that visa and then re-applied for another 676 visa would you then have to have one of the above checks? before entering Oz If you applied for a 103 visa in U.K. would this allow you to go to oz hen you wanted to and would you be allowed to stay for what ever time you liked---would your answer be the same if you applied whilst in oz Thanks in anticipation:goofy:
  10. Guest

    Health insurance on 457 visa

    Hi - we have our 457 visas and we had to obtain medical insurance for the visa. Do we need to keep this when we arrive in Melbourne? I'm sure that I have read that once you have registered with Medicare that it is no longer required. I don't want to cancel it if it will cause problems with visa. Thanks
  11. Hi everyone, i am new on here, i am a mental health nurse been qualified for three years and decided to look into moving over to oz, i dont have a clue where to start to be honest!. i am married to a butcher and have two teenage boys 15, 17. what is the job situation like and house prices? i have a nephew living in melbourne and he is finding it very expensive. i would be grateful for any advice where to start the ball rolling:wink:
  12. Hi all, I wonder if you guys can help?? I am a 29 yr old English lady and my fiance is Aussie. We have been together for 7 years and lived together for 5 years and have two cats I am due to qualify as a registered Mental Health nurse in Feb 2013 so want to start getting a checklist together ready to move to Aus as soon as i qualify. I dont think I would qualify for the sponsored visa as will have no work experience as a registered nurse as want to go asap. I think the de- facto visa is the one for us...although we dont want to get married for a few years yet! Has anyone any experience as a newly qualified nurse and obtaining a job?? How long roughly would it take to apply and be granted a de-facto visa as will probs need to start after xmas.How and where do you have your medicals and is the police checks the same as a CRB?? Any information or experience will be fantastic. My fiances visa runs out in April 2013 so we have 2 months after i qualify as extra time! Thanks so much Gem xx
  13. Hi.... Im interested in talking to any Nurses who have used Justice Health to gain employment in Australia. I am dual trained and looking to move with my son to New South Wales late next year, so making general enquiries to start ball rolling :smile: Any info greatly appreciated!! Many thanks
  14. Guest

    Health Insurance

    I know this question isn't specific to canberra but we are living in the ACT and so posted the thread here - not sure where it should go ... I was wondering if anyone can recommend a company to buy private health insurance from? and if so - why that company? Thank you for any tips in advance!!
  15. Guest

    health care/insurance

    hello, im heading to oz in october on a working holiday visa from the uk and just wondering about health care? is it free etc.
  16. Hey all I have an important question for health requirements if being over weight can cause problems in visa grant... I am 235 lbs..and am overweight by 40 pounds....I checked with Doc as per their requirements my weight/age/height it should be 187 Pounds.. Will this cause any problem in health requirements I am so scared....:shocked: Please Please Please help me! Stiffy
  17. Petals

    Health Choices

    Its difficult moving from UK with its National Health Scheme which is the familiar old friend to a new system of health care such as we have in Australia. One thing that is different is that we are able to have choice. We can choose the GP an if you do not like him the first time you visit you can just pop along to another one and see as many as you like in different clinics. In fact you can have two or three gps if you like. Also you get referred to specialists in private practice which most Australians do do and pay for. You therefore get seen quite quickly depending on what is wrong with you and often if its serious the gp will phone them and get you an appointment urgently. If you do not have health care you will get refunded the medicare part of the specialists bill. They all over charge. Once you know what is wrong you can then decide what you want to do and discuss with the GP the options. Waiting lists in public hospitals are long but different procedures may have shorter lists at different hospitals and you can decide to go to another hospital, just speak to the GP and see where you can get on a list that is not too long. We have a vast choice and its our choice, hence most medical procedures are carried out by doctors here too, the nurses at our clinic even to remove stitches have to have a doctor look at the wound first, etc. My doc always gives me my flu shot for example. So remember you have choice and if you want urgent attention go and get it. Do not feel you have no control of your medical outcomes.
  18. Last weekend I bumped into a couple from Liverpool who have been here in Brisbane for 6 weeks. After a short chat they said that they are going back at Christmas time. It turned out that even though they very much like it here in Brisbane, the cost of medical care for their young daughter, who suffers from arthritis, is prohibitive. All their possessions are arriving shortly but luckily, they said, they have not sold the house and they can get their jobs back when they return. However, they will suffer relocation costs back and forth. This sad story has prompted me to reveal the facts that are not talked about in any relocation shows, magazines, books or agents – medical costs in Australia. RECIPROCAL HEALTH AGREEMENT First of all, the good news is that private health insurance is not compulsory for British citizens as we have a reciprocal health agreement between UK and OZ. You will only pay 1.5% medical levy from your salary for a state provider Medicare. You can apply for a Medicare card at a Medicare office on arrival, you just need to show your passport with a visa and provide your address. This will entitle you to all state health care same as residents including hospital treatments but not ambulance. See about Medicare here: http://www.medicareaustralia.gov.au/ . Your employer, however, might provide you with or insist you get a private health insurance initially until you register for Medicare. After that it is your choice to have it or not. PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE However, if your salary exceeds $77,000 per single or $154,000 per family (plus $1,500 per additional child after the first child), you will be either charged an additional 1% medical levy surcharge or you have to take out a private medical insurance. As a PR, you can choose any health provider and opt for any level of cover, which depends on amount of contribution, not on your medical history. If you are a temporary resident on, say, business visa, you are restricted to major providers with specific (and more expensive) covers for overseas visitors, such as Medibank, MBF, AHM, BUPA, HIF. You can choose to have hospital cover only but many people take out additional extras cover for dental, optical and various alternative treatments which are not available on Medicare. Those who do not need a private medical cover can take out extras cover only – especially for dentists (read more about this one later). Extras Cover is the same for residents and visitors. There is age loading for hospital cover – that is, the older you are the more it will cost if you are over the age of 31 and you have not taken it within the first year of registering for Medicare. The loading increases 2% a year to a maximum of 70% and once attracted will apply for 10 consecutive years. Read more about this here: http://www.privatehealth.gov.au/healthinsurance/incentivessurcharges/lifetimehealthcover.htm'>http://www.privatehealth.gov.au/healthinsurance/incentivessurcharges/lifetimehealthcover.htm Those eligible for Medicare are entitled to Federal Government Rebate of 30% of the cost of health insurance. Please note that there are annual cost limits for treatments and there is an excess to pay each time depending on the level of the cover chosen. As well as waiting times for cover of major treatments. More about private health insurance here: http://www.privatehealth.gov.au/ . STATE HEALTH INSURANCE Despite what some members say about bulk-billing (free) GPs and doctors, they are like gold dust. There are certainly none in the city with some very rare exceptions for under 16-s, pensioners and those on benefits. There are some in underprivileged or rural areas but not in the cities. Everybody I have spoken to here – locals or foreigners – all pay for their GPs. It is very difficult to find a bulk-billing GP and even then you may not qualify. GPs charge about $65 per visit, double that at the weekend. You get about a half of it back with your Medicare card. You also pay for tests, x-rays and routine treatments including materials and medications. Specialist doctors that you might be referred to also charge $150-200 per consultation with additional fees for tests and treatments, which will cost about the same again. You will get about half of it back through Medicare but there will almost always be a gap payment. This may not sound too bad for those fortunate ones who hardly ever visit a doctor but for those who are older or with chronic conditions this soon adds up! Also, you need to visit a doctor for repeat prescriptions (and pay for a visit), they do not take it over the counter or over the phone. There are PBS (subsidised) and private prescriptions. Cost of PBS subscription vary from about $10 to $34.20. A lot of prescriptions are not on PBS though, even some regular drugs. Private prescriptions can be very expensive. Once you have spent over $1317.20 per year you pay only $5.60 for prescriptions. More about this here: http://www.medicareaustralia.gov.au/provider/pbs/index.jsp . If your medical expenses exceed $2,000 per year you can claim 20% tax rebate on most medical expenses over that amount. This includes gap payments and prescriptions. AMBULANCE AND EMERGENCY Medicare does not cover ambulance services. You have to pay for an Ambulance Cover, which is variable (about $100 per year or so). In Queensland it is added to your electricity bill, so you don’t have to take it out separately. If you don’t have it you might find yourself paying nearly a thousand for a call out. If you go to the A&E department yourself, their services are free for Medicare card holders. DENTISTS Now the bad news. There are no state funded dentists in Australia, they are all private, even for children and their prices appear to be unregulated. Their charges are extortionate and on average 3-4 times more than private dentists’ in the UK. See average dental prices here: http://www.privatehealth.gov.au/healthinsurance/whatiscovered/averagedental.htm . An endodontist consultation can cost $300 and a specialist root canal treatment for one tooth $3,000 – and this is not including $1,500 for a crown that you will need afterwards. There is no separate dental insurance, it is included in Extras Cover of your private health insurance along with other items. As with hospital cover, in the majority of cases there is a gap payment for every treatment depending on the level of cover and whether you use a dentist approved by your insurance provider or not. Again, there are annual spending limits for every type of treatment and waiting periods for major dental work like crowns, bridges, root canals, braces etc. I hope I have covered the majority of information about medical care for British immigrants and temporary residents. You can find more details following the links provided. I know this topic will cause a lot of controversy and arguments, so if you are young, healthy and childless, not in OZ or have lived in OZ for a while, please leave this thread, it is not for you as you either will not or have not experienced the full impact of mounting bills of a chronic patient or you have had a free doctor for years – an option not available to a regular average new immigrant any longer. However, additional information and clarifications are welcome.
  19. I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!! Now filling in the visa applications and I am stuck on the travel \ health insurance bit. As I am from the UK I understand that I am eligible for medicare cover under a reciprocal agreement. However I am told that I still need health care cover for the duration of the travel time out to Australia. Is this correct? if so does anybody know of any brokers that provide this sort of cover? Also does it mean that I have to sign up to medicare before I travel to Australia or is that something I have to do once I arrive? if so do I have to be insured from the time i get of the plane in Australia until the time I sign up for medicare or is the cover automatic as I am a UK citizen? Lastly I understand that it may benefit me in the long term to take out private health insurance but I would like more time to research this once I arrive. So I would like to know if I can opt out of medicare at a later date once I have had chance to review my options. If anybody can advise me on this it would be a great help. Many thanks in advance Stu
  20. Guest

    Mental Health Nurse in Melbourne

    Hi. I am a Dutch Mental Health Nurse moving to Melbourne immediatley after our house sells! I would like to know how Mental health nursing in Melbourne is, how big the wards are , do you work in uniform( In the Netherlands we don't) and lots more. Anybody? Micky
  21. rikyuu

    Health Insurance

    Hope this is the section for this; with the minefield that is health insurance, I was hoping there would be lots of threads about it, but information is a bit limited. I'm here on a permanent visa and have medicare cover. I'm married with 2 kids and earn under the $160k surcharge threshold. I am 38, so if I'm getting health insurance, it needs to be within 12 months of getting here (so by October) to avoid the 16% lifetime loading. I know lots of people with health insurance, but most for specific reasons, like health, or earning over the single person threshold. I've tried searching the internet to find out if I need health insurance. Of course all health insurance companies and the government say yes, but the main reason is so you can choose your doctor (how many people know which is the best doctor) and reduce waiting times for non-elective surgery. However most feedback from the public is that they feel it's a scam and they are coerced into having it, due to the penalties. Most who have used it for private hospitals or dental have still come away with significant costs as it doesn't cover everything and these services seem to see $$$ when you mention private insurance and charge for everything under the sun. Trying to find out whether it's worth having is also a nightmare. You need to know in advance, what's going to happen to you and how much it's going to cost, compared to the cost of the health insurance or what you could have used medicare for. An example is for $1800 per year, we get $1000 of family dental cover, $1000 major dental, $240 for optical, plus a couple of hospital items and ambulance. This only covers 50% of the extras costs though. So am I really going to spend double this on dental each year for instance. Would I be better just saving the $1800 and using it when needed or just getting dental cover for $90 per year. Are children covered at all for dental work, or do you have to pay the whole lot yourself? What do you do before going into a private hospital with a condition? You have to look at your insurance policy for what conditions you are covered for and how much cover. Then predict what treatment you'll need and if you are covered. Also finding out what it covered by medicare is equally as wooly. I guess the government doesn't really want you to know so you think you better have private insurance as well. I read about the medicare safety net for out of hospital stuff here http://www.medicareaustralia.gov.au/public/services/msn/index.jsp#N1003C it's so complicated with the terminology, and every is always ''may" or "might". How do I know if I may be eligible or not? Anyway, I'm rambling and I get the feeling that a lot of people just get private insurance because it's too difficult to find out whether it's worth it or not and because they are pressured to do so. Then get a shock at how much extra they pay after being treated privately. In the UK, we went through the whole waiting game for public hospital treatment and never thought of paying for private insurance, so really need a compelling reason to pay out $1800 per year for minimal cover. I'd welcome any comments from people with/without medical insurance, especially those in my age group with young kids. Thanks
  22. Hi all, we have only been here 2.5 weeks and need to get health insurance for a family of 5. I had budgetted for $50 a week but I don't want to cancel something off the cover then get stung if we need that particular service down the line (PS- we are 30 years old with 3 young kids) It's looking like I'd need $80 a week and that is a bit of a stretch. How can people say this is a better system than the UK when if you have say a car accident you don't need to worry about spiralling costs in the UK. Anyway does anyone have any advice on health insurance packages, deals and how to bring down the costs without risking huge costs for ops in the future? Thanks ginger:arghh:
  23. Having seen this article - interested in others' experiences of working in mental health in Victoria. Struggling to imagine just how much the s*** would hit the fan if a service user admitted on the ward I work on committed suicide on the unit and can't remember ever hearing about this happening in any of trusts I've worked in, despite my current trust's occassional headline-making errors! Wasn't expecting the grass to be greener but a little shocked. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/state-urged-to-act-on-shocking-death-rates-in-mental-care-20110904-1jsh1.html
  24. Guest

    Health Insurance for a WHV???

    I have applied for my Working Holiday Visa on the 3/9/11:smile: can anyone tell me what kind of health insurance I will reqiure and where I can get it? Also how long does the WHV usually take to be approved by the Australian Visa Bureau? Thanks in advance :wink: Dave
  25. Could someone clear this up for me. My husband is applying for his 457 visa and I'm going along as his spouse working as a teacher. According to the gov requirements you don't have to have this medical done if your from a low risk category country unless special circumstances apply. The gov website quotes "Are you likely to enter a classroom for more than 3 months and are you from a medium or higher risk country". Well I will be in a classroom for longer than 3 months(hopefully) but I'm not from the medium or high risk set of countries, so question is do I need it done or not???? Confused!!!:eek: