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Found 480 results

  1. The McAteers

    Emigrating with an asthmatic toddler

    Hi everyone, This is my very first post on here as we have just signed up with our agent to start the emigration process to NSW. Apart from the obvious huge list of questions and concerns I have, one of the biggest things (and reasons for moving) is my 2 year olds health. He has pretty sever asthma and is on 2 inhalers plus a tablet at bedtime. I was looking for advice from those that had emigrated with a child with asthma and how you found the medical care, was the therapy and treatment the same or similar to the UK. Was there a charge for prescirptions and also did you notice an improvement in their health? I'd very much apprecaite any insights or informaiton anyone can provide. Many thanks, Julia
  2. Hi everyone Great to read all the advice on here; it is so useful!! My wife, 2 children and I are considering coming to Victoria on her 457 visa as she is a Registered Nurse. Both my wife and I are both kidney transplant recipients and we would welcome any advice regarding costs of meds, checkups with specialists and costs of healthcare beyond medicare. We have done some research on the cost of our meds and a sample healthcare plan, which is a requirement of her visa. We are otherwise fit and healthy. Does anyone have any knowledge of transplant patients and stumbling blocks? Would my wife get an employee benefits package to cover healthcare, so that we would not need to fork out for it ourselves? Any tips would be most welcome or are we just wasting our time and a move to Oz is just not possible? Thanks :biggrin:
  3. Robbouk

    What Next?

    Hi All I have completed my EOI (including IELTS and Skills Assessment), applied for the 3 Visa's that I meet the requirements for. Should I be doing anything else while I wait. Police Check, Health Check etc etc Paul
  4. What's a good private health insurance provider? Would it be better to go with Medicare or a private insurance provider? What are the costs like? Any help will be greatly appreciated. I would like a cover that includes dental as well. Thank you.
  5. JamesPickard

    Health Insurance on 457 Visa

    We're in the process of having our 457 Visa submitted (via allocated migration officer in Aus). His advise states that we need evidence of private health insurance to process the visa but we don't actually need it in place (and want to pay for it) until we are due to arrive around August time. We also need an Australian address to purchase the insurance which we don't yet have. When and how are we supposed to put our health insurance in place for August without holding up our visa application? Any advise would be much appreciated.
  6. Hey guys, Just looking for opinions/Advice I am a British National currently on a 4 Year 457 work visa. I have numerous things I have been carrying with me for a while with regards to health issues and have not been able to get home to have them sorted out. One is possibly an operation I will eventually need on my nose, due to being unable to breath thorough it thanks to a deformed septum which requires surgery, the other is a serious stomach issue that I need a colonoscopy for to find out exactly what is wrong. I am so desperate to get these fixed as they are both currently making my life a living hell. I have the standard Reciprocal Medicare Card which says "Visitor" which I am assuming only helps me a little with Doctors fee's etc so my question is two parts. Firstly if I pay top dollar and get individual private Insurance, how much difference cost-wise would this help when I go to attempt to rectify the problems explained above? (I mean who private health care actually cover for say the colonoscopy or help with the cost of the op for my nose) and secondly, If so which Private Health Care fund comes highly recommended in your opinion? (ie, Upgrade Medicare, Bupa, Etc) Can anyone give some sound advice on what I should do? Cheers in advance, for any advice given! Ruddy
  7. Hi we are recently arrived from the Uk. We are here as permanent residents and need advice on medical care. Our children were all told in the Uk that they would need braces in a year or two. We want to sign up to medical cover which includes dental cover which will eventually fund children's braces in 24 months or so. Any advice greatly appreciated. Cheers Sulac
  8. I have been monitoring and reading articles on this website for a good few months and it always impresses me the warmth and the length people go to to answers questions and queries. In short I will be in Melbourne for the Melbourne cup, (October) i have all ashes tickets for both the Sydney and Melbourne test and of course a Bruce Springsteen ticket for next year in Melbourne. I will be travelling on a WHV and have been granted permission to teach in Victoria. Which I am really excited about. When I write out what I have done, I have been busy!!! I intend to get my 3 months of agricultural work done straight away and then go from there. Right Health insurance......... Can someone give me advice on this. I am looking for good cover with all the basics covered, plus MRI'S, post therapy treatment like Physio and medication etc. Do i buy it from an English agent like the post office, bank etc in England or do I get involved with an Australian company? Naturally I am quite unsure and a bit nervous. Many Thanks in advance.
  9. Im about to sort out my WH Visa after planning it for over a year. All seems straightforward. Now I come across the health insurance problem. As I understand there is an emergency reciprical agreement between UK/OZ but I still have to pay for other costs. Apparently policies are based on what state you are in so I cant do QLD and NSW. So NSW it has to be. Ive got quotes of $200/month to $100/month but it is going to take an age to sift through these. Can anyone recomend a good policy?
  10. Guest

    Dentist in Perth

    I'm looking for recommendations for a dentist NOR, preferably somewhere near Wanneroo/Darch. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  11. Hello, A lot of jobs I am looking at say must be fully compliant with OH&S regulations. I work in theatre so it is not as though I need particular skills or qualifications to trade but I do need to know the local regulations. I figured that I can do some courses over here whilst I am saving, does anyone know of some providers of training, preferably online otherwise by correspondance? Or if not can you tell me a bit about how long courses are etc to see if there is a possibility of me doing one as soon as I arrive (whenever that may be!!) Thanks
  12. I've just applied for my PR (!) from Australia and I clicked on the icon to check where to get my Health Check done, and the nearest centre is in Japan - is this for real? When I look on the immigration website, the only countries available where you can get a health check are outside Australia. Am I missing something here? Or do I need to start packing my kimono and looking forward to authentic sushi?
  13. Hi There, We like in Kent, but my husband has just been offered a job in Melbourne. We have a three year-old daughter who has special needs (physical and learning disabilities). She has an English statement of special educational needs and was going to start attending a specialist school this September. I would appreciate any advice on education, medical care, social care help etc. for children with disabilities in Australia. Many thanks
  14. Hey guys, Sorry if this post is in the wrong section but I will keep it short and sweet Just looking for opinions/Advice I am a British National on a 457 work visa. I have numerous things I have been carrying with me for a while with regards to health issues and have not been able to get home to have them sorted out. One particular issue is ongoing with my stomach Infection and so I went to the Docs as I have been carrying this with me for over a year now.. They sent me for Blood, Urine and Stool tests and thank god I asked the price before I went ahead and did them! $760 Just for the tests! My question is, is this a normal price for someone who is supposedly a temporary resident?...and if so, What options do I have with regards to getting Health Insurance that will cover this?...Is there no reciprocal agreement? (Other than The 'Visitor' Medicare card I have that seems useless apart for discounts on consultations!) Can anyone give any advice and what I should do? Cheers!
  15. Hi im after a bit of advice. We are wanting to apply for a visa but I am worried we will pay the money out for it but i will fail my medical as I have renal damage and high blood pressure. Has anybody else been in a similar situation and what do you think my chances of passing my medical are. Anyone know what grounds they fail you? Its just a lot of money to waste if ive got no chance of passing my medical in the first instance. Any advice big or small would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Stacey :confused:
  16. Son10

    Medicare Help

    Hi, I am hoping someone will be able to help me. I have just arrived in Australia and I need to sort out my Medicare card. I have had a look at the Australian Government website but I am confused. We have the form, what do we do then? I am here with my husband. Do we get a card each? He is here on a 457 visa... I have heard that you need to pop into a medical centre with ID? Can someone please provide me with some information on what we do? Thank you.
  17. Hi, Our DON has given me the OK to post this here We have Vacancies available for psych nurses. The hospital is also experienced in sponsoring for 457 visa. Heres the address. Go to the careers tab at the top of the page and go from there - The Grad positions are for newly qualified. Happy to answer Q's about the job. http://www.healthscope.com.au/info/general/Jobs/ The Melbourne Clinic Registered Nurse Division I & II with Mental Health Experience Full Time, Part Time and Casual The Melbourne Clinic is Australia's largest Private Mental Health Hospital. The Clinic offers a broad range of psychiatric services including General Psychiatry, Older Persons inpatient Unit and Intensive Psychiatric Care. Specialist programs comprise Eating Disorders Program, Anxiety & Depression Program, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Program, Addiction Services, Day Programs and Community Outreach. Due to current expansion we are seeking interest from Registered Nurses Division I and Endorsed Division II for full time, part time and casual positions. We are seeking motivated and experienced Mental Health Nurses to join our inter disciplinary teams in providing high quality care to patients in a varied inpatient environment. We offer flexible rostering, supportive working environment and professional development. Applications close: Friday 09 September 2011 For further enquiries: Bernadette Hoy - Director of Nursing 03 9420 9229 To Apply: Please click on the 'Apply Now' button below to be taken to our online application form. Please supply a letter of application and a CV including 2 professional referees. http://healthscope.bigredsky.com/files/vacancies/132134/6180070.pdf
  18. LonnieLou

    Child visa, anyone??

    I need health checks, which can only be done by doctors certified by the immigration unit or something, does anyone who's gone over on a permanent residency or child visa had a health check? How much did it set you back?
  19. Guest

    457 visa health insurance???

    Hi guys Has anyone got any website recommendations for family health insurance for our 457 visa? I think we need to have it before we log our visa, but not to sure? Can anyone help? Thanks:cute:
  20. I have epilepsy and take medication everyday, currently i get it free, how much will it cost me in Sydney? Will i have to go see a doctor in Sydney straight away to get me written up for repeat prescription or can i take something to a chemist that my doctor here could write out to start with? Thanks xx
  21. Ladyw

    Medicare - stupid question sorry

    Hi Ok I feel daft asking this as I previously worked for a health insurance company, but my husband and I have just moved to Perth on a 176 permanent visa and I need to sort out Medicare cards. I have found the application form online which I need to fill in and take in to a Medicare Office and I understand what it covers you for, however I dont know how much it costs ie is it a monthly DD? Any help greatly appreciated Thanks Lisa xx
  22. hi everyone, have a query which i hope some one will be able to help me with. we are in Oz and applying for ENS visa. Went for my medical and have received a letter referring me to the health undertaking service for TB testing. Now, this has come as a shock and am left wondering where this leaves us with our application. I do have an abnormal x-ray due to a bad case of pneumonia. This was declared for our last visa and was passed through the radiologist and then LCU with no probs. Thought there may have been an issue then, but since there wasn't put it out of my mind. Now, after medical here, again declaring the info and showing letter from my old consultant regarding the pneumonia I have received this referral and need to attend the chest clinic as a suspected TB case. Have never had TB, have been immunised against it, and only have abnormal xray due to lung scarring after the pneumonia, which I have already demonstrated to them. Am obviously really concerned now that this will affect our visa application and am wondering if anyone has experienced this? many thanks
  23. cherrybobs

    What documents will I need?

    My 457 visa is being finalised, and I will be emigrating in the next week or so. It's just me and 2 suitcases, so I'm really trying to minimise what I have to take. That said, I'm not sure how much paperwork I need to take. On my list currently are: Passport Job contract Payslips from the last year - for tax return Mortgage statement - for Rental agency Degree certificates Do I need to get my medical/dental/optical history? Is there anything else that I would benefit from taking? Thanks
  24. Hi All We are in the process of applying for the partner visa 47sp. I am an Aussie citizen who has been living in the UK for past 10 years and have married a British girl.We have a 2yr old that was born in Britain but will shortly be an Aussie Citizen and have an Aussie passport. Do we need to add her to the application form and will my wife and daughter still need the police and health checks if my 2 yr old can enter on an Aussie passport
  25. Hi all, I am a paediatric nurse and am looking at applying for a job at North Shore Hospital, Ramsay Health Group, as they are advertising for paediatric nurses. Does anyone work for the Ramsay Health Group, especially this hospital or in paediatrics. I would like to know a bit more about the hospital as the website doesn't include the paediatric ward, and are they a good company to work for? Thanks, Tracey